Episode 221 “The Sun Also Rises”

221 “The Sun Also Rises”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Elijah reveals that he has an Elixeeeeer that will magically keep Elena from death during the sacrifice – but there’s a chance it won’t work. Elena doesn’t care, because she HAS to do this. Damon is NOT happy. Meanwhile, Carol Lockwood takes a nasty, witchy-juju-induced spill down the stairs and subjects herself to further school absences Tyler comes back to visit her. While he’s outside talking to Caroline, they’re kidnapped by Greta and Maddox to be part of Klaus’ ritual. At the SBH, Damon, who still doesn’t like Elijah’s plan, takes matters into his own hands and force-feeds Elena some of his blood (rendering the #ElijahElixir ineffective!), and in a rageblackout stakes Stefan. Don’t worry; they’re both okay and Stefan and Elena literally take a hike up a mountain to talk about existential I-don’t-wanna-be-a-vamp stuff because that’s pretty much Elena’s future now. Elsewhere, Damon rescues Caroline and Tyler from the tomb. When Stefan and Elena return to the SBH, Klaus shows up to take Elena away, and Damon gets himself bitten by Tyler-in-transformation. Also, turns out Damon’s kidnapping Klaus’ werewolf and vamp didn’t do anything. Klaus apparently used to be a boyscout, ’cause fucker is prepared. He’s got a back up: Jules and… JENNA?! Yep. He turned her. OH. SHIT. Y’ALL.

Gmork is still in lupine form and trying to get at Caroline and Matty behind the gate.

He rams it, and it rattles. Matt doesn’t think it’ll hold.

As Tyler charges again, Matt shoots him with the rifle! Yeah! But Car yells at him to stop. *sigh*. She ruins all the fun. Caroline leads Matt out by the hand, around the wounded Tyler. They appear to zoom off at vamp speed into the night, but how does that work exactly? How does Matty suddenly have the powers to run really fast? My guess: Car actually just carried him off piggyback style. The nickname “spidermonkey” was NOT used if Caroline knows what’s good for her. 

Back at Alaric’s place, Kathi and Damon establish that, yes, it is a werewolf bite. Damon goes to leave, and Kathi is a little upset that he’s going to leave without a goodbye seeing as it’ll probably be their last.

Damon tells her that making nice with her at the end isn’t really high up on his Bucket List. LOLZ!

She explains that she had to give up Jenna or Klaus would have killed her. Damon points out that when Klaus dies, Kathi will be able to walk out of her Bachelor Pad Prison, and Jenna ends up dead. Kathi doesn’t care. Always looking out for #1, huh, bitch?

Damon: Somehow you’re the only one that wins? How’d that happen?
Katherine: I didn’t let love get in the way.
Damon: Enjoy an eternity alone, Katherine.

With that, Damon’s off to offer himself in exchange for Jenna. Kathi says that Klaus doesn’t want him. His blood is impure now that he has the bite, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

So… Neener-neener-neener.

Over on Ritual Hill, Greta is setting up in the distance while Elena gets the deets from Jenna. Klaus grabbed her as she was leaving the house, and fed her his blood. Jenna doesn’t remember anything else.

Jenna realizes that Klaus must have killed her, and that she’s a vampire now. Greta walks up all haughtily like “And I bet you’re hungry.” Yeah, for you, bitchface. Elena makes a dash for a rock to use as a weapon, but Greta witchy-juju flings her back and ignites a ring of fire around Elena. The circle’s spelled there’s no getting out.

(This scene brought to you by Kingford Lighter Fluid.)

Elena tries to bargain to get Greta to let Jenna leave. But no. Greta explains that Klaus chose Jenna.

She slits her wrist with the sharp rock Elena was eyeing and feeds her blood to Jenna, who can’t help herself.

Once she detaches Jenna off her arm, she ignites a ring of fire around her.

(This scene brought to you by Johnny Cash’s Greatest Hits)

Elena is trying to tell Jenna everything will be okay while Jenna’s sitting there with semi-fruit punch mouth and crazy vamp eyes.


