Episode 218 “The Last Dance”

218 “The Last Dance”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Jenna has a breakdown over Isobel and moves out. Alaric punches Uncle John in the face, and we all cheer. It seems that Katherine and Isobel are in cahoots, but convinces Elena and Stefan that she’s on their side. She kidnaps Elena, and gets Alaric kidnapped. However, she also gets Katherine (who found the moonstone in Damon’s bathroom and stole it) kidnapped, so hookuh is playing everybody. She takes Elena out to the cemetery and talks about how the woman she used to be is dead, and it’s totes weirding Elena out until Klaus’ Manwitch calls and releases Isobel from Klaus’ compulsion (WHAT?! This whole time?! Holy!) and she rips off her talisman and BURNS UP IN THE SUN! Meanwhile, Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy are on a quest for Bonnie to harness the powers of 100 dead witches. It works, and Bonnie tells Jer that if she uses all the power to kill Klaus, it’ll also kill her. In other news, Caroline tells Matt EVERYTHING and then compels him to forget. Little does she know, he’s hopped up on vervain and it doesn’t work. He tells Sheriff Mom everything. Later, Uncle John and Elena have a bit of a heart-to-heart and she basically welcomes him as her last surviving parent. Across town, at Alaric’s bachelor pad, Katherine sees Klaus’ Manwitch working some juju over Alaric’s head and OMG HE’S BEEN POSSESSED BY KLAUS! Dun dun mother-fucking-DUN!

(Elijah in the previouslies! Yays! :D)

Anyway, so we’re still in Alaric’s apartment. Kalaric is wading through Alaric’s closet in disgust.

“Who is this guy, Safari Sam?” Heh. He’s still got Kathi prisoner. Pop Quiz time: she’s helping him keep people and facts straight. He asks if the Salvatores still have the dagger and white oak ash.

Kathi explains that the dagger was used to kill Elijah, and it’s still there — in the basement of the SBH. Kalaric says that it needs to stay right where it is (dammit!). The last thing he needs to do is resurrect Elijah “That guy is a buzz kill.”

Kathi mentions that there’s also Jenna, Ric’s girlfriend, who’s still upset about Isobel at the moment. He asks if that’s all, and Kathi says yes.

She begs him to kill her because now he knows everything she knows.

He compels her to tell him anything that she might NOT know and she spills the beans that the Salvatores are trying to see if Bonnie can find a way to kill an original without the dagger. She doesn’t know if Bonnie has her powers back or not, though. She begs again for him to just kill her.

Kalaric: And show you kindness? I’ve searched for you for over 500 years. Your death is going to last at least half that long.

He hands her a knife and tells her to stab herself in the leg over and over again. If she gets bored, she can switch legs. Oh, damn. Hardcore.

Kathi wants to know where he’s going. To find his PRECIOUS precious doppelganger, natch.

Over at the SBH, Elena is signing the paperwork to take ownership of our house (Cin & Christina: HUMPH!). Bonnie observes that it’s her own personal safehouse. That’s the idea. Bonnie’s all “Wouldn’t wanna clean it.” (Cin & Christina: STFU, Ju-Ju Queen! DOUBLE HUMPH!).

Outside, Damon and Stefan are debating whether Bonnie can take on Klaus. Stefan points out that Elijah thinks the powers of the witches will work, and Stefan trusts him. Their only obstacle now is finding Klaus.

Damon: You think he killed her?
Stefan: Katherine? Probably.
Damon: It’s not like she didn’t have it coming.

Oh, Damon. Still so much emotion.

Elena is all done with the lawyer and he leaves.

The brothers move to come back in, but they can’t — because a human now owns the house. Elena invites Stefan back in, but leaves Damon standing there outside the door.

Damon: What are we, twelve?
Elena: One of us is.

Stefan watches, and appears to find this very amusing.

Elena: If I let you in, do you promise to obey the owner of this house?

Damon: No…
Elena: Seriously, Damon. My way, you promised. I call the shots. No lies, no secret agenda. Remember?
Damon: Yeah, Elena. Sure.
E: Then come on in.

Damon walks in, and walks by Stefan, who’s still amused.

Damon: Shut up.

Okay, everything’s done; Elena’s going to school now.

