Reactions: 2.21 “The Sun Also Rises”

Last night’s episode was kind of a doozy, wasn’t it? Death, turmoil, sacrifice, and even a WTF moment or two. Our whole gang of characters was bad as they faced down this season’s Big Bad, Klaus. It was… well, it was unexpected. And shit that happened afterward? Holy crap. Let us explain… 🙂

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat, Mel (SBH contributors and friends) and special guests Maria, Erin, Melissa, and Abby.

When did Klaus become Charlie Sheen?
Christina: With the 3 goddesses and all… *rolls eyes*. His little speech was so totally creepy (as is Charlie Sheen *shudders*). Maybe I’m reaching here, but I kind of feel like Klaus is also a card-carrying member of the He-man Woman Hater’s Club. This sort of makes me even more anxious to see what we learn next season.
Cin: I totally went there too. Like, for serious Klaus? And even more interesting was him saying he might ‘need’ Stefan later. For what? Honestly I think he just wanted to make as many people suffer as he could.
Christina: Word. But yeah, the goddesses, the sacrifices. I never liked Jules, and I am ALWAYS making fun of Jenna, but damn if that whole business wasn’t freakin’ sad, eh?
Cin: I was sad for Jeremy and Elena, but what really made me sad was Jenna’s last dash. She runs over and BITES Greta?!? Why not just keep running? Why not snap her neck? (Thank you, Damon!) I mean, I get she was brand new, but by drawing Klaus away from the action for a few minutes while he gave chase it would have bought us some time for a bit of Stelena warm and fuzzies. *sigh* I’m nitpicking.
Melissa: I actually cheered for Jenna’s last dash. It was the only thing Jenna could think to do that would be an attempt to protect Elena (and by proxy Jeremy). Sure it wasn’t well thought out but unless Klaus didn’t send me the memo, there aren’t classes in murder. But I was dancing in my living room at that moment.
Maria: That little goddesses speech freaked me the fuck out, I mean SERIOUSLY?! How creepy can he be? He just had violence exploding out of every pore and I wasn’t the biggest Jenna fan either but I was BAWLING, and I’m not talking about the pretty girl cry either, I was literally on the floor with tears rolling down my face and everything. I never really liked Klaus to begin with but DAMN.
Abby: KLAUS! I know he was bringing the violence from all directions this ep, but I can’t help it, I STILL love Klaus. I like him better every episode he’s in. Joseph Morgan’s mix of threat, callous indifference & creepy-seductive-monsteryness (that’s a technical term, fyi) adds a new note among the vampires on the show. In many ways, he IS ‘out-Damoning-Damon’, as was suggested in the hype, but he’s out-Damoning the absolute worst aspects of Damon. Remember Damon on the rooftop with Vicky, taunting her, terrifying her & then stroking her hair while he compelled her? Yeah. Klaus is what happens when THAT guy goes unchecked for uncounted centuries. He is a selfish, dangerous, DEVIANT sonofanoriginal and I love him for what he’s bringing to the story.
Melissa: Abby, you’ve got another convert. This episode finally won me over to Klaus. I mean, I still hate the guy because hello, orgasm murder (and when he ripped Jules’ heart out that was so the look on his face) is really fucking creepy but Joseph Morgan has me convinced. Klaus terrifies me. That whole goddess trifecta thing sent shivers down my spine and just yeesh! But I’m kind of in love with the creepy factor. And I think S1 Damon was more Charlie Sheen personally. Those were the kids who played at creepy but just needed to be bitch-slapped. Klaus is sadistic, brutal and makes me really squeamish.
Maria: I KNOW! When I heard the whole out-damoning Damon, I thought they were talking about Damon’s dark sense of humor, but Klaus took this into a whole other level because even when Damon was the psychopathic son of a bitch he was at the beginning of the first season, it was still because he was in so much pain from Katherine and stuff (yes, I am a Damon fan 😛 ) but Klaus is just cruel because he LIKES it (remember his face when Kathi was burning).
Abby: Klaus is a bonafide sadist, for sure. I also feel the need to say that the weirdly tender way he was handling his sacrificial ‘goddesses’ (esoteric creepster alert!) makes me feel that someone needs to send Klaus a memo that murder is NOT SEXY because I seriously don’t think he is aware that that’s a rule. Which it is. Quit messing with the rules, Klaus.
Maria: LMFAO! even though I do have to admit that I found it just a tiny wee bit sexy the way he was sucking Elena xD he was all into it and there was even suckling noises going on…yeahh
Cin: I agree with you both, but I’m still not on the ‘liking Klaus’ train. Sorry, Abby. He’s fun to watch but he’s my Elijah’s foe. And he’s murdering the town of all adults. So yeah, can’t really ‘like’ him.
Christina: Oh, god. I seriously thought he was going to lick her face or neck before he started drinking her. I mean, that would be a totally Klaus thing to do, right? When Elijah first met Elena, he sniffed her neck and I nearly fainted. But the way Klaus handled her… *shuddder* *shudder again* BUT, I do have to agree with Abby. I like Klaus. (Abby: Yay!) I really am digging him in sort of a science experiment kind of way. He scares the crap out of me, but I want to see what he can do, what he WILL do. I’m actually sad that he and Elijah flew/ran/vampsped away. It sort of made the whole ritual anti-climactic. The only thing it accomplished was killing Jules (I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but TyTy is better off with our gang), killing Jenna (meh, sad for the kids and Alaric, but otherwise…), and killing Greta (and who cares about her anyway. Red herring all the way. And I hate seafood).
Melissa: Technically didn’t Elijah and Klaus have to run away? The ritual worked so Klaus is a happy hybrid but Bonnie could’ve killed them so I don’t think there was a choice there. (Tyler is better off with this gang and can he please take care of Caroline because my precious girl needs someone looking out for her). I feel like Jenna’s death will have a bigger impact in S3 then it seems right now.
Christina: I guess he did turn, but still nothing REALLY drastic happened. Maybe I was expecting Klaus to go full werepire, but he didn’t. Elijah went to rip out his heart before he transitioned completely. But now that Elijah didn’t rip out his heart, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I wonder if Klaus DID transform. Hmm.
Abby: Greta really HAD drunk the kook-aid in a big way, hadn’t she? I didn’t think she’d be a zealot, I genuinely expected there to be more to her story, but I was wrong. There was seriously nobody home in her eyes all night, she’s the closest we’ve seen to a Renfield type character on this show, though Andie Starr was working on it. I’ve seen some people asking if Greta is dead, and I think it’s safe to say that Salvatore Senior took care of that with the neck-snapping.
Maria: Greta was such a fucking soapdish in this episode, all she did was stand around and do little chants and look all happy when Klaus killed Jenna. I had the hope that maybe she was going to align with Bonnie at the end of the day and betray Klaus but I was positively let down, as far as I’m concerned I hope that if she’s not dead already, she gets hit by a bus and gets plastered all around the pavement… in other words, DIAF bitch!
Melissa: I’m pretty sure Greta bathed in the fucking koolaid. If she hadn’t died I would’ve sent her freaky demon smile to the Winchesters to deal with. And yeah, it seemed clear to me that Damon snapped Greta’s neck. Score one for Damon.
Abby: I feel I should say something about the death of Jules, so here it is: FINALLY. Yay, Klaus!
Christina: WORD. Is it wrong that when Greta said that her insides were basically trying to rip apart or whatever, I kind of deviously applauded? Bad ass. Yeah, not sad at all that she’s dead. She’s been dead to me for a long time already.
Cin: Double word. Suffer biatch. You tortured Caroline, you deserved a slower fucking death.
Maria: I will repeat what I’ve always said, you mess with Caroline and you can count me as your enemy, when she died it was like “Oh, whatever” but I’m glad she at least said the whole thing about just wanting to help Tyler cause for a while I had the nagging feeling that she was going to betray him and do god knows what, at the end she was just a pointless character whose only purpose was to take Tyler away from us and die.
Melissa: Jules, for me was a happy death. If we could’ve gotten a little more about the motivations behind her choices, I might have cared. As it was, wolf-girl can suck it.
Erin: I am grand master champion of grudge holding and Jules’ death was a real highlight for me. Not a lot about the episode made me smile but that really did. And though I too have made fun of Jenna for two solid years, I am having a hard time even referencing it without tears. For the record, I had my first Klaus nightmares last night. He officially scares the ever living shit out of me, so much more than Damon, which is saying a lot because I‘m scared of Damon to this day. Not knowing how one might react in any given situation is scary.
Christina: Word. That’s what I was saying in the reactions from last week. Damon flying off the handle — which is pretty Guaran-freaking-teed next week — scares the crap out of me. Loose Canon Damon scares me about as much as Klaus does. I’m so nervous for next week.

