Reactions: Ep 218 “The Last Dance”

So, last night’s ep was a little cray, don’t you think? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt so anxious during an episode of TVD before (except maybe “The Dinner Party” and I think we ALL know why by now). Shit was intense. We had a lot to say today, so I’ll cut the intro short. Just… so many thoughts. Also, we brought in SBH friend Maria from DelenaDiaries on Tumblr to help us with our reactions. Welcome, Maria! Thanks for commenting with us! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Colleen, Mel (SBH contributors and friends) and special guest, Maria.

Christina: Elena. Pulled. The. Dagger. Out. I believe the word I’m looking for is: OMFG. Also, HOLYSHITBALLS. Also, YESSSSSSS. My squee knows no bounds. Like, I can’t… I can’t even. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am.
Cin: The last minute of the episode was BY FAR the most awesome. I mean, come on – it was an awesome episode, but anyone who reads this blog KNOWS the only thing that got our hearts racing was the final scene. *squees forever*
Christina: I really enjoyed this episode, but my heart was racing for that entire last moment, and I was riding my high for like an hour. Do you know what this means? I mean, do you KNOW what this means? Well, just that Elijah is going to be back, but HOLYOMGSOAWESOMEWHONEEDSTHESPACEBARWHENYOUHAVETHISMUCHEMOTION?!
Cin: I know what this means. Christina will be impervious to pain, upset or negativity for at least the next week. And you know what? A happy Christina, a live Elijah – well, that’s all I really need too. Bring it! hehe
Christina: Eeeeeeehehehehehehehe! 😀
Maria: I think everyone just about had a panic attack with this. I was jumping up and down and demanding someone to make me a “Gillies” so i could celebrate. BEST. MOMENT. EVER.
Colleen: Even I, Miss Almost Forgot Elijah Was In The Basement, jumped on Team Elijah simply based on the preview for next week alone. Dayum! BAMF, indeed!
Mel: YAYS!! A MILLION TIMES!! YAYS!!!!!!! Elijah lives!!!!!!! Best part of last nights show hands down.
Cin: Our campaign to make #Elijah4Mayor a reality is off to a running start. High tea today, a function at the Mystic Grill tomorrow afternoon… it’s all just the beginning of the awesomeness. 
Christina: Yes! So thrilled. We can do this! Vote for (and Long Live) Elijah!!

