Quote of the Day ~ 4/21/11

2.11 ~ “By The Light of The Moon”

Elena: Why did you kill those vampires when they tried to take me?
Elijah: Because I didn’t want you to be taken. Klaus is the most feared and hated of the Originals, but those that fear him are desperate for his approval. Word gets out that the doppelgänger exists, there’ll be a line of vampires eager to take you to him. And I can’t have that.
Elena: Isn’t that exactly what you’re trying to do?
Elijah: Let’s say my goal isn’t exactly to break the curse.

Elena: So what is your goal?
Elijah: Klaus’ obsession has made him paranoid. He’s a recluse. He trusts only those in his immediate circle.
Elena: Like you.
Elijah: Not anymore.

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