Reactions: Ep. 2.17 “Know Thy Enemy”

Last night. Last night. Jeez, the episode last night was so crazy, it took us like 5 hours to compile all our reactions. So many things, so many shocking things. Possessions, juju, fire, intrigue, betrayal. Here are our reactions to Episode 2.17 “Know Thy Enemy” in a hopefully coherent fashion. Man… 🙂

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat, Mel, Colleen (SBH contributors and friends).

Christina: So, let’s just go ahead and start with the biggest “HOLYMINDFUCK” of the night — Klaus possessing Alaric?!?! OMMMGGGZZZZZ *dies*
Cin: Is this what being stung by tracker jacker venom feels like? It IS isn’t it? My head is still exploding in many small ways. Like I’m being mind bulletted with theories and worry and OMG! Just, I can’t even BELIEVE it.
Christina: They can’t kill Alaric, can they? I mean, THEY CAN’T! Great, now we’re going to have to go on another “Save <insert character here>” campaign. However, say he’s safe, that was kind of fucking AWESOME, no? As soon as I saw that witch working his juju over Alaric’s head, I was like “he’s going to be possessed, isn’t he?” I just didn’t fully expect it to be Klaus. Amazing.
Cat: I was watching that scene and thought “Oh, I wish Alaric could turn out to be Klaus” (Like I do with every possible surprise) & to my shock we got it.  Can he get hotter? Can he stay evil?  Oh the powers of an original – blood/mind transfer.  Holy shit. Alaric can’t die btw. He can’t.
Christina: He was pretty damn hot. God, what is it with me and the evil being on this show? Speaking of evil plans on this show, holy cow, Klaus was in on this the WHOLE time. He was compelling Isobel right from the start! He’s obviously one for long, drawn-out plans. That makes me dangerous and scary as hell.
Cin: Klaus is like the fucking high ninja of BAMFery. I knew it was coming, but you think to yourself: ‘How DO you top Elijah?’ because like, that was unfathomable. And then he comes and *BOOM*
Cat: Klaus is one bad ass MOFO, that’s for sure. I love it. I can’t WAIT for Alaraus? Klauric? to hit that dance next week.
Christina: WORD. Kalaric? Klaric? Either way, TOTES the high ninja. You know, *looks around*, I still love Elijah dearly and he’s recently been featured in some of my dreams… but Klaus is kind of a fucking ROCKSTAR. These next 5 weeks are going to be heaven. In a baddassery type of way.
Mel: I’m still in shock over what happened with Alaric. It was the coolest/weirdest/wrongest thing EVER! At first I was all “GET THE HELL OUT OF ALARIC, KLAUS!” but then I rewatched the scene again and um he is like 100 times more hotter. I wouldn’t mind Alaric as Klaus for a little while longer. Just as long as nothing happens to him because then I will seriously cut a bitch.
Colleen: OMG OMG OMG OMG! For a few minutes after this EPIC scene actual words were not spoken in this house. At first I thought Alaric was dead, or dying. Which lead to cries of “no no no no”, but then it turns out he’s just possessed by Klaus. Which, while I think will lead to his death *sobs* is really freaking hot.
Cin: Based on a number of factors both on the show and well, stuff – I’m like 90% sure that Ernesto isn’t going anywhere. He might change, but as far as death? I don’t think so. Which of course calms me down about the entire situation. He’s just not one of the characters I’m worried about. Let’s focus on Elijah worry. THAT is worrysome. Although I bet before the end of next weeks episode they #pullthedagger out because after Bonnie fights Klaric (see extended preview here) they will realize they have to get the dagger if they have chance. Am I grasping? Do I want Elijah back so badly that I am losing perspective? *shrug*
Colleen: Ok, I’ll go with that. Only because I love Alaric so much. I hope when Klaus unpossesses him he keeps the swagger and accent. 😉 Residual side effects of possession by an Original. Elijah. Blasphemous I know, but  almost forgot about him. (don’t hit me!). I want the dagger pulled out just so he can whip his hair around just one more time. Yeah, I referenced Willow Smith. Deal.
Christina: Wait. Wait. WAIT. 1) You almost FORGOT about Elijah?! *gasp* Oh, Cin! Cin! I can’t see! Oh, I’ve gone blind from shock, and I think I’m getting the vapors! It’s okay, Elijah. Come here. I’ll comfort you. There, there. Mmmm…. Sorry. Where was I? Ah, Klaric! Yeah, I’m not too worried about Alaric biting it, really. I am concerned about Elijah. They NEED that dagger, and there’s only one way to get it. Plus, I think he’ll help. Awesome. And 2) Willow Smith? Really? *sigh* hahaha. I know this is a thing, but I just can’t. I can’t degrade Elijah like that. Yeah, I said it 😛 As a sidenote: If I saw Daniel Gillies doing the “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” motion, I think I would simultaneously die and piss myself.
Cin: We’re slap out of vapors. Ran out while I was in ATL. ;-p

