Reactions: 2.20 “The Last Day”

Last night’s ep was a major set-up episode. Everything has now officially been set in motion. And I am nervous as hell. There were just so many unexpected twists. There are certain things we don’t necessarily happen the way we’re meant to think they will, but others we’re not so sure. There’s a lot of speculation and/or discussion to be had. So we decided to bring in some extra help. This was kind of epic, y’all.

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat and Colleen (SBH contributors and friends) and Special Guest Reactors Maria, Erin, Melissa, and Abby.

Waterfalls and Sunsets
Cin: I thought this was one of the most poignant scenes in the series to date. Not only do we now KNOW what Elena actually wants, but we got more Stefan being the most perfect man ever. How well does he know his woman? How hot is that? *sigh*
Christina: Thank fuck. I am so glad Elena is giving girls a role model in the self-esteem/agency/self-worth department when some OTHER girl in a best-selling vamp story just falls flat on her clumsy-ass face. I mean, if vampire television and movies are the only places girls are getting role models (which is entirely possible, I feel). But my god, that scene was so touching. And I’m not easily touched, as evinced by the existence of my cold dead heart. Watching those two… just… ugh *heart swells*
Maria: You guys know that I’m not an Stelena shipper, but I have to agree, this scene was absolutely adorable and so empowering and for a second it even had me doubting my Damon alliance (Shhh, don’t tell anyone).
Cin: *runs to tumblr to out Maria*
Maria: Bitch…I still love ya…most of the time xD
Abby: A+ writing and acting in this scene. I liked how well it fit with the overall continuity of the show through seasons 1 & 2 – Elena’s quest to have both a normal life and a life with the very NOT normal vampire boyfriend (and his even less normal brother) has been a recurring story thread. I bought it completely, Elena’s grief for all the things she wouldn’t get to do felt terribly real. Poor Elena. And poor Stefan. Guilt FOREVER.
Christina: OMG Stefan’s response ‘bout broke my heart (but no CEARS here!). He tries so hard. When Elena said she wasn’t sure what love was, I gasped. I was getting ready to offer up my bosom for Stefan to lay his head on. There’s so much loved and need and desire (for each other and for the ability to LIVE a life) that flows between them. Stefan just GETS her. He understand what she wants, and what she doesn’t want. He understands how to read her. He understands why she makes the choices that she does. This was so evident last week when they let her go back to Elijah. His letting her go says SO much about him, about their relationship. I don’t care what other people say. I liked these two before, and this scene just sort of made me FUCKING LOVE them.
Cin: I couldn’t agree more Christina. And it was a beautiful, beautiful thing. *sigh* I got misty on the mountaintop. But it was later when I lost my shit.
Colleen: The dialogue on the mountain top was great and I totes bought it as how a 17 year old facing what Elena was facing would react. However, as I said on twitter, my last day on earth as a human would not be spent climbing a fucking mountain. I’d be eating my favorite foods until I puked. I mean, it’s all blood and whiskey (trust me, I know all about the Whiskey!) from here on out. Tear up some fried chicken while you can!
Cin: Yep, #WhiskeyTits does know ALL about whiskey. I can testify to that!
Christina: Well, if you wanna get all technical, these vamps CAN eat food. But, no I see your point. Yeah, a fucking mountain? No. Not for me either. But it was a really sweet, romantic gesture from Stefan. You can’t deny that.
Abby: Damn, girls. Am I the only one who hikes? Well, okay then. C’mon, Stefan!
Cin: Yep. Also, when I was younger I have hiked in similar areas & environments. The elevation + incline… Made for vamps. Anyone who needs air to breath? Not so much. I loved the moment, and I love that he drew it out of her even though he knew what she was going to say… But personally, I’d have pulled a Bella and made him carry me.
Christina: I don’t have a problem with hiking, but I’d at least spend my last day doing other human things. I can hike when I’m a vamp. You know what I can’t do? Have human sex with Stefan. Or, um… actually that’s about it. That’d be enough 😛
Maria: OMG, I thought I was the only one! When Stefan decided to take Elena up to show her what she would be missing all i could think about was “seriously?!? Your GF might die and instead of spending the day having hot sweaty sex with her you’re going to take her hiking..seriously?!?”
Erin: I was actually thinking about maxing out credit cards and yeah, lots of sex. Elena is the weirdest teenager ever.
Cin: Well, it technically it wasn’t her idea. Matter of fact, she protested quite a bit. I bet she wanted to do naughty things.
Erin: But we all know that Stefan is incapable of going one day without cock blocking himself at least 10 times.
Maria: Yeah, I just took a little trip down memory lane and remember a certain scene where Stefan decided to stop a full blown make-out sesh because the wall was hollow *shake my damn head*
Melissa: Hee, really why would Elena waste her time trying to have sex? She knows Stefan’s going to stop it somehow.
Cin: In the ‘saying goodbye’ scene with Elena & Stefan, when she said “Close your eyes”, did anyone else go instantly to BtVS 2.22 “Becoming pt2”? I did, like, immediately. That is the scene that made me actually cry. And I’m not sure how much of it was the Sarah McLachlan in my head and how much was the actual episode. Paul Wesley guts me. Not as much as Candice Accola, but time & time again they are proving to be my triggers on this show. So after the mountain top misty – this shit just broke me.
Erin: I definitely went to the Buffy place. Thank God there was no sword to the gut though. I think Stefan has had his guts ripped out enough for one day. Literally and figuratively. When Stefan is hurting, I am hurting. I really lost it when he opened his eyes and she was just gone. Trying to wrap my head around the devastation he must be feeling is going to make me need another tissue.