New Original BAMF in Town
Christina: I’m not going to lie. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so anxious watching an episode of TVD before. I was literally on the edge of my seat, and my pulse was racing a lot. And I attribute all of that to Kalaric. OH my freaking god. He’s so subtle, so… diabolical. He is a certifiable mad man. And I love it! You know… except for the whole he’s trying to kill our protags and all that. But still. DAYUM.
Cin: He feel off the crazy tree and hit every fucking branch on the way down, and I loved it! All year people (us included) have been talking about how cray Kathi is – that bitch doesn’t even KNOW cray!
Christina: Kathi is mostly just a crazy bitch. Klaus is literally CRAZY. He is a very real danger to others. He needs a straight jacket, and even then, I don’t think that could adequately restrain him.
Cin: Of course a straight jacket won’t contain him. This makes him not only the oldest vampire in the world, but the most dangerous motherfucker in existence. Cray mixed with unlimited (compared to presumably all other living creatures) power = very, very bad things. No wonder Elijah wants to overthrow him. He’s STRAIGHT UP BANANAS!
Colleen: My favorite part of this ep was his constant fucking with Elena. The dedications and messages to her were definitely diabolical and I loved every freakin second of it. Bitch only thought she was in danger before. This dude means business. Mwhahahahahahaha
Christina: The song dedication coupled with the look on his face when they played it… I peed a little.
Colleen: Yes! That look was so dark and twisted evil. AKA: HOT!
Cin: It was DELICIOUS. And you all know that’s not a word I just toss around. But the way he relished the evil – yum-my.
Mel: My mind was changed last night when we got to see Klaric first hand last night. Being all BAMF and all. So freaking hot! I was literally like ‘wow I can totes get on board with this for a little while longer’ Just as long as nothing happens to Alaric. Like I said last week, I will stab a bitch if something does. Also, Klaric messing with Elena all last night was so great! I seriously loved every second of it. So awesome.
Christina: How about his compelling Katherine to torture herself? That was… that was kind of awesome. I mean, I hate that bitch anyway, but just the fact that he can DO that. Okay… okay, I may be a little too swayed by the powerful originals… But… man. *grins*
Cin: I agree, compelling to self torture is amazingballs. I want him to get creative though… Maybe that’s why people are seeing Kathi dance around in the next episode. Maybe he compels her to dance herself to death. That would be *sing-song* brilliant!
Christina: I just like the idea of Kathi being tortured to death by Klaus. Maybe that makes me sound morbid, but it’s like Klaus is our new car. Let’s take him out for a spin and see what this baby can do! Honestly, I want to be mindfucked by Klaus. I can’t wait, haha.
Maria: I just about threw my remote at the TV when Katherine was stabbing herself. I mean for fuck’s sake she’s always been a bitch but that has to hurt! Nevermind the fact that we don’t even know what is happening to her after Klaus mojo’d himself out of the school.
Colleen: That was pretty damn bad ass. Again, I like that Klaus/Klaric likes to mess with people in such evil little ways. Cold, calculating bastard. I dig it.
Mel: I thought making Katherine stab herself over and over again in the leg was pretty damn awesome! That bitch deserves anything bad that happens to her. I love when she was asking him just to kill her. To get it over with and he was basically like “um no thanks I’d rather torture you a bit. But thanks for the option. Not that it matters.” Haha.
Maria: But see, I don’t think she deserves all the bad things that are happening to her. Sure, she’s a total raging bitch but she’s a bitch that has a reason behind everything.
Cin: Of course she does. She’s selfish. She LIKES making other people her patsy. Look at Rose & Trevah – she ruined their undead lives. For what? To save her own skin. I believe in self preservation as much as the next chick but seriously?
Maria: But it makes total sense, I know that if it was me and I was about to be sacrificed in some stupid ritual and my blood was about to be spilled over some rock I would probably turn into a ninja and kill everyone. Not only that, but we really don’t know what she was up to since she left MF the first time. We know she’s a bitch NOW but we also know that she really didn’t have the easiest life when she was a human, she had to learn to defend herself regardless of everyone else.
Cin: If you say so Maria. But there are lines you just don’t cross. Kathi never even knew where the line was.
Christina: She probably learned her cray from Klaus anyway.
Cin: Yes, back to Klaus… Can we talk about how out of touch with just about everything he is? Like, he didn’t remember enough about the 60’s to bs with kids in a history class for crissakes. On the other hand, Elijah is very well versed in all things ‘human’. I think this speaks to what Elijah has told us about Klaus before – he is detached. He’s cut off. He lives in his own little world where nothing seems to matter except him. That scares me. What is his agenda if not revenge or evil ‘I WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD – muhahahahaha’. It’s frightening. And a bit magnificent.
Christina: Oh, I totally agree. That makes him the worst kind of bad guy — he can’t even fake being human. I don’t know how our protags didn’t notice something off about Alaric. He walked different for fucks’ sake. He looked almost timid at times. He’s outside of his comfort level, but he’s trying to fake it. I don’t think he’ll be able to hold on much longer. And when he snaps, all HELL is going to break loose. THIS is why I’m so glad that Elijah’s back. He knows Klaus. He knows how he works. I am concerned about Alaric right now, though. I don’t think they’re going to kill him off or anything, but… I worry for his well-being once they cast out Klaus.
Colleen: I agree. He’s not going to go back to being super history teacher/vampire hunter right away. There’s going to be some seriously mental shiz going on. I’m concerned.
Cin: I’m concerned too, but I don’t think it will take him all that long to recover. Also, I wonder if Alaric will keep his KlausPossession memories? Like if he will remember any of what was going threw Klaus’ mind while he was possessed. Maybe that will come in super handy in the fight to come… Lots to consider there.
Christina: Oooh. It’d be awesome if this possession was like Being John Malkovich, like Alaric is still in there looking out, but he can’t control anything. So he sees what’s going on, but he’s just watching right now while Klaus has command of his body. BUT, question is: how much of Alaric’s blood is gone and replaced by Klaus’. Will that have anything to do with how quickly Alaric bounces back?
Cin: Exactly, althought I don’t think filtering the blood will be much of a problem. Our bodies recycle that stuff in and out pretty quickly. I’d imagine if the blood of Klaus is really needed to maintain the possession he will need another transfusion within a few days at least. Or maybe, now that he thinks Bonnie is dead he’ll be moving on out. That’s my guess. With one last trip to mess with fragile Aunt Jenna. 😉
Maria: This kind of brings me back to the episode description, I think is 2.21 (?) about Damon talking to Stefan about a new problem that they had to face, what if it’s Alaric? I mean, is he still fully human after all of that, or did he maybe get to keep some powers?
Christina: Hmm… I don’t think Alaric would be evil suddenly or anything. The new problem is probably Klaus himself. *shrug*
Colleen: Also, welcome to my laminated list Mr. Matt Davis/Ernesto/Alaric/Klaric.
Christina: Holy crap. Great minds, and all that. Yes. Please. Like, at least for one night. (Don’t worry. You’re still my best guy, Elijah).
Colleen: I’m sandwiching him between MD & the Rock. That’s majah status on my list! Also, was there talk of the hewitch possessing Alaric too? Or was I just hallucinating? Alaric’s meatsuit is turning into quite the hot commodity. Of course, now that the Scoobie Gang figured out Klaus was possessing Alaric, that probably won’t happen.
Mel: I may need to get in on this sandwich action just for a day or two. lol
Cin: I don’t think the manwitch will possess him too. Why give up his full powered body? Also, how AWESOME was Alaric’s bachelor pad? I told you that’s where they were at the end of the last episode. ;-p
Maria: I would love to spend a day (or night) in that apartment 😉
Cin: Right? *purrs*