Damon, Damon, Damon…
Cin: Congratulations Damon Salvatore. You’ve been bested in childhood game of hide and seek by the master of douchnozzledom himself: Mason Lockwood. I mean, where is a well full of snakes and vervain when you need one? *shakes head*
Cat: I thought that hiding place was actually pretty clever. lol  Hiding in plain sight and all.
Cin: I kinda thought the same thing, but Damon is taking some massive shit for it online. Notice when Kathi went straight to Damon’s room and started with the like real hiding places. She never would have found it if she hadn’t been in the soap dish. But seriously, why not just put it under your pillow Damon? LOL
Mel: He definitely could have hidden the moon stone in such a better place than in a soap dish. I mean come on now! But then again the last place someone would look would be in a soap dish, right? Katherine is just a smart cookie I guess.
Cat: Please.  It was clever.  She didn’t find it right away – she LUCKED on it. Because he knew she’d dig and dig. If he hid it really well, she’d have found it faster.   But really, it was just another reason to get Damon in his bathroom shirtless.
Christina: And you CAN’T complain about that! But I thought it was a little weird too. Like, there are better places to hide it. Like the tank on the toilet. Do vamps even use the toilet? Why would she think to look there? Whatever, it moves the plot along, haha.
Colleen: I still think a hide-a-key rock would have been less obvious,  but if the end result is shirtless Damon…who am I to argue?
Cin: How can any of us argue with being able to mark the Holy Grail of Squares on #VDBingo? We can’t. But yes, I think a hide-a-key rock would have been a MOST excellent idea. Decorative soaps? How very prissy of you Damon! LOL
Christina: What? Man likes to be clean. LOLS FOREVER.
Colleen: Bless his fancy soap lovin heart!