Melissa: I bash on that ‘Other girl’ a lot but it really seems to be a common trend for the human teen to want to toss her life aside and be with one guy forever. So from the perspective of an independent 21st century woman, I loved that Elena’s attitude is so refreshingly normal. I’m with you Abby, the hike was totally romantic to me. Even if Stefan is his own worst enemy. I’m honestly not sure if Paul or Nina was more responsible for my tears for that scene but I think I have to hand it slightly to Nina. It felt like this was the culmination of Elena realizing that, in love or life, she never had a chance to grow up. Damon forced this twist on her but even the fact that she is a supernatural being as a doppelganger insured that she doesn’t get to control her own life. It was heartbreaking. Lets see, I said it before, I will say it again. Teenage girls are not allowed to say “close your eyes” to vampire boyfriends.
Cin: No they are not! *sobs*
Melissa: Okay so technically, that Stefan/Elena scene at the waterfall, when Elena breaks down might actually be one of the best set ups for Damon/Elena since the show began. (sidenote: I’m not a D/E fan at all but since I feel it will happen I do want the process to be organic). Anywho, so yes this is all sad and horrible between Stefan and Elena. And I firmly believe Elena loves Stefan. But her tearful confession actually sets the seed for a breakup. Elena practically tells Stefan that she didn’t and still doesn’t love him enough to want to spend forever with him. She loves him yes, but Stefan clearly sees Elena as his forever love. (With good reason, he’s had plenty of time to decide what he wants). Elena’s still not sure. “He (Damon) doesn’t really know what love is. And to be honest, I don’t know if I do. I know that I love you, Stefan. But our future, our lives together? Those were things I was supposed to deal with as they came along. I was supposed to grow up.” It’s definitely truer to life and befitting the perspective of a teenage girl who lives in a world where first loves don’t last forever (and she knows this). But when the dust settles, Elena and Stefan have a problem. She isn’t looking at their relationship from the same perspective he is. And if (a big if) Damon can reach the stage of forgiveness from Elena, he has the potential to step in if he’s willing to stay away from the forever aspect. I don’t see this scene as a breakup in any way but it did plant the seeds for a major disruption between Stefan and Elena down the road.
Cin: I see your point to an extent, Melissa. BUT I took it more as the Buffy “Cookie analogy”. She isn’t done baking. She knows she loves him, but she also knows she is only 17 and that she knows that she isn’t ready to say this is forever. As long as Stefan is in the picture that person for Elena will always be Stefan. Plus, if anything this episode IMO stepped the Delena BACK a few paces. (Melissa: Quick interjection. Overall, I agree this ep threw Damon back by several miles. But if he can come back from this, the seed is set for a natural problem between Stefan & Elena, which gives Damon the best opening he’s ever had. You know, in the 6th season). He is impulsive & selfish & he disrespected her in the biggest way possible. He took her choices away. I think there could be a disruption if she stays human, meets someone she clicks with who is also human, etc. But for Damon? No. I just don’t think so. Not for a long, long time. Like Angel & Buffy though, mortality will be a HUGE issue. And honestly, with Stefan knowing these things now he might do what Angel did at some point and try to step away from her. Stefan has never come out and said he wanted this for her either. Not at all. He loves her enough to be OK with her wanting a mortal life. Because he loves her more than himself.
Abby: If this show tries to give us a Riley Finn, I hope Damon eats him. Messily.
Cin: LOL! Agreed! All I know is that Julie is a BIG fan of both Buffy/Angel & Buffy/Spike. When I met her we had this conversation. We were talking about ‘shippers’ and ‘shipping’ and how it all started and originated. She loved Buffy/Angel then later she loved Buffy/Spike – but neither took away from the other. She loved them both for different reasons and when Buffy/Spike happened, it didn’t maker he question her Buffy/Angel love. Which is where I soul bonded with the brilliant Julie Plec, because I have always felt the exact same way. Haters just have NO IDEA how brilliant and wonderful Julie really is. She has GOT this guys. Like, so much.
Melissa: Oh gosh. Clearly I only halfway got my point across because I actually do see it more as the “cookie situation”. I have this theory that there are (especially in fiction) forever loves and defining loves. To keep the cookie thing going, its like Angel and Stefan are chocolate chip cookie recipes. And Buffy/Elena both want to be chocolate chip cookies someday. But somewhere in the mixing process they stopped and realized they both really like bits of nuts, (Spike/Damon) (Abby: For god’s sake, let’s just say ‘penis’ already!) [Ya know the way Stefan & Angel (through the curse) cockblock themselves anyway, bits of nuts were all those girls could ever hope for.]) .So even though they will still end up as chocolate chip cookies, modifications were made on the original recipe. I don’t think Stefan is cheerleading the idea of Elena turning but I do get the feeling that at the back of his mind he thinks Elena will someday want to turn. But I felt like this moment subtly noted that Elena isn’t sure that particular someday will ever show up. I made a blog post about forever love vs defining love awhile ago, and IMO, A forever love is vital, passionate, life-changing. A forever love is the one that you can always return to. The one you’re never nervous around or have palpably awkward sexual tension with. It goes deeper than those things. When the world ends, and you’re looking around at the rubble, it’s a forever love you’re looking for. That’s not to cheapen a defining love. I firmly believe that Damon/Elena (Delena) are a defining love. Defining love is equally vital, passionate, and life-changing. Buffy & Spike were a defining love. But while forever love is what’s left when the world ends, defining love is the kind you want around while the world is falling apart. Defining love may not always understand true love but it gets you on a deeper level. It has to. Defining love is what happens in between forever love and its never a mere rebound affair. In my opinion, one can’t recognize forever love without first experiencing a defining love. That was kind of a long ramble but my point is that I don’t think this was a yay Damon moment. I just think it set up a legitimate problem between Stefan and Elena that depending on the timing (and obviously that timing has to include Elena forgiving Damon), could provide the first real opportunity for Damon and Elena to find a deeper connection.