Witchy-JuJu Fake-Out
Colleen: Ok, I admit that was some badass Witchy-JuJu Bonnie was throwing at Klaric. However, I AM SO PISSED she’s not dead. Some people in this town need to stay dead. Seriously, let’s be real, Klaus’ hewitch is probably better and definitely less power trippy than Bonnie. I do appreciate Damon and Bonnie’s trickery. Part of me just wish it had backfired.
Christina: Haha, word! I knew there was something brewing there. I knew she wasn’t for-real dead, but a girl can dream, eh? I mean… not that I WISH death to Bonnie. I just don’t particularly care for her and I just don’t care if she dies or not. Not a tear was shed in my house. Not over Bonnie, anyway. Tears of happiness are another story. 😉 ← tear of happiness.
Cin: I found the amount of ju-ju that killed her to be laughable. Purely Mickey Mouse Bullshit. Is that all she can handle? I’m sorry, this did nothing but confirm our suspicions that Bonnie can’t handle the ‘100 dead witches’ ju-ju. No way she is a major player in this game. She’s too weak and stupid. I don’t care what kind of power she’s wielding, this vessel can’t deliver.
Christina: See, that struck me as really strange too. Like, it was almost TOO easy to kill her. So I’m thinking that’s when her spell to appear dead took over. She was fighting to good fight and getting in some good blows to Klaus. And it was affecting her (note the bloody nose), but after a while, she looked back at Elena. And then she just fucking dropped. She knew that was coming. It was all part of the plan. She had to appear weaker than she actually was. Klaus is powerful, dangerous, but kind of dumb, really. He’s arrogant to a fault, basically. There’s more juju to be had. Believe it. There’s no way that was all the power of 100 witches.
Maria: Not only that, but was I the only one who didn’t get why in the hell she kept hitting the lights and making things explode? I mean, seriously how does she expect to kill the all powerful Klaus if she can’t even aim right?
Christina: Hahahahaha word! It was for show. She was blowing shit up to make it look good. Again — and Klaus was fooled by this shit? I mean, she was throwing juju AT him, like with the dislocated shoulder. But she was really only harming Alaric’s body. She better have more in her than that. That’s def not going to kill an original.
Colleen: Meh, I do wish Bonnie would bite it. Klaus’ hewitch should be the new witch in town. In fact, maybe he should run for Sheriff. God knows the current Sheriff isn’t doing that town any good. Elijah for Mayor. Maddox the hewitch for Sheriff!
Christina: Haha I can get behind that! As long as he’s pliable enough to get him to follow Elijah and not Klaus. Klaus is awesome, but he needs to be in the mental hospital (with Meredith’s grandfather maybe, for you bookies).
Colleen: Oh I bet Maddox is bendy…err umm yeah. I think, like anyone running for office, Maddox can be bought. He’ll be on the Elijah train. Toot toot!
Mel: I guess I’m alone in this one but I’m super glad Bonnie didn’t die. I’ve really started to like her, even if she can be a tad annoying at times. I will admit I did cry when she died but mostly because of how upset Elena was. I also knew she wasn’t actually dead. They wouldn’t kill Bonnie off. At least not that soon. All her witchy-juju was pretty damn awesome last night. I was definitely like ‘OH SHIT!! You go girl!!’
Maria: I do have to agree with you when it comes to the tear shedding and Elena, i really couldn’t care less about Bonnie, but Elena’s reaction was sooo geuine it did make me get teary eyed. Not only that but when Elena starts freaking out about Jeremy and how he can’t handle this i think my heart broke a little bit T_T.
Cin: I think they CAN kill Bonnie off. Actually, she’s still at the top of my list to go – even with this fakey fake death. I think what happened in this episode also might throw some people off her scent and move her down the ‘big death’ list, but I’m not falling for it. Killing her still makes all kinds of sense. I have to disagree with you Mel on the ‘awesome’ too. I was totally unimpressed with everything. Including her fucking attitude. I’ll admit to having warmed to Bonnie a bit as the season has gone on, but every time she pulls her cocky bullshit I’m firmly on team ‘Kill the bitch – NOW!’. Let it destroy Jer, that might be interesting. Let him get mad or try to off himself again. *shrug* I’m past caring. I thought they were sweet and all for a time, but this shit has gone and got serious. She’s expendable. Next!
Christina: Totally agree. I was starting to like her, but I just don’t care. Yeah, she’s Elena’s BFF, and she’s Jer’s girlfriend, but I feel very little for her. Even if she pulls this off…. I just don’t even care enough to finish that sentence.