Over at Amityville Horror, Jeremy and Bonnie are studying all the grimoires, trying to find something to keep Elena from dying during the sacrifice (they don’t know about the #ElijahElixir, which isn’t going to work anyway. Nor do they know about Damon’s blood. PEOPLE, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO COMMUNICATE BETTER!). Jeremy is getting discouraged, but Bonnie tells him they’ll find something. They keep looking.

Outside, Elijah is explaining the steps of the sacrifice ritual to Stefan and Alaric.

Elijah: The sacrifice is completed in stages as the full moon sets. First the werewolf is killed, then the vampire. Finally, the doppelgänger. Once Elena dies, the curse will be broken. Klaus will become hybrid.

Stefan wants to know when to attack. Elijah explains that when the curse is broken, Klaus’ dormant werewolf site will be activated, and he’ll be vulnerable during the transformation. That’s where Bonnie comes in.

Stefan is concerned for her well-being too, but Elijah tells him that if Bonnie can bring Klaus to the brink, Elijah can finish the job.

Just then Stefan’s cell phone rings.

RUDE! It’s Damon. He tells Stefan that the sacrifice is still taking place. He tried to stop it, but things “got complicated.” He takes a drink of whiskey to steady himself. Then he tells Stefan that Klaus got Kathi to lure Jenna out of the house — and he has her. Horror struck, Stefan turns and looks at Alaric, who is all “What? What is it?”

Oh, Alaric SO doesn’t need this right now.

Back on Ritual Hill, Elena asks Jenna how she feels. She feels like herself, but everything is brighter and more vivid.

Elena weakly tells her about the Humanity Switch™, which is how vamps turn off the hurt. Jenna is afraid she’s going to die, but before Elena can assure her that she’s not, there a moan of pain off across the clearing. It’s Jules. Greta is bringing her out. She tells Jules that she cast a spell to slow down the transformation,

so right now Jules’ insides are basically trying to rip her apart. Greta lights another fire ring around Jules.

Elena starts digging into Greta about how she’s supposed to be protecting the balance,

but Greta’s all “fuck that, YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” She says her only loyalty is to Klaus, and his New World Order. God, I hope metal folding chairs are involved.

Just then Klaus comes up all “glad to know I still have a dance partner,” whatever that means. Turning to his three sacrifices, he’s all “Hello, my preciousssss lovelies. Are we ready?” And then he smiles his creeptastic smile and I need a drink.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Caroline is busting through the front door. She and Matt need somewhere safe to stay until the moon sets, and this is the closest place.

(This scene brought to you by Allstate – You’re in good hands.)

Matt doesn’t think it’s safe there, and cocks the rifle.

Caroline sees the wooden bullets and asks how Matt knows what she is. He explains that when she compelled him, he was on vervain so he could spy on her. It was her mom’s idea. That’s news to Caroline! “OMG, you told her! What did she say?”

Matt explains that Sheriff Mom always has and always will hate vampires. Caroline asks what that means for them — for her and Matt. Where does that leave them?

Matt: Stuck in this house, trying not to get mauled to death by our friend.
Cin & Christina: Awww, Car.

Over at the SBH, there’s someone a-knockin’ at the door. As Damon goes to answer it, he gets kind of woozy and looks down at his bite.

That shit ain’t getting any prettier. He makes it to the door. It’s Uncle-Daddy John. He hasn’t heard from Elena; she’s not returning his calls. Damon’s all “well, that’s because she’s at the sacrifice.” Duh. John is outraged. Wasn’t Damon’s only task to keep her safe? Damon insists he’s doing that – he gave her his blood. John = not happy. Damon’s all “When Klaus kills Elena in the sacrifice, she will come back to life. Granted, as the thing you hate most in the world, but who really cares what you think?” Heh.

John tries to manhandle Damon, but Damon slams him against the wall.

He gets it: he ruined her life, took her choice away from her, blah blah blah. But it gets worse. Dun dun dun!

Back on Ritual Hill, Klaus is preparing for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies the sacrifice. He’s got the Moonstone ™, and he’s ready to begin.

