Episode 216 “The House Guest”

216 “The House Guest”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Elena finds out Stefan’s dirty little secret about being a vicious vamp when he was first turned. Also? A SHITTON of Elijah and info about killing Originals because *sniff* they KILLED him! NOO WHYGODWHY. Alaric killed him, and when that failed (because Elijah is a BAMF), Elena killed him. The dagger UC gave Damon? Yeah, it worked, as long as they keep it in the body. In other news, Katherine manipulates her way out of the tomb (by convincing Damon to kill Elijah). Pissed about what BonBon did to Luka (kidnapping him, drugging him, garnering info out of his head), DaddyWarlocks takes away Bonnie’s powers. Additionally, Bonnie and Jeremy explore more of their feelings for each other. Also: Alaric inexplicably wears eyeliner, and Christina notices that Jeremy has really long eyelashes. Everyone on this show is so damn pretty!

We open in the SBH.

Elena is coming out of the bathroom.

Stefan tries to attack her with romance, and she reminds him that they’re going to be late for school — you know school? The place where you learn stuff, and for which we used to have a VDBingo square? *sigh*

Stefan is being all lovey and kind of tackles her to the bed and she agrees “Okay, 5 minutes.” He’s all “five minutes?!” Yeah, he’s a 150 years old. I think he’ll be able to hold on for more than five minutes, Elena. *WINK*

Downstairs in the sitting room just inside the front door, Damon is sipping some blood when Elena comes out.

He bids her a good morning, but after she responds, he looks at her oddly and she returns the look before he vampspeeds up and pins her against the wall.

Damon: What are you doing here? I told you to leave.
Elena: What’s your problem?
Damon: Wearing new clothes? Like that’s going to work.
Elena: You think I’m Katherine? Why would you think that? Katherine’s in the tomb. Isn’t she?

Damon’s confidence starts to falter and he lets go just as Stefan comes out to investigate the commotion. Elena questions them as to what’s going on,

and Stefan gets this “oh shit” look on his face and rushes back upstairs where Katherine/”Elena” comes out of the bathroom, straightening her clothes from the morning’s romp.

He immediately rushes her and pins her against the wall, choking her. She tells him that he’s hurting her, and he’s all “Stop it, Katherine.”

Hold on. He thinks he’s choking Katherine. She’s a vamp. Even though they never address it in TVD-world, I don’t think vamps have to breathe, right? So unless he’s just trying to cause her some minor discomfort due to a collapsed larynx, WTF good is choking her going to do? (Cin: Shh. It’s in the script.)

So, Elena from downstairs appears in the door way, all, “Stop what?” WHAT?! Katherine downstairs! Elena up! Who’s on first? What’s on second?! Stefan lets go of ELENA’s throat while KATHI is all “It’s getting really easy being you.” Ohhhhhh, snap!


Back in Stefan’s room, Elena is pacing. Elena angry! Elena want answer! Damon explains that when they killed Elijah it freed Katherine from the tomb.

Kathi says Elijah was an Original; he had some pretty awesome powers. She explains that they all need her help to take down Klaus. Elena says she doesn’t want Kathi’s help, and Kathi calls her stupid.

Katherine: Do you know where Klaus is? When he’s coming? What he looks like?

She has a point, though me thinks THEY’LL KNOW.

Damon’s all “If you know something, say it or GET OUT.” Katherine relents and says she’ll just head on to the Mystic Grill. Maybe Jenna will be there for a bite. PUN!


Actually, we’re at the school. Matty’s putting a sign up for a live band at the Mystic Grill. He asks Car if she’s heard from Tyler. She says no, but Matt says Tyler went by the Grill to say goodbye — without really saying goodbye.

Matt didn’t realize it at the time, though. Caroline asks if that’s all Tyler said.

Matty’s all exasperated — yeah that’s all he said. Is there something she wanted to tell him?? Like about them playing doctor or something of that variety (*SHUDDER*)

Caroline: Yeah, I… I mean, no… It’s just not that easy.
Matt: I don’t get it. Since when am I the one who can express himself, and you’re the one at a loss for words?
Caroline: You’re right. I’m sorry.
Matt: You know how I feel. So it’s your move. Just make your decision or leave me alone.

He leaves. OH, CAROLINE!

