Quote of the Day ~ 6/9/11

2.19 ~ “Klaus”

Damon: Did she just hang up on you?
Stefan: She did.
Damon: She’s lost it.

Stefan: If anyone can get him to help us kill Klaus it’s her.
Damon: Bonnie is the way to kill Klaus, Stefan. He thinks she’s dead. We have a chance with her.
Stefan: She’ll kill herself in the process, Elena is looking for another way.
Damon: Her way is going to get her killed, so we need to find her and stop her.
Stefan: No. You need to back off.
Damon: What?

Stefan: Look, I don’t like this anymore than you do, but we need to trust her. We’ve got to just let her do her thing.
Damon: That might be your plan, but mine’s better.
Stefan: I said back off.

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