Episode 2.17 “Know Thy Enemy”

2.17 ~ “Know Thy Enemy”

Previously on The Vampire Diares: Katherine is out of the tomb and is staying at the SBH. She convinces the bros that she’s on their side. Stefan decides that they need the Martins on their side too if they’re going to have any chance against Klaus, and meets with them at the Mystic Grill. He tells them Elijah is dead, but that they can trust him. Later Daddy Warlocks explains that in order to get back sister Greta, they need Elijah alive, so he and Luka do some hokus pokus and Luka is sent metaphysically to the SBH to #pullthedaggerout. Kathi catches InvisiLuka, and he stakes her. But then Damon finds them and BURNS Luka with his flamethrower. Holy smokes! Meanwhile, Elena, Bonnie, Car and Jenna are having a girls’ night at the Grill, where Car wins Matty over with a song. Awww. They make out in the bathroom a little. But then Daddy Warlocks shows up. Luka is dead, and he. Is. Pissed. He wants the doppelganger, and when he can’t get to her he SETS THE ENTIRE PLACE ON FIRE. Well, okay, not the WHOLE place. Also, he stabs Matty in the neck with a broken bottle (NOO!), and hits Car with some Mind Bullets (NOO!). But don’t worry, Car saves him… and in the process reveals that she’s a vamp, and he freaks the fuck out. Daddy Warlocks then shows up at Elena’s house, attacks Katherine, who attacks him back, and before dying gives Bonnie her powers back. Oh, and then Isobel shows up. Now it’s a party!

Just a sidenote: I kind of want a vdbingo square for when they mention Elijah in the previouslies. Because it makes me giddy.

Anyway, Isobel in the house!

Jenna’s all WTF, and I don’t blame her. Isobel tells Elena it’s nice to see her again. And Jenna is all “Again?”

Isobel: So you’re the woman who’s dating my husband.

Jenna’s all double-WTF. Isobel tries to get Jenna to invite her in and Elena slams the door in her face. Jenna’s crying.

Jenna: You knew she was still alive. Ric, John — did they know?

Elena tries to explain, but Jenna, because she is four years old, runs upstairs and slams her bedroom door before Elena can explain.

She’s sitting there having a mini breakdown (without knowing that Isobel is a Vamp, BTW), while Elena tries to get her to open the door.


Over at the SBH, Stefan and Damon are coming down the stairs (they’re coming down in pairs!).

Stefan explains that Isobel is in town again, and he’s going to find out why.

Katherine butts in and says that Stefan shouldn’t tell Isobel that she’s at their house. It’s better if Isobel & John don’t know that Katherine stuck around after she got out of the tomb.

Damon reminds her of how she worked with John over the dagger that almost got him killed, and she’s all “I did what I had to do.” Now that that’s done, she’s thinking about switching alliances. She explains that she’s now on TeamSalvatore since she wants Klaus dead too. Also, if they need her to pretend to be Elena so less people know she’s there, she’s all theirs. Hmm, almost too eager.

Stefan leaves to go to the House of Giblets, and tells Damon to tell Ric that his WIFE showed up on his GIRLFRIEND’S doorstep.

Alaric’s (whoa, where’s the guyliner?) at la casa de Gilbert asking Elena if Jenna is up yet. Elena tells him that Jenna won’t come out of her room. Elena told her nothing because Jenna won’t talk to her.

Jenna comes down the stairs and Alaric tries to talk to her, but she tells him to leave. He’s all “I can’t even begin to know what you’re feeling,” and she’s like “rage and betrayal.” DRAMA QUEEN, sheesh. She’s leaving. She’s going to stay on campus because she has a thesis to write (FOR REAL?!) and she doesn’t want to be in the house. They try to get her to stay, but nope. She tells Elena to go to the Lockwood’s to accept the check from the Historical Society for her mom’s foundation.

She doesn’t have it in her to hear any more of Elena’s lies. I’m confused. What other lies? Jenna storms out.

John takes this moment to come in and say that it’s best that Jenna go with all that’s going on. Maybe if Ric had been a little more honest from the beginning — but Alaric stunt punches him in the face before he can finish his sentence.

FUCK YEAH, ALARIC! He apologizes to Elena and leaves.

Elena is amused, and says that this is all UC’s fault. Word.

Over at the Forbes’ residence, Caroline is on the phone with Stefan. She can’t find Matt. He ran off. Her mom didn’t see him, and Matty’s freaking out about Vicki.