Greta drops it into her witchy fire and it explodes. And the ritual begins. Over in the circles of hell, Jules kind of explains between cries of pain that she was just trying to help Tyler; she didn’t want him to be alone. Sweet, I guess, if you’re into that whole last ditch attempt at redemption. Which I’m not. She goes all wolf-eyed, and goes to attack Klaus, who pins her to the ground.

Then he rips out her heart, and he looks over at Jenna all wild-eyed. Holy fuck. That was almost too easy.


Back at Amityville Horror, Jeremy finds a part in one of the grimoires about Emily Bennett doing spells for Johnathan Gilbert (she apparently had the hots for him).

She was working on a resuscitator spell, but didn’t explain what it did. Jeremy says he’ll see what he can find in Johnathan’s old journals. Just then, Bonnie’s Witchy-sense start tingling. Someone is there…
Whew. It’s cool; it’s just Alaric. But he looks nervous. He wants to have a minute with Jeremy. Uh-oh. Bonnie vacates.

Alaric tells him that Klaus took Jenna.

Outside, Bonnie just found out the same info from Stefan and Elijah.

Stefan explains that Klaus is going to use Jenna in place of Caroline, since Damon rescued her. Bonnie says that they need to get over there pronto and kill Klaus so they can save Jenna, but Stefan reminds her that using all that power will kill her. I swear to god, we get it. Enough with the Bonnie’ll die broken record, sheesh.

Anyway, Bonnie doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, and blah blah blah. Elijah’s all “Stefan would agree with you.” Huh? What? That’s confusing. Someone, please explain.

Stefan: We’re gonna offer another vampire, one that he’ll want more. Me.
Bonnie: *blinks a lot*

(This scene brought to you by Visine.)

Over on Ritual Hill, Klaus is squeezing the blood from Jules’ heart over Greta’s witchy spell fire. Gross.

Seeing him with his arm outstretched like that with the heart in his evil fist is truly gruesome and scary. And I thought his smile was creepy. *shudder*.

Elena and Jenna are watching from the other circles of hell. Well, Jenna is contemplating the meaning of life or something while Elena is nervously watching.

Out of nowhere, Jenna turns to Elena and asks if Elena knows what she thought when she first was asked if she’d take custody of Elena and Jeremy: “Isn’t there someone else who can do this?” Elena tries to reassure her that she did a great job (yeah, okay), she put her entire life on hold (okay, point). But Jenna’s siding with me. She tells Elena to look around. They’re in a glass case of emotion! rings of fire waiting to be sacrificed. Jenna failed them.

Elena is all “No, I failed you.” I see how she might think that given that she’s kind of been the guardian, but whatever.

Elena says she’ll make it up to her and tells Jenna to run when she gets the chance. Someone has been spending their hellfire imprisonment time wisely.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Matt is wondering if he killed Tyler, but Caroline says it’d take more than just one wooden bullet to kill a TeenWolf. (Unfortch.)

Caroline: Do you think my mom wants to kill me?
Matt: I don’t think your mom knows what to do with you.
Caroline: I don’t really know what to do with me either.

Matt looks back at her with something like affection when they hear a noise on the front porch. She takes Matt’s jacket and goes outside. It’s Tyler in all his naked, disoriented glory.

Nurse Caroline to the rescue!

Back at Amityville Horror, Elijah says that Bonnie used the locator spell (a.k.a. Witchy-Google Maps) to find Ritual Hill. Stefan is going to head there first, and Elijah will follow with Bonnie.

Elijah warns that she has to stay hidden until the last phase of the ritual because Klaus cannot know that she’s alive.

As Stefan starts to leave, Elijah calls him “very honorable.” Stefan’s all “are you?” Their whole plan is contingent on Elijah’s honor. Elijah says he won’t fail them.

Stefan: Klaus is your brother. I know I’ve wanted to kill my brother a thousand times. I’ve never been able to.

Elijah: Klaus was not my only brother. I had siblings, parents. I had a family. Over the centuries, Klaus hunted them down one by one and took them from me. He scattered them across the seas where their bodies could not be found.
Stefan: You want revenge.

Elijah: Sometimes there’s honor in revenge, Stefan. I won’t fail you.