Stefan protests that they didn’t create a safehouse for her to leave. Elena says she’s not going to be a prisoner. So she’s going to school. Bonnie says that if Klaus tries to come at Elena like a spider monkey, she can take care of it.

Being near Bonnie is the safest place she can be. OOOOH, FORESHADOWING!

Over at the Forbes’ residence, Matty is knocking on the door. Sheriff Mom answers, and says that Caroline left early for school, but Matt says that he’s there to talk to her. He doesn’t know how to act around Caroline anymore. Sheriff Mom tells him to just act normal, but Matt is freaking out because Car wants him to take her to the dance. Sheriff Mom’s all “so take her,” but Matt is scared that Car knows him too well; she’s going to know that something is up.

Sheriff Mom: Dammit, Matt. Just do it. She’s my daughter. She’s my baby. I just need some time.
Matt: I know, but–
Sheriff Mom: Look, if what Caroline told you was true, she’s not the only one. The Salvatores are vampires. The Gilbert family is in on it. Tyler Lockwood is God knows what.
Matt: A Werewolf.

Huh, I guess Car did tell him everything. Sheriff Mom says there’s no one in the town she can trust anymore.

Matt thinks he’ll look like a fool at the dance, but Sheriff Mom says it’s okay because as far as Caroline knows, he’s compelled. He’s just buying Sheriff Mom some time to figure out what to do.

At school, Elena, Stefan and Bonnie are waiting for class to begin.

Elena holds up a flyer for the attendance-mandatory themed dance.

Stefan shakes his head no. Beaten, but not down for the count, Elena turns to Bonnie and holds up the flyer.

Bonnie smiles and nods conspiratorily. Oh, it is ON!

Just then Mr. Saltzman Kalaric walks in. He asks what they’re learning. Some random chick (who apparently is Not Now Dana) announces they’re studying the 60s — in honor of the acid trip dance they’re all going to attend later.

Kalaric spots Elena and looks at her hungrily.

Not Now Dana and Dude Next to Her notice and sort of look at each other. Kalaric tries to shake it off and writes lamely “The 60s” on the board. Helpful.

He starts to list things that happened in the 60s. When he lists Watergate, and Elena is the first to speak up.

“Watergate was in the 70s, Ric.” Everyone turns to look at her.

That is kind of suspicious. I’m totes just waiting for the rumors next ep about how there’s a wet bustop, she’s waiting, and Mr. Saltzman’s car is warm and dry. “I mean, Mr. Saltzman,” she tries to correct herself. They both look a little guilty. Kalaric makes a dumb excuse about how history sort of mushes together up there, and turns back toward the blackboard.

AWKWARD. Is it just us, or is Klausy-poo not as good at the improvisation as Elijah?

Outside, Car is helping set up for the dance (again). Matty comes up to her and just lands a hot kiss right on her lips.

He even smiled all seemingly genuinely first. UGH! Even Caroline is surprised and asks what that was for.

Matt lies and says it was practice for tonight. Hmm…

Inside the cafeteria, Jeremy is trying to convince Bonnie not to risk herself. He tells her she can’t do it,

and Bonnie’s all “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO!” and tells him to have a little faith in her. He says she can’t harness the power because it’ll kill her, and she protests that they don’t know that for sure.

Bonnie: You promised to keep my secret. I’m trusting you. I’m going through with this, and if you tell anyone–
Jeremy: What? What are you gonna do?

Before Bonnie can make good on the threat, Elena comes up and asks how Jer’s doing in the house alone with Uncle John. He doesn’t sound too thrilled and fills her in on Situation Irresponsible Guardian — Jenna’s staying on campus. He takes his leave and Elena sits down in his place across from BonBon at the table.

She asks Bonnie what his deal is and Bon makes up some lie about how he’s upset that he has to dress up for the dance. Heh.

They’re interrupted by Not Now Dana who heard this totally neato rumor. There’s this guy who asked her to ask Elena if she’s going to the dance tonight. Elena should look for him — his name is Klaus. DUN DUN DUN!

Bonnie and Elena are alarmed, and Not Now Dana is all “I know, the name is weird, right? But he wants you to save him the last dance. HOW ADORBS!”