Klaus: Original Psycho
Cin: He’s no Elijah. Period.
Christina: He was a little less Buffalo Bill-y this episode. But yeah, def not Elijah. They don’t even belong in the same sentence together, at this point, as far as I’m concerned.
Cin: In the process of full disclosure I need to say right off that I have never been impressed with them casting Joseph Morgan. I think he is too young and something was just off. Well, this week I finally realized what that something was: he reminds me of my ex-husband. Taller & more polished maybe, but facial structure, leers, that heavy forehead, the smirk, and the dark blond curls… No. I can’t even picture him in my mind without hating on him. And once I’ve seen that, I can’t unsee it. Therefore, I don’t see me ever liking him. ALSO, I stand behind what I’ve said all along. He is just not living up to the hype as a character. Not as Kalaric, and not now. He’s out of touch, psychotic and scary in the not good way.
Abby: S’okay, Cin! I’ll like him enough for both of us. And anyone else that doesn’t like him, it’s cool, we’re in balance. (Christina: The servants of nature will it so!) I’ve got Klaus covered. The whole world knows I’m all about Elijah, but I already love Klaus. I liked Kalaric, but I LOVE what Joseph Morgan is doing. I love how calm he is. I love how organized he is. And, while it’ll probably get me in trouble, I love his sadistic streak. I’m a long-time, hardcore vampire genre buff and I love that JoMo (Thanks, V!) is as well. It shows. He’s using all kinds of subtle tricks, from the stillness and staring to the faint smiles and unhurried speech. I think he’s doing a fantastic job conveying the casual arrogance of someone who ALWAYS gets his way, even if he has to outlive a couple generations to get it. I can’t give him a hug because, you know, DEATH, but I’m applauding appreciatively from a safe distance away. Yay Klaus!
Melissa: I’m so glad you noticed the subtle vampire tricks, Abby! That was Joseph’s early saving grace for me (his love of vampires) and I really the little hints of a man who knows his vampire lore in this episode.
Cat: I’m with you Cin. Elijah has b’dass oozing out of his pores. Klaus? Meh.
Cin: ‘Meh’ is right. Elijah waltzed in with no preamble and kicked ass immediately. Klaus is giving people creepy stare downs and testing people? I don’t know if it’s because they know they can’t top Elijah and Daniel Gillies or if they are don’t want Klaus to get his hands dirty.. but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s almost too ‘Meh’ – which in a way I guess scares me more than anything he’s done on the show so far.
Maria: I’m with Cin on this one, I think that they came in with Elijah and just blew our minds and then they tried to tell us that Klaus was going to be better/worse than Elijah but that’s next to impossible and I too didn’t really like the fact that they cast Joseph Morgan simply because he’s just like any other vampire. I don’t know, I was kind of hoping they were going to either blow our minds and have Klaus be like a 12 year old boy or they were going to take it to the other extreme and they were going to make him this creepy old old guy… but yeah…blahh.
Christina: I definitely see what you guys are saying. He IS meh because they built him up so much. But this goes back to what Abby and Melissa said — JoMo (ha!) shows us Klaus in very subtle ways. Like, you can’t tell that he’s a psychopath just by looking at him. He’s charming, he’s good-looking. He’s got that accent. But the way his mind works — something that cannot be easily shown on television — is the big “OH SHIT” about Klaus. So, he’s not doing much on TV, but his <em>motives</em> for doing things, his reasoning behind his actions is what makes him so scary. Now, I <em>appreciate</em> this, but still… I don’t really like Klaus. I’m impressed and FRIGHTENED of him. But Elijah is it for me, my friends. He is THE ONE. Right from the first episode he showed up, I was in love. BECAUSE we had never seen anyone like that before, everything he did was new and scary and holy-shit-amazing. So yeah, they created quite a pedestal for Klaus to work up to. Not to mention that Elijah (thanks to last week’s ep) now has SO MUCH MORE depth as a character, that we all love him more. I’m not invalidating anyone’s opinions. I’m just saying, this is why it’s happening. And I feel that way too. Klaus is meh, and Elijah is fuckawesome. I’m still waiting for Klaus to REALLY prove himself. /soapbox
Melissa: Maybe the “like” factor is part of my problem. Elijah and Katherine are both hardcore and evil. (And I will never buy that Elijah isn’t a bad guy. He’s just smart enough to realize that if he doesn’t work with Elena, she’ll screw over his plans, just like Katherine. Different motivations, same results.) But I still love Katherine and Elijah and even when they are horrible, I never want them to die. Klaus, however, I don’t like. I’m nervous and starting to be genuinely creeped out by him. But I just don’t like him as a person. And really, do we always have to be in love with every villain? This might be a good thing.
Christina: To be honest, I NEVER liked Katherine, even when everyone else did. Her “badassery” was just her being a giant bitch. Elijah is THE FIRST villian (unless you count Eric Northman) that I’ve ever loved. LOVED. Elijah is scary as SHIT, and I love him. So, no, we don’t have to love every villain. We’re not supposed to. Daniel Gillies is just that good 😉
Cin: I’m with both of you. Up with Elijah. Down with #putthelotioninthebasket Klaus. Forever & always. Also, Christina & I totally agree on Kathi too. Straight up bitch. Bitch who I am still wondering why she’s still alive at all.
Abby: Damn, it’s lonely here in I-Love-Klaus-Land…but can I say how much I’m enjoying the interaction between Klaus and Katherine? Katherine is kicking ass all over the place in her relentless pursuit of not-dying. Sure, she’s betraying people right and left, but it’s impossible not to be impressed by her sheer drive to survive. I’ve always liked Katherine as a character but I think this period of captivity is really showing off how *smart* she is, how strong, and how determined. Someone needs to just ship Nina Dobrev her Emmy already.
Cin: I will totally give you that. Nina honestly makes me forget she is playing both characters. Her Katherine is that convincing that I don’t even see them as both Nina. I see Elena as Nina & then I just don’t think too much about whose playing Katherine. Then it’ll like dawn on me & I’ll go ‘wow’.
Melissa: Katherine with Klaus is fascinating me too. I was actually impressed by Klaus for the first time in this episode. Most of that scene in the bar was too much for me but at the beginning Joseph did a little glance away, then glance back with a look of “did you dare to question me?” I thought it was quite brilliant. I’m choosing to believe he can live up to the hype, every other villain on this show has.