Martyrs R Us
Abby: Time to heap praise and laurels upon Sara Canning’s head! She brought it tonight, and it was beautiful. I really saw, for the first time, how underused that character has been, and how amazing she could have been, with a little more screen time. And you know what? I’m glad I saw it. I’m glad I saw what could have been, because that’s what Elena was seeing in that moment. Elena has been a very typical teenager in her actions toward Jenna, she’s brushed her off, kept her in the dark and generally treated her with a kind of protective condescension that we see now Jenna truly didn’t deserve. In a way, I’m glad poor Alaric didn’t see the grisly end. He’s a grown man and should have known better. My friends, we have wronged Aunt Jenna and now we can never, EVER make it right.
Cin: I understand where you’re coming from Abby, I do. But personally I’m not going to mourn Jenna at least not right now. I just wasn’t blown away by her death except in how Elena reacted to it. Maybe my heart really is dead, maybe it’s the meds, but either way… bye, bye Jenna. I hate that they mis/under-used you. But I won’t cry a river for you.
Melissa: I’m with Abby. In just a few minutes, I fell in love with the potential of Jenna and in an instant it got taken away. There’s a recap that I think summed up Jenna beautifully so I’m just going to quote it here. “I don’t–I don’t know, exactly, what to say about Jenna. She didn’t deserve what happened, obviously. She would have been a pretty awesome vampire in the Caroline/Lexi mold, I think. It bugs me I’m not gonna know what the hell her thesis was about. She wasn’t thrilled about being a guardian, and God knows Jeremy and Elena gave her rickets over the last little bit, but she was happy. She made terrible choices in men right up until the last one, which was a saving throw. She was, more than she’d have been comfortable with, a pawn of forces older than her, and scarier, and colder inside. But she freaked out for approximately two hours, then picked up a crossbow and held it at the man she loved just in case he was still possessed by something evil. She let vampires cook her dinner while she drank really good red wine and swung her feet. She was a person right up ’til the end, even when, by certain standards, she wasn’t anymore, and she loved her niece and nephew more than anything else in the world.” Back to my thoughts though, while I didn’t cry so much for Jenna, I cried for the people she left behind. I think the impact of Jenna’s death will be far greater than her actual death. I’m really curious to see how Elena changes after this. She has to right?
Cin: Yeah, that’s what I meant. I’m worried about Elena & Jeremy, but past that. Eh.
Christina: They were just trying to protect her, and I get that. I’m glad we got to see that side of her too. They spent 2 seasons trying to keep her safe, and then she helped save Elena. It didn’t totally work, but she tried. I’m honestly meh about it. Cin, yours and my cold dead hearts can hang together, haha. I wasn’t really surprised that Stefan offered himself in place of Jenna, but I was still impressed. But what REALLY threw me was Uncle John. I LOVE that he’s become this honorable, trying-to-do-good person. He legitimately loves Elena, and I’m so pleased that he did the truly fatherly thing and gave his life to save his daughter’s. That letter… dear sweet lord baby Jesus, that letter made me cry. John has turned a complete 180 for me. So redeemed.
Maria: AMEN! from the very beginning I thought that John was going to die trying to save Elena, but I always thought that it was going to be kinda like John getting in the way of Klaus and Elena and somehow getting his head ripped off (a la Elijah during “Rose”) and I was going to be sad because he died trying to save Elena but it was going to be whatever, but the fact that he KNEW that he was going to die from the very beginning and he didn’t CARE, he just wanted Elena to live a happy life, oh god *tears*, it broke my heart, he TOTALLY redeemed himself.
Abby: Uncle John’s actions did impress me. A lot, as it turns out. I’ve hated him intensely for the life of the series, but he did this one, selfless, noble thing. Of all the people who would be willing to die for Elena, his death would cost her the least, and that he knew it, accepted it, and just *did* it, without consulting anyone or giving her any forewarning…that was real. He acted like an adult, like a parent. Redemption granted, John Gilbert. You did good this time.
Cat: I’ve always had a soft spot for John, but that’s undoubtedly a Sark leftover. I’m glad he was there to save Elena – just as I expected.
Cin: Of the body count, and in looking ahead, I think I’ll miss John the most. Not only because David Anders is amazing, but I don’t think we or Elena ever saw his true potential as a character and part of Elena and Jeremy’s life until tonight. Not to this extent. I feel like there was a story to tell there, and also such a link to the history of the town and founders council that Lizzie Forbes just doesn’t have a clue about. I think in time (and given how far he came so fast) he would have proven a much better guardian than Jenna ever was. I’m sorry, I’m just not sorry she’s gone. I knew she wouldn’t make it one way or another & I won’t miss her. But yes, I feel totally sorry for Jeremy and Elena – they lost both of them, and I truly didn’t think the show would would do that.