Back at the SBH, the gang is trying to plot their night. They don’t even know what Klaus looks like. Damon is somewhat skeptical that Klaus would be “sixteen and pimply.” Hahaha. That would actually be really funny.

Stefan points out that this means Klaus can be anywhere at any time. They’re not as safe as they thought. Suddenly — as if to emphasize that point — there’s a knock at the door, and then Kalaric comes in,

accompanied by eerie music that cues us into the dramatic irony here. You know, in case we forgot.

Since “Ric” is going to be at the dance, Damon says that he also needs to be a chaperone there. I wouldn’t want my teenage daughter chaperoned by Damon. Then again, seeing as how MF’s very own Sheriff Mom and acting mayor Carol Lockwood trust him to head The Founders’ Council, well… I guess it should be A-Okay! He tells “Ric” that they’re having a powwow because Klaus made his first move. Elena continues the conversation — they need their first plan of attack.

Bonnie says it’s her. She has power. She can kill him.

Kalaric speaks up now. He doesn’t think using Bonnie will work. Isn’t Klaus the biggest, baddest vampire around? (Hahaha, arrogance much?). Damon starts to say that Kalaric has a point when he vampspeeds but Bonnie shoots him with some JuJu and he flies through the air and onto a table, knocking shit over.

Dammit, Bonnie! THIS! THIS is why we can’t keep this place clean!

Stefan: Well, I was impressed.

Bonnie says that she can kill Klaus; she’s knows she can. Kalaric looks AWFULLY nervous… ELIJAH never looked nervous. Just sayin’.

Back at Alaric’s apartment, Katherine’s leg is all bloody from her compulsion torture. Kalaric’s back too. She was right, he says. The Salvatores’ witch is “all juiced up” and ready to kill. Klaus’ witch Maddox is in the kitchen snooping around Alaric’s stash of booze.

In the bedroom area, Kalaric is looking for anything vintage that he can wear to the dance when he stumbles upon Ric’s vamp-killing toys hidden at the bottom of a drawer.

Kalaric: Who is this guy again?
Katherine: He’s a local vampire hunter.
Kalaric: Ah, that explains the clothes.

Maddox comes over and gives him some bourbon (of course Alaric has plenty of whiskey. Also, is that a BAR in the kitchen complete with stools? Natch. The lush.), which Kalaric appreciates.

He wants Maddox to kill Bonnie, but Maddox says that if she really has power, she’s going to be able to sense him. Kalaric has to do it. He’s all “In this body?! I’m a haggard history teacher. She can easily hurt me. I mean, not me, Klaus me, but… you know what I mean.” Heh. Maddox assures him that channeling that much power will kill her — hell it’d kill him. All Kalaric has to do is keep attacking her. She’ll keep using the powers and her body will wear down — faster than Kalaric’s body anyway. Maddox is gonna cast some juju of his own to help him!

Over at the Forbes’ residence, Caroline is all decked out in her Jackie Kennedy garb. Sheriff Mom shows up and tells Caroline she looks good.

Caroline can sense something is up, but Sheriff Mom chalks it up to work stress.

Just then Matty shows up dressed as JFK. Matt and Sheriff Mom share a look and I’m trying to keep my temper in control.

Back at the SBH, Elena is rifling through some boxes of clothes. She pulls out two dresses and asks Stefan: Twiggy or Sexy Hippy? Stefan’s all “Oooh.” I can just see the memories flash behind his eyes. Dude, probably KNEW Twiggy. He tells her that it’s not too late to back out.

Elena: All this time worrying about Klaus, I think I convinced myself that he’s not real. But he is.
Stefan: And tonight, we will put an end to him.

They kiss sweetly/hotly. She tells him she loves him, and assuring her again that things will be okay, Stefan’s all “I want you to tell me that when this night’s over.”

Damon breaks up their kiss. “Any time tonight” Heh. Cockblock.

Over at the Acid Trip rave school dance, there are lots of hippies and people wearing too-bright colors dancing around.

Kalaric enters, scopes out the crowd and then — ha! — dances through it a little bit. He approaches Not Now Dana.

Kalaric offers her date and his friends some extra credit. Oh, shit. This isn’t going to be pretty is it? Also, Klaus doesn’t know that Watergate was in the 70s, but he knows what extra credit is? Oh, show.