Ju-Ju Manor
Christina: And the Horror Movie Moment Award goes to Bonnie and Jeremy and that bizarro house. The whispering was giving me flashbacks of a certain island, and there’s already enough WTFery around here. I don’t need it. And then the house practically expelling Damon and slamming the door in his face? I’m surprised we didn’t hear “GET! OUT!” whispered all creepily just before. But so this is the place where all the witches were sacrificed, right? In the house? In the basement? What is this, Amittyville Horror 2: Ju-Ju Manor? Is Bonnie going to kill everyone and blame it on the dog?
Cat: I loved that the house spit Damon out like a bad seed.  I wouldn’t have liked it if he were really hurt, but I like the witchiness of it all.  I like witches in general – so much more accessible than vampires.  Not as hot though. So, were the witches burned on the land under the house? Cuz it’s hard to burn people IN a house.
Cin: I think they burned them in the spot over where the house was built. The house was probably built over the spot, stayed haunted and is now appropriately abandoned.
Christina: That’s what I was thinking! I liked the witchiness of it. That was pretty cool. I was just confused on the fact that this was “The Place” they’ve been looking for. Like, why are they all trapped in that house?
Colleen: Those witches sure have been harboring a lot of anger all these years. I hope all this lore leads to something really good. I mean, Bonnie’s on my “probably gonna die” list. Not necessarily a bad thing. I just hope this witchiness doesn’t turn it to something super lame.
Christina: Well, at least it’s not fairies.
Colleen: Praise Jeebus!
Cin: Bonnie is at the TOP of my “probably gonna die” list, but that aside I am also curious about the witchiness aspect. I’ll be honest, most of the time the witchiness on TVD is kinda hokey. Daddy Warlocks impressed us plenty and last night new Klaus witch Maddox showed us his worth (and OMG! He’s white? Or is his mixed? Because if he’s all white, is that like a different kind of witch all together? This show should really be ashamed of making us classify it thusly, but it does bear some thought) – all in all I’m kinda optimistic, but fail to see how any witch will be the saving grace against Klaus. He has at least 2 powerful witches of his own. Ms. Bonnie might have the power now, but does she have the know how? I doubt it.
Cat: Bonnie’s on the top of of my “Hope she dies” list.
Christina: No, she doesn’t. And the whole “I wasn’t born to make features float” or whatever she said made me roll my eyes. Girl, Daddy Warlocks gave you your powers back and then some, but how is one 17-year-old witch supposed to face down the King of Originals and his 2 badass witches? Yeah, she’s dead. Also, the actor who plays Maddox is Gino Anthony Pesi. Looks white to me. OMG WHAT HAS KLAUS STUMBLED UPON?!
Mel: I seriously loved the whole witchiness going on in that house. It was super cool. Although, I will add that sometimes all the witch stuff that does happen on this show is cheesy and eh. But this was cool. Also, I agree with Cin. Bonnie is for sure on the “probably gonna die” list but I highly doubt that will happen because one way or another Elena or someone else is going to find out what she may or may not do with the information that was given to her.
Christina: I honestly wouldn’t really care if she died. But I don’t think she will. Because we know that she HAS to die in order for them to kill Klaus, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Why alert us to something 6 weeks in advance? I could be wrong, but I just feel like something/someone will save her/keep her from dying *shrug*
Cin: I think she’s gonna be a ‘big death’. Don’t know why or how, but it’s in my gut. Just putting that out there.
Christina: Everyone take note. Cin’s gut is usually pretty good about this kind of stuff. Just out of spite, though, I’m going to maintain that she won’t die 😉
Cin: You can have your spite, missy. I’ll take being right *cough* as usual *cough*

Petrova Fire
Christina: Ha ha pun!
Cin: Raise your hand if you knew THAT was going to end badly. BUT, how badly it went… WOWSER. hehe
Cat: So, I thought the first half of that show last night was meh. So meh, I picked up a book. I got really interested when Isobel turned on Kathi and then went up in flames.
Colleen: Yeah, the mindfuckery totally kicked into high gear the 2nd half. So much so, I got confused as to who was compelling, helping, tricking who. My brain actually hurt.
Christina: Yeah, I started getting confused around this point too. Kathi plays everyone, so that contributed to it. And it all culminated to my shocked gasp when Isobel caught fire. Did not expect that.
Cin: Christina & I were having a major BBM discussion about when to call the ‘Kathi is lying.. Again’ square for #VDBingo. Then she outed herself while talking to Isobel. She admitted to lying to the Salvatores which even if she was lying to Isobel instead – bitch was still lying. Talk about trying to work all angles. Sheesh. She did a very convincing turn as Elena again, and I’m curious what threw her off to Stefan after the switch. Was she walking too fast in those heels? Did she call Damon with too much ease? Did she not stop to care for one second about everyone else before her own tail? DING DING DING. I think that is the winner.
Christina: You’re on to something. Reviewing the squares last night I was surprised that we didn’t have any reason to mark the “Elena the Protector” square. There was opportunity in that scene, but it was Kathi. That probably tipped him off. I mean, I saw her grab Elena so she could steal her clothes, but even I was momentarily convinced it was Elena until I remembered. She also called Damon with too much ease. Do you think Kathi is getting desperate? I feel like she’s never been this sloppy before…
Cat: It was the snark.  Elena is never so carefree about anything – she’s worry worry worry all the time.  Kathi however tosses off bad news, one liners and general bitchiness blithely.
Mel: That is definitely true! She was way too “Oh someone just died. Oh well” Elena would have wanted to know what was happening and try and help in some way or another.
Cin: Yep, I think that was what gave her away. Elena is too concerned for everyone else to be like, ‘let’s move’ and even though she outwardly loathes John, no way Elena wouldn’t have had a reaction. I think Stefan knew before they left the house but he wanted to get Kathi away from witnesses.
Christina: Agree. She is sloppy. Katherine of a few episodes would have realized this, I feel. Oh well. Her slip up is our boys’ gain.