Shady Police Activity
Christina: I really don’t like this stupid game that Sheriff Mom and Matty are playing. It makes me angry. Oh! And then Matty, like, playing with Caroline? Kissing her, and being sweet? Rage, I tell you! RAGE! Matty, you can’t DO this to me Caroline!
Colleen: I agree. I’m not down with this shady business. Matty, oh Matty, please don’t become a character I want to put on my “death” list. It’s just shameful how NOT understanding you are. Don’t even get me started on Sheriff mom. I’m not understanding any of the logic behind this secret squirrel bullshit.
Cin: Now, now. Let’s not be too hasty here. First of all, they could be taking it A LOT worse. At least Sheriff Mom’s reaction is a bit calmer (at least at one day later), than it was after she found out the first time. She’s trying to come to grips with this. She’s not telling everyone or plotting deaths. She’s telling Matt to calm down. Maybe, just maybe they will get on the acceptance train via the long way around. I’m not ready to start the hate rally just yet.
Christina: I’m not really starting a hate rally. It’s just that they’re annoying me. If they can stay calm and try to work this out, then maybe it’ll give them (Matty especially) enough time to see that Caroline is still Caroline (albeit a more awesome version). They may come around. But for now… It’s the whole, brain-washed, Founders’ Council thing: she “has” to hate vamps. It’s what she, as a human, as a member of a founding family, is supposed to do. She doesn’t understand. She can’t. If I wasn’t thinking of Caroline’s feelings, Sheriff Mom would be on my “death” list. Until she shapes up.
Mel: Dear Matty, pretty please stop working with Sheriff Mom. Its really upsetting all of us to the point where there is talk of putting you on the “death” list. Be the Matty that we know and love and stop lying/messing with our girl Caroline. She doesn’t deserve it. Be the man that we all know and love. We know its in you to just understand and be accepting to everything. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!! Love always (maybe), me.
Maria: Matt will never be on my death list, I refuse to accept that. The only thing i know for certain is that they really have two ways of taking this storyline, and either way is going to leave me on a corner with a box of tissues and a bottle of wine.
Cin: Matt is on NO ONE’S DEATH LIST! Do you understand me!?! Stop this madness right the fuck now or so help me I’ll take Elijah & Damon & Alaric and we’ll start our Apprenticeship to Awesome Bromancing World Tour ALONE! Do I make myself clear? Good. Matty is alone. He’s confused. He’s SICK OF IT! But he’s still our Matty. Don’t you guys forget that for one second. And our Matty needs our bosoms of love and acceptance. *nods*
Christina: Hey, now. You’re not taking them on tour WITHOUT ME! I don’t want Matty dead either. He just needs to learn. Sheriff Mom is the one who does nothing for me. Matty is confused, but can be schooled. But hey, can we take this Awesome World Tour anyway? The five of us on a tour bus… Elijah’s bunk right next to mine… yes… yes… this could be fun… *drifts away*
Maria: Ummmm, I better be fucking invited to this world tour or y’all will have hell to pay! MUAHAHA
Cin: I’ll think about it. But I’m watching you all. *huffs*