Back inside, John comes in with a box holding the Gilbert journals. The three of them start to go through them. Upstairs, Alaric is talking to Damon. Stefan went to go save Jenna; he wasn’t going to let Jenna die. Damon reminds us all again that they have a witch who can take out Klaus, so no one has to die. “Except Bonnie,” Alaric says.

Damon gets all ragey and Karate-Chop Action punches one of the decaying walls.

Alaric: Hey, you okay?

Damon: Yeah, I’m fine. That’s my brother for you. Always cleaning up my messes.

Over on Ritual Hill, Klaus is approaching the second circle of hell. Elena tries to plead her case for Jenna. she gets just a little too close to the edge of her circle and the flames flare up.

Klaus warns her to be careful, and for a second he sounds sincere. You know, as sincere as a conscience-less psychopath can sound. Elena tries to reason with Klaus. She did everything he wanted. She didn’t try to run. Why does Jenna have to die. Klaus is looking at her, but he’s not hearing a word.

He looks over at Jenna and does that Original thing where he’s talking to someone but not actually looking at them, because he’s all “I don’t recall you being on the guest list.” And he turns and Stefan is standing on top of a giant cliff overlooking the quarry.

Stefan’s all, “I’m here to talk,” so Klaus vamp zooms up there to talk. Oh, so he listens when a man is talking. Told you. Card-carrying member of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club.

Back at Amityville, Bonnie and John are explaining to Damon a spell found in the journals. There was a mother and baby. The child was sick and dying. A spell was cast to bind the mother’s life-force with the child’s. Well, the child died, but the mother’s life-force flowed through her and brought the child back to life. Jeremy says they already know she’ll come back to life, but as a vampire. John interjects that not if her soul remains in tact.

Damon is skeptical.

John: I refuse to let Elena become the think I’ve spent my life protecting her against. And you can call that God, or mystical energy, or whatever you want. But, yes, I’m putting my faith in it.

Back at the hellfire circles, Jenna and Elena are watching Stefan and Klaus talk on the hill. Finally Elena remembers that as a vamp, Jenna should have super-duper hearing.

She tells Jenna to focus.

On the hill, Stefan tells Klaus of his intention to take Jenna’s place.

Klaus doesn’t know about that. He like the symmetry of three women, three goddesses, “sacrificed at nature’s altar.”

Down below, Jenna is trying hard to listen.

Cin: Oh! I want her earrings!
Christina: Focus, Cin!
Cin: Right! Sorry!

Jenna can’t hear anything. Elena tells her to focus, and magically Elena can hear. Jenna can hear Stefan and Elena asks what they’re saying.

Klaus: I’m on a drug. It’s called Klaus. It’s not available because if you try it once, you will die and your doppelganger will weep over your exploded body.

Or, rather, Stefan is trying to get Klaus to make the trade.
Below, Jenna tells Elena Stefan wants to take her place.


Back at Lockwood Manor, Caroline comes back out to Matt after tucking TyTy in for the night. She tells Matt Tyler will be okay.

Matt: So this is your life now, huh?
Caroline: Never a dull moment.

Matt tell her that the last few days with her have been “so great, and fun. So Caroline.” He thought he’d be able to get past the whole vampire thing, but he doesn’t know if he can. Oh, Matty, don’t make our Caroline cry!

Matt: I get it. This is your life now. You know what my life is, Car? My life is an absentee mom. And a bunch of bills to pay, and school, and a job. And it sucks sometimes. But it’s my life, and I think that I just want to live without all of this.


Back at Amityville, Bonnie is working her juju over John’s head. Damon hurries her up — they have a hybrid to kill.

(This scene brought to you by Toyota Prius.)

Jeremy tries to follow, and Bonnie lays a sweet kiss on him. But that kiss was laced with juju!

Jeremy passes out and John promises to stay with him. Elijah, Damon and Bonnie head out. Alaric tries to follow, but he too is prevented from leaving.

He’s barricaded in the house, like how Bonnie did to Elena a few episodes back. Alaric pleads that he can’t stay there with Jenna in danger, but Bonnie doesn’t want to risk any more lives than she has to.

Back at Ritual Hill, Elena is livid about what Stefan’s trying to do.