Outside, Jeremy is giving Bonnie his Get Out of Death Free ring. Bonnie’s all “If you’re asking me to go steady, I think that was the 50s.” Jer is not amused. Bonnie says that the ring only works to protect non-supernatural people from supernatural people — thus, even though it was created BY a witch, it wouldn’t work FOR a witch.

Jer doesn’t care; he can’t just sit idly by as she dies. Bonnie says she doesn’t KNOW that the power would kill her, and Jer’s all “So there’s only a 50/50 chance you’d die?” Then, he heartbreakingly reminds us that he hasn’t had such good luck in the girlfriends remaining alive department.

Bonnie says she can feel the other witches, she knows she can do it; she’s strong enough. She hugs Jer as Damon walks by. She says his name, and breaks apart from Jeremy. Okay, that was kind of weird.

Elena and Stefan walk up. Elena and Bonnie hug, aww, and they decide to go in.

Inside, couples are dancing. And what the fuck kind of party budget is this school working on?! I mean, I didn’t see no bake sales, and yet here’s a totally happening, drug-induced, thousands-of-dollars-in-decorations-and-no-paper-streamers-in-sight school dance. Not even my PROM looked like that, and we had an ice sculpture. And ice sculpture, people! Anyway…

Not Now Dana takes the stage and thanks everyone for coming. She has a special shout-out for Elena from Klaus. Everyone applauds like they fucking know who Klaus is.

He dedicated a song to her — “Dedicated to the One I Love”.

Super Creepy.

Damon calls it a “lame, cheap shot.” They still don’t know if Klaus is there or not. Stefan suggests that maybe he’s not, and he just wants them to think that he is. Damon is all “Chillax, people. Let him come to us” and tells them to mingle. Bonnie pulls Jer away to dance, and Damon walks over to Kalaric.

Kalaric’s all “A special dedication. This guy’s kind of twisted.” But Damon says that he’s not impressed.

Kalaric looks at him kind of shocked, and I just LOL’d. A bit touchy, are we, Klaus? Damon tells Kalaric to let him know if he sees anything “out of whack.”

Across the floor, Elena and Stefan are dancing when she spots Caroline and Matt enter. She tells Stefan that Caroline doesn’t know what’s going on, and Stefan leaves Elena with Damon to go explain.

Damon grabs her hand and spins her into a dance, all “How YOU doin’?“. She admits she’s freaking out a bit, but he tries to lighten the mood. “Come on, you remember the last decade dance.

“The vampires were all ‘ARRRRRRHHHH!’

“and you were all ‘AAAAHHHHHH!'” Haha, oh, Damon. Elena’s like “Yes, and we won.” Damon agrees and grabs her hands and pulls them toward him, holding her there for a moment. Then he spins her away from him then back into his body. Elena is impressed.

Elena: You’re good at this!

Damong: I’ve got moves you’ve never seen.

Methinks Damon is enjoying this over-funded dance a little too much.

Elsewhere, Caroline is pulling Matty out on the dance floor to dance.

She notices the pained look on his face and asks him what’s wrong. He recovers a bit and says she looks really pretty.

Luckily for him, Stefan butts in and Matt very awkwardly (he totes looks scared. How do these vamps not notice it?!) excuses himself so Stefan can deliver the knews that Klaus is there. Car asks where Klaus is, and Stefan admits that they don’t know. He tells her to keep an eye out for anything weird (this must be the codeword for the night). Or, you know, anything that we would find typical for Mystic Falls.

Bonnie and Jer are dancing too.

Damon comes up and butts into the dance with Bonnie. Oh, those Salvatore brothers! Once Jer is gone, Bonnie speculates that Damon heard her and Jeremy talking earlier. He asks if the part about her having a 50/50 shot at surviving was true, and she confirms.

She says that she’s willing to lay it all out on the line for Elena, and Damon approves. He asks if she can increase her odds of surviving through some of this extra juju that she has.

Bonnie: Careful, Damon. I might start to think you actually care.

Damon: We wouldn’t want that.

Do I detect some flirting here? We expect it from Damon, but Bonnie, gurrl, you got a boyfriend! Tsk. Tsk. Though, do we blame her? NOT AT ALL.

