Hiatus Thursday: The Dinner Party re-airs! *cries*

What’s up, House Guests?! As you are probably already aware (and I’m sure a lot of you are THERE), this weekend is EyeCon in HOTlanta! Oh, yeah.  😀 Unfortunately, I can’t be there, but I know you’ll party it up enough for all of us stuck here tending house. (Cin, however, will be there representing the SBH. If you can find her, be sure to say hello!) With all this TVD goodness, it’s sure to be a good time!

You know what else is a good time? Rewatching TVD episodes on Hiatus Thursdays! Tonight’s episode is “The Dinner Party.” We at the SBH don’t really like talking about that one (ELIJAH!!!! *weeps*). But you know what? Still a stellar ep. So watch it tonight. And when you’re done and you’re cheering on Team Vamp, or weeping uncontrollably (like me), check out the reactions we had the first time we watched it. Then, if you’re feeling up to it and haven’t yet become a complete blubbering, emotional wreck (like me), you can check out our full, picspamtastic recap of the episode. FUN!

And if you’re looking to relive more awesome TVD moments, be sure to take a peek in our Library, where we keep all our reactions, recaps and features. If you’re nice, maybe Damon will let you have a sip of his fancy scotch. Oooohhh! 😉

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