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, Delena
Cin: I’m even less of a Delena than I was going into this episode, if that’s possible. Sure Damon made a HUGE statement, especially in this shows sorted history of Salvatore love triangles:  “I’ll always chose you, Elena”. The kick in the balls is, it’s the exact opposite of what he always gets told by the Petrova women. For them, it will always be Stefan. Period. So no matter what Damon wants or needs, he’s coming in second place. It’s sad. What’s even sadder is how excited the shippers are after this episode. I just felt awful for him. Again.
Christina: I did too. But I honestly thought they were going to start making out for a second there. Poor Damon was probably hoping for it.
Maria: Oh goodness, am I the the only Damon & Elena shipper here? Surprisingly, I agree with Cin. Everyone is freaking out about this, but this is stuff Elena already knew since “The Return”. He, once again, pretty much told her that she was the most important thing in his life and her reply was “goodnight”. How’s that for a kick in the nuts?
Cin: Yes, you are. LOL We live in the land of realism and Damon being accepted for WHO he is. Also, Stelena (or more appropriately, a HAPPY Stefan) makes us happy. 😉 It’s a huge kick in the nuts is what it is. But he’s a masochist, so he just keeps on taking it.
Maria: I just like the idea of the bad boy with the good girl, but hey, if Damon finally gets sick of all the Elena shit he can always just come to my house, I’ll be more than happy to comfort him.
Colleen: Poor Damon, is right. That chick doesn’t know what she’s missing! I mean…LOOK AT HIM! He’s picking you! He’s choosing you! He’s loving YOU!!! idiot. *sigh* It’s ok Damon, you can rest your noggin on my heaving bosom for as long as you need to. I’m here for you. Unlike that ungrateful Elena.  You may need to leave room for Alaric on my other heaving bosom. He’s gonna need it. Poor guy, he’s had a rough few days.
Christina: Hahaha, I was just waiting for something to make that Grey’s reference. I’m totes with you on that. LOOK INTO HIS EYES! But, on the other hand, I really do understand Elena’s being with Stefan — because she picks him, chooses him, loves him. They go well together, and they’re very sweet. Damon and Stefan, in their every-day incarnations are practically foils. The way Elena is, I just don’t see her with Damon unless he changes. And I don’t WANT him to change.
Cin: Damon can’t change. And the fact that he’s out there on a limb saying “I’ll be the bad guy” – I like this Damon and I respect it. It’s perfectly acceptable for him to have maybe realized that he’s not going to get that shot with Elena, at least not anytime soon and to do what has to be done. It does go back to his ‘existential crisis’ – he’s learning and accepting his role. His role is to BE the bad guy. And that’s fine with him.
Maria: I also agree with this. Damon pretty much told Stefan that he was so worried about everyone else that he really wasn’t doing his best to protect Elena. This goes back to “Masquarade” right after Damon traps Kathi in the tomb and he tells her “Then I’ll protect her”. Damon doesn’t care about anything else other than protecting Elena, hell, he doesn’t care if Elena HATES him as long as she’s alive and protected. If that’s not love then i don’t know what is. But i do agree that for Elena to love him Damon would have to change, and I can’t get behind that.
Christina: This goes back to his conversation with Andie in the tub in ep 2.13 (“Daddy Issues”). If he’s what she needs, he’s not who HE is.
Colleen: Sorry, you lost me there for a second at the tub reference. mmmm Ok, I’m back. Oh trust, I am not a Delena shipper. Not at all. She doesn’t deserve Damon. She’s not woman enough to handle that manVamp and all his gloriousness. Also, were has Andie been? Shouldn’t she have been “Super Star” reporting live from the dance?
Christina: The way this town treats functions, you would think so! I was actually wondering that myself. He’s off doing things, so I guess he doesn’t need her right now. But you better bet he’s considering calling her tonight! Actually, he probably is doing it. It’s a shame Elena doesn’t deserve him. Because I bet you when Damon loves someone, he loves fiercely and wholeheartedly. And I bet it would be heaven. *swoon*. (Don’t WORRY, Elijah!). But back to what you said, Cin — I really love him for the “I’ll be the bad guy” thing. It’s like what OffColorTV said in her review today (which is awesome,and you should also read): This attitude makes him “violently romantic.” It makes his love almost violently intense. He will stop at NOTHING to save her. The whole thing about him being the one to actually save her as opposed to Stefan who’s too worried about who gets hurt along the way was jarring. The intensity of feelings, however misguided, make him such a Tragic Hero. I love it so much, even when I want to wrap him up in my arms and make everything go away (which he would never allow… thus, the Tragic Hero, haha). *sigh*
Cin: I’m sure, but he’s still a fool for love. He always gives his heart away where it’s not wanted and that is his tragedy. After 160+ years you’d think he’d learn to search for his happiness with someone (like the other 99.2% of the female population) who would love him back. He’s tragic in his awesome snarkiness & worthy of so much more than he thinks. I truly think a healthy dose of self loathing is at the heart of all of this. Damn. Why am I analysing Damon Salvatore? Where is Cat when I need her?!? Oh, that’s right – the bitch is in Italy on vacay right now. *sobs*