Jer found Elena, and they’re watching Damon and Bonnie dance. She asks him if there’s something wrong, but he assures her everything is fine even as he eyes the super-charming and powerful vamp dance all over his woman. He walks away and Stefan comes up. He asks if everything is alright, but Elena is at a loss.

Out in the hallway, Stefan finds Jeremy and tells him that they need to stick together. Jeremy insists that he’s fine since he has his ring. Then Jer spills it because, let’s face it, Jeremy is basically an old biddy at her weekly Canasta game/gossip session.

It’s Bonnie — he tells her that channeling the energy necessary to take on Klaus will kill her. If Elena knew, she’d try to stop Bonnie, which Bonnie doesn’t want to happen. So he’s torn about what to do. Stefan to the rescue! Sort of…

Back inside, everyone is dancing.

Matt actually seems to be having a good time,

and Damon has completely forgotten that he’s supposed to be a chaperone because now he’s dancing with hoards of underage girls. Elena goes up to Bonnie and asks to speak with her at the same time that Stefan pulls Damon away from some underage floozies. Damon’s all “Oh, great. Jeremy told you and you told Elena.”

Stefan reminds him that he promised her no more secrets, but Damon is all “I changed my mind, brosef.”

Outside, Elena is confronting Bonnie too. Bonnie didn’t tell her because she knew how Elena would react. Elena’s all “well, there has to be another option.” Always the protector, she refuses to let Bonnie die to save her life. Bonnie pulls the whole “well what if our positions were reversed?” thing and Elena pretty much admits that she would die to save Bonnie.

Bonnie: So you know why I have to.
Elena: No. No.

Back inside, in the hallway, Jeremy comes across Not Now Dana’s date and his friend. They immediately get in a fight, and they gang up on him in a kicking-and-punchingpalooza.

Stefan and Damon come down the hall just then and try to break it up, when the hooligans pull out some of Ric’s weapons.

One of them shoots Damon in the shoulder with a stake.

Damon’s all “Let me guess. Klaus says ‘Hi.'” Stefan attacks Tie-Dye kid, and Damon pulls the stake out of his shoulder and is about to attack the other kid, but Stefan stops him. They’ve been compelled — which means that it’s just a distraction. Damon tosses his attacker into the lockers for good measure, then runs off to find Bonnie and Elena.

Back outside, Kalaric catches up with Bonnie and Elena and tells them to come quick. Timmy fell down a well Klaus has Jeremy! OMGZ! They follow him into the school. Did I mention that he is super creepy?

Because he is being super creepy right here.

He leads them through the halls. After a while, Elena realizes that something’s not right. Bonnie asks where Jeremy is.

Kalaric decides this is far enough and stops the parade. He admits that he just needed to get them away from the dance. He starts hatin’ on the 60s and says that the 20s were much more his style.

Elena and Bonnie exchange a “WTF?” glance. Kalaric starts walking back toward the girls when Elena asks him if he’s on vervain. Kalaric stops in his tracks.

Kalaric: Now, why would you ask me that question, Elena?
Elena: He’s being compelled.

Kalaric: Nope! Try again.
Bonnie: What’s going on?
Kalaric: Okay, I’ll give you a hint. I am NOT Alaric.


Elena: Klaus…

Kalaric: Surpriiseee!

Okay, that shit was SUPER DUPER creepy. Klaus is kind of awesome. Elena’s all “no, it’s not possible.” Kalaric tells her to relax. “You’re not on my hitlist — tonight.” Oh, snap! He looks at Bonnie and is getting ready to charge her when Bonnie flings her juju at him and he flies into the wall.

He tells her that he knows a witch too and she’s going to have to hit him harder than that.

So she does, and he flies all the way down the hall into a display case.

Kalaric: *laughs* By all means, fire away. If you kill this body, I’ll just get a new one. Maybe Jeremy.

Oh, shizz!

Bonnie and Elena take off down the hallway because this dance just turned its Horror Movie dial to 11, and we needed a good chase scene. Plus, running is always a valid option. Just as they get around a corner and Bonnie slams the doors with her juju, Damon comes in asking what’s happened.