Mel: John for sure redeemed himself last night for all the shitty things he has done in the past. Cin, I totally agree with what you said. I feel we never got to see his true potential and it sucks that now we never will. Especially after what he did & wrote last night. I just think he would have surprised us even more with awesome. He would have for sure been a better guardian than Jenna. No doubt about that.
Melissa: I completely forgave John last night. That letter had me bawling horrible, ugly tears and just reading it in recaps has me crying all over again. He completely redeemed himself to me in sacrificing himself for his daughter. And unlike Stefan, who was obviously going to try to offer himself (and Abby’s right, stupid move on Stefan’s part-and I love Stefan), John knew that his sacrifice was without fanfare or gratitude. He redeemed himself in death and never expected to be praised.
Abby: I wasn’t impressed, or surprised, by Stefan’s actions. As soon as Damon was unavailable for sacrificin’, I knew Stefan would try it. Honestly, I was kind of upset with him because he put Elena in the position of having a choice of dead loved ones, but then tried to take that choice away from her. He knew darn well that she wouldn’t want him to do that, and what if she HAD woken up a vampire? Was he really going to leave her with Damon as her guide? I just don’t think he thought that one all the way through.
Maria: Exactly, when I saw that he was going to offer himself up I knew Klaus was going to pull a dick move and have her choose, and that would have killed her, I think it would have been better to just be there for her afterwards.
Cat: Which makes his actions no better than Damon’s much complained about actions last week. As usual though, it was too little too late.
Cin: The only problem I had with Damon last week was when he fed Elena the blood. The rest was understandable and he had no idea what repercussions would come of him rescuing Caroline & Tyler. And plus, he rescued Caroline. Triple bonus points for that.
Christina: I definitely see what you mean, Cat, but I wouldn’t necessarily call the actions equal.
Abby: I TOTALLY think they’re equal. Both Salvatores took critical, life-shattering choices away from Elena within 24 hours. They’ll be lucky if she doesn’t leave them both and go get a job at the Grill with Matt.
Christina: Now, now, you didn’t let me finish 😉 I can see how they both took choices from her that should be hers, but the motives are different, and I think that would affect how Elena perceives them. Yes, she was upset that Stefan was going to die to save Jenna for her. Losing Stefan, whether she fully understands the love toward him or not, would be a severe blow. However, Damon’s actions were for selfish reasons. HE didn’t want Elena to die. Even though it ended up not happening this way, Damon essentially killed Elena. He took her life, her human life, and ended it because he didn’t want to lose her. I feel like that would be a far more difficult thing to forgive. Stefan’s a martyr. Damon is just a desperate man. However, we KNOW Elena’s going to end up forgiving both of them. Because that’s what Elena does. But grief vs. anger/betrayal are different. So I don’t really consider their actions the same. They’re both shitty decisions, but they’re not really the same. Whew. *breathes*
Abby: Oh, fine, if you’re going to be all logical about things. *mutter mutter*
Maria: I’m actually scared a tiny bit about how this is going to affect Elena because like Christina said, we all expect her to just forgive Stefan and Damon and continue her very weird life, but I don’t think it’s just going to play out like that. I’m kind of secretly hoping that a darker Elena comes out of all of this and surprise us all.
Christina: I’m with you. I just hope they save the Katherine-esque behavior for if/when she’s a vamp. I think we need to see how different they still are.
Abby: I was going to go into a whole thing about Damon and Katherine, and about Damon and Stefan and Elena and the whole handling her body and the moments when Damon had her unconscious, etc etc…but honestly, I don’t think it needs much commentary. Basically, I think it was beautiful visual representation of all those journeys as they’ve been presented this season. Well done Paul Sommers. ‘Nuff said.
Erin: Thank you Christina for repping Team Stefan. I *facepalm*’d so hard I nearly broke my own nose when he went in for the exchange. How could he not though? It’s what he does. What broke my heart about the whole situation was Damon’s reaction to the thought of losing his brother. Those boys. I tell ya. I gotta say though, I am so damn excited that we’re done hearing “I’ll die for you.” “No, I’ll die for you.” No, me!” “No, let me die instead.” Damon is a dick but at least he’s efficient. “You, you & you. Dying. Let’s move on.”
Cin: ROFL!!! That right there is the quote of the reaction post. *gold star for Erin*
Melissa: So I might have been too nervous to completely notice but did Klaus actually give Elena a choice between Stefan & Jenna? I thought he just saw it as someone else to hurt. I agree that I didn’t care for Stefan’s sacrifice but I think Christina put it well in pointing out the different motivations. With Elena though, I really want a darker Elena in S3. But I don’t want a Katherine style thing. I feel like Elena’s darkness won’t come from a self-preservation side so much as a no one else gets a vote on how to protect the people I love side. I think Elena’s going to be fully taking her life into her own hands because working together still cost her an aunt and a father. I’m betting on an Elena who closes herself off in a different way from Katherine. (If that happens, I’ll be visiting every Emmy voter to ask them what they’re smoking for not nominating Nina.)

