#VDBingo 2.17 “Know Thy Enemy”

That episode titles makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE NOW. Damn. I mean damn. There were so many twists and turns. I’m usually pretty good about guessing what’s going to happen, but this show threw me for a loop more than once tonight. Well done, show! I am IMPRESSED. I mean, where to even begin? Isobel’s guilt, Kathi’s lying (as per usual), Matty. Oh, god, Matty. And Alaric?! I need to lie down. I’m glad we have until morning to do our reactions post because I’m going to need a while for this to all sink in.

Anyway, so because this episode was so full of EVERYTHING, we got a lot of squares this game. I know there were a lot of shout-outs on Twitter from people getting bingo. So how did you do? Here is the list of tonight’s officially marked squares: (15 total)

  • Damon is SHIRTLESS!
  • Someone just died. (I was NOT expecting either of them.)
  • Katherine and Elena are doppelgangers. What? Why?! HOW?!
  • Matty = SICK OF IT
  • Horror Movie Moment
  • Magically Delicious is, well, DELICIOUS! (Free Space)
  • MIND BULLETS and other witchy-juju!
  • Caroline not human? AS IF!
  • Kathi is lying. Again.
  • Jenna is an outstanding example of good parenting. /sarcasm
  • Aww, Jer’s being all supernatural sidekick-y. Cute.
  • Boy Bling Alert!
  • Brotha-ly love!
  • Pity Party of One

Our house master card was SO CLOSE, but no bingo for us. Hope you all fared better. If you got bingo, be sure to shoot us an email (our address is over there on the right), telling us you won. Be sure to include your card number, and put “VDBingo 2.17” in the subject line!

Welp, I’m off to gather my wits. There was just so much. So much…

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3 Responses to #VDBingo 2.17 “Know Thy Enemy”

  1. Allie says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner
    Sending off my Bingo card number now 🙂

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