The girls explain that Klaus is possessing Alaric’s body. He tells Elena to find Stefan and she runs off – that’s right. The ONE person they’re trying to protect just gets sent off into the hall of horrors that is Mystic Falls High. Way to go, team. He tells Bonnie to do something about Klaus’ being in Alaric’s body — she has the power of 100 witches, after all. She can’t, though. He has a protection spell on him. If she kills Alaric (HUSH YO’ MOUTH!), Klaus will just possess someone else.

Bonnie: He knows I have my power, Damon. he’s trying to kill me.

Damon: No. Klaus does NOT get to win tonight. No way.

He asks if she’s still willing to do what it takes to win, and Bonnie nods yes.

Out in the dance, Elena is looking for Stefan, but there are just so many people. Finally Caroline and Matt find her.

Caroline can see that something is wrong, but Elena says she’s fine. She tells Caroline to stay with Matt (because Car’s help wouldn’t be beneficial at all…*rolls eyes*). Finally she spots Stefan and walks off. Matt asks what that was about, and Caroline lies that it’s just the same old drama. Heh.

Back over in the JuJu Wing, Bonnie is strutting her stuff down the hallway toward the cafeteria where Klaus is holed up.

Kalaric: What took you so long? Now, do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?

He’s holding a knife in his hand.

She shoots some spidey-web juju at him, and the knife cuts his hand.

Obvs, she’s doing this the hard way. She begins to assault Kalaric with magic, dislocating joints and shit.

As per usual, her nose starts to bleed, and Kalaric is all “Look at you. Is that all you got?” as she wipes away the blood. Bonnie’s all “Let’s find out.”

Stefan and Elena come bounding into the hallway, where Damon seems to have been standing guard. They need to find Bonnie.

Back inside the caf, Bonnie just twisted Kalaric’s knee something awful while also sparking the overhead lights.

Suddenly all the flyers from the bulletin boards go flying into the room, as Kalaric is continually struck down.

Stefan and Elena finally reach the cafeteria and Bonnie juju’s the door closed as Elena is screaming after her. They can’t get the door open.

Bonnie’s nose is now bleeding rather profusely as the lights spark even more and Kalaric is writhing on the ground in pain.

Suddenly, Bonnie turns back to look at Elena with a sad look in her eye. All the vending machines are exploding and the lights are still showering the room with sparks. Kalaric finally stands upright,

and then suddenly Bonnie falls and the room goes dark. Well. THAT was easy. The cafeteria doors magically open and Elena and Stefan rush in and Klaus disappears.

There’s no pulse, and she’s not breathing. Elena’s begging Stefan to do something like give her blood, but Stefan says it’s too late.

Elena is going sort of hysterical when Damon shows up. He tells Stefan to get Elena out of there; he’ll take care of the body.

Elena screams that it’s Bonnie, and Damon says he can’t let Sheriff Mom know about this. He tells Stefan again to get her home, so he can “clean this up.” Suddenly she remembers Jeremy. Where is he?

Stefan pulls her out still crying and hysterical.

Damon looks down at Bonnie — is that a mournful emotion on his face?! — then reaches down and smoothes her eyelids shut. Hot damn.

Damon takes her out to his car and gently lays her down in the trunk. He’s about to leave when Jeremy runs up to him. Jer wants to know where Bonnie is, and Damon gives him this pained face and is like “We have to have a little talk.”

Back at the SBH, Elena is sitting in a chair looking numb. Stefan brings her a mug of warm something, and tries to get her to drink it, but she can’t.

She starts to cry again and says that it’s her fault. Stefan tries to sooth her. He says Klaus did this, not her.

Just then Damon comes in and Elena jumps up from the chair.

Elena: What did you do with her?
Damon: Can you please calm her down?
Elena: Don’t talk like I’m not standing right in front of you.
Damon: Please. Calm. Down.
Elena: You knew! Didn’t you? You knew that if she harnessed all that power that she would die, didn’t you?

Damon: Yes. Yes, I knew.

Elena slaps him across the face.

Uh, violent much?

Damon: You need to listen to me, and prepare for what I’m about to say.

Over at Amityville Horror, Bonnie is lying on the floor amidst a bunch of candles, and Jer seems to be caring for her body.

We hear Damon’s voice over and Jeremy caresses her face.