Original Family Matters
Christina: I’m going to go ahead and lay this out right now: I FULLY support Elijah’s decision to not kill Klaus but instead escape with him. If we learned one thing from Ep 2.19 “Klaus” it’s that Elijah is fiercely loyal to his (Original) family. As Red from @tvdnews pointed out last night, this actually makes Elijah quite honorable. Even though he promised Stefan he would help, the fact that the rest of his family isn’t actually dead moves him to save Klaus, whom he had already committed himself to killing. He did it for the lost siblings. And for that, I was CHEERING after they flew away. Elijah, you are still the king of my heart (and Mayor of Mystic Falls) in my eyes!
Cin: DITTO. Let it be know, The SBH staff fully support Elijah. In all ways. In all things. Period.
Maria: Surprisingly, I agree with you.. Everyone is throwing a fit about Elijah betraying them but the way I see it Elijah was just doing the same thing Stefan would have done if he was in his position, and I kinda saw the parallel with the scene in season 1 when Elena is talking to Stefan and he mentions that despite of everything Damon is his brother and he still cares about him. I think Elijah’s loyalty to Stefan and Damon ended where the loyalty to his family starts, and I can totally understand that.
Cat: I’m fine with Elijah doing what he did – I felt like the family thing was a little late in the ‘splainin of this storyline, but that’s okay.
Melissa: I admit, I was raging at Elijah at first. (Though I think I was kind of raging at the writers for not letting anyone keep their word). But then Red sent a little mini-lecture out and I realized that Elijah completely fit into the honor of this show. The importance of family has been emphasized at every turn and somewhere along the way I forgot the influence family would have even on Elijah. So I had a momentary brain lapse (though I was always Team Elijah) in understanding his motivations but yeah, honorable to the end. Which luckily hasn’t happened yet!
Abby: Preach on, Team Elijah! I’m think this is a fantastic turn of events and will make for awesome story down the road. (How many terrific praising words can I fit in here, shall we find out?) Honestly, as soon as I heard that Klaus had ‘taken’ the rest of the original family from Elijah, I knew they weren’t dead. I KNEW IT. Because how could they be? Scattered, imprisoned, hell, dismembered with the bits on different continents, according to the rules we’ve got for Originals, they’d still be able to come back to life with a little reassembly. So I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as Elijah was making it out to be. I’ve always felt that the whole ‘I’m an honorable man’ thing was actually kind of an obstacle in Elijah’s character development, because a character that can ALWAYS be trusted to keep his word, no matter what, is not nearly as interesting as one that has moral conflicts and an element of unpredictability. The fact that he’s as flawed as the Salvatores, if much older and more powerful, makes him that much more real. Elijah loves his family. He wants his family back. He’ll probably still try to stop Klaus from peopling the world with werepires, but at heart, he’s motivated by love. Plus, Klaus didn’t do what Elijah was originally (ha!) hunting him down for, (killing their family) so it makes perfect sense that Elijah would spare his brother. Oh, Elijah, I love you still.
Christina: *sniff* W-O-R-D! Also, this new development opens so many avenues for story lines. Like, why did Elijah think that his family was scattered across the continents? Probably because Klaus told him. Klaus told him. So, what do we learn from that? Well, I’m betting Klaus is older than Elijah, which explains the hero-worship. It also reinforces the fact that for a time, Klaus was in complete control of his brother, and had no qualms about LYING to him to keep him under his control. God, I want some Original Family flashbacks so bad. I don’t want to wait the entire summer! It just makes me want to give him a big ol’ hug. And if he wants to take a couple of sips, I ain’t fighting…
Abby: I suspect that Klaus is the younger brother, actually, just the more wild one. I think Elijah feels responsible for Klaus in some fashion. None of this makes him one bit less attractive, though. You’ll always be our favorite, Elijah.
Cin: I’m with Abby, I think Klaus is younger for sure. Elijah took the role as his keeper, until he became too out of control & we see how that turned out.