Outside, Elena and Stefan arrive at school. She wants to know why Kathi is still hanging around if she’s free from the tomb. Stefan suggests that Kathi wants what they want: Klaus dead. Elena says maybe she’s trying to pull Stefan and Damon back into her web. Valid. They need to figure out why.

They DO need her help, even if it sucks, Stefan points out. Elena is nervous about them playing house, though. Stefan suggests they stay at her house. RAWR. But Elena nixes that, at least for tonight. Bonnie and Car are coming over – after losing your magical powers, and having boy problems because you can’t find just quite the right words to tell that special someone that you’re a vamp you just need some girl time. Hey, maybe Kathi can join them!

Stefan smiles and kisses her forehead. Aww.

Back at the SBH Damon is getting on our shit list FAST. He’s found a flamethrower… somewhere… and he’s using it to try to char the remains of Elijah down in the basement.

Elijah caught on fire, but it’s not really working. Just then Kathi comes in.

Katherine: If you’re trying to get the dagger back, you’re wasting your time. He’s indestructible.

Cin & Christina: Well, that’s good to know! RAWR!
Damon: No kidding. How do you know so much about Original vampires?
Katherine: Spend 500 years running from one…

Damon starts to call her on how he told her about wanting to kill Elijah, and she didn’t tell him that using the dagger would kill him. He asks if she knew the rule about the dagger. Did she know he would die? She kind of throws it back in his face.

Katherine: Did Elijah tell you his plan? Did he have a dagger to kill Klaus with?
Damon: *So tired of her crap* Why are you still here?
Katherine: Because you haven’t forcibly removed me.

He holds up the flamethrower in her direction.

Katherine: You wouldn’t.
Damon: Oh, I would.

Katherine: Damon, be smart. I want Klaus dead just as much as you do. More! If I wasn’t being honest about helping, I’d be long-gone by now, okay? You can hate me, but we want the same thing. You know I always get what I want.

He lowers the flamethrower, and she walks out.

Katherine: I wanted out of the tomb. I didn’t care who paid the price. Of course I knew that you’d die.

Damon turns and looks at her and oh, the woobiness in his eyes!

Over at the school, Stefan and Jeremy are telling Bonnie that Kathi is out of the tomb. Stefan warns her that Kathi is getting really good at impersonating Elena. With Kathi back, she needs her powers back.

Stefan wants the Martin’s on their side; they need to learn to work together especially now that Elijah’s out of the picture. Bonnie says it’s impossible — the Martin’s hate them. Stefan wants her to try to organize a little chat for them. He leaves. Before they head to class, Jer wants to give Bonnie a kiss, but she balks.

They check the hallway for Elena before she allows him a quick smooch. She promises to tell Elena soon. Oooh, secret love!

It’s Alaric Classroom PowWow time!

Hey, Guyliner is back! He’s griping about how UC’s been planting hints about Isobel in Jenna’s head, so now she knows he’s lying. Elena says that John’s going to end up dead on the kitchen floor if he’s not careful. What a wonderfully Katherine thing to say, Elena. Alaric says it’s not that easy — he gave him back his ring. Jenna keeps asking questions. How much longer can they keep her in the dark?

Elena is surprised; he wants to tell her the truth? Ric is all, “I’m saying I can’t be with her and NOT tell her. It’s not fair to her and it’s not the kind of relationship I want.” Elena says it’s not really a truth she wanted Jenna to know. She thought they could at least have held off until after they dealt with Klaus. Even then, how do they tell anyone? How do they tell the story? Alaric says it’s Elena’s decision, and he’ll back her in however she decides to proceed. But until then, Jenna and he are done.

Over at the Mystic Grill, the Martins come in. Oh, joy. They’re there to meet Stefan. He thanks them for coming, and DaddyWarlocks says Luka was the one who urged him to meet. Stefan tells them that Elijah is dead and DaddyWarlocks starts to leave.

Bonnie buts in and says they know Klaus has his daughter. She apologizes for the methods she used to get the info, looking straight at Luka. The info was good for them to know, though — they can work together.

If they had a plan to kill Klaus, Stefan wants them to work together to carry it out. He gives them his word. They can trust them.

Back at the SBH, Katherine comes in to where Damon is going through boxes of books. She’s now wearing the same outfit Elena is today. She asks Damon what he’s up to — more pouting? He ignores her.

