New Feature! The SBH Top 10

It’s that time again…the summer hiatus is here. No, wait! Don’t cry. The Salvatore Boarding House has your back this summer. We’ve got all kinds of shenanigans planned to keep the TVD spirit alive and kicking until our show comes back in the Fall. We’re going to start things off by introducing our new weekly feature, “The SBH Top 10” by the SBH’s newest acquisition, Abby.  Look for it on Hiatus Thursdays throughout the summer months.

For our first list, we can’t think of a better way to get ready for Season Three than to take a look back at a few of the improvements that came to Mystic Falls in Season Two. Don’t get us wrong, we love, love, LOVE Season 1…but Season 2 brought some major upgrades to Mystic Falls, leaving all of us poor fans upping our dosage trying to keep pace. Change can be good, right? Let’s take a look at:

10 Things That Improved (a lot) In Season Two

10. Everyone’s hair. Season 1 brought us Jeremy’s emo-hair and Damon’s unforgettable “I have bedhead!” look. I think it’s safe to say that Season 2 hair was sleeker, sexier, and overall a vast improvement for everyone. Except for Alaric, who needs to pick a look and stick with it. Sorry, Alaric.

9. Caroline’s wardrobe. Apparently, becoming a vampire automatically gets a girl a wardrobe upgrade from trendy high school chic to fabulous bad-ass on the go. Loved her look this season!

8. Gear. Last year was all about Bing. This year? We got the Ford Fiesta, iPads, MiFi, laptops with smartphone docks…even the villains got good toys! Mystic Falls Electronics is in the black for sure.

7. Sales of bourbon. If it ain’t bourbon, we won’t drink it. Love, Everyone in Mystic Falls.

6. Service at the Grill. Seriously, how did anyone ever get served in Season 1, what with Vicky slacking off to flirt and Bartender Ben cutting out to kidnap his dates? In Season 2, the ketchup bottles shine like stars and nobody has to wait for a table. Thanks, Matt.

5. Living Space. Caroline got a hallway and a living room, Damon got a bed and bath, Jenna got a bedroom, Alaric got his own apartment and we even saw the tomb upgraded with lanterns and cots. Admittedly, Damon’s digs have been more sickroom than sexy, Alaric got evicted by Klaus and we got Jenna’s room just in time to cry into her pillows, but hey, at least we know that property values are on the rise in Mystic Falls!

4. Magic. The first season kicked off the witchcraft by floating feathers, opening tombs and accidentally toasting cars. Season 2? Vampires got sealed up left and right, witches were tossing people into walls and pitching them off the stairs, vampires were possessing history teachers and you couldn’t turn around without something going up in flames. Those witchy types were even bringing people back from the dead in Season 2! Talk about upgraded mojo, damn.

3. Weapons. In Season 1 we had broken-off broom handles, handguns, fangs, Alaric’s wooden knuckles thing and not much else. Season 2? Vervain grenades, wrist sheaths, automatic stake guns, vervain squirt guns, rifles, wolfbane cocktails, torture-collars, all kinds of stuff! Even seemingly innocuous objects like quarters, pebbles and pencils became clever ways to bring the pain. Weapons were DEFINITELY better in Season 2.

2. Heart-snatching. Damon introduced us to this popular form of murder in Season 1’s “Bloodlines”, but for Season 2 everyone stepped up their game. Double heart-snatches, flying heart-snatches, heart-snatches on porches…hardly a show went by without some poor soul getting a surprise cardioectomy. Great job, vampires (specifically Elijah, you heart-snatcher extraordinaire, you!)! The Surgeon General is pissed, but we salute you.

And the number one thing that Season 2 improved upon…?

1. Villains! Remember when the person we hated most was Coach Tanner? Or when the worst thing EVER was Frederick and his oh-so-menacing moustache? Guys, we used to be scared of the pizza delivery vamp and now we’re trying to cope with Klaus. Season 1 may have made us jump and glance behind us, but in Season 2, evil got serious, with every baddie busting out their best in the categories of torture, murder, and mayhem. Congratulations on a great season, Team Evil! You really raised the bar…so if anyone needs us, we’ll be hiding under Damon’s bed for Season 3.

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14 Responses to New Feature! The SBH Top 10

  1. rehabber says:

    There is enough room under Damon’s bed for all of us. Huge bed and damn I want to take a shower. Don’t bad mouth Alaric’s hair, I love him just like he is. LOL Can’t get enough of him. This was a fun column, looking forward to the next one.

  2. Kayla says:

    Lol. I loved this. 😀 Very entertaining to read! Thanks for the 2 minute gigglefest. ^_^ Looking forward to the next one!

    By the way, I agree on all accounts. xD Except maybe Alaric’s hair .. I rather like it. :3 GO TEAM KLAUS. OH YUSSSSS.

  3. G says:

    Oh, this is awesome! Great post, Abby. Love it. This is improving the hiatus.

  4. Becca says:

    “surprise cardioectomy” giggle. I have to admit I am a sucker for the heart pulling! It’s scary/deadly/exciting so kudos Damon & Elijah. Not sure what this says about my dark side…but oh well. It’s fantasy, yes? I 100% agree with the Villains being #1, Originals…I am scared of you 🙂 Thank you for giving me a place to come weekly during this RIDICULOUSLY long hiatus so I don’t go insane. *September!* chants~

  5. Excellent list, Abby!

    Everyone’s hair DOES look great. I even dig Alaric’s. I mean… if I was made to run my fingers through it wilst in bed, I wouldn’t complain. 😉 I’m so with you on Matty’s great service and Frederick’s lame moustache. Season 2 really kicked EVERYTHING up a notch, and for that I’m thankful.

    Mostly for introducing us to the BAMF that is Elijah of the Originals. DAMN! Great in every way. Damn Klaus and his “I’m reuniting you with our family” technicalities. I’m still pissed. *shoots eye daggers at Klaus, wherever he is*

  6. Vanessa says:

    Great job Abby! Love the list. Can’t wait for the next one. L-O-V-E Caroline’s wardrobe. and yes agree with all of them!

  7. AbbyGraham says:

    Thanks so much for the comments, everybody! I’m glad you liked it. Next week’s list is in the works and I promise not to say one word against Alaric OR his hair. 😉

  8. Linley says:

    Loved the ‘Service at the Grill’ Abby, LOL! What ya gotta do to get a chip bru?

  9. mak75231 says:

    Hey Abby-Kadabby! You left something out of #5 though, Elena has done a LOT of juvenile property acquisition lately! Let’s see: as the eldest remaining survivor of her family, she MUST now be the listed owner of the Gilbert “Animal” House; Isobel acquired SOME safe-vampless house that she put in Elena’s name before she got carried away with the tanning; and most important of all, The SBH is in HER name! You absolutely can’t leave out your benefactor! lol Maybe she should go into the real estate business–she owns a majority of the town as it is!

    Keep this $#!t coming–we need something entertaining to pass the summer! lol

    • AbbyGraham says:

      You have a point about Elena’s sudden real estate empire! The lawyers in Mystic Falls are SO not checking ID.

  10. theoneutopia says:

    per usual, you guys nail it… i love this new feature to your blog mostly because this is the only site that does something daily… keep up the good work girls! loving every post 😉

  11. TVDThursdays Ashleigh says:

    I’d love to be beneath Damon’s bed anyway. >:)

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