Christina: Ooh, that makes a lot of sense too. Now I just don’t now. See, this is exactly why we need The Year of Originals to start pronto. I need to know more about them! Also, word. Elijah is forever and always my #1.
Erin: They are SO much like Stefan and Damon. I love it. I love that it seems being Vampire Brothers is the most difficult relationship we’ll ever witness. Think about it. It took Elijah 1000 years to come to the conclusion that his brother had to die. If Damon had continued his path of destruction, would it have take Stefan that long?
Christina: It’s possible. I want to say, “No, Stefan would never do that,” but I can’t say that with 100% certainty. How do we know that Elijah wasn’t like Stefan before? 1000 years can change everything. It’s very possible that Stefan would come to that if Damon went unchecked. But I don’t think Damon and Stefan’s relationship is exactly like Klaus and Elijah’s. They’ve only been undead for 150 years, and they’ve never really seemed to share the same dynamic. Though, what do we know? Maybe in another 500 years, they WILL be like Klaus and Elijah. It’s a thin line, I think. And it’s definitely a very interesting line to walk.
Cin: I could talk forever about Elijah and how justified I find his actions, but thankfully all of you lovely ladies covered it. Props. 😉

Scooby Witchy House Gang
Cin: So they are just like chillin’ in the witch house, seemingly with no contact with anyone whose actually in the loop for a few days. How does that work?
Christina: MiFi.
Cin: Right! But they had no clue what was going on. That’s why John huffed over to the SBH to get an update. lol
Christina: To be honest, I wasn’t really paying much attention to that part. Maybe because during a commercial I had to rewind real quick to double-check what Elijah said the steps were, and so I missed the very beginning of the Witch House scene, but meh. It just felt odd.
Maria: Okay, seriously…how old are Jeremy and Bonnie, if my calculations are right Bonnie is 17 and Jer is either 15 or 16…anyways, if I was stuck in a house with my boyfriend for like a week I would NOT be reading a damn book, I would be doing….something else *blushes*
Melissa: I’m with Maria. My world is potentially ending and my boyfriend is hot, I ain’t reading spells. Though I did wonder why Klaus wasn’t wondering where Jeremy was? That was a dead giveaway to me.
Abby: Last age mention on Jeremy was Damon’s “You 16 year old CHILD.” I think. For me, Casa de Juju was the least interesting part of the show. I just didn’t care, EXCEPT when Alaric came to talk to Jeremy. That part moved me. The rest? Meh.
Cin: Yep. It was a good break time for us all to jump on twitter. LOL
Maria: Agreed, for me it was that because it BROKE my heart when Alaric came to talk with Jeremy, I mean the poor boy has been through more death in his life than any kid his age should. That, and when they were talking with John cause I was trying to figure out what the hell they were doing with all that nonsense of “preserving the soul”, it took me a second to get it.
Melissa: The fact that Alaric asked Bonnie to leave so he could talk to Jeremy privately sealed Alaric as the new Gilbert guardian for me.
Cin: And when Alaric told Damon about Stefan. That and the John/Jer/Alaric all got to me. Maria & I along with about 50 others were there the night they filmed all of that. So basically when I realized that I shared breathing air with Gillies that made the episode for me – OH, and everyone there thought when Alaric screamed “Bonnie! Bonnie!!!” It was Damon/Ian. Because we could hear them film that – the only thing we could hear from the street all night. All of us were shocked it was Alaric/Matt Davis. So yeah, there is that.
Christina: Wait. So if Elena has John’s soul now… is she still going to be Elena… or is she going to be more like John? Because that would be creepy…
Cin: No, when I rewatched it stated that the spell was kinda contingent upon Elena’s soul being intact. Which was right before he & Damon had words about having faith it would work. They were being snide to one another about if she was a vamp her soul could be compromised, thus it wouldn’t work. BUT if her soul was damaged or gone, it wouldn’t work. The parent or whoever has to bind their soul to the recipient’s. IF there was no soul, it wouldn’t work.
Abby: I’m with Cin. I think it’s more of a super-powerful dose of life force than a personality thing. The magical equivalent of the Pulp Fiction shot to the heart.
Christina: Ooh, I get it. I just awww’d to the “parent has to bind their soul to the recipient’s” thing. Oh, John. Oh, John, you are no longer dead to me, even though you really are dead. *wipes away tear*
Erin: Since his introduction, there was only one character I hated more than Uncle Daddy John and that was Elena’s other Parent Of The Year award winner. And then last night I’m SOBBING ugly tears over his death. WHAT IS GOING ON????
Melissa: I know I really don’t like sobbing over Uncle Daddy Snark but I was. On the spell, it definitely didn’t seem like a personality thing. I have noticed a lot of recaps commenting about how the spell came out of nowhere. But to me, the moment the Martins showed Bonnie the massive collection of grimoires, that guaranteed a spell for any occasion. Plus, what’ s the show going to do, have Luka say 6 episodes ago, “by the way, Bonnie, there’s a spell that can bind a parent’s soul to their child’s and bring that child back to life as a human. Just in case there’s ever a need for something like that”. There would be no suspense, redemption or grief. I think Bonnie’s weakness (in that spells can injure her) is the show’s way of curbing just how much she can do. Sort of like how with Willow, they had to find a way to curb her skills because otherwise it seemed like Buffy was less important. Those grimoires probably contain any spell these kids will ever need, its just we won’t hear about them until its necessary. (Stefan needs a sex spell yesterday though so he can stop cock-blocking himself).
Christina: Exactly. (And word about Stefan too). I’m glad that Luka never mentioned the spell. If they spelled (teehee!) everything out for us, there would be no surprises. The characters HAVE to know things that we don’t. And, those grimoires… I’m betting they contain a spell to cure wolfbite. Or at least one to slow the effects. Just sayin’.