99 Problems, and the bitch ain’t one. Because she burnt the fuck up!
Christina: I feel like we should also break out the Wizard of Oz song here. I know, I know, she was compelled and all that, and she actually did show that she was feeling guilty and remorseful, and that’s why she killed herself, but she was selfish. Maybe she thought she was being altruistic, doing her research and going to find Klaus and all that, but there’s a lot of abandonment issues surrounding all her actions. Meh. I still don’t like her.
Cat: This was a source of great confusion for me. Did Klaus compel her to off herself when he was through with her? Or did she really kill herself? One btw is way more awesome than the other.
Cin: I’m truly not sure. Like he could have told her to make her peace and then do it. Why would she end herself? Just out of guilt? I’m not buying it. That selfish biatch loved herself way too much for that. For now I’m going with compelled with a twist.
Christina: No, I don’t think he did. I figured it was all part of her guilt. HOWEVER, holy schnikes. If he DID, then he had to have also compelled her to say all those heartwarming, truthy things to Elena. OMG. Do we have an evil bastard original with a heart of gold?? No. Surely not. Right? Right?? Unless it’s all part of the game in which case, Klaus, you fucking BAMF.
Colleen: See I think he did compel her. Her services were no longer needed. I felt like once the hewitch gave her the code word, it was time for her to off herself. Kind of like hypnotism.
Mel: Yeah I for sure think Klaus compelled her to off herself. No way was that her idea.
Cat: Yeah, the read I got from that scene was he compelled her to off herself “I’m free?” but she either fought through it enough to say a few things or he let her or whatever but that was not Isobel’s free will.
Cin: Yep. That’s what I think. This is KLAUS compulsion. Different than your everyday compulsion. Shizz got layers, yo!
Christina: See, once she got off the phone with hewitch, I figured that was the end of the compulsion. He let her go. So the killing herself was all on her. But you guys make a valid point. The whole “you’re done” thing may have just been a code word. Anyone feel like there’s a real chance we’ll get compelled through the TV? Because, damn. He’s got powers I can’t even begin to understand.
Cin: Opening up the can of worms to BEFORE she became a crispy critter – Isobel’s web this entire episode: heck, maybe even to before we met her OR maybe even before she became a vampire was a deep well of mindfuckery. I genuinely wonder what kind of character nuances we could have seen out of a decent actress in this part. But alas, I guess we’ll never know.
Christina: Oh, well. I don’t care, haha.