Stefan tells her she needs to find him — is he still on vervain? Car says she spikes his soda when he’s at work, but didn’t last night due to all the fire and mayhem, so it’s out of his system. She’s going to try to find him at the Lockwood’s.

So, Car, in her fancy product-placement Ford Fiesta, gives Matt a call using her hands-free, voice-activated phone system

(which seems to have it’s own battery icon. I’m confused. Isn’t it part of the car? Why would it need it’s own battery? NO MATTER), but he doesn’t answer. Also, I’d like to point out that Caroline uses hands-free even while parked. Safety first!

Back at Elena’s house, she declares everything a disaster. UC comes into her room and tries to get her to come downstairs.

He says it’s important. She says she has no intention of talking to him, but finally relents. They come downstairs. Oh, good, Stefan comes too. Elena comes around the corning into the kitchen and

OH GOD, Isobel is in the house — FUCK YOU, JOHN! DAMN! — she says she asked John for a “do-over.” Elena is appalled that he let her in, but she apparently has information about Klaus, so let’s listen up.

Stefan: Alright, what do you know?

Isobel: Since I was last here, I’ve been doing everything possible to find Klaus. We knew our best chance was to find him before he could find you.
Stefan: Best chance of what?
UC: Keeping Elena alive.
Elena: You don’t get to talk, okay? Not after everything you’ve done.

Stefan: Were you able to find Klaus?
Isobel: No, nobody knows where he is. But there are these rumors flying around that a doppelgänger exists.
UC: Which means any vampire that wants to get in favor with Klaus will be lining up to capture you.

Stefan and Elena share a look.

Elena: I’m not buying any of this. The last time you that were here you made it clear you didn’t give a damn about me, now I’m supposed to believe that you want to help?

UC: Isobel’s been helping all along. Klaus has been obsessed with finding Katherine for centuries. All it would take was any one of those 1864 tomb vampires to spread word around that Katherine were still alive and it would bring him straight here to Mystic Falls where you were bound to be discovered. So we killed them.
Elena: And almost killed Stefan and Damon in the process.
UC: Yeah.

Isobel says she has a safehouse she can take them to. The deed is in Elena’s name — so no vamps can get in without her permission. Isobel wants to help, but Elena is skeptical. She tells them that if they want to help, they should get the hell out of her house.

Elsewhere, Damon, Bonnie and Jer are at the Martin abode, where Luka is still all crispy on the floor. They’re going to search through the grimoires. They’re looking for a spell that will let Bonnie harness the energy left behind when a witch dies. Damon makes a crack about how he didn’t know Bonnie and Daddy Warlocks were so close, and Bonnie explains that when DW gave her back her powers, she got a little message — if she can find the spot in town where the witches were burned, she can harness their energy to use when she needs it. Damon says they’ll add harnessing ancient dead witches’ energy to their to-do list. Bonnie, hearing what he says, asks incredulously if he knows where the witches were burned.

“Did I forget to mention that?” Hehe.

Jeremy asks if she’ll have to read through all the books to find the right spell, and Bonnie’s all “not exactly,”

then holds up her hands and books start falling off the bookshelf. One — THE one — falls open on the floor. That’s handy.

“This is the one,” Bonnie declares. They book it. Teehee. See what I did there?

A black SUV drives up to an old white mansion with a realtor’s sign out front. Isobel comes in with some random dude wearing all black (perhaps her houseboy from ep 121?). She speaks more pretentious French at him as she walks in. Suddenly Katherine is there and she and Isobel get all crazy vamp eyed while they try to pin each other to the wall.

She’s all “nice place” and Isobel is all “biggest one in four counties nicest foreclosure on the market.” And then they hug and aww they’re BFFs! and OMG SOMEONE IS LYING HERE; WHAT IS GOING ON?

Isobel: It’s good to see you Katherine.
Katherine: I hear you’ve been busy.
Isobel: Yes, I have. I’ve been busy making a deal with Klaus to save your life.

Over a bottle of blood (they’re so classy), Katherine asks Isobel what she was doing at the Gilbert place.

Isobel: John told me Ric was dating Auntie Vanilla. I got jealous.
Katherine: You’ve obviously got John wrapped around your finger if he invited you in the house.
Isobel: He thinks that I’m helping him protect Elena, so he’s been very useful in keeping me informed on everything that’s been going on.