Wolfbites Sting
Christina: Okay, I REALLY am a stupid, drunken bitch. Jesus, how did I miss that the first time?? Okay, so holy shit. Klaus couldn’t use him because he was as good as dead. I don’t really want to think about Damon… going through… what Rose did… Shit. Do you think Elijah’s Elixir would work on him?!
Abby: Eeelijah’s Eeelixer? The one for Eeelena? (I see what you did there, Daniel Gillies. Please keep doing it.)
Cin: *purrs*
Melissa: I was just as stupid then. I actually thought Klaus bit him, not Tyler at first. On a mythology point though, would that count? If Klaus bit a vampire, would that have the same results as a standard wolfbite?
Cin: I’m not totally sure… He has never transitioned, so I don’t think so. Because if Tyler bit someone in the sandbox (which, come on, Tyler was TOTALLY a biter!) would those peeps be infected? I don’t think so.
Colleen: I really believe Elijah can fix him. ←-words I would not have typed 2 weeks ago. Damon is reckless and not in a good way. I’m not entirely sure I like where this is going.
Christina: I really love that you’ve been converted to our team 😉 Damon is entirely too reckless. I don’t know how they’ll fix this.
Abby: I wish I believed it would be that easy, but I doubt it. I suspect Elijah will play a role in saving Damon (and I do believe he’ll be saved, but it’ll probably turn us all inside out and wring us dry first) but I don’t think it’ll be an uncap-the-bottle-marked: ‘drink me’ kind of fix. Also: If Elijah DOES save Damon (AGAIN) then we should bypass the election and just put his ass in the Mayor’s office on the grounds of service to the most ungrateful public EVER.
Cin: He could always just compel Carol to name him as acting mayor in her place while she heals. Why not? Nothing else makes sense in this town. #Elijah4Mayor FOREVER!
Christina: I say we put Elijah in the office NOW! He is SO underappreciated by these stupid MFers. Hmph. But Damon… The thing that kills me is that he was kind of trying to be the hero here — fighting Tyler to keep him from attacking Car and Matty. But careless and stupid. I don’t know how he could have avoided it, though (short of leaving Tyler’s wolfbutt in the tomb). I don’t like where it’s going either. It’s making me entirely too nervous.
Melissa: Elijah has compelled the acting mayor and wears the former mayor’s clothes. If he lasts (and at this point my hope for Elijah to live is barely below Caroline [may she live forever]), he is so going to be the actual mayor of Mystic Falls.
Cat: Nobody here actually thinks Damon is dying, right? I would luuuuurve it if Elijah fixed him.  I didn’t think I had room to love Elijah more, but this could do it.
Cin: No, we don’t think he’ll die. No way they would kill Damon – turn him human maybe… (*cough* bad book shit *cough*), leave it for the summer hiatus, but kill him? No. I totally think Elijah will play a role in finding an antidote, but at a high price to Damon. At least emotionally. I want Elijah to make him sign an indentured servitude agreement. Damon needs to do some time doing grunt work like Trevah to learn some valuable lessons. Under Elijah’s close tutelage. *nods*
Christina: I really don’t think he’ll die. It’s just so much drama. It’s the drama and the impending EEARS, DEARS, and STEARS.
Erin: I actually read a spoiler on what goes down with this (not on purpose, people are jerks) so I’ll just keep my thoughts on this to myself. HOWEVER, It will be hard to see Damon go through the pain. What will be harder is watching others watch him go through the pain. He is so messed up that what he thinks are acts of love are actually the most selfish acts of anyone on this show. And when you have Uncle Daddy John beat you are in a wrong place.
Cin: I read this spoiler too. I don’t know… I’m just so ANGRY with Damon right now. I mean, I don’t want him dead or hurt, but as far as other characters going to great lengths to save him? I don’t know. Although he did get wolf bit saving Caroline. That earns him points. Forgive me. My Damon love is on the rocks.
Erin: No matter what happens, because Stefan is who he is, he will risk everything to save his brother and that makes me want to slap him. Damon made his bed.
Melissa: I haven’t been much of a Damon fan in a long time (actually last summer when I rewatched straight through and realized I had initially met a very different Stefan. He was the better brother) and this episode pretty much killed off Damon for me. I despise him. I am impressed with the writing of this episode however, in particular as it pertained to Damon. While I spent most of the episode cussing Damon up one side and down the other, I never felt like his actions were out of character. His decisions felt very natural. Just stupid.
Maria: Once again I am all alone in my Damon love, but in this case i sadly agree with most of the things you guys said, simply because he PISSED me off this episode with the whole Elena
thing, of all the idiot plans, but I don’t think that there is any way he is dying simply because we KNOW Stefan will do anything and everything in his powers to save him, and when it comes to getting shit done, I’m all team Stefan, he’ll find a way.
Cin: I love Damon, for who he is, but he has been crossing lines lately. Damon is a character I don’t think I could ever hate or dislike completely, but is he my favorite? No. The only game changing characters for me anymore are Caroline & Elijah. I’d have a hard time coping without them (as anyone who has read our Elijah love can see). Stefan has pushed himself above Damon for me this season though because of all of these self-destructively bad choices Damon keeps making. I know it’s all in the vision of him changing and growing and evolving… we are just in a tough spot right now.
Abby: Can I complain about Tyler for a sec? Because, as much as I love Trevino (and I love Trevino, he’s super-great at making me mad at Ty) I am wicked ticked at Tyler. Again. I kinda want to hit him with a rock. He’s run off on his widowed mom, KNOWING that her town is full of eeeevvvvilll vampires. Sure, he comes back when she’s in the hospital, but he’s all ready to slink right off again. You know, with Jules. Who tortured his friends. About a month ago? SERIOUSLY, Tyler?! You are the worst son EVER. Also the worst friend. And quit biting people! Get yourself a chew toy and stop being a dick.
Cin: I have to agree with you Abby. I’ve never been much of a Tyler fan, and I was glad to see he did show some mental growth/personal control in this episode. But he did just up and leave. Forget everything else, that is a seriously shitty thing to do to his mom. I realize they wanted to send him away and have him magically (yes, like 3 weeks later) come back a completely changed wolf – but I don’t really buy it. On BtVS/Angel how long did it take Faith to change her spots? Years. Years of solitude and reflection. If he had been gone an entire season, I’d fall for it a bit more. Also, WORD! What is with the biting?!? BAD DOG!  *shakes head*
Erin: Someone needs to hit him in the nose with a newspaper. And I am still 100% unable to understand his decision to trust Jules and to follow her out of town. Is he seriously confused about the wrongness of torturing? How could he have seen what happened to Caroline and be ok with any of it? Be ok with the person who facilitated that? I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that. Tyler is on my naughty list. He should be the one who has to nurse Damon. Changing a few bed pans would be good for the character building he needs.
Melissa: I refuse to be down with Tyler/Caroline (in any form) but damn if Candice didn’t actually make me start to care about that relationship. Tyler though, I kind of like, kind of don’t. I sort of feel like Tyler got the same short stick as Bonnie. All this preliminary development into the character, a life-changing event happens and their reactions, while justifiable, are never fully developed. I didn’t mind Bonnie’s hatred if I got to see some of her process getting there (and never did). So in the same way, I want to sympathize with Tyler, I just don’t think we’re getting the chance. It’s my only complaint with the breakneck pace of the show. So much of the inner turmoil rests on the actors to convey.
Cin: I care about Caroline, but I would still rather chew on glass than see a Tyler/Caroline romantic thing happen. It’s wrong. It’s against nature. And I love my Matty/Caroline way too much. Candice is so good at these things, but I don’t want to be sold on them being anything more than friends. And I agree on your points with Tyler/Trevino too, Melissa. They painted Tyler as an abusive douche and then all of a sudden wanted us to start having feelings for him by making us look at him through Caroline’s eyes. It felt like a cheat to me. They knew they could gain fans sympathy for the character by showing Caroline being empathetic… I don’t know, we’ll just have to see. I did think he had come a long way in this episode, so we’ll see.