Matty the Mole! *sobs*
Cin: Oh my creys!!!! (sorry, had to get that out of the way)
Cat: Is Caroline so bad at compelling? Did her mom still have vervain in her system?
Cin: I’m pretty sure her compulsion was in place, but when Matt started running his mouth to Sheriff Mom, she got suspicious & made him her stooge. Remember that before she was compelled by Caroline in 2.06 she had come around to accepting Caroline. She’s not there anymore. She’s in the same spot she was in the second she found out the first time. The whole ‘My daughter is dead’. Fools! Caroline is more alive than she has EVER been. And more awesome than 99.7% of the worlds mammals.
Christina: Motherfucking word. It broke my heart to watch these scene. This show rarely makes me teary, but right before Caroline “compelled” him, I was just waiting for my eyes to well up. When he screamed that he wanted to forget. Oh lordy! It kills me that this is falling apart for our dear Caroline. Matty, I thought you were better than this! (I know. I get it. I understand where he’s coming from, but still. Hmph!).
Cin: This stone cold bitches eyes were MORE than misty. Candice Accola & Zach Roerig just SHRED ME.
Colleen: I got really emotional at the scene with Matty and Sheriff Mom. No Matty, NOOO don’t be that guy who rats our your vampire girlfriend to her mom. The whole confrontation/conversation of Caroline and Matt just killed me dead. I was really hoping he was trying to understand. Sadly, he was spying for Sheriff Mom.
Christina: This makes me really nervous, especially when Klaus’ visit is so imminent. Like, what kind of trouble are they going to cause. I’m guessing Sheriff Mom won’t go to Damon for help now, despite her schoolgirl crush. I was going to say I hope he throws them in our basement, but they’re both on Vervain, so compulsion is out. Fuck me.
Cin: Ah, but they can do what they did last time and make them wait out the vervain… I’m thinking the problem will be that all of the ‘in the know’ peeps will be so busy and distracted, they won’t even REALIZE that Sheriff Mom and Matty are against them until they get blindsided at the worst possible time. DRAMA!
Mel: Oh Matty.. Poor, poor Matty. My heart literally broke twice last night because of him. I can’t believe Sheriff Mom is making Matty spy. I seriously don’t like any of this one bit. I’m nervous as well.
Cat: When Matt got in the car, I missed the sirens and just saw the outline of hair….I thought “Why is he in a car with Damon” HAHAHAHAHA  I have no strong feelings for anyone in this storyline, sorry.
Cin: *gasp* I begrudgingly knew of your disinterest in our Matty, but what about Caroline? Plus this could rock the house of cards that is EVERYTHING. I mean, supposedly Caroline told Matt everything about herself and Vicki. That means that now Sheriff Mom and Matt know about the Salvatore brothers, Tyler, Bonnie – everything! The ripple off this is massive, or at least has the potential to be for serious.
Cat: I like Caroline, but if that bitch sold out the Salvatores to Matt, she’s dead to me.  I’m obvs concerned about the implications of the storyline across the canvas, but I don’t care who lives or dies in it.
Cin: She didn’t sell them out. Stefan & Elena know all about her telling Matt and not wanting to compell him because she loves him. They had a whole 3 way convo about it just last night.
Cat: I’m specifically talking about Vicky and how she died. Not the vamp thing.
Cin: Pretty sure Stefan knows she’ spilling that too. I mean, it’s Matt – Caroline has to have told him why he was so upset. That was Damon. Damon who played with Vicki (who shall we point out had 1 foot in the grave anyway b/c she was a loser junky). On the flipside Damon also saved Caroline’s life and has saved Elena’s on countless occasions. We’ve talked about this before. Matt getting over these things is huge – but now isn’t the time for half truths. I honestly believe that if Sheriff Mom and her vampirehate hadn’t gotten in Matty’s ear, this convo could have gone down differently. At any rate, once Matt is faced with how severe this situation is to EVERYONE he has left in this world, he will come around I think.
Christina: The only problem there is that right now he doesn’t think that he HAS anybody. He even said this to Caroline, and I don’t think that was part of his schtick. He has no connection to Sheriff Mom, who is the only person left on his side. So it may take him a while to realize all this.
Cat:  I’m sorry, that’s ridiculous. So those dumbasses thought he’d be able to handle that Damon killed his sister no problem?  Or do they not care that Damon v. Matt is a disaster? Junkie or not, she’s his sister.
Cin: I tend to agree there. I never thought he’d take that easily. But we also don’t know what all Caroline has told him. What questions he asked. Who and what he knows about. I kinda feel like we are flying blind until we actually know what all he & now, Sheriff Mom, know for sure as well as what they plan on doing with that information.
Cat: Yes. That’s why she’s not dead to me yet 🙂
Cin: Caroline is perfect. Honestly, I don’t care if she did/does betray Damon. Sometimes Damon deserves to be betrayed, I mean look back at what he did to Caroline. He compulsion raped her repeatedly. And she remembers that. But she holds no malice – how great is that? She just wants to be honest with the boy she loves. I can’t fault her for that even though the plan or lack-thereof is full of holes.
Cat: I like Caroline well enough, but she’s no Damon.  And really, if Matt doesn’t “get over it”, who wins in Damon v. Matt?
Cin: Nobody is Damon. Duh, but I honestly believe that Caroline is just as important, interesting and pivotal to the story now as Damon, Stefan & Elena are. At least to me she is. She’s a vampire now, she’s embraced that. So I think her first loyalty is to herself and her kind. Not necessarily Damon specifically, but she will not let herself be sacrificed or hurt by anyone if she can help it.
Cat: She’s waaaay better than Stefan.
Cin: LOL – Behave! 😉
Cat: No, I won’t. 🙂  My point is not about Caroline really – I think she makes the show that much better. My point is there is no way, NO WAY telling Matt the truth about Damon & Vicki is in her or Matt’s best interest. They can write it, but it won’t sell.
Cin: She might have discussed this with Elena & Stefan and they might have all agreed to lie to him about exactly which vamp killed Vicki. Long story short, he knows already that Vicki was most likely killed by vamps. If she tells him nothing, she looks guilty herself. I think once she fixes the trust between them, everything else will fall into place in time.
Christina: “In time” being the operative phrase.