AH! so they’re BOTH playing people. Natch. *sigh*

Isobel admits that she got nowhere near Klaus, but got to someone in his trusted circle — one of his witches. He said Klaus would grant Katherine her freedom if they deliver the moonstone and the doppelgänger.

Kathi says she could get the moonstone. She’s willing to betray the Salvatores if she needs to. Their witch lost her powers, and they used their only weapon to kill Elijah — if she stays with them, she’s dead. DOUBLE HA! So killing Elijah was only a ruse! Why, oh, why do “innocent” originals have to die?!

Back at the SBH, Elena is wondering if Isobel was telling the truth about the word being out about the doppelgänger.

Damon suggests it’d be safer if she stayed there with them.

Stefan’s all “Uh, exsqueeze me? In the house where any vamp can enter?” Her house is safer. Damon says they’ll just stay there then, and Stefan agrees. Elena’s all “so your plan is just to never leave me alone again?” and Damon’s like “let me know when you come up with a better one,” and he smirks. Ooh. *chills*

Fine, then one of them has to come with her to the Lockwoods’, she says. Stefan volunteers. Damon says he can’t because he has witchy business to attend to. Elena starts to ask if that means he’s taking Bonnie to the witchy burial ground,

but he hushes her just before Katherine enters.

Katherine: If you have a plan to combat the impending vampire doom, please, do tell.

Damon rolls his eyes. She says she delivered the moonstone, a werewolf and the dagger to kill Klaus — all they have left now is the moonstone. She hopes. Damon assures they do have it. In a VERY safe place. She explains that she trusts them, so they should trust her.

Damon’s all “you shouldn’t mistake the fact that we don’t set you on fire in your sleep as trust.” Hahaha. Oh, Damon. “Fine, be that way,” she says, and walks away.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Sheriff Mom is telling Carol about the fire at the Mystic Grill. They don’t know what caused it, but they found blood. No body, but blood. Carol asks if she thinks vamps were involved.

Sheriff Mom is all “I’m beginning to think the answer is always yes.” Bitch, please. You live in Mystic Falls. OF COURSE the answer is yes!

Caroline comes up to them then, and asks Carol if Matt is there. Carol hasn’t seen him, but asks that if Car sees him, ask him if he’s heard from Tyler.

The note he left (which may or may not have been written in crayon) only said that he needed some time to figure things out. Car excuses herself as she spots Stefan and Elena.

She starts asking questions immediately. What if he tells somebody? What if he tells everybody? Elena says she doesn’t know where he would be either. Car says this was not how it was supposed to happen.

She was supposed to tell him at the right time/place, and he’d be okay because he loved her. Elena says she’ll help look, but she needs to get the check for Jenna. Car goes outside to look until they’re free.

Stefan adds “Maybe he’ll come around. You did.”

Awww, Stef.

Elsewhere, Damon, Bonnie and Jer are out in the woods on Part II of their Scooby-Do shenanigans. Jer asks if this is where Emily was buried too. Damon says the people thought it would be poetic since this was where all the other witches were burned. He knows where they were burned because he tried to save her. Before you aww — he was only doing it because he needed her to get Katherine back. Before he realized what a huge BIOTCH she was. Natch.

They come up to a house, and Damon seems surprised to see it there. Oh great, a house built on an ancient burial ground. Do people learn NOTHING from horror movies?!

They walk in the abandoned, decrepit house, and I’m waiting for Beel Compton to pop around the corner all “SOOKEH!” but he doesn’t because it’s still light out and Beel isn’t cool enough for witchified accessories. They explore a little, and when Damon gets hit with a patch of light, he somehow gets stuck and starts to BURN!

What?! But he has the ring!! The witches don’t want him there, apparently. After Bonnie releases Damon, Jer’s all “I guess this is the right place.” Heh.

Damon says he’ll be outside.

Back at the SBH, Kathi is moonstone-hunting She’s searching everywhere.

Who knew Damon had such a large collection of Cuban cigars?

Also, she totes steals a stack of cash from his dresser. But no moonstone to be found. Anywhere. She searches all over.

Getting all dirty from searching in the hearth, she goes to wash her hands in Damon’s bathroom, using one of his fancy soaps (of which he has about 6,000). As she’s leaving, she realizes something.

Those soaps have a familiar quality to them… She digs in the bowl and pulls out the moonstone.