Beauty, the Beast … and the Busboy
Abby: I am SO sad. Matt chose the dishes. He chose cleaning gooey ketchup bottles and taking math tests over the supernatural side of his hometown. It was heartbreaking, but totally true to his character. Even more than the other characters, Matt is so damaged. He’s as much an orphan as Elena but unlike her, nobody’s been protecting him, or offering him mansions so he’ll be able to sleep at night. He’s all on his own, all the time. Even Caroline, who loves him, hasn’t really thought much about him being all alone. He’s been working so hard to make the best of his miserable life that he just can’t handle anything else. I admit, I’d have loved it if Matt was on board and ready to stand by his extraordinary girl, but he’s not, and it’s probably better story that he’s not. He chose the mundane, and that choice has cost him Caroline.
Christina: I agree with you about it making for a better story. It just makes me sad because I want so bad for them to be happy. *sigh* But yeah, it’s almost like Matt lives in the real world while the rest of Mystic Falls exists in this alternate universe where there’s no need for adults (except Alaric, and I guess, arguably Damon). In this world, there’s no need for money, or jobs or school. And it was okay for Matt to be there for a while, but now he has to go home. Oh, Matty, come. I’ll shush you and stroke you hair, and make it all better.
Maria: I totally understood Matt in that scene even though it broke my already broken heart, I mean, the poor guy had to find out that his sister was dead, that his girlfriend was a vampire who may have killed her in the first place, that his best friend is a werewolf, all in less than 6 months, what do you expect him to do? I think that the fact that he chose to break up with her and try to live his life as normal as possible in that crazy town speaks volumes. Having said this, if he needs any comfort he can just give me a call and I’ll be there in a jiffy…just sayin
Melissa: I’m so glad you all felt like Matt’s choice made sense. I think he was almost okay with Caroline because he saw that she hadn’t changed. Then he got thrown into the rest of the supernatural and that was too much for him. I’m hoping that S3 will show Matt that as much as he wants to be able to deal with his normal, albeit shitty life, once you know about the supernatural, it doesn’t go away. Matt may want to break up with Caroline’s world but he can’t.
Abby: Tyler went a long way toward getting himself out of the doghouse wolfhouse with me tonight. That bit with him and Caroline on the couch was so sweet, and such a welcome respite from the misery in every other story thread, that I was actually really glad he was there, if only for Caroline’s sake. Vampire Barbie has had such a lonely time of it that it makes me happy she can have a supernatural buddy of her own, even if it’s Tyler. Everybody else is all about Elena, with Caroline only as an afterthought. We’ve come a long way from the pilot where she was drunkenly lamenting the fact that everyone chooses Elena, but the fact is that almost everyone does. So Tyler? Screw this up and I swear I’ll be walking around with a werewolf skin purse by September.
Maria: I don’t like Tyler, not when it comes to Caroline..she’s a sweet angel that needs to be protected (yes, I’m biased oh well) and he was about to let her die, I will never forget the look on her face when she screamed at Tyler “YOU JUST STOOD THERE! YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” it BROKE my heart and I will never forgive him for that, I don’t care how cute the scene was; the truth of the matter is that when it came to her vs his little wolf pack he chose the pack, even though she was the one that had helped him the most. ugh. nobody messes with my Caroline and lives to tell the tale >.<
Christina: The scene on the couch was sweet (despite the fact that I couldn’t stop thinking “Ha ha, your bullet wound looks like a third nipple!”), but it just felt… wrong. I’m with you, Maria. Tyler has not redeemed himself. Simply being friendly and cuddly means nothing.
Erin: Matt chose wrong. I understand his choice but he’s wrong. I can’t imagine putting anything ahead of Caroline. And while I do not want to see Tyler with her, (still holding my grudge, he sucks) maybe seeing it will change Matt’s mind.
Mel: Tyler is slowly redeeming himself for the things that he’s done in the past. I’ve always had a soft spot for Tyler but that changed when he didn’t help Caroline. But I truly think that he has changed. I think him leaving with Jules did him good (oh man I hope so). Even though I do like Tyler and blah blah. Caroline is meant to be with Matt. I won’t have it any other way. Matt chose wrong for sure. But I can see why he chose the way he did. I just hope somewhere down the line
they Matty and Caroline can be together again.
Melissa: Tyler pretty much completely redeemed himself to me. I still have no desire to see Tyler and Caroline together romantically (except for weak moments when my brain isn’t the organ driving my thoughts) but Tyler himself is getting back in my good graces. 1) He apologized. A simple apology goes a long way with me and Tyler’s felt sincere. 2) When Caroline told him to say “thank you for taking care of me” her eyes said now please return the favor because I have no one and I desperately need someone to tell me its going to be okay, Tyler just held her. He read her eyes and that brought me back to loving Tyler. I don’t fully trust him but I forgive him for what he did to Caroline. Plus, if Caroline can forgive him, I feel like I have to. (On a completely unrelated but equally important note-how hot was Trevino?!)
Christina: You mean besides his third nip? I KID I KID! But yeah, I didn’t tear my eyes away 😉 Still don’t like Tyler though. Nope.

