The SBH Exclusive: There Will Be Death, And We Know Who’s Gonna Die, Brotha!

As you know, Cin went to EyeCon last week, and although a full recap/review is most likely not in the cards for us — other people have reviewed the event, and have reviewed it well (like @EyemJusMe66, @IHeartTVD, and of course @tvdnews) —  we just couldn’t wait any longer to reveal this excellent tid bit. A reliable source confirmed to us EXACTLY who is going to die in the upcoming episodes, and we’re going to share it with you.

This is a HUGE SPOILER WARNING. Continue reading if you dare!

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Gotcha, guys! Baaahahaha! Please, like anyone tells us anything. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather “OMGWTFINDOORBBQ!” while I’m watching it. I don’t like to be spoiled. We don’t actually know who’s going to die. We do have a few theories though. We’ll just have to wait and see if any of them are true.

So, tell us. Did we get you? And while you’re commenting, why don’t you tell us who you think is going to die. Start a little healthy discussion, and all that. 😉

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15 Responses to The SBH Exclusive: There Will Be Death, And We Know Who’s Gonna Die, Brotha!

  1. mak75231 says:

    Well of COURSE you got me! I didn’t get to go so I read EVERYTHING! And Cin was hangin with the “in” crowd! lol I’m hoping for Uncle John to bite the dust once and for all, and Isobel could go back to wherever she came from as far as I’m concerned, too! Mommy Dearest, NOT! And a word to Tyler–we know you’re coming back, just DON’T BRING JULES WITH YOU!

  2. Dayna Barter says:

    If we’re talking series regulars, my top guesses would be Matt, Alaric, or Bonnie. Maybe Tyler, but I think they’ll keep him to explore the vampire-werewolf romance thing.

    For guest stars: John is a likely candidate, as are the witches that Klaus is bringing with him. Jules as well, maybe Andie, although I really hope they are going to do something cool with Andie rather than her just being Damon’s chew toy.

    Wild cards: Either Klaus or *sob* Elijah, but really, they’ve killed Elijah three times already; I think it’s someone else’s turn. And as much as they like Nina Dobrev as Katherine, there’s really no organic in-story reason at this point to keep her around. I’d be okay with her dying.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Have you crawled up in mine & Christina’s brains? Basically every convo we have about this very thing (and trust me, there are A LOT) leads us to pretty much all of these type of conclusions. 😉

      • WORD! I’m like 84% sure that John is going to bite it for real. Isobel, I just hope she dies. Klaus is a definite possibility, though I honestly think it’d be a shame to waste him in 4 episodes or however long we see him. They may just fool us into thinking he dies. But what do I know? haha

        If they bring back Elijah only to for-real kill him, there will be HELL to pay. The rage fires are already burning behind my eyes just thinking about it.

        I honestly wouldn’t be too bummed if Bonnie died, though I don’t think she will. She can be useful. Also, how much would it suck to be Jeremy? Three of his girlfriends in, like, under a year kicking it? Harsh.

      • Dayna Barter says:

        Hee! I’m sneaky that way. 😉

    • rehabber says:

      I am for Matt getting killed, but NOT Ric, he and Damon are just so much fun together. John does need to go and of course Damon needs to rip the heart out of Jules. Kat can go off somewhere for a while, but don’t want her dead, leave her coming back open. Would not bother me if Jenna was gone either, she is really useless as a parent? and for me adds nothing to the show except invite in vamps.

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        We are NOT ‘for’ Matt being killed or dying in any way. Matter of fact, the thought gives us hives – BUT do we think it could happen… unfortunately.

        I personally think the only people who are safe right now are Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Alaric, Jeremy & maybe Jenna. Notice who was missing from that list? Elena. Why? Because I still think there is a chance she could be turned in the finale. Turning to vamp equates dying.

      • Oh, Elena being turned ABSOLUTELY counts as dying. I’m pretty much counting on it 😉

      • rehabber says:

        I agree, that sooner or later Elena is going to become one of the and games. lol

  3. Hetal says:

    its gotto b John and Isobel.
    they have lived more than intended

  4. Elin says:

    Haha! You got me.

    Seeing as Matt (Alaric) has been posting lots of “goodbye-feeling” tweets lately about how much he loves everyone on set it feels like he won’t be around much… Especially now that he hasn’t got that nifty ring anymore either.

    That spoilery pic where Isobel is lunging for John’s neck could mean something, but probably doesn’t as that would be too obvious. On the other hand he along with Jenna and Matt are missing from the funeral looking pics that are flying around. As none is looking particularly sad in those shots I would guess that John or some other non loved person is responsible.

    I acutally think they can drag out the Katherine storyline for quite some time and she’s far too good (in the sneaky way, that it) to get killed, I think she might just find a way to leave when she’s over Stefan. Something I hope will never ever happen. Ahem.

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