John Gilbert has a soul? Who knew?
Christina: Gurrl, I still don’t trust him completely. Maybe because we’ve spent so long NOT trusting him. Though, that scene with him and Elena and the whole “you’re the only parent I have left” thing was really touching.
Colleen: UncleDaddy douchebag is still non-trustworthy in my book. So. Many. Lies. I really want him to be for real dead. Someone take the damn ring off him and kill him.
Cin: It is a testament to David Anders that I was thisclose to getting misty in his final plea to Elena. Not that I needed a David Anders testament, because as an Alias fan I knew of his skills – but still. No, I don’t trust him completely, but he softened me. Maybe I was still hung over from the Car/Matty, but I want to believe him. But yes, someone needs to steal that damn ring. I’m surprised as all hell that Damon hasn’t stripped him of it yet as payback.
Christina: Yeah, why DIDN’T he take the ring? Does he really think he serves that much of a purpose in keeping Elena safe? He must. I don’t know. That surprised me too. But I was so excited (is that morbid?) when Uncle Creeper fell down the stairs and they were like “he’s dead!” But then I remembered he was wearing the ring and I was disappointed. 😦
Colleen: Sadly, he’s still a better parent than that fucking pity party of one nutcase Jenna. Sure she’s pissed at Elena and the fucking world. But what did Jeremy do to deserve her bailing?
Cin: Word to ya’ mother! (or father, whatever… lol) Jenna is just a disaster. I can’t believe she just took off like that. If Elena lied to her it wasn’t to be malicious. WHY wouldn’t your teen ward tell you her birthmother was alive? Let’s not even LISTEN to our nieces teenage drama. Grad-school guardian drama is MUCH more serious. *nods* I mean, Jenna has a THESIS to write you guys. Jesus.
Christina: Hahahaha. For real. And okay, so what? If Elena lied, how about you, oh, I don’t know, GROUND HER? Not that it would do any good, but still. Discipline, Jenna. Jeez. Or, here’s an idea. You kick Alaric out. Ban him from the house. Because that’s the other part of that issue, isn’t it? That Isobel was his wife? Don’t tell me that’s not what finally made her break down and cry. Child.
Colleen: Exactly. How in the hell did she get and keep custody of these kids anyway? Worst. Guardian. Ever. They’re underage. You can’t just freakin leave them! Where’s the freakin Mystic Falls DCS when you need them? Maybe the show should introduce a social worker character. This town needs one!
Christina: They may already have one. What other Founding Families are there?
Mel: Yes! The whole John and Elena moment was sweet. It was for sure an “aw” moment. But I don’t trust John at all! Never have, never will. He will have to do something really fantastic like die for Elena before I trust him. Even  then I probably wouldn’t, haha. And um, why didn’t Damon take the ring from John when he brought him back to the house after he “died”? Stupidness!
Cat: Word on the Jenna sucks bit, and the David Anders bit.  Uncle daddy creeper may be a douche, but he might be helpful someday unlike Flouncy McOutofthehouse. Yeah, what would have happened to John if Damon had taken off the ring pre re-animation?
Cin: I bet he wouldn’t have re-animated and Damon having the hand in Uncle Daddy Creeper’s death would be bad. Esp right after Elena watched Isobel burn. So best he didn’t. LOL
Christina: That’s a good point. I think Damon learned his lesson that he shouldn’t kill members of Elena’s family.
Mel: That’s a valid point. I didn’t even think about that. Either way, they need to get that ring back from John.
Cin: Or get Bonnie to make a few more Gilbert type rings. I propose one for Alaric & Matty. PRONTO.