LSD in the punch?
Cin: Ummm, that was some swingin’ school dance was it not? And ‘chaperon’ Damon was having himself almost TOO good of a time. If they wanted to whet our appetite for possible future Damon flashbacks – mission fucking accomplished! It was a great setting for what all went down because so much was going on, and there was so much confusion and noise – it served as a good cover for all of the separation the group was forced into.
Maria: That dance was shipper heaven, not to mention the fact that no dance I ever attended ever had that many people dancing. It was usually just one or two pimply-faced teens who have had too much to drink, but DAMN this whole dance was choreographed and everything, not to mention Klaric bringing his swagger in *drooling*
Christina: Word. Also, NONE of my school dances ever looked like that, themed or not. Not even our prom which was held at the convention center uptown. And we had an ice sculpture! Fancy shit! I really dig that Damon sort of cut loose a little bit. That provided a chuckle. The fact that it was a function where everyone could gather so Kalaric could stay hidden was a plus. And it was an inconspicuous place for them to have the showdown. It worked out well that it was there, in a school, which is kind of like maze anyway. Good story telling 🙂
Maria: Which totally explains why no one heard when Bonnie quite literally destroyed the cafeteria. I don’t know, but if a building is coming apart you would think someone would say something. And who the hell pays for all the damage anyways?!
Cin: The taxpayers of Mystic Falls. It’s why we need Elijah. Stop all this fucking around. *nods*
Christina: Word, plus all those MFers (Mystic Fallers, not motherfuckers) are dumb as dirt. Seems that way, anyway.
Cin: It totally worked in the context of the episode. But that shit was some high school fairytale land. Make no mistake, those teens were drugged. Oh well, just another day in Mystic Falls…

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7 Responses to Reactions: Ep 218 “The Last Dance”

  1. rehabber says:

    Sorry ladies, I have been on the KILL MATT since season one, don’t need 2 broody, whiny guys in the show..Stef and Matt.
    I am Team Damon, love the chemistry between Delena, but don’t really want them together. I like this let her hate me, I can live with that, Damon. Loved the speech with Stef about keeping her alive. But the highlight of the ep for me was Klaric, awesome job Matt Davis and of course bringing our “new” mayor back to “life”. Next week is going to be great. No tears for Bonnie from me, but I figured she was not dead with her and Damon talking. Pretty neat trick though. GO DAMON

  2. Dawn says:

    I feel terrible even thinking anything badly about TVD because it’s the best show ever but did I watch a different episode than everyone else??? The last 15 minutes were awesome and all but by 8:30 I was still like “NOTHING HAS HAPPENED”. It seemed like a lot of filler. And though Matt Davis did an awesome job, I thought Klaus/Klaric would have been a bit more over the top.

    I actually thought Bonnie was dead but I think in retrospect I was just really hoping she was. But my reaction to her dying was “well that was a stupid way to die”. It makes sense now but at the time it seemed so easy. That’s all she had really? And her last blow that “killed” her, Klaric was standing by then. LAME! And why didn’t he know?!?!?!? He’s how old and powerful???

    “Damon doesn’t care about anything else other than protecting Elena, hell, he doesn’t care if Elena HATES him as long as she’s alive and protected. If that’s not love then i don’t know what is.” – so true!!! WHY DOESN’T SHE WANT THE HOTTER, MORE FUN BROTHER DAMMIT!?!?!?!