Oh, Damon. Clever hiding spot, but not clever enough.

In town, Isobel sneaks up on Alaric as he’s getting into his car. She explains she’s clearing up some loose ends. She needs to apologize to him — not for what she’s done in the past, though she apologizes for outting him to Jenna. “That’s was petty of me.”

Alaric tells her he’s not interested in her vampire amends. She says of course he’s not; she compelled him to let her go.

She realized she doesn’t want to do what she has to do without him knowing how much she loved him — which apparently was a lot. Aww. Even sentimental music is playing.

Isobel: He’s all yours.

Wait what?

Suddenly masculine hands fly up on either side of Ric’s head, not touching, and we hear a piercing noise. Alaric goes down with a nasty case of mind bullets. Holy shit! One of Klaus’ witches!

Isobel looks on with something close to pity before walking away.

Back at the Amityville Horror, Damon calls into the house “Wanna hurry it up in there?”

He turns to stroll back in but the front door slams in his face.

Damon: Screw you too, Emily!

Clearly put out, he declares them on their own in there, and strolls off the porch.

Inside, Jer gives Bonnie the grimoire.

He tells her he’s worried about her. She kisses him and assures him that she’s sure she wants to do this. She starts to read, and creepy whispering starts. Jeremy asks what that is — it’s the Man in Black spirits of the witches who’ve died there; she can feel them. But she doesn’t know what they’re saying.

Jeremy doesn’t like it. Suddenly Bonnie starts walking out of the room.

She picks a spot where the whispering seems really loud. She says this is it, and has Sidekick Jer start setting up the candles. The whispering gets louder.

Bonnie gets this really intense look on her face,

and then suddenly looks serene. Jer asks again what they’re saying and she’s all “nothing.” Then ALL the candles in the room burst to life. Bonnie says “they’re ready.” Uh, no shit.

WTF was that all about? Bonnie, if you’re lying about something else, so help you…

Back at Lockwood Manor, Carol is handing Elena the check for the Miranda Summers Memorial Scholarship Fund. Upstairs, John is there for some reason (probably looking for Lockwood family jewels to steal, or something, that wily bastard) and he runs into Isobel. She tells him she’s there to create a distraction, vamps our and BITES HIM!

OMG! Elena starts to give a speech about her mom, and blah blah blah, OMG Uncle John just fell down the stairs!

Stefan rushes over to him, and people start to file out. Elena is left in the room when Katherine accosts her. She wants to borrow her dress. Forcibly, I’m assuming. SCANDAL!

Outside the room, Sheriff Mom sees the fang marks on his neck and tells everyone that he just needs some air, he’ll be fine. LIAR! Stefan notices that Elena isn’t around and runs to find her. He goes back into the room and she seems to sneak up on him.

Hmm, that was strange. She says she’s calling Damon, and Stefan escorts her out of there.

Out on some road, Isobel is driving her black SUV with the REAL Elena unconscious in the back seat.

Back at Lockwood Manor, Stefan and Kathelena are almost to his car. She’s telling Damon that he needs to get over there, and the council is not going to be happy about John being dead.

When her back is to him, Stefan, who totes knows it’s not Elena, shoves her into the back of the car. “Where the hell is she?” he asks,

and she STABS him in the gut-area with a syringe.

Katherine: Sorry, Stef. Can’t have you following me.

And she throws him into the bushes, and steals his car. Heh.

Back at Amityville Horror, Bonnie is still communing with the dead.

I’m sensing a nosebleed coming on. Suddenly Bonnie starts screaming and Jer is thrown back by the magic. Screaming, screaming.

Oh, god, this sounds bad. Then suddenly she stops, all weak, and leans on Jer for support.

Holy. Damn.

Back at Lockwood Manor, Carol tells guests that paramedics are on their way when Damon arrives.

After assessing the sitch, he tells Carol and Sheriff Mom that John will be okay in a few hours. Damon reveals that the ring John is wearing is an old Gilbert Family heirloom that protects its owner from death by supernatural entity. “He has no pulse! He’s not breathing!” Carol insists.

Damon: He will be. Trust me. We’re going to need a cover story. An epileptic fit, alcohol binge, banana peel. Whatever works, but right now I have to get him out of here.

Heh. Carol and SM look after him shocked.

Outside, Sheriff Mom calls in that it was a false alarm. She sees Matt leaning against her car.

