Abby Takes On Klaus

If you’re a regular reader of, you’re probably aware of the essay series that Vee and Red are running this summer. If you’re not, holy crap, go read! They started with their first post today, and we are proud to announce that it was written by our newest member of staff, Abby Graham!

For her essay, Abby decided to take on the hunkin’ hunk of hunky Original Werepire known as Klaus. Here’s just an excerpt:

Thus far, the character of Klaus has been presented as almost completely self-centered, with little thought to anything but his own goals and how to make them happen as efficiently as possible. Selfishness is a standard feature in the antagonist package; nobody wants to sit around watching a bad guy worry about other people’s feelings. Klaus’s personal relationships are thus far limited to minions and victims; he keeps no companions that he cannot absolutely control. Boxing up his family is a way to have control over them; if they were up and walking around he would have to worry about whether or not they could do him any harm (and perhaps worse) or listen to their opinions about his behavior. Klaus can’t have that, so into the cupboard they go.

Excellent essay, Abby! Congrats! Now, everyone, GO READ! And don’t miss’s essay next week written by your very own SBH owners Christina (hey, that’s me!) and Cin! Can you guess what it’s about?

Hint: our topic is related to Abby’s… 😉

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3 Responses to Abby Takes On Klaus

  1. Farhio says:

    EEEEELLLIGGAAAAH! ❤ I can't wait!

  2. Jenay says:

    Super Witch clan coming back to town??

  3. rehabber says:

    This was an excellent article and I am on so many ships in this series it is hard to keep up, but Klaus is one of them. He is so sweet looking and so damn evil, I LOVE HIM. lol But I am still voting for Elijah for Mayor.

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