10 Things Elena Gilbert (& Friends) Should Be Doing Over The Summer

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what Klaus and Rippah Stefan might have been getting up to over the summer. Rumor has it they’ve been hanging out in Tennessee, and hopefully there have been a few dive bars and perhaps a little line dancing on the agenda…in bloody boots.

It does beg the question, though, what has everyone else been doing? Hard to say for sure, but I can tell you what I think they should have been doing – assuming survival is on everyone’s to-do list for September.  As the long summer starts drawing to a close, let’s hope that our friends in Mystic Falls have learned a few lessons from their past experiences, and are using their time off to prepare for the coming year.

10 Things Elena Gilbert (& Friends) Should Be Doing Over The Summer

10. Bonnie should be collecting a blood sample and personal item from everyone she’s ever met. That way, when they (inevitably) get kidnapped, she can just turn on the magical lo-jack, and if she needs to make more knock-out ash she’s good to go. And before you tell me “But Abby, how could she get a blood sample from _____?” think about it: who hasn’t bled profusely in this town? Plus, Bonnie Bennett is like the Queen of All Nosebleeds…surely she can inflict a few on other people for a good cause.

9. Alaric should be making anti-vampire emergency kits. He can have a backpack in every car, house and frequently used public building all pre-filled with a first aid kit, vervain, bourbon, wolfsbane, extra bourbon, weapons, extra-extra bourbon, stakes and a shovel. None of that “I only have one vervain dart left.” crap this year!

8. Damon should be compelling every single person in town to be his friend, to never be compelled by any other vampire, to do whatever he says until the end of time and to provide a detailed family history. In writing.

7. Jeremy should be trying to talk his ghostly girlfriends into some kind of kinky sex thing. (Why are you looking at me like that? He’s a teenage boy.)

6. Matt should be consulting a lawyer about child labor laws so that he can sue the Grill and go to college after all.

5. The Grill should be hiring Dana. Regular customers will be slightly annoyed, but nobody will get to make out in the bathroom or have tense conversations anymore.

4.Carol Lockwood should be putting in an Invisible Fence.

3. Tyler should be buying Matt a new jacket.

2. Caroline should be organizing these 10 useful town events. With Miss Mystic Falls on the case, this town might actually have a chance to make it through the year.

1. Elena should be sending out college applications and making pointed remarks about how much fun it would be to date some guys her own age. You have to admit, it’s the last thing anyone would expect!

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4 Responses to 10 Things Elena Gilbert (& Friends) Should Be Doing Over The Summer

  1. Cin Salvatore says:

    My personal #1 is: EVERYONE should stop all the other pointless shit they’re doing and FIND ELIJAH. Then proceed to #pullthedaggerout.

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