He and Klaus have come down from their mountain, and Klaus is talking about preserving family.

(This scene brought to you by the letter F, for foreshadowing).

Klaus explains that Stefan is there to help Elena preserve her family. Elena = not happy. Klaus is making her choose between them. When she refuses, he’s all “no worries. There’s actually no choice,” and goes and, like, fucking stakes Stefan in the back!

FUCK ME! He breaks the stake off so part is still lodged in Stefan’s back and he can’t reach it. Klaus tells Elena that he has plans for Stefan, and he wants him alive. But he still punches Stefan, whose body whirls around and lands on the ground. Methinks that was a baby Original punch. Either that or Klaus is hella weak because Elijah, like, fucking SLAPPED a dudes head off. Don’t worry, though. Stefan’s still alive; he’s just unconscious.

Klaus turns to Greta to continue the ritual.

Elena tries to cross the fire line again, but is pushed back by the flames. Jenna tells her that it’s okay, she knows what she needs to do.

And she vampspeeds on Greta and bites her neck! Yeah! But before she can do any real damage, Klaus is behind her with a stake in her side. Jenna falls to the ground. Elena’s already crying,

and Jenna looks shocked and terrified.

Elena tells her to “turn it off”™ so she won’t be scared anymore. Klaus flips Jenna over on to her back and looms over her.

And then without ceremony, drives a stake into her newly undead heart.

Elena: NO! JENNA!

Jenna gets all sepia-toned and dies. Klaus just fucking steps over her unmoving body. Fucking hardcore. Also, oh, Jenna. 😦

On the other side of the circle, Stefan’s conscious again, and he’s trying to read the stake fragment, but he can’t. Watching him flail around, he remind me of that puppy who can’t get off his back.

Stefan looks up, then, and realizes it’s too late. Jenna’s already dead.

While Greta is busy mixing more blood into her fire,

Stefan whispers to Elena that he is so sorry. Elena shushes him, reminding him that they’re going to kill him. Klaus walks up to her circle, and the flames die down. It’s time.

Elena, just to be rude, walks right by him and up to the sacrificial altar where Jenna is lying.

Klaus comes up to her and looks at her… almost longingly. He reaches over and touches her face gently and I swear to God, if he licks her face I’m going to freak out on someone. Elijah sniffing her neck back in ep 2.07 was one thing, but Klaus licking ANYONE’S face… I don’t know if I can handle that.

Suddenly he gets this really intense look in his eyes. “Thank you, Elena.” *shudder*. Elena tells him to go to hell.

Then he bites, and drinks, and may or may not cop a feel.

But he’s clutching her close.

As Stefan looks on, I can’t tell if he’s in pain from the stake, or if he’s pissed that someone’s touching his girl that way. Maybe a bit of both. Klaus takes one last big draw on her neck and pulls his mouth away from Elena, letting a bit of blood dribble out of his mouth. Elena falls to the ground, Stefan is scandalized, and Greta’s witchy fire goes out.

The change in Klaus is almost immediate. He can feel “it” happening. His body starts to twitch and make those really gross transformation noises.

His eyes change, and he kind of gets those werepire fangs. But then suddenly, something like lightning hits him! From the side! BONNIE!

As she’s fighting Klaus with the power of 100 witches,

Damon snaps Greta’s neck (THANK YOU!), and then carries Elena’s body over to Stefan. He pulls the stake fragment out of Stefan’s back.

Stefan: I need you to get her out of here
Damon: What about you?
Stefan: I’m not leaving here until he’s dead.

Bonnie is making the wind blow, and doing apparently painful things to Klaus’ body.

He’s on the ground writhing when Elijah strolls up. This is it, kids!

Klaus: Elijah.

Elijah: Hello, brother.

Also without ceremony (I LOVE how these Originals do shit! No monkeying around!), Elijah DIVES his hand into Klaus’ chest, getting his hand around his heart.

Elijah: In the name of our family, Niklaus *squeezes harder* —
Klaus: I didn’t bury them at sea!

Elijah: What?
Klaus: Their bodies are safe. You kill me, you’ll never find them.

Stefan calls to Elijah not to listen to him.