Where Do We Go From Here? *sing-song*
Cin: So Klaus isn’t dead, (Abby: Yay!) and pre-vervain compulsion is still in effect.. So does that mean Kathi is stuck in Alaric’s apartment indefinitely? Will they become roomies? Will start watching soaps? Become a cat lady? The possibilities are endless, but I must say that if Katherine must live, I like her trapped.
Christina: I agree with you. She’s better locked up. I feel like there might even be some captive story telling a la “Katerina.” And if the flashbacks involve Klaus & Elijah, all the better! But I don’t know about Alaric and Kathi being roommates. I’m actually wondering if Alaric might move into la Casa de Gilbert. Jenna might be dead, but the town of Mystic Falls doesn’t know that. I have a feeling they’re going to have some forged paperwork in their future. Either a document signing the house over to Elena or Alaric is my guess.
Abby: Me three on keeping Katherine locked up. It’s one of the only ways to keep her in the show, I suspect, because, as Damon pointed out some time ago, her natural inclination would be to flee Mystic Falls and go in search of Klaus-free margaritas.
Maria: HELL, after this damn episode I feel like I need to flee and find ME some Klaus-free margaritas.
Cin: I say give Casa de Gilbert to Jer. He deserves some property. Shit, give the child the lake house too. Elena has OUR house. What more does she need. Plus, he IS the actual child of Grayson & Miranda Gilbert. So it belongs to him. Wow. As an adoptee myself I can’t believe I just set the adoptee rights movement back a few decades – since in most states adopted children BY LAW cannot be written out of wills… I don’t know; I just feel sorry for Jeremy. Not in a ‘come to my bosom’ sort of way, but in a maternal way. That boy needs a mommy.
Melissa: The Gilbert house is in Jeremy & Elena’s name already. John was executor of the estate and Jenna was guardian but S1 made it clear that Jeremy and Elena own their house. So no forgery necessary. I bet Alaric moves in and I bet if the need came, Elena would give the house to Jer.
Maria: You can be his mommy, he can come to MY bosom..jus’ saying. But I agree, Elena is set with her mansion and poor Jer has nothing except Elena, plus he needs a house for when we raise our children *cough cough*. When it comes to Katherine I’m just glad she’s alive, I’ve made it no secret that I loved her and she’s my spirit animal, but I am wondering what the hell is going to happen to her.
Cin: Don’t get me wrong. McQueen is hot, like woah – but right now he needs a mommy & I want to be that mommy. Same with Matt, but I’ll discuss that in another section. I’ve had a very maternal week. I got Brady Crouch kisses while I felt bad the last few days, which are becoming rare as he’s 8 now – so that plus all the headache meds are making me soft.
Abby: Poor Jer. That’s really all I’ve got on this one. He’s gotten a very raw deal in this show. I hope he gets a little happiness here and there next season. As for the rest, like we discussed last week, I believe wholeheartedly that Damon will be saved. I’m kinda hoping Elijah saves him to make up for bailing with Klaus, but I can see a lot of ways for a save to be accomplished. I’m really hoping we don’t have to wait until next season to resolve the wolfbite, that would be too much like the Jeremy thing at the close of season one. I’m looking forward to watching Damon be delirious and crazytoast, because I think Ian Somerhalder does crazed rather well. I’m hoping we get out of the season without any more big deaths, but I’m not holding out hope for Sheriff Mom at this point. My hope for the finale is that they give us enough closure on season 2 storylines so we can catch our breaths over the summer and then be ready to dive in to All Things Original in the Fall.
Christina: I’m really looking forward to crazed Damon as well. I’m not so sure about Sheriff Mom’s safety either. If she dies, there will only be like 2 adults left in the whole town. That can’t be good. But if she has to die, I really hope that she at least gets to chance to see that Caroline isn’t really a monster. That shit breaks my heart. She’s so misguided. She NEEDs to see it.
Erin: For starters, I’m going to be singing Once More With Feeling for the rest of the day now so thanks for that. (Cin: You are VERY welcome, and join the club. lol) Regarding the house, my first thought was that it would be sold and Jer would move into the Salvatore house. It’s THE place to be for lost souls. And Katherine is trapped in Alaric’s apartment and lord knows he doesn’t want to be with her all day so he’ll have to move in to the Salvatore house as well. And then he and Jeremy can sit and drink and cry about the women they love always biting the big one.
Melissa: Alaric and Jeremy are going to need each other in S3. If Sheriff Mom doesn’t chill out, she’s going to die without knowing the awesomeness of Caroline. That is unacceptable to me. She’s so messed up. And this section title is perfect because since last night, the only thing going through my head is Spike’s voice saying: “Life isn’t bliss, life is just this. It’s living.”
Cin: OMG! My people! My mind totally went there too! What is going on with us and the BtVS symmetry lately? lol But let’s be serious for a minute. So I watched the PST airing of “Community”, which I never really watch, because Josh Holloway (aka. James “Sawyer” Ford from “Lost”) was guest starting. ANYWAY, he needs to be on this show. Like now. How about as the wayward brother of Miranda & Jenna: Butch Sommers. He could come to town to take custody of our wayward Gilbert youths and bring along his daughter Meredith. BOOM! Or what if Matty’s long lost daddy, Vic Donovan came to town with a half sister of Matt’s – also (of course) Meredith. BOOM!BOOM!POW! — *sigh* What can I say? I need Meredith and I need Josh Holloway on my TV every week. Also, Matt, Elena & Jeremy need adults in their life. The only parental figures left are Carol Lockwood & Sheriff Mom – and if Sheriff Mom survives next week I’ll be shocked. Also, everyone reading this: Welcome to my brain. This is how the speculations begin & they kinda don’t stop.
Christina: Hahaha Butch Sommers. I like that idea, actually. And we DO need Meredith. We need another voice of reason… desperately.

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8 Responses to Reactions: 2.21 “The Sun Also Rises”

  1. G says:

    Wow, you guys are really awesome. I’m glad for the positivity towards Elijah. I, too, “get it.” Elijah cares! He wants his family back! He saw a hope at that, and that was a good, honorable reason to spare Klaus (for now at least), at the chance he gives their location. And despite Elijah telling Stefan he could do it, killing his own brother might just be kind of hard to do.
    John’s letter to Elena is just heart-breaking, especially that part where he says that whether she is reading as a human or a vampire, he loves her just the same. He really did redeem himself for all the bad things he did. I find Jenna’s death sad, too, personally. The funeral was just so shredding. This episode was really sad, and totally got me emotional.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I was floored by the episode, though for some reason have spent like all day reading recaps and articles just to relive the trauma.