Always Have a Backup
Colleen: JENNA? THE WORST GUARDIAN ON THE PLANET? ALWAYS DRUNK JENNA IS THE FUCKING BACK UP VAMP? (says the judgey girl currently stoned on codeine) I am unhappy. Unless she really gets the final death. I can only hope the people of MF aren’t as stupid as she was and refuse to invite her in. If she lives long enough. Fuck me! I hate this scenario.
Christina: I do too. Here’s my fucked up logic: Who the fuck is Jenna? She is not COOL enough to be a vampire. Like, at least Caroline had POTENTIAL. And she turned out to be the best. She is EVEN better with vampitude. I mean, obviously if this ritual goes off as planned, Jenna’ll die the real death, but I’m kind of thinking they’d try something to save her. I don’t want to sit through another vamp trying to learn the ropes. And because of that, Jenna has finally moved to my “I hope they die” list, haha. I think maybe I’m still in shock. I’m not thinking fairly. Yeah, it’s horrible, and I feel bad for Elena… but… this is actually kind of great, if you think about it. Something ACTUALLY happened to Jenna. She’s not just opening doors anymore!
Cin: I think they will let her/force her to transition and then kill her. Period. She’ll be a shitty vamp.
Christina: Word, yo. Like… I can just tell already that she would be 1000x more annoying. Oh, I’ll climb in the TV and kill her myself.
Melissa: — Jenna: “Why didn’t you tell me? I’m supposed to take care of you & protect you kids from stuff like vampires.” Gee my bad Jenna, I don’t know how your letting teens sleep at their SO’s, disappear for days, drink at parties and then you go get drunk and have your boyfriend walk around naked in the house made me think you couldn’t handle this. She will be the shittiest vamp ever.
Cin: Like Vicki, she’s not emotionally stable enough to handle it. What is going to be poetic is if she does survive the ritual and Alaric stakes her b/c he can’t live threw another vamp love interest. Layers upon layers of guilt and pain there for the taking.
Christina: I vote yes to that last option.
Maria: I love what happened to Jenna too, but for very different reasons, I keep hoping that if they kill everyone else (aka Jenna) that they will forget that Jeremy exist and nothing will happen to him, so as far as I’m concerned Jenna is dunzo.
Melissa: Maria, that is the greatest suggestion I have heard in ages. I need my baby Gilbert.
Abby: More Klaus love! Using Jenna is perfect, it’s neat, it’s evil and I didn’t see it coming. I love Sara Canning & will miss her if Jenna dies, but of the regulars she has the least *purpose* (beyond welcoming in vampires, of course). I don’t think they’ll keep Jenna on as a vampire. The kids are taking over Mystic Falls in every way.
Christina: Oh, I totally agree. I really love how diabolical Klaus is. And, I hate to admit this, but he’s so much hotter with the short hair. And the accent? Dead. And word on the kids taking over. Do none of the adults realize they’re being eradicated? Isn’t there a movie like this…?
Colleen: I also wonder about Alaric (still can’t call him Ric). Now, two women that he loved/loves being turned into vamps. Poor sexy man.
Melissa: Katherine and Lexi had that knack too (of making the Salvatores seem like infants). Anyway, while I think Jenna as a vampire is stupid, it was a move that made Klaus more impressive. In many ways, Jenna’s been the one person one of the other characters have worried about in regards to the sacrifice. I think most suspected Jenna might die but that move really solidified Klaus’ willingness to use anyone for his own means.