Klaus: I can take you to them. I give you my word, brotha.

Bonnie’s all, “Do it and I take you both out.” Elijah reminds her that she’ll die, but honey-badger don’t give a shit.

Elijah looks back at his brother, then back at them, then back at his brother then back at them. Where are you? You’re on a boat. He apologizes to them then grabs his brother and they vamp speed away!



Back at Amityville, John is writing something. Ooh, he’s got a cast-glove thing on his hand. Yeah, remember? His fingers were chopped off! Well, played continuity department!

Alaric is getting restless, and Jeremy is reading more of Johnathan’s journal.

Jer asks John if he read what happened to the mother in the story after the baby was brought back to life. John’s all “yeah, she saved her daughter; she found peace.” Something tells me, it’s not happily ever after.

John gets up and gives Jer a piece of parchment and his Gilbert ring to give to Elena. He asks that they take care of each other. They hear a noise and Alaric and Jer go to investigate.

Damon is back with Elena’s body. He mumbles something about staking her himself if she comes back to life as a vamp — because he can’t stand the idea of her hating him forever. Aww. Jer and Alaric come in asking how she is, but Damon says he doesn’t know yet.

Alaric: Where’s Jenna?

Damon turns around and exchanges a glance with him. Through their bromantic ties, Alaric knows what that means. Damon apologizes to Jeremy. Everyone is too in shock to really say anything.

Quietly, after looking in on them for a second, John slips out of the front door and starts walking out into the yard. He turns back again just as Elena gasps to life.

Damon: How do you feel?

Elena: I feel fine.

Damon lets out the sweetest, most love-filled sigh ever. He’s been pissing me off lately, but even that made me wibble.

John turns back around, looking satisfied, and crumbles to the ground. Dead.

Back at Lockwood Manor, Caroline comes and sits next to Tyler on the couch.

Tyler tries to move but feeling pain, moves to blanket to reveal his GIANT third nipple bullet wound. He tells Car that she was right; he shouldn’t have come home. She’s all “Nah, you just shouldn’t have left.” When he says that that was the second time, he’s tried to kill her (oh, we’re not counting NOT helping her escape from a torturer’s cage?), but Car’s all “no friendship is perfect.” Oh, Car. You’re just so lonely, aren’t you?

Yep, she says Matt broke up with her. Tyler apologizes, and Car says that instead of bailing on her again, he can just thank her for taking care of him. It’s Tyler’s turn to comfort now. He lifts his arm to let her cuddle into him, and shares his blanket with her (wait, isn’t he NAKED under there??). He thanks her, and she tells him he’s welcome.

And Tyler, I hate you, but I hate you not quite as much right now.

Later, over at la Casa de Gilbert, everyone is dressed in black (well, again, but this time in different, fancier outfits). Damon tells Stefan that “everything’s all set.” The gravediggers were compelled, and there’s room in the Gilbert family plot.

He asks how Elena is and Stefan’s all “Well, she lost the only parents she had; she’s in shock.

We see Elena getting ready, and Jer goes in her room to give her the paper and the ring.

Elena: Jeremy, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost so many people.

Jeremy: I still have you.

And they hug and *sniff*.

Elena opens the letter that John wrote and we hear the voice-over as the gang goes to lay roses at the cemetery

for Jenna, for John, and

for Miranda and Grayson:


It’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I’m haunted by how things might have played out differently if I’d been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness, or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this: whether you’re now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same. As I’ve always loved you, and always will.


This is how Christina looked, too, writing this part of the recap.

Alaric leaves a rose to Jenna’s unmarked grave. And dammit, I’m crying now. I didn’t cry watching this live, but having to listen to that letter over and over again… Where are the tissues?!

After their little moment at the graves, Damon is standing off by himself while everyone is getting ready to leave. He doesn’t much feel like going back to the house with everyone. Stefan says that Elena needs them, all of them right now.

Damon: Then what’s the plan, Stefan? The curse is broken. How does one go about killing a werevamp and his two-faced older brother?
Stefan: I have no idea.
Damon: Well, we need to get an idea. Fast.
Stefan: I’m not going to let Elena lose anybody else.
Damon: I wouldn’t make any promises, brother.
Stefan: What’s that supposed to mean?
Damon: Tyler Lockwood bit me. It’s actually more of a nip, really. But there it is.