    But one this was that the spell was one of Emily Bennett’s spells, the one that would bind two life-forces together in order to bring one back from the dead.

    I too agree with Elijah’s decision, but what will he do with Klaus at the next full moon? Wouldn’t his bite kill Elijah? And OMG the STEARS when Damon told Stefan about the bite.

    • Dayna Barter says:

      Werewolf bites apparently aren’t fatal to Originals (or so Elijah told Elena in “Klaus”.)

      I just don’t know how he’s going to manage him once he heals up from being almost magicked to death. Is Elijah really trusting Klaus to keep his word to resurrect the rest of the family? Wouldn’t they all kinda want to kill Klaus? Why would Klaus help bring them all back?

      Poor Elijah. He’s just going to get his heart broken even more, isn’t he? Come here, baby. It’s all right, let me kiss it and make it better…

  3. Vanessa says:

    oh and MEREDITH! Need her now!

  4. Colleen says:

    First of all, I apologize for my absence. I was feverishly and unsuccessfully cheering the Nashville Predators whilst they played the Vancouver Canucks here in VivaNashVegas. (my tweets tell my borderline restraining order love for Preds Captain #6 Shea Weber. He’s 25, I’m not…this cougar still purrrrs). But I digress. Onto my random TVD thoughts.

    I really felt Greta was trying to recreate the Olympic rings with her fire circles. Too bad she couldn’t count to 5 or see what a fool she was.

    Klaus ripping out Jules heart was WICKED. As much as I’m not impressed with Klaus overall, he was super duper Hannibal Lecter chianti creepy to the max in the sacrafice scene. I found it awesome. It’s not unknown here that I don’t really care about Jenna. For the record, that remains the same. Elena’s reaction to her death made my cold dead heart twinge, but I think I might have hiccuped. meh. HOWEVER, when Klaus was drinking Elena I would swear he was copping a feel. Smooth Klaus, smooooth. Dirty whore.

    Alaric, oh my sweet dear hot teacher Alaric. Your face KILLED ME when you asked Bonnie to leave so you could talk to Jeremy. The serious face BROKE.MY.HEART. Then, when Bonnie trapped you in the house, I hurt for you.

    So Stefan and Elijah and the plan and Stefan willing to trade places with Jenna. Honorable, sure, but I wouldn’t expect anything else. (read: boring)

    Caroline/Matty/Tyler: I get it Matty. I get it and I love you for your decision, because it’s so very you. I am so heartbroken for Caroline. When she joked with Tyler and started to cry, the cold dead heart twinged again. It looks like they are putting her and wolf boy together in some “no one else gets it (except 99% of the town)” relationship. Not really thrilled with that plan, but whatevs, as long as Caroline remains awesome.

    This recent convert to Elijah for Mayor, Team Elijah, the land of O M Gillies, really liked that Elijah flew off with his bro. Fuck the police…errr Mystic Falls people. Family is family. As Stefan and Damon so wonderfully and emotionally showed us at the end of the ep. I cried. FLAT.OUT. CRIED. Stefan would still do anything for his brother. For the first time ever, Stefan moved me.

    Death tally: Jules, Jenna, John (heeeeey…) and Greta (why doesn’t your name have a J?). I wasn’t invested in any of them. I do agree it would have been nice to see what could have surfaced out of a parental relationship with John, Elena, and Jeremy. Now I’m just curious when someone passing thru from another town is going to notice the lack of parents in Mystic Falls.

    That’s it. My .02 of nonsense. Can’t wait til the finale next week! Unless I’m at a hockey game 😉

  5. Regina says:

    I Am Totally A Tyler Fan. I’m So Happy How That Went Down Between Tyler & Caroline. Im Glad Matt Left He Cant Handle That Stuff. Good Riddance Matt!!!! But I Do Agree With You Guys About Meredith. We Should Have Her On The Show For Sure.

  6. mak75231 says:

    Not gonna stir the pot…nope…not gonna do it. I’ll just say the Woobie Word(s) of the Week are ‘BUCKET LIST”. Why in the hell would an undead guy ever need a bucket list…oh, yea, Tyler……

    I am NOT looking forward to next week’s suffering (on the screen and at home)…..

  7. Tina says:

    I hate Klaus so much!! Joseph Morgan plays him so well! I’m still crying over this episode, I feel emotional thinking about it, and that song at the end was so perfect. Losing Jenna for the viewers wasn’t such a big deal but for Elena, Jeremy and Alaric T____T. Elena has now lost ALL her parents and guardians, Jeremy loses all the women in his life (other than Bonnie..couldnt they have killed Bonnie and everyone else would have lived?!) and Alaric too, he falls in love and the lady becomes a vampire and dies. Sigh, I’m crying all over again reading your reactions. So glad they redeemed John!!
    Elijah is older because Damon said at the end “how does one go about killing an all powerful wolfvamp and his two faced older brother?”
    I’m also wondering if the town is going to know about all these people dying, i swear that town has lost 50% of its population in the past 2 season. So Kathy can’t leave Alaric’s house but they never bothered to explain how Klaus got INTO his house. When Elijah came back he couldnt breathe in the house till invited in so how come with Klaus came back to his body he was just fine?! Damon is going to live but how =O I too hope they wrap up that story line because that’s not really a suspenseful thing. Though there could be some deal he has to make or something/one he has to lose to be cured. (well that would happen on Supernatural lol).
    Oh my next week is gonna be good. I’m still in shock over this episode though. The only thing missing was a hug between Stefan and Damon when he found out at the end. I guess the Winchesters have spoiled me because they hug every once in a while and I get this huge smile on my face because they love each other. I want to see some Salvatore brotherly love!!

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