Quote of the Day ~ 5/28/11

2.20 ~ “The Last Day”

Stefan: Breakfast of champions, huh?
Damon: I’m surrounded by idiots. It’s the only help I can get.
Stefan: You know you’re not helping.
Damon: Elijah’s an original vampire, Stefan. One we tried to kill. You gonna believe this guy.
Stefan: What do you want me to do Damon? Elena made her decision. She’s choosing to trust Elijah. I’m going to put my faith in her.
Damon: Why? She’s just going to end up dead.
Stefan: Because she put her faith in me. She chose to trust me in spite of what I am. If I’m going to bet on someone instincts it’s going to be hers.
Damon: Well, that makes you the biggest idiot of them all.
Stefan: She chose to trust you too.
Damon: Maybe you shouldn’t be so sure about her instincts.

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