Quote of the Day ~ 4/26/11

2.19 ~ “Klaus”

Elena: You cared about her, didn’t you?
Elijah: It’s a common mistake, I’m told. And it’s one I won’t make again.

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6 Responses to Quote of the Day ~ 4/26/11

  1. BabiesBrown says:

    See, this quote bothered me when I watched it because it seems like it could have a double meaning. Does he mean he won’t make the mistake of caring about Katherine again? Or he won’t make the mistake of caring about the doppleganger again? I just watched it and thought it seemed like maybe Elijah might betray Elena after all. We’ll see, I guess!

  2. *le sigh*

    Oh, Elijah…. I can make you care again if only you’d give me a chance. Call me.

  3. G says:

    I really like this quote, thanks. We learned so much about Elijah’s inner self in this episode, it was glorious.

  4. fatima says:

    those words really touched my heart cuz Elijah really loved katherine and now i think he means he wont care about love again.:(

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