Weekend Update: The Wait is Almost Over!

That’s right. We’ve got just under two weeks and TVD will finally be back with the last 6 episodes of Season 2. Holy crud, only 6 episodes left! And so much left for them to cover. We’ve still got a very important vamp to meet, another vamp who needs to become alive again (you hear me?!), some wolfy issues that I’m sure are going to crop up again, not to mention the bio-mommy and -daddy issues lying around. We’re pretty sure the rest of the season is going to be straight-up cray bananas, y’all.

So make sure you’re ready for episode 217 — check out all our reactions and recaps from Season 2 right in our Library. And while you’re there, why not revisit our Save Matty campaign from earlier in the season, or our eulogy for Elijah, or any of our other features. They’re there for your reading pleasure!

Oh, and you know what else new episodes mean? If you said “new VDBingo cards,” you would be CORRECT!! Cin and I are pretty excited about the new squares we’ve added (thanks for giving us suggestions, guys!), and we’ll have a revamped VDBingo Guide to go with them. So stay tuned for that. Things are about to get exciting. 😀

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