Quote of the Day ~ 6/13/11

2.22 ~ “As I Lay Dying”

Damon: You should want me dead. I’m the reason Jenna got killed.
Alaric: I don’t blame you for Jenna.
Damon: Oh sure you do. Let’s not forget I turned your wife into a vampire. You must really hate me for that one.
Alaric: OK, give me the glass. Neither one of us is drunk enough for this conversation.

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One Response to Quote of the Day ~ 6/13/11

  1. rehabber says:

    That was my favorite line of the ep, Damon and Ric do have all the best lines. Love these two together and was so glad he was kept in the house when everyone was dying. I knew one of my guys was going to make it. lol

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