Quote of the Day ~ 7/31/11

2.22 ~ “As I Lay Dying”

Damon: This is even more pitiful than I thought.
Elena: But there is still hope.
Damon: I’ve made a lot of choices that have gotten me here. I deserve this. I deserve to die.
Elena: No, you don’t.
Damon: I do, Elena. It’s okay, because if I’d have chosen differently, I wouldn’t have met you. I’m so sorry. I’ve done so many things to hurt you.
Elena: It’s okay. I forgive you.

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One Response to Quote of the Day ~ 7/31/11

  1. Betsy says:

    ❤ 🙂 I know you guys totally love Elijah, and I don't blame you 😉 … but I don't care that he's bad!! I love Damon 😀

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