One Cap Per Episode ~ S1 ~ Damon Salvatore

Welcome friends & readers. I am having a case of the ‘bored now’s with the Quote of the Day. It happens. Not only that, but I’m kinda running low on quotes that inspire me. Doing this for 300+ days will do that to a person. ANYWAY, I thought of a way to spice things up a bit. PICSPAMS!

Today we start our new “One Cap Per Episode” feature at The SBH. To inaugurate this feature we take a look back at S1 Damon Salvatore. See. I knew that’d get your attention. 😉

So sit back and enjoy a Damon picspam. All the smirks, eyebrows arches & sea blue/green eyes you can handle.

1.01 ~ “Pilot”

1.02 ~ “The Night of the Comet”

1.03 ~ “”Friday Night Bites””

1.04 ~ ” “Family Ties””

1.05 ~ “You’re Undead To Me”

1.06 ~ “Lost Girls”

1.07 ~ “Haunted”

1.08 ~ “162 Candles”

1.09 ~ “History Repeating”

1.10 ~ “The Turning Point”

1.11 ~ “Bloodline”

1.12 ~ “Unpleasantville”

1.13 ~ “Children of the Damned”

1.14 ~ “Fool Me Once”

1.15 ~ “A Few Good Men”

1.16 ~ “There Goes the Neighborhood”

1.17 ~ “Let the Right One In”

1.18 ~ “Under Control”

1.19 ~ “Miss Mystic Falls”

1.20 ~ “Blood Brothers”

1.20 ~ “Isobel”

1.22 ~ “Founder’s Day”

Next Friday: S1 Stefan Salvatore!

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14 Responses to One Cap Per Episode ~ S1 ~ Damon Salvatore

  1. G says:

    Interesting new series… when will Elijah get his turn? 😉

  2. Cin Salvatore says:

    Girlllll… It took all of my control NOT to do him first. BUT I figured I should do S1 characters first. *sigh* But before S3 begins, I promise. 😉

  3. rehabber says:

    Sigh, love the eye one and YES Elijah soon.

  4. Theresa says:

    I so adore this, although I have a feeling the SBH wanted to get Damon out of the way first 😉

  5. lnt37938 says:

    i will wait until it is time to see stefan

  6. Lauren Knott says:

    You guys are gonna do an Elijah one, right? 😀

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      No. Definitely not.

      Seriously?!? Do you not think that ELIJAH IS MOST OF THE REASON THIS IDEA WAS BRAINSTORMED? Do you honestly think we think about anything OTHER THAN ELIJAH all day, every SINGLE day?

      Of course their will be an Elijah one. Just going to do 4 S1 character ones first. Damon, Stefan, Elena & Caroline. I *was* going to hold off Elijah’s till S3 premiere week… but since response has been so huge, I could be talked into (i.e. bribed) into doing it sooner. 😀

  7. g says:

    I am willing to bribe you. 😉

  8. anonymous says:

    Looking forward to Elijah. Special request when you do Stefan pleeeaasse – Shirtless photos only!

  9. Hetal says:

    yess waiting specially for Stefan. Shirtless scenes 😀

  10. Betsy says:

    Love this new feature!! 😀 Awesome pics!!! 😀 Damon ❤ Thanks guys!!! 😀

  11. Nonymous says:

    WHO IS THAT? More importantly, why is he not Elijah? This is blasphemy! Fix this!

    (Never mind, I just couldn’t recognize Damon with clothing on.)

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