Dick Move, Damon
Christina: Damon. Damon and his attitude. I can’t (and yet totally can) believe that it’s come to this. I totally saw it coming, and yet I’m still shocked. I understand why he did it, but his selfishness lately has really been bothering me.
Cin: They were right though, it did all come to a head. Honestly, I think he crossed a major line too. I talked about it above.. but this is about the stupidest move yet. What really surprised me was how quickly — basically with a few sentences from Elijah — he came around to seeing just how much he fucked up. *shakes head*. It makes me sad to be mad at Damon when he’s now about to go crazy, but dammit, Damon!
Melissa: That moment had shades of Buffy 6.19 for me. Not to the same extreme but shades nonetheless.
Colleen: As I said above, I don’t like what is happening here with Damon. I get it. He loves her (or thinks he does, or is projecting his Kathi love on her). However, the making Elena drink his blood was over the line. That’s a bold statement from me, because I really don’t care what happens to Elena.
Christina: Haha Damn. I became convinced many episodes ago that Elena would be one of the “BIG” deaths — her getting turned. So I’ve come to terms with this happening (plus I’ve read the books… sorry *spoiler alert*), so I figured she’d have to get vamp blood in her somehow, but not like this. This was almost cheap. Like, Jesus, Damon. Why did it take ELIJAH to tell him that Elena would hate him for this? He doesn’t think. And that’s becoming a habit. And that frightens me.
Melissa: I too have been a supporter of Elena turning for a while. You’re right though. This was cheap.
Cin: Agreed. Elena turning is one thing. How she gets the blood is completely different.
Maria: I’m so tired of this Damon BS where he is just running around creating havoc “in the name of love”. I loved serial killer Damon (umm, ignore that) and I loved him as he found his humanity again, but as of late I feel like he’s just the character that is just there to literally fuck everything up.
Colleen: He’s lost it. Completely. He needs drugs and an “I love me jacket”. His desperation to be the hero has knocked his common and vampire sense out of him. If he doesn’t get a grip soon, I’m going to turn on him. As it stands right now he and Alaric are neck and neck (HA!) in my favorite men on this show list.
Abby: Damon is like a small boy offering a little girl a big, slimy frog (because he likes her), and then, when she screams and runs because it’s gross and she doesn’t want it, he chases her with it, knocks her down and puts it in her dress. (Because he LIKES her!) What makes him so scary and so dangerous is that he’s a full-grown, supernaturally strong, short-tempered, frequently drunk vampire, and the frog is immortality. I seriously think that Elijah is the only true ‘adult’ on the show right now, in terms of calm, rational, logical thought. Which is why he needs to be Mayor. Immediately.
Cat: All of this angst, this anger, this confusion, this love –  it’s what I love about Damon. It’s what vampires should be.  I actually watched a Stefan scene last night and when he explained to Elena what it was like to be a vampire I said “YES! This is why I care- this is why I watch this stuff”   Crazy, unpredictable, reacting to their broken view of the world.  Damon doesn’t sit around and emote – he reacts. Elena is in danger – no matter where his feelings come from – he’s going to do something.  It’s not always going to work out of course, but I admire his need to DO SOMETHING.
Christina: Abby, your analogy is amazing, hahaha. That’s exactly what it’s like. And it does make him dangerous. But I also agree in that that’s what makes him interesting — that he’s reacting. But I think the danger comes first. Yes, he’s feeling feelings, and it’s making him do things, and he loves SO GODDAMN PASSIONATELY, but the world is not just Damon Salvatore. The world contains fragile things, and Damon doesn’t seem to 100% understand that. Not everyone thinks the way he does. Not everyone reacts the same he does. But he doesn’t care. And that’s what makes him frightening, and makes me shout at my TV “Damon, I love you, but JESUS, man. Think first!” It took Elijah to tell him that Elena was pissed. And right after Damon stabbed Stefan — did we see any remorse? Nope. Not a hint. That’s your brother, Damon. Your flesh.
Cat: Damon stabbing Stefan was my favorite moment of the night, actually.  Shame it didn’t last. 🙂  Elijah has had a lot longer to roam the earth and figure out his emotions.   145 years isn’t that long for a vampire, and Damon was impulsive as a human. Passionate.  It’s going to take him longer. Damon does understand the world is bigger than him, he’s just not sure how to deal with it. Where’s the drama of the vampires without Damon?
Abby: I also love Damon’s need to do something, ANYTHING. Even if it’s stupid, he has to take action. I love his twisted big brother vibe, he always has to be the one to say “I’ve got this, I’ll handle it. *crazyeyes* I SAID I’VE GOT IT!”  Such issues. Somebody needs to raise Giuseppe Salvatore from the dead and send him and his firstborn to therapy for a couple hundred years. Seriously.
Cat – side note – Wait, how did I miss Guiseppe Salvatore. Is that really their fathers name? Dammit, now I’ll picture him as a Mario brother.
Erin: I love that it’s the same actor that plays Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) father as well. That guy has a track record for raising sociopaths. Back to Damon though, it just occurred to me but, was that Katherine showing actual concern for his well being as she gently hand fed him a blood bag? What is her motivation right now? What does she want? Other than getting out of Alaric’s house (about which I am still in disbelief re: its existence. I SWORE he lived at the bar).
Cin: I’m pretty sure it’s above the bar. I mean, it could be. It’s like an apartment up a set of stairs somewhere in town…
Maria: I think Katherine finally realized that Damon is over her and she’s a sociopath bitch and she’s being all nice to him now that she can’t have him (I
looveeee her) but also, even though she IS a bitch he is obviously hurt, maybe she just felt like being nice for a change.
Melissa: I’m going to mostly leave this section alone because my despise for Damon is well documented on twitter. But I think you all made lovely points.

