Quote of the Day ~ 7/19/11

2.08 ~ “Rose”

Elijah: Well, when you called and invited me into this armpit of civilization, which is a mere three hours from the town we knew as Mystic Falls, I surmised it had everything to do with Katerina. Do you have her in your possession.
Rose: No, I have better. I have her doppleganger.
Elijah: That’s impossible. Her family line ended with her, I know that for a fact.
Rose: The facts are wrong.
Elijah: Well show her to me.

Rose: Elijah, you’re a man of honor, you’re to be trusted… But I want to hear you say it again.
Elijah: You have my word that I will pardon you.

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One Response to Quote of the Day ~ 7/19/11

  1. G says:

    The beginning of an era of awesomeness!

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