    Why wasn’t Caroline involved in any of this? She’s off duty so she can play with her boyfriend? We’ve been waiting for this moment to happen all season and it’s still ok to dance and act casual? I’m so confused. Does anyone else find it strange that Alaric and Damon hang out with high school kids and no one seems to care? Anyway, I just was hoping for those last 15 minutes to take up much more of the episode. At least next week’s looks to die for!

  3. Regina says:

    Totally Team Damon. I Also Think That Damon & Elena Don’t Need To Be Together. Stefan & Elena Make The Best Couple. There Was Tears For Bonnie. I’m A Bonnie Fan So If Bonnie Were To Die For Real I Would Be All Out Balling Cause I Can’t See Her Go. Yall Can Stop Hating On Bonnie. Anyways Dang Ending Was Crucial. Question Is What Will Happen When They Band Together To Take Klaus Out? Will Elijah Harm The Salvatore Brothers & Elena For All The Betrayal That They Did To Him???

  4. Vanessa says:

    I was sad when Bonnie “died” mostly because of the pain that Elena felt. I am totes Team Damon. I love how he will do ANYTHING to protect Elena. As for Stefan, what the hell was he doing this episode? Nothing but stand by and watch. Didnt even comfort Elena when Klaus was sending her messages.

    Also nothing was mentioned on how Alaric/Klaus was able to get into SBH. Is that because it’s Alaric’s body? Are they not concerned that Alaric/Klaus can get in at anytime now? Him and hewitch. Also if Klaus was smart he’d have kidnapped Elena and replaced her with Kathi, compelling Kathi to BE Elena, just to get more information. Then return Elena after compelling her that she had even been kidnapped. I think that would have made the episode more interesting because I do agree with Dawn about the filler part.

    Just watched the extended preview for Klaus and OMFG is totes right Elijah. Who I am soooo happy he is back. I know it will take so calming him down intially to hear what’s been going on. Also think Stefan wants to follow Elena’s rules and Damon isn’t which is why they are fighting. But Stefan seems to have forgotten that Elena’s plan is to get herself killed to save everyone. Stefan seems to have accepted it as Damon wants to protect her and keep her alive

  5. G says:

    Elijah! 😀 It’s so wonderful and glorious that the dagger is pulled! Thank you, Elena. Next week’s episode will be amazing. ELIJAH! Squee!

  6. mak75231 says:

    Thanks for havin Maria in this week’s recap. Ah, Woobs, they seem to neglect you for your older, eviler, not-as-hot posers. I’m with Rehabber, Vanessa, Regina, and Dawn–DAMON RULES! I say take that damnable dagger and shove it up their…

    We are winding up (down?) to an unexplicable season finale–how many cliffhangers this year, what was it, eight last year? Maybe we can go for an uneven dozen. After next week’s obligatory Klaus flashback (greasy wigs and all–and how old is Maddox? I hope he’s old-school “Warlocks in Robes” and not Old-World gent…I do NOT want to see that ape in a codpiece *barf*), we also get to ponder the invisible line in the sand between the Bros. Woobie crossed it in that little speech on the stairs, which Stef seemed to take to heart rather than misunderstand. I think Brotha-ly love is about to take a downturn again!

    Speaking of vdbingo cards, mine looked like a disaster area after this ep–musta been the anticipation of the leather pants we did not see NEAR enough of! The plotline is def gonna make it a great idea The SBH is gonna re-do squares for the last two eps!

    As always, I will finish with this week’s unwanted Woobie Word of the Week! 😛 This one was a no-brainer. I LOVE it when he uses $12-dollar words (notice that’s U.S. currency, not EUROS!). Jumped right outa the hi-def—–DUPLICITY! “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially : the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action.” Okay, children, name ONE TVD character this doesn’t apply to! (Auntie Vanilla excluded–she wouldn’t know how to be double if she had a fun-house mirror).

    We need MORE DAMON! Thank god he’s gonna come close (or finish) Andie off next week in an underwear RAGE and then play WWE with Stef!

  7. mak75231 says:

    Okay, so I can’t STFU! In watching my Harry Potter marathon-at-home (I’m on Goblet of Fire)—has anyone noticed how MUCH Maddox resembles Viktor Krum? hmmmm?

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