He’s very upset. He wants to see Vicki’s file. He wants to see how the cops covered up that Vicki was killed by a vampire. He grabs Sheriff Mom’s jacket, but because she’s a cop, she expertly spins him around and pins him to the hood of her car, telling him he needs to calm down.

Back at the SBH, Damon comes in carrying John, and dumps him on the ground.

He goes to wash his hands in the bathroom, and takes off his shirt

— BLESSED BE! — when he gets a phone call. It’s Stefan.

He must be telling Damon about Katherine and the moonstone because Damon lunges for the bowl of fancy soaps, but the moonstone isn’t there! NO! He knocks the offending soaps to the floor…

in all his shirtless glory.

On the road, Isobel answers the phone. “Are we good to go?” It’s Katherine.

Kathi says they have to hurry. Damon knows Isobel’s housing tricks. He’ll figure out where she’s staying. Isobel assures her they’ll be long gone before that. Kathi asks where she is.

Isobel: I’m sorry, Katherine. I had to do what I was told. He wanted the moonstone, and he wanted you.
Katherine: He? He who?

Isobel hangs up. Meanwhile, Elena is waking up in the back.

But back in Isobel’s house, the same witch who attacked Alaric is there –

and he’s throwing the mind bullets at Kathi! It seems we have a real witch on our hands (Bonnie, pay attention). ARGH!

Back at the Forbes’ residence, Car is calling Matt again, and leaving him what she estimates is the 26th message of the day. Aww, she just wants him to call her. *wibble*

She’s about to open the door when she see’s Matty standing inside her house.

Caroline: You’re here.
Matt: Your mom brought me here. I accused her of covering up Vicki’s death. She threatened to arrest me.

Car asks if he told Sheriff Mom anything else, but he says no, nothing about Caroline or what she is.

He had the feeling Sheriff Mom wasn’t going to believe anything he said, so he shut up, and she brought him there to cool down. Car approaches, but Matty recoils.

Caroline: Why did you stick around if you’re still scared of me?
Matt: Because I need to know more about Vicki. About you.

Car promises to tell him everything.

Back at the Witch House, Bonnie is telling Jer that the spell was warning her to be careful when harnessing the power of 100 dead witches. Jer asks how much power that is exactly, and Bonnie shows him by turning the beautiful sunny day

into a dark, windy, blue-tinted nightmare complete with thunder and lightning.

Jer is impressed. This audience, not so much. SEEN IT.

Bonnie: The answer to your question is: a lot.
Cin & Christina: If you say so, Bon. #skeptical

Damon pulls up outside Isobel’s house. Stefan asks if this is the house. “Better be. It’s the nicest foreclosure in town.”

They storm in, and it is Isobel’s house (her stuff’s there). Stefan goes up the stairs. Stefan goes down the stairs.

But no one is home.

Over at Grove Hill Cemetery, the black SUV arrives. Isobel and Elena get out of the car and start walking out toward some graves. Elena asks if Isobel was compelled to betray Katherine. Isobel can’t tell her.

Elena: So you lied. You did find Klaus, didn’t you? He knows where I am now. Are you taking me to him?

They stop in front of a grave. It’s Isobel’s.

She explains that her parents visit every week and bring flowers even though there’s no one buried there. The Isobel they knew is dead. So maybe the human part of her is buried there — the part she abandoned when she decided to become a vampire. The part of her that dreamed she’d know her daughter. Instead Elena met the other part — the part that would betray her own flesh and blood.

They’re interrupted when a call comes in.

The Super Klaus Warlock on the other line says he has the moonstone and the doppelgänger. Klaus has everything he needs, so Isobel can let Elena go. Isobel repeats, almost in a daze “let her go?” “Your part is finished. You did what he compelled you to do.”

Isobel: I’m done?
SKW: You’re done.

Isobel seems relieved and hangs up. She apologizes to Elena for being such a disappointment to her.

Then she rips off her necklace and HOLY SHIT BURSTS INTO FLAMES! She screams as Elena looks on in horror.

Over at the Forbes’ residence, Caroline is in the middle of explaining everything to Matt. She’s telling him that she compelled him after she attacked him in the woods when she was a new new vamp. She promised herself she’d stay away from him after that, but we know how that turned out. She couldn’t because she loves him. Matt looks a little disgusted and annoyed. She just loves him so much. She apologizes for what happened.

