Quote of the Day ~ 6/11/11

2.18 ~ “The Last Dance”

Bonnie: You heard Jeremy and me talking, didn’t you?
Damon: Is it true?
Bonnie: Yes.
Damon: The part about you have a 50/50 shot of surviving. Is that true?
Bonnie: He was upset I didn’t want him to worry.

Damon: So you lay it all out on the line for Elena no matter what?
Bonnie: No matter what.
Damon: Good.
Bonnie: You can’t tell her.

Damon: Your secret’s safe with me. I mean, with all that power, is there no way to increase your odds?
Bonnie: Careful Damon. I might start to think that you actually care.
Damon: We wouldn’t want that.

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