Quote of the Day ~ 7/8/11

2.11 ~ “By The Light Of The Moon”

Jules: You foul. You think you’re clever don’t you?
Damon: What do you want with Mason Lockwood?
Jules: He’s my friend.
Damon: Well, I’m sorry to inform you that you probably won’t find him.

Jules: And why not?
Damon: You should leave town.
Jules: You’re threatening me, on a full moon? How stupid are you?
Alaric: Damon, how about that second round?
Damon: I think we’re done, Ric. You think I’m afraid of you?
Jules: No, I don’t. That’s your vampire arrogance. You should be. I sniffed you out the moment you entered this bar, along with your pathetic wolfsbane. See, I`ve been doing this a long time and any other night of the month the situation would be reversed, but tonight is not the night to pick a fight with me. You’ve been marked.

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