Caroline: I wish you’d say something.

Matt: I’m all alone.

Caroline: No you’re not!
Matt: My mom doesn’t care. My sister’s dead and all of my friends are liars. And you’re–
Caroline: I’m still me! I’m still me, it’s just–

Matt cuts her off and says it’s too much. He doesn’t want to know all this. She just wants to help, so he tells her to make him forget. She doesn’t want to.

“Please make me forget, Caroline. I don’t want to look at you and see what I’m seeing right now.” She suggests that maybe after– but he cuts her off. “MAKE ME FORGET, CAROLINE!” Awwwww! Matt!

How DARE you make our Caroline cry like that!!

She stands up and puts her hands on his face to start compelling him. And our cold, dead hearts, they shatter into a kazillion tiny pieces.

Back at the SBH, Elena is toying with Isobel’s necklace. She’s not upset about her being dead, but at the same time she kind of is because it was her mother. She asks Stefan why Isobel/Super Klaus Warlock let her go. He doesn’t know.

Stefan: Anything that John old Isobel, we have to assume Klaus knows, right? So he knows you’re not going to turn yourself into a vampire, he knows that we’re keeping you safe.
Elena: He knows that I’m not going to run.

Damon: Which is why we need to take some precautions. Because we got played. All of us.

Told you. He hands Elena a stack of papers.

Elena: What’s this?
Stefan: It’s the deed to our house. It’s in Zack’s name. As soon as you sign it, it’ll be in your name.
Elena: You’re giving me your house?
Stefan: Isobel had the right idea with the safehouse. Just stay here until it’s all over. That way you can control who gets invited and who doesn’t.
Damon: Although I’ll be SUPER pissed if you lock me out.

Elena gives him a look and Damon smiles, and aww, that was kind of cute. But before anyone can give it too much thought, just then they’re interrupted by John gasping back to life.

Damon vamp speeds over to him AND THEN DAMON KILLS HIM! Kidding.

But Damon grabs him by the collar. John says he didn’t know what Isobel was going to do. He apologizes to Damon. Then he looks over to Elena to apologize again. He tells her he’s “so sorry.”

Elena tells Damon to let him go. She and John need to talk.

Back la Casa de Gilbert, Jer is pouring over the spell. Bonnie says she told him not to worry about it, but he’s pissed, dammit! The book says that if she uses too much of her powers at once, it’ll kill her.

Jeremy: How much would it take to kill an original?
Bonnie: All of it.
Jeremy: No! Not gonna let you do that.
Bonnie: Jeremy, you think I was born so I could float feathers and blow out candles?

Jer says she doesn’t have to do this. Plus, Elena won’t let Bonnie die for her. Bonnie’s all “that’s why you’re not going to tell her.” Heh. If only it was that easy. Bonnie huffs.

Bonnie: It’s not just for Elena, Jeremy. It’s for you. It’s for everyone. If I am the only one who can put an end to this, then it’ll be my decision. No one else’s. Mine.

Jer is NOT happy. Man, he’s doing a lot of emoting today.

Outside somewhere, someone is getting into a police cruiser. Holy crap it’s Matty!

Matt: I did it. I drank that vervain stuff. I went over there and got her to tell me everything. Then I asked her to take it away.

Sheriff Mom: Thank you, Matt. I know this isn’t easy, but I’m glad you told me what happened last night. I want you to tell me everything she said.

Matt: I feel like she died.
Sheriff Mom: She did.

UGH!! You guys… *sigh* Are Cin and I going to have to go on a choking spree? Come on!

Back at the SBH, John is telling Elena that he knows Isobel and Kathi were close, but didn’t know they were working against him. “Two of the world’s most uncaring, selfish vampires, and yet they were genuine friends.” Heheh. Elena asks why he trusted her if he thought that about her.

John: Because when she gave birth to you, Elena, and I saw how heartbroken she was to give you up. And because she was the first girl that I ever loved. And when she said that she’d help keep you safe, I believed her. At this point, I will do whatever you want me to do. If you feel safer with me not around, then I’ll go.

Elena breathes deeply, but says nothing. John nods and gets up to go.

Elena: You screw up everything, John. Everything you touch falls apart. But you’re the only parent I have left. So maybe I can learn not to hate you.

John smiles.


Awwwwwwwwwww. Heartwarming. I’m suspicious…

Over in the library, the brothers are having a little drink. Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie says the spell worked. “She is locked and loaded.”