Doing the Deeds
Cin: There sure was a lot of talk last night about real estate. Deeds. Forclosures. Living arrangements…
Colleen: How much f’ing real estate in MF has Elena listed as the owner? Is the house she & Jer live in in her name? There’s the lake house. The mystery Isobel house. Now the y’alls house. She’s a teenage real estate mogul ala Richie Rich. Who knew?  She needs a monacle and a construction crew to follow her around as she takes over a razes every home in MF.
Christina: Haha annexing property FTW. But seriously, the Salvatore’s giving Elena their house was a really wise move. She owns it, she gets to invite people in. It’s about damn time! I’m tired of supernatural creatures just waltzing in and out of our house! Though, I mean, they could have just put Cin and I on the lease! SHEESH! We pick up their messes, sign for their fresh blood deliveries. BUT NOOOOO.
Cin: I still think we should have been the first choice. WE aren’t being hunted by the worlds most originalist of vamps and his witchy army. Miss Gilbert is. Just sayin.
Colleen: You are both under appreciated fo’ sho’. One day those boys will figure it out. Until then the hidden cameras in the bedrooms and showers are reward enough 😉
Christina: Word. I mean, maybe they were nervous because Damon keeps catching me in the basement. I’m just checking on Elijah, jeez!
Cin: He keeps catching you in the basement? *blink* Ummm… How have we been missing each other? Slut. :-p
Christina: Bitch, you been mackin’ on my man?! Is this going to have to come to fisticuffs? 😉
Cin: You can’t handle me and you know it! But Elijah sure can… *meow*
Mel: This whole section just makes me laugh and that’s pretty much all I have to say about it haha.
Cin: After a reaction post & episode like this, that’s about all any of us can do.

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9 Responses to Reactions: Ep. 2.17 “Know Thy Enemy”

  1. claudia says:

    I agree that it was about damn time that the Salvatores give Elena the house. With how many vampires just waltz in there, you’d have thought they would’ve done that sooner. Back in season 1, Pearl actually asked Damon why a human didn’t own the house.