Damon: Bonnie had to die. Klaus using Alaric’s body was a total surprise; she wasn’t prepared for that. And he wasn’t going to stop, and we weren’t going to be able to stop him until he knew she was dead. He had to believe it!

And suddenly Bonnie is waking up! HOLY JuJu, she wasn’t REALLY dead! Jer pulls her up into his arms and they embrace, aww.

Damon’s voice over continues.

Damon: She cast a spell. Bonnie’s okay.

Elena takes a few gasping breaths and Damon walks away. And Stefan looks just as shocked as she does.

Stefan catches up with Damon as he makes his way upstairs. Stefan says Damon could have told him, but Damon didn’t want him to go blabbing to Elena.

Stefan: Do you understand what you put her through?

Damon: See? That’s why I didn’t tell you. ‘Cause you’d have never been able to do it. Don’t get me wrong, Stefan. I don’t mind being the bad guy. I’ll make all the life and death decisions while you’re busy worrying about collateral damage. I’ll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I’ll be the one to keep her alive.

Ooh, Stefan no likey. I think he’s got a few things to ponder.

Back at Amityville Horror, Jer asks if it’s safe for him and Bonnie to stay there. She says she’s sure. So Jer whips out his RAGING PRODUCT PLACEMENT. Bonnie says that he doesn’t have to stay there with her, and Jer says that he’s not letting her out of his sight.

Bonnie says he has to apologize to Elena for her, explain why she and Damon did what they did. Jeremy’s all “why don’t you tell her yourself?”

And aww, Skyping! Cute. I kind of love Elena and Bonnie’s tearful reunions.

Later, back at the SBH, Elena comes into Damon’s room as he’s coming out of the bathroom.

Sighing, he explains that her reaction had to be real so that Klaus would really believe that Bonnie was dead. Elena kind of surprises him by saying that she understood why he did what he did.

Elena: Klaus was fooled, and Bonnie’s alive.
Damon: Here’s to duplicity.
Elena: Let’s get one thing straight, Damon. Bonnie WILL not die for me. I will NOT let that happen.

Damon: We need to kill Klaus, Elena. Real Klaus. Who will probably be coming to pay you a visit soon now that he knows that Bonnie’s dead. She’s the only one who can do it.
Elena: We’ll find another way.
Damon: I hope so.
Elena: Look, I shouldn’t have hit you.

Damon: Apology accepted. Let me be clear about something: if it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you.

Cin & Christina: Um… *tingle*

She looks at him a moment before wishing him a good night. Elena turns slightly, and her eyes linger on his bed for a moment. I don’t know if that was specifically for the Delena shippers, or if that was just where her thoughtful gaze came to rest for a moment, but it only lasts a second before she leaves his room, turning to look back at him briefly as she reaches the door.

Out in the hallway, Elena makes a decision, and heads down the hall all stealth-like and into the basement. She opens the dungeon door where ELIJAH is laying with the dagger in his chest.

She kneels down next to him and HOLY SWEET LORD BABY JESUS, she #PULLSTHEDAGGEROUT!!!

Then she just sits back and waits for him to reanimate. HO. LY. SHIT. BALLS, y’all. Shit is about to get INTENSE!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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3 Responses to Episode 218 “The Last Dance”

  1. Vanessa says:

    OOOH Soooo good! I think I’ll have to rewatch this episode before tonights new episode cause there were little glances that I missed.

    I felt so BAD for Elena when BonBon died. Was it just me or did Stefan not really comfort her at all?

    • Check it out. Elena TOTES looks at Damon’s bed, haha. Or well, in that general direction.

      In my rewatch for the recap, I thought that about Stefan too. He wasn’t super soothing, but he was in shock too, remember? He also really believed that Bonnie had died. Damon couldn’t tell him because he’d have blabbed it to Elena. He did what he could. Also, I’m pretty sure Stefan is smart enough not to say stuff like “It’ll be okay,” when clearly this is a situation where it wasn’t okay (or so they thought). Or maybe I just have a soft spot for Stefan, haha. *shrug* 🙂

  2. Colleen says:

    I am SO LATE TO THE GAME!!! Just now read this and LMAO that y’all linked my Joey Tribianni tweet. love you guys!

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