Katherine: How am I supposed to help you if you won’t tell me what you’re up to?
Damon: Can you tell me where a bunch of witches were massacred in this town a couple centuries ago?
Katherine: No.
Damon: Then you can’t help me.

She reaches for something he’s got laid out on the table, and he smacks her hand away.

She smacks him and it’s kind of cutesy until he grabs her and pins her down on a piano bench, hand around her throat.

Katherine: If it’s any consolation, I’m glad that you’re not dead.

Damon gets off of her.

Katherine: Emily Bennett told me about the massacre. It was a big deal in witch folklore. When a witch dies violently, they release a mystical energy marking the place of their death with power.
Damon: Elijah wanted to know the site of the massacre.
Katherine: What was he going to do when he found it?
Damon: I don’t know. *to Stefan who has entered quietly* What did Papa Witch and Baby Witch have to say?


Stefan asks why Kathi is still there. She’s there to help. Get over it. Stefan explains that Elijah had no weapon to kill Klaus, “but he believed that if a witch could channel enough power, they wouldn’t need one.”

Damon: Like the power you get from a spot marked with a hundred dead witches.
Stefan: We just need to find it.

The Martins are back at their place now. Luka asks what happens if TeamVamp actually FIND the burial ground. DaddyWarlocks has no confidence that that’s going to happen. Luka points out that they have no back up plan. They need to save sister Greta. DaddyWarlocks says they will, but Elijah is the key (And how!), not Stefan and TeamVamp. They’re enemies. Luka asks if DaddyWarlocks is going to kill them.

No, he’s going to let Elijah do it.

ELIJAH!!! Get ready for the second coming of Hotness, y’all.

Over at the House of Giblets, the girls are deciding what to eat for dinner. Caroline whips out an iPad — because this show has to showcase the coolest new piece of technology every ep, eh?

But she’s distracted by a pic of her and Matty (which is obvs a screenshot. Christina’s Pet Peeve #47: Photographs where the character(s) is(are) NOT even looking at the freaking camera and there was only one camera present during pictured scene. This happens ALL the damn time. *huffs*) so BonBon takes it to search for the pizza place.

While she’s searching (which we can see, solely for the point of product placement), Elena is wondering if DaddyWarlocks was sincere. No one is really sure what he believes. Caroline changes the subject — they have to figure out their movie situation.

Car suggests The Notebook, which she’s apparently seen 1000 times. And rightfully so. Romantic as hell. Car can come to our slumber party any day! Just then, Jenna comes in. Elena asks how she’s doing — obvs down in the dumps. Dumps. Get it? Pun.

She asks if this Girls’ Night is an attempt to cheer her up. Not everything is about you, Jenna! But Elena kind of invites her to join. So she does because she’s lonely. Also questionably adult since she wants so badly to hang out with a bunch of teenagers. Whatevs. Blah blah blah Ric’s keeping info on Isobel from her.

Car says maybe he’s trying to protect her, but Jenna doesn’t buy that. Caroline says sometimes getting relationships to work it’s harder than just telling the truth. Jenna says not if it’s someone you care about.

Womp womp.

Always the bright light in a dark tunnel, Car suggests they go dancing — there’s a band at the Grill tonight!

Back at the Martin abode, DaddyWarlocks and Luka are setting up candles for a nice candlelit dinner some sort of witchy-juju.

DaddyWarlocks says he would “go” but Luka isn’t strong enough to “send” him. DaddyWarlocks is warning Luka to “stay anchored” and to use all DW’s energy.

They join hands as if to arm wrestle, but with both hands and arms. DW tells him to concentrate on Elijah. Done. Easy. I’m ready. Next? DW starts mumbling witchy-juju mumbo-jumbo again, as he’s wont to do.

And suddenly Luka is in our HOUSE! WTF?!

He sees “Elena” and Damon, who are reading journals. DaddyWarlocks says if Elijah is there, Luka will sense him. He’s got to stay focused. Luka walks off, and we stay with Damon and Kathi.

Kathi gets up from her chair and leans over the back of the couch Damon is sitting on. She reads over his shoulder from the journal. Apparently Emily was taken to the area where her ancestors were buried over 100 years prior. Kathi explains that Emily died on the site of the massacre too.