Royal Wedding
Cin: So how gorgeous was that dress?
Abby: Squee!
Cin: I mean, usually I don’t like lace dresses – but it was just so classy and elegant. I mean, when I first saw the lace in the car I was skeptical, but when she stepped out.. it was just breathtaking.
Christina: OMG I thought the same thing! Like, my life motto since I was a little girl has been “No fucking pink or lace, dammit!” But that dress, I was like “Ooohhh… alright, I can get on board with lace…” Hahaha
Maria: And OHMYFUCKINGGOD how cute was Prince Harry?!? I think i might just need to go to England and snatch up the prince that’s left 😉
Melissa: If Will can marry a commoner, Harry can marry an American right? Because I am totes single.
Christina: You may have to fight me for him 😉
Cat: LOVED the dress.  So classic, so beautiful. She’s gorgeous.  I loved they way he looked at her. So nice to have a royal wedding complete with love. Sigh. Somebody other than half drunk Chelsy Davy wrap up that ginger before I get over there.
Christina: You guys. How about how William wasn’t allowed to see Catherine (ahem! Gotta be all formal now since she’s a princess)… you KNOW he was just dying to turn around. I was a little bummed because I LOVE seeing the groom’s face when he watches his bride come down the aisle… but but but… the procession back through the abbey before they got in their carriage…. he was fighting that smirk SO HARD. God, I almost keeled over. *SQUEE* I’m not going to lie. I teared up a little.
Cin: I read on tumblr that what Harry whispered to him was “Wait til you see her” or something. *sigh* I can imagine Wills going “Shut up!” back and then Harry giggling. Also, ppl are saying that after they were told to take hand, William did lean over and say “You look beautiful”.
Christina: I heard that too. I swooned. I’ve loved Will since I conscious of who he even was, haha. It feels so weird saying this, though I know I’m not alone — I am SO happy for him. It makes my cold, dead heart GUSH. I just can’t get over his face on the procession out of the abbey. And her face in the carriage ride back to the palace… *sigh*
Melissa: I’m so exhausted from staying up to watch the wedding but it was so fun! I’m in love with Kate so much. And that dress! I have a minor obsession with well done lace wedding dresses.
Cin: Also, in case anyone was wondering – we know this has nothing to do with TVD or the episode, but all of us got up or stayed up to watch the wedding. So we had a side joke that we might start saying stuff like “Klaus looked lovely in that lace overlay dress” because of sleep-deprived dementia, so we decided to add it. Randomly. So there you have it. LOL.