Damn. That is a doozy of a bite. That shit looks gangrenous.

Stefan: We’ll find something. A cure.
Damon: There is no cure, Stefan.
Stefan: We kept Elena human, right? We found a way when there was no way. Hey, I will do this.

Damon: You want to do something for me? Keep this from Elena. The last thing she needs is another grave to mourn over.


(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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5 Responses to Episode 221 “The Sun Also Rises”

  1. Becca says:

    Thank you for allowing me to enjoy Damon snapping Greta’s neck, I cheered out loud at this moment! Witchy Karma Beatchh.

    I may or may not have used an entire box of tissues & experienced The Ugly Cry watching this episode.

    My favorite quotes were Jeremy to Elena “I still have you” *sniff*
    Elena to Jenna “just turn it off” *double-sniff*

    Damon to John “you’re a day late & a daughter short”
    Caroline to Tyler the thank you Caroline & I’m sorry for trying to chow down on you again line. 🙂 Thanks Care & Damon for the much needed comic relief

    Klaus absolutely terrified me, with his creepy, sexy ring of fire ritual. Stefan’s face as he drained her blood, leveled me. John’s letter to the tune of “Skinny Love” did the same as did the funeral scene. Do I have any tears left in my body at this point? Geez…

    Well, yes actually, I do. Enough to choke up when Damon fiddles with his ring (contemplating his demise?) & confessing to his little bro about the damn dog bite. Then lose it as Stefan experiences shock, fear, desperation & finally determination to save his brother. His hand shaking as Damon walks away alone UNDID me.
    Whew!..I am spent. Not sure I can actually handle tomorrow night~

  2. Lauren Knott says:

    Another great recap, you guys! I’ll just cut to the chase–I still love Elijah, and I’m kind of glad he did this, because this is all just an excuse for The Scooby Gang to have a storyline for Season 3, and hopefully we’ll get to meet the rest of his siblings, who I am sure are as hot as he is. I totally do not hate Elijah. I’m so glad that Greta bitch is dead. I hated her. I thought she would somehow find out about her family’s death and turn against Klaus, but I guess he had her so sexed up that she didn’t care. It’s a shame. I feel like that was a waste of a storyline, but whatever. No one cares about Jules. At least I didn’t. It was sad to see Jenna go–sort of. I feel like it was sadder to see John go. The guy might be an asshole, but can we really blame him for hating vampires? He was only trying to keep his daughter safe. And his letter to her was beautiful. This was a really great and sad episode. I loved it.
    Also, they better not kill Damon. I love Damon. I don’t know what I’ll do if Damon dies. Stefan is too boring for me to stick around, but if the rumors are true (that Elijah and Klaus are sticking around for Season 3) then who knows? Maybe I WILL continuing watching The Vampire Diaries!

  3. Tina says:

    Oh my I can’t wait for tonight. This was such an emotional episode. I downloaded the song from the end “Skinny Love” by Birdy (a cover of the Bon Iver song) and I cry every time I hear it now. That scene at the end was sooooo sad I also downloaded it so I can watch it again :(. I couldn’t even talk to anyone after watching this, I’m still not over it. Elena is all alone and has told Stefan she doesn’t want to be with him forever! WTF are they gonna doo?!? Damon isn’t going to die cause the show would suck without him but there must be some spell or deal that they make to Damon can live.

  4. Tina says:

    So three months later I am re-reading this recap and that letter still makes me cry! Less than a month left for season 3!

  5. Gabriela says:

    Just a short comment for you, Tina. I just love the song, too. Two weeks ago I was in London and looked around the local CD-shop. All of a sudden I felt shivers down my back, and why? They played “Skinny Love” by Birdy, very loud, and I just stood there, unable to move and completely dumb-struck, remembering the funeral scene, and tears wanted to come. How embarassing is that? And how impressive that the Vampire Diaries soundtrack is now being played in one of London’s biggest and most prestigious music stores!

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