She tries to take the journal from Damon’s hands, asking if it says where. He wrenches the journal out of her grip. Nope. It doesn’t.

Damon: You know this whole friendly, cooperative thing? I don’t buy it.
Katherine: I have no reason to lie to you, Damon.
Damon: Lie!

Kathi announces she’s hungry, and Damon sends her off to go feed herself.

As she’s by the cooler full of bags o’ Soccer Mom, Luka is there being creepy! Kathi must sense something because she whips around, but Luka isn’t there.

She looks around suspiciously.

Out in the sitting room, Stefan comes back out. No luck in the journal he was reading. He asks if Damon found anything in his.

Damon says no, but he hands Stefan the journal, pointing to apparently useful information. Stefan reads, looks up at Damon a little shocked and holy-crappy but says “That’s too bad.”

They give each other brotherly, conspiratorial eyebrow raises. Heh. Cute.

Their little play was for naught, really, as Kathi is still in the basement. She’s come to the room where Elijah is laid out on the floor.

Luka is kneeled by Elijah’s body as she comes in, but she sees nothing. He’s there in mind, so he’s all invisible and shit. This is probably the most awesome witchy-juju ever. I need to figure out how to do this shit! So I can do some… important… things… *shifty eyes*. So Kathi is about to leave when she hears something.

She spins around and sees the dagger coming out of Elijah’s chest and I’m so freaking excited and cheering Luka on I may keel over.

But them she jumps on him! LAME!

In the Martin house, Luka is telling DaddyWarlocks that “Elena” is fighting him. She’s stronger than him. DaddyWarlocks says it’s not Elena, it’s Kathi!

Luka stops trying with the dagger, and Kathi looks around. She checks that Elijah is still dead while InvisiLuka finds the wooden torture chair and breaks it to make a stake.

She calls out to Damon, and he makes it there just in time to see a big hunk of wood sticking out of her chest.

For a split second I think/hope he’s just going to leave it there, but then he has to go and pull the stake out, all “What happened?” But Luka is at Elijah again, trying to pull out the dagger.

Come on, Luka! Work faster! But Kathi warns Damon, and because he can’t see anything,

he pulls out that fucking flamethrower and lights it up. SBH Mind-over-body Luka catches fire –

and back in the Martin house RealLuka catches fire too! OMG! I mean… HOLY SHISHKABABS, man!

Question. And I’m sorry for getting philosophical on you here… this is related to what’s called the Mind-Body Problem, which is basically the argument of which is more important, more salient. In which does the self reside? That sort of thing. Up until now, Mind was winning. Luka was physically in their apartment, but his Mind was doing all the important stuff. It had the real power, ya dig? But then Damon burns him, and Luka’s “Mind”, his InvisiSelf catches on fire… which then catches his physical Body on fire. WTF? Are the writers saying they are one and the same? Heh. Okay, so I don’t think the writers were trying to make any hypotheses in the field of philosophy. More likely they were going for some more horror movie WTFery which was visually dynamic. PERSONALLY, I think it would have been cooler if InvisiLuka had caught on fire, but RealLuka only suffered death by fire in his mind. He could have been all “I’M ON FIRE! I’M ON FIRE!” and run around screaming, and then he dies without DaddyWarlocks ever seeing flames. That would fuck a person up, you know? You need gore? Fine. Let RealLuka have some burns. That would REALLY fuck someone up, seeing THAT happen. He’d still be dead, only sans the gruesome fire. Perhaps that’s a little esoteric. But you gotta admit it would have been kind of boss, eh? /nerdysoapbox

So Luka runs from the table, and DaddyWarlocks jumps up.

Back in the SBH, Stefan comes in demanding to know what’s going on. Somehow Damon’s figured out it was a psychological witch attack and sends Stefan to investigate.

At the Martin’s, Luka’s still burning so DaddyWarlocks attacks him with a blanket to smother the flames.

Okay, question again: if Damon was still playing with his new flamethrower toy, how would the blanket put Luka out if the source of the flames is elsewhere? Okay, so I guess once the connection was broken between Luka and DaddyWarlocks, Luka was fully at the apartment again, but they never say that. Sometimes you need to say things explicitly, show. Or else I have questions, okay? Moving on 🙂

DaddyWarlocks grabs a spellbook and starts muttering things over his son’s body, but to no avail. He’s full of desperation, but Luka’s dead.