Shame On You, Sheriff Mom
Christina: Again. This story line is starting to piss me off. Up there, we were talking about the kids taking over the town. If Sheriff Mom continues the way she’s going, that is pretty much guaranteed to happen. Her Founders Families brainwashing has gone too far. Matty has the right idea — I am SO UNSPEAKABLY happy that he’s realized that Caroline is still the girl that he fell in love with. But Sheriff Mom has got to be stopped. I’m scared she’s going to fuck something up — or almost fuck something up — during the ritual. I have a feeling that Damon is about to have a VERY bad next few days (wolfbite aside).
Colleen: Sheriff Mom’s constant mind changing is giving me whiplash. Last week she was all “she’s my daughter”. This week it’s “She’s one of them”. I’m over it. Stop using your daughter for dirty founding families business. It’s not like there’s many of them left anyway. Can we talk about Sniper Matty who saved their asses in the forest? Is Matty finally trying to come to terms with Caroline being a Vamp? I love that he’s doubting bitchface SheriffMom. It gives me hope.
Cin: Matty is my heart. He could have killed Damon and yet, he didn’t because all he wanted was to save Caroline. I love him so much.
Maria: I’m at the point where I just hope they kill SheriffMom really fast because if she does something and it gets my Matty hurt I will be VERRRRYYY pissed
Abby: Sniper Matty threw me a little. I just never thought of him as Marksman Matt: busboy by night, schoolboy by day and crazy rifle-toting badass in the late afternoon. I mean, really? MATT? His timing was excellent though. I’m glad Damon didn’t kill him. As for Caroline, Matt would have to have no heart at all -admittedly, not unusual on this show- to be totally hardened against her. Originals may compel vampires, but Caroline melts hearts. ❤
Cat: Add me to the “Suddenly a Matt fan” list. I can’t resist a man with a gun.
Cin: ROFLMAO! This is why Cat is an essential player in my Zombie Plan folks. Bitch is fierce. But yeah, totally – Matty stepped up. This is actually a very good scenario for him. Coming around on his own. CHOOSING not to kill/maim Damon when he knows Damon is the one responsible for what happened to Vicki, just to help Caroline. *sigh* I adore him.
Cat: You always want me on defense Cin. Always.  And offense too.
Cin: You know I do! I’m not stupid, I know who will get the killing done when shit goes down. *nods*
Erin: How awesome would it be if Matt helped bring down SheriffMom? She is an absolute moron for not seeing how awesome her daughter is. What a cow. Though in all fairness, every single house in Mystic Falls needs a good long visit form someone in CPS.
Maria: THANK YOU! I know I couldn’t have been the only one wondering why the hell Matt was never taken into the system, I bet this would have NEVER happen if Elijah was the Major..juss sayin.
Christina: There’s only one house IN MF that has a parent AND and child. It’s ridiculous. And yes, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Matty to play a hand in bringing down Sheriff Mom. She sort of made him this monster (relative term, obvs), and now he’s putting a stop to it. She’s been so horribly brainwashed, it kills me. Such a social commentary on youth and parentals, eh? haha
Melissa: Since this is clearly the Matt & Sheriff Mom section-I love one, annoyed with the other. I’m down with Sheriff Mom not being sure what’s going on with her daughter. But I hate her for not recognizing what Matt does, that Caroline hasn’t changed. The iphignia recaps (no idea the girl’s name) put it nicely I thought, saying “Caroline freaked out at first and is coping great now. She’s still Caroline! She just…has a couple of severe allergies and different dietary requirements. But she’s still Miss Mystic Falls, she’s still on like ten different extracurriculars, and she’s still the girl who loves her mom and friends. She’s just–more.” That seems to be exactly what Matt is understanding but Bitch Mom (yes, she’s behaving like a bitch) isn’t truly willing to consider it. More than anything though, I’m angry with Sheriff Mom for forcing Matt to do her dirty work. She clearly isn’t sure whether or not Caroline is truly evil but instead of searching it out for herself, she’s putting Matt in the crossfires. Adding on the fact that Matt lost his sister to a vampire (and his mom made out with said killer-unaware but I bet it still creeps out Matt) and Sheriff Mom may have just topped my Worst Guardian in Mystic Falls list.
Abby: The lesson here, kids, is that when your mom catches you with a face-full of blood and a dying deputy at your feet and still manages to get through her shock and disgust: LET HER KEEP HER MEMORIES. Things would have been so much easier if they’d just compelled Sheriff Mom not to mess with them, rather than making her forget.
Cin: Word. Keeping SheriffMom locked up for a few days seemed to do the trick. She either needs some time back in our basement or something is going to HAVE to be done with her.

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6 Responses to Reactions: 2.20 “The Last Day”

  1. Dayna Barter says:

    Self-admitted spoiler-ho here. Can I persuade one of you lovely ladies to take pity on me and email me with info on the above-mentioned spoiler? Unlike Damon, I do NOT believe in killing the messenger. 😉

  2. rehabber says:

    My favorite part of the show it Damon’s evolution and he has years to go. Not much left to show for Stefan, he is the golden boy that does nothing wrong..NOT. I think the time on the mountain would have been better if Elena was never going to be in the sun again, but with the day jewelry that is not the case. Since she did not want to be a vampire, I guess that means she did not love Stefan as much as she let on. Lexi had told her, when it is real, you want to be with them FOREVER..Elena did not want that. Should make Stefan maybe look for someone that has loved him for 145 years. 🙂 I am looking forward to Elena being a vampire, but did not want it happening this soon.
    Loved how Ric does know his friend and when he went to grab Damon and Damon stood up, Ric backed off fast with hands out. Better safe than sorry, don’t mess with an upset Damon. I want Ric to be on the show as long as Damon is, they are awesome together. Also want Elijah to stay around and didn’t he promise Elena that no harm would come to Stefan and Damon, this should be his cue to use his elixir to save another supernatural from death. Also remember when Damon was talking to Jules about a cure for Rose and Jules said “BITE ME”, with the writers on this show, could that be a clue for a cure.

  3. Sue says:

    Love your observations! One question – didn’t Stefan kill Vicki? Damon created her, but Stefan staked her. Not that it’s that big a deal … Just glad Matty didn’t shoot Damon with those dang wooden bullets. He’s had a bad enough day with all his bad judgment calls. So glad Matty came around! Is it next Thursday yet?! Please, soon!

  4. Mel says:

    I loved hearing everyone’s thoughts. I am a little bit surprised by the lack of Klaus love. I love the way Joseph Morgan is playing him. Of course there is no way Klaus can live up to the marvelous Elijah. I hope Elijah holds civility lessons when he becomes Mayor. I’m with Maria. I miss serial killer Damon. I really loved Damon in ‘Plan B’ and ‘Masquerade”. He was ripping out hearts and using his brain. I am not a big fan of domestic violence Damon. Bleh. I’m praying for Matt and Caroline next week. Matt, Caroline and Elijah need a lifetime passes. Forever.

    • I definitely do miss non-trainwreck Damon. The way he’s acting now really troubles me. Standing back, I really how Damon has become more dynamic, and actually more dangerous (but not in a cool way) and I enjoy that, but getting down into the story, it makes me nervous and sad. As for Klaus, we’re a little torn on that subject here in the SBH. I don’t HATE Klaus… I enjoy his craziness. But again, he’s crazy in a dangerous way, and he creeps me the hell out. Elijah is scary dangerous, but he doesn’t make me want to lock my doors at night, haha. 😉

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