  2. Hetal says:

    this for u all for general awesomeness and badass recaps. .
    Elijah whips his hairs 😉

  3. rehabber says:

    What Bonnie said was she was not born to make “feathers” float. She is one I will not cry over if she dies, stopped liking her when she got so judgy about the vamps getting out of the tomb that her and grams screwed up the spell. She always blames everyone else for her screw ups. If she dies Jer may need to rethink having a girlfriend, they all die. lol I am thinking he will be the one to pull the dagger out of Elijah to get him to help keep Bonnie safe.
    Remember the guy Isobel had working for her also said I’m Done when he stepped in front of the truck, I do think she was compelled and turn about is great. lol
    I know this won’t set well, but Matt is another character I would not cry over if he gets killed. Have never liked him and Caroline together, just no sparks there for me. She is much better with Tyler. Matt is even more broody than Stefan, if that is even possible. For him to betray Caroline like this is not cool.
    In the scene where Elena was talking to John, did you notice the buttons on her blouse, open way down at first, then closed, then open, then close….someone was not paying attention to clothing detail for continuity..just thought that was funny. Did not notice it until watching the 5th time. As far as Jenna goes, remember when she tells Stefan to keep the door open to Elena’s room, but lets Jer have Vicky sleep over. Great “parent” that one. Another one I would not cry over if she dies. Ric needs to get John’s ring back, Damon does not have many friends and he needs to keep Ric around and I NEED Ric to stay around, love him and Damon together.

  4. atsi shah says:

    so i read everything and i watched it and i cant beilieve what shitt just took place!!! i mean the whole klaus deal? wtf? that was so suprising i had my mouth open the whole time. and when isobel took off her necklace and burned up, i felt remorse because she knew so much and even tho she was a bitch i feel that elena would have needed her in the end. i didnt get the whole matty deal. i think the sheriff remembers everything because could it be possible that she also became a vamp but she doesnt want to tell anyone? and how could the sheriff suspect that caroline is a vampire? she was compelled… im so confused<– a little help please! and also i felt that damon was a little sloppy when he took john and told the mayor and sheriff about the ring… everyones getting suspicious and right nows not the moment for damon to worry about little things like that -____________-

  5. atsi shah says:

    oh and one more i think julie plec said that 3 charcters were gonna die…. im not sure but i think that since isobel died i have a few people on my list that may also die….
    -uncle john
    -possibly jeremy
    and when elena was gonna pick up that thing for jenna the sheriff was talking about blood and the mayor asked if it was a vampire wat was that about? i didnt understand that part

  6. Paige says:

    with the whole Damon comments… in a previous episode he called the moonstone a “moonstone bar of soap” so I kind of guessed where it would be hidden… but did anybody else notice how many bars of soap he actually had in his bathroom! ha… but anything to see him topless is worth it, I had kind of hoped he would have it on him at all times or something… Katherine couldn’t find it then 🙂 but this episode was certainly an OMG! one. That whole Klaus/Alaric thing… well… had me confused for many hours… loved it and can’t wait for next weeks 😀
    I’ve never commented on this site before, so I just thought I would mention that I love this site and visit it every day just for the quotes 🙂 keep it up 🙂 .x.

  7. mak75231 says:

    You guys actually sat still for the boys deeding YOUR HOUSE over to Elena! WTF? Oh, well, she’s there most of the time, anyway (as long as you don’t change out the linens to a bunch of toile prints and Laura Ashley–blech!).

    There were lots of options for me to choose the Woobie Word of the Week–bitch, epileptic fit, alcoholic binge, banana peel–fess up. Who EVER thought you’d hear Damon use the words “banana peel” in a sentence on TVD? ROFL One of his best lines this week was, “Screw you, too, Emily!” However, in deference to his cutesy delivery style, I waited till late in the ep and have selected PISSED as this week’s Woobie Word of the Week. Enjoy!

  8. G says:

    This reaction is wonderful and hilarious. Klaus possessing Alaric is crazy and sort of cool- it is an incredible ending to a great episode- but also really bad for Alaric (and well, everyone) and I hope he comes out of it ok. I think I’ll want to give Alaric a hug.
    I love Elijah! It’s awesome to see all the Elijah-love on this site, and #pullthedagger is right on, hopefully he will be sans dagger-in-chest and back in action in Mystic Falls soon. I am totally looking forward to the 2.19 flashbacks. So, thank you all!

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