And all burned, and I don’t really want to see this. Poor Luka. I had finally (just this episode — and solely because of your involvement in trying to make Elijah LIVE again) started to kind of like you.

DaddyWarlocks cries.

Over at the Mystic Grill, the band is playing when Elena and Company come in. This place is hopping! Of course Alaric comes in and Jenna spots him. She announces she needs a drink and walks off. Car spots Matt, and he walks right by her, ignoring her.

Bonnie’s all “things just got REAL awkward.” Heh.

At the bar, Ric approaches Jenna, but she’s not interested.

Tonight her date is Señor Tequila. Atta girl, Jenna. Way to be a positive role model. Ric makes a joke about Señor Tequila not treating her well and she’s all “pot, meet kettle” and starts laying into him about his secrets. He thinks she can’t handle the truth his secrets? He’s wrong! Last year she was a grad student, and now she’s a parent. Um, Jenna. Let’s use airquotes around that new job title. Whatevs; she walks away.

Back with the girls, Bonnie reminds Caroline that the ball is in her court. She’s afraid of all the secrets, but Elena points out that maybe they’re hurting people anyway, so maybe it’s best to just let everyone in on the secrets. The band ends their song and Car gets an idea.

She rushes the stage and takes over the microphone. She starts talking about “this guy” who wants her to tell him what she’s feeling and all that. She announces that she’s going to sing.

Uh oh, a close up of an eye. She must be compelling the lead singer: “You are going to let me live out my rock star fantasies, and you’re going to be my backup.” Hehe, Caroline you are the BEST.

They start playing “Eternal Flame,” and Caroline is so adorable singing it. Such a perfect song choice.

Matty looks impressed. If you listen to the lyrics, I feel like Damon could have been singing this to Elena earlier this season too. Clearly, I’m all about the grand gestures. Matt looks over to Elena for guidance, I guess, and she smiles and nods. Go get ‘er, tiger!

As Car is singing, Matt goes up on stage

and interrupts her by LAYING A BIG KISS ON HER! OMG my heart is melting!!!

And then he dips her! Can this be ANY more adorable?!

Back at Martin apartment, DaddyWarlocks is grunting up a storm while Luka is still dead on the floor.

DW starts whipping out all his Elena memorabilia that he stole from her house that one night (remember?!) and starts chanting again. Stefan finally shows up.

When he opens the door, DaddyWarlocks attacks him with the MIND BULLETS and blames Luka’s death all on him. DaddyWarlocks says he no longer has anything, so he’s going to go destroy Stefan’s everything — namely Elena. RUH ROH!

Back at the SBH, Damon brings Kathi a bag of blood to cure her.


Katherine: What the hell?

Damon: That’s for not telling me the dagger would kill me. *twists stake deeper* Next time, it goes in your heart.
Katherine: Is that how you treat someone who’s trying to help you?
Damon: *pulls out stake* You want to help? Start talking.

She starts telling him that UC and Isobel want Damon and Stefan out of Elena’s life. Damon declares it “Old news.” But UC offered Katherine a deal. He knew killing Elijah would get her out of the tomb. Either she stay and help kill Klaus, or he would kill Stefan.

Damon: But he still tried to have me killed.
Katherine: Right. Part of the deal — I could only save one of you.
Damon: So you chose Stefan. *fights the feelings.* Of course you did.
Katherine: You wanted the truth, Damon. Would you rather I lie?

Oh, woobs.

Back in the Mystic Grill ladies’ room, Car and Matt are mackin’ it like there’s no tomorrow. YAAAAYS! Elena, who accidentally busted in on them, leaves them be

and directs Bonnie away from the bathroom. If they’re happy, Elena’s happy. Bonnie takes this opportunity to bring up Jeremy and her potentially dating him. Elena is taken aback momentarily.

She’s speechless, but says that the Jerm’s experienced pain, but he deserves to be with someone like BonBon.

Awww! Sisterly approval!

Elena’s phone rings and she walks off.

We see DaddyWarlocks come in the door looking all creepy, as usual. Bonnie sees and follows him.

