#VDBingo 2.20 “The Last Day”

So, I thought that watching TVD whilst drunk would be fun and would work out okay. Turns out I am the most unobservant bitch on the planet when I’m slammed. Goddamn! That fucking ending! *breathes* Damon. Jenna. So many unexpected twists. You know, there once was a time when I could predict this show really well, alcohol aside. The writers have fucking impressed me again. I am so nervous for next week, y’all.

And because so much happened, we had a TON of #vdbingo squares this week. Let’s count them out, shall we? Here is the list of officially marked squares for tonight’s episode of TVD: (16 total)

  • Whoa… MYTHOLOGY!
  • Damon is SHIRTLESS! (Holy Grail of Squares)
  • Damon is like a real live boy!
  • Elena the Protector
  • Someone just died
  • Katherine and Elena are doppelgangers. What? WHY? HOW?!
  • Matty = SICK OF IT
  • Elijah does it better.
  • Magically Delicious is, well, DELICIOUS! (FREE SPACE)
  • MIND BULLETS and other witchy-juju!
  • Caroline not human? AS IF!
  • Kathi is lying. Again.
  • Jenna is an outstanding example of good parenting. /sarcasm
  • Damon + Alaric = BROMANCE!
  • Boy Bling Alert!

Damn! Well, we got VDBingo here on the house master card. How did you do? If you got bingo, be sure to email us (the address is over on the right). Make sure to include your card #, and put “VDBingo 2.20” in the subject line.

Also, just so you know, tonight was the last night of Quarter 4. We’ll be announcing winners & prizes for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 next week. And you know what the end of a quarter means, right? We’re going to have new VDBingo cards next week! You can start requesting them next week.

But right now, I”m going to go eat something and nurse my headache. And then I definitely need a re-watch… Man. It wasn’t Kathi… IT WASN’T KATHI… *gulp*

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10 Responses to #VDBingo 2.20 “The Last Day”

  1. Inna Kagan says:

    Okay, first: you forgot to add ‘someone just got compelled.. it must be Thursday!’ On twitter you told me to mark it!

    Second, can I have a new card for next week? Thanks πŸ˜€


    • I did? Who did I say was compelled? Not Carol — that was witchy-juju. I think I was saying yes to that, if I remember your tweet correctly. Kathi wasn’t getting compelled because she was on vervain, and WE knew it. A few episodes ago, Matty was compelled while on vervain, but we DIDN’T know, so we were allowed to mark it. Not this time though. Sorry!

  2. Dayna Barter says:

    WAY too little of Elijah. 😦 I think I got spoiled last week. He must be lying low to maintain the element of surprise. Or, he decided “Fuck this, you’re all morons, I’m jetting to Cabo. Peace out.”

    Was not surprised by the werewolf bite to Damon. I’m betting they have him get sick but not die because Tyler hadn’t changed all the way yet. They’re not going to kill off Damon.

    Jenna… I don’t like her chances. Though, if she DOES survive, it will make the idea of a triangle between her, Alaric and Elijah much more interesting.

    • I need more Elijah in my life. Like 24/7, preferably. I think that’s a good theory about Damon and the wolfbite. Though I’m wondering if Elijah has something up his sleeve for that as well (HE’S SO MAGICAL! teehee).

      Ugh. I don’t really want to see that triangle. I like Jenna and Ric, but because I don’t really like Jenna, I don’t think she deserves the awesomeness of Elijah! Come on! πŸ˜› Then again, it would be entertaining to watch…

  3. Lauren Knott says:

    Where was Elijah? Why is Damon so crazy? How did Stefan manage to kick Damon’s ass? Where was Elijah? What the fuck is up with Sheriff Forbes, that bitch? Why do I think that Klaus is fucking that Greta witch? Why did Tyler’s hair get so long all of a sudden? Does hair grow that much in a month? Why is Matt so dumb? Where was Elijah? Alaric is back to normal–yay? How could they let Damon get bit by a wolf? Do they want my heart to break? Where was Elijah? Why does Klaus remind me of a skinny Ryan Phillippe? Why did Elena make me feel all sad inside? How can Stefan cry so good? WTF, THE ENDING??? CLIFFHANGER!!!???? So. Many. Questions.

  4. Elin says:

    Loved the fact that Caroline knew what was going on even though she was around last week and as far as we knew didn’t know a thing.

    Question: Wasn’t Damon having a pity-party of his own before Elena crashed it to again tell him this was her decision to make and then he fed her..? He did what is explained in the guidelines or did we not get to see it long enough for it to count?

  5. Annie says:

    can i have a new card please?

  6. DJ says:

    Woohoo! I have bingo. But I’m almost more excited that we finally got the A+D Bromance square back!!!

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