Stefan realizes something — Katherine doesn’t know that Bonnie got her groove powers back yet. “And Isobel had no idea what you took Bonnie and Jeremy to do today.” Oooh.

Damon points out that that LITERALLY makes Bonnie their secret weapon. CRAY!

Over in some as of yet unknown location (*cough* Alaric’s bachelor pad *cough*), Katherine is coming to on the floor. There’s a spell being cast somewhere. My spidey-sense is tingling I can hear someone mumbling.

Kathi turns her head and see’s a big glass jar-like thing filling with blood. It’s connected to someone sitting in a chair. The witch who released Isobel from her compulsion (and who kidnapped Alaric) is the one mumbling the juju with hands outstretched in the air on either side of this poor victim’s hea– OMG THIS IS WHAT THEY DID WITH ALARIC!

BREATHE. BREATHE. They… have… Alaric! *gasps for breath*

Alaric lifts his head and looks up at the witch. Oh, god, there’s something different about his temperament. Alaric pulls the IV out of his arm and stands up.

The witch fucking BOWS to him.

Katherine: Alaric…

Alaric turns and walks toward Katherine. She tries to vamp speed out of there, but she’s trapped.

Alaric: Zdraveĭ, Katerina. I have missed you.


(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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  1. Maria Ortiz says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! omg cin, this is the greatest thing i have ever seen, i can’t stop laughing at your comments. best. recap. ever.

    “They walk in the abandoned, decrepit house, and I’m waiting for Beel Compton to pop around the corner all “SOOKEH!”


  2. mak75231 says:

    After dropping the Woobie Word of the Week –PISSED…I will make a few comments.

    I say Alaric is minus the guyliner because a certain actor showed up unhungover for work for a change! ROFL PLUS! He has to be turned into Kalaric this week and needs REAL facial expressions rather than painted on!

    Regarding Auntie Vanilla (aka Jenna the Clueless) and the lying–I say Elena keeping the secrets of her undead mother and her undead boyfriend, undead wannabe boyfriend, undead BFF, witchy BFF, yadayadayada were lies of omission equivalent to, oh, say the 17-year lie of YOU WERE ADOPTED AND I’M NOT TELLING YOU! Take that four-year-old!

    Amazing that when Kat switched places (and clothes) with Elena at the Publishers Clearinghouse Check Acceptance that she also managed to swipe Elena’s necklace in the process. Guess vampspeed applies to changing clothes, as well!

    John shoulda died NUMEROUS times this episode–I’m not buying the whole “I was just protecting you” crapola–with John it’s all about ME ME ME! That scene with Elena did NOTHING for my emotional attachment to that father-daughter bonding. Just Say NO!

    Speaking of saying NO—NO, Matty! This turn of events does not bode well for Matty’s longevity. He needs to give it up. PULEEZ, writers! Take a page from the books. Matty should become Mr. Reluctant I Don’t Exactly Believe What I’m Seeing But I’ll Go Along With It To Help than vervain-laced two-faced spy!

    Woobie–you should have hidden the moonstone at the local Bath & Body Works like I been sayin all along–Kat would’ve had to go through THOUSANDS of bars before she found it. Just sayin. At least we got to see you get mad half naked. Call me.

    Finally, Kalaric. Can I just say, despite the Elijah-Alaric love at The SBH, I would have liked it better if they would have put this Kalaric thing into play PERMANENTLY, rather than cast the dweeb in the pics we’ve been seeing, who better be one damn fine actor because I’m not impressed with the stills. Just think how ironic it would have been if ALL ALONG Alaric had really been Klaus masquerading as a mild-mannered school teacher-turned vampire stalker, married then living Isobel (Yay! She’s gone! Can Jules be next after Ty returns?), accepted into the Scooby Gang, in on everything from the get-go, and ACTUALLY he was Klaus hanging out observing EVERYTHING for YEARS and YEARS unbeknownst to ANYBODY! That would have been awesome. *sigh*

    Somebody really needs to get a real estate attorney into this mix in Mystic Falls–who’s names are on which deeds and which foreclosures, and is it legal for a 17-year old to own property without a formal guardian/executor, and who owns The Gilbert house, and why hasn’t the State come looking for Uncle Zach’s property taxes yet and….oh, this gives me a headache. I need a bloodbag.

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