In the SBH, Damon is going after DaddyWarlocks, and Kathi volunteers to go with him.

He says no, and Kathi’s all “I know what we need to do. You need to let me do it.”

At the Mystic Grill, Bonnie approaches DaddyWarlocks.

He’s all “They killed Elijah, and they killed Luka. My only shot at getting my daughter back is if I have Elena.” Bonnie tries to stop him, so DaddyWarlocks ANGRY!

and he blows up some of the lights.

Bonnie refuses to give Elena up, so he blows up all the lights.

In the bathroom, Matt breaks up his and Car’s kiss to go investigate seeing as he’s still ON THE CLOCK and seems to have forgotten. Silly kids with their romantic gestures.

Elena and Stefan come in the bathroom after he leaves. Stefan has a plan.

Out in the bar, Bonnie is still trying to talk DW out of whatever he is trying to do, so he sets the bar on fire.

Like you do.

People are screaming and running. Matt tries to put the flames out with a blanket that they randomly have in the bar. Bon goes down and Matt runs to her. Elena goes to DaddyWarlocks and apologizes for what happened to Luka.

She tries to plead to him to let TeamVamp help get the daughter back. He says only Elijah can do that, but she tries to persuade him otherwise.

Just then Car jumps on him and Stefan and Elena get away.

But DaddyWarlocks MIND BULLETS Car and she goes down! Matty is helping Bonnie out, but when he hears Caroline scream in pain, he runs to DaddyWarlocks. He’s all “get away from her!” and DW… DW… DW… oh god…

DW picks up a bottle and BREAKS it and STABS MATTY IN THE NECK with the broken bottle! MATTY NOOOOOOOOO! OH! THE HUMANITY!!!!!! *faints*

DaddyWarlocks finally leaves and Caroline makes it over to MATT.

She’s OMGing over him, and tries to comfort him. She has to talk herself down from the urge to feed, but she can’t help the CRAZY VAMP EYES, which Matt sees.

He gets a panicked look on his face before Car composes herself enough to bite her wrist and force it to his mouth.

He resists, but she pleads with him, and he drinks.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Bonnie and Jeremy are sitting in the dining room sipping hot cocoa or something. Bonnie can’t believe Luka is dead. Jer says that he doesn’t feel bad about it — especially for all the things Luka did to her.

Just then Stefan and Elena come in, and Jer asks what’s going on. Elena runs upstairs and says Stefan will explain. Hmm… something seems off about her. It’s Kathi, I bet. Stefan asks when they got home and if they checked the house. Jer’s all “why would we check the house?” Jer, I love you, but sometimes you’re an idiot.

Upstairs, “Elena” is looking around cautiously. She stops to take a gander at herself in the bathroom mirror, and washes her hands, but suddenly DW is in the reflection.

He grabs her,

but then she gets CRAZY VAMP EYES and attacks him! Katherine!! I KNEW IT! Stefan and Bonnie make it up the stairs then.

Mouth covered in blood, Kathi’s all “You’re welcome.” Heheh.

Bonnie runs to DW’s body lying on the floor.

Bonnie: You didn’t have to kill him
Katherine: Yes we did.

Bonnie looks down at DaddyWarlocks’ body, and reaches over to close his eyes, when HORROR MOVIE MOMENT #4597: The bad guy always comes back for one more scare!

He jerks back up, and he grabs Bonnie’s head. She screams and Stefan deftly snaps DaddyWarlocks’ neck.

Shizz. Wait. Fuck. NOW who can I rely on to save Elijah?! *cries*

Downstairs, Elena and Damon are there. Elena accuses him of getting Kathi to play along but he says it was her idea. That’s not good. Stefan and Kathi come down the stairs — the deed has been done.

Kathi gives Elena her vervain necklace back. Elena snatches it and turns to Stefan.

Elena: You’re going to have to get her out of here before Jenna gets home.
Katherine: Is that all you have to say to me?
Elena: This doesn’t change the way I feel about you.

Katherine: I don’t much like you either, if we’re going to be open. And frankly, I’d be happy to see you dead, but if we’re going to take on Klaus, we kind of need you to be alive. So I’m not a threat to you, Elena. If any of you are going to believe anything, believe that.


Outside on the porch, Jenna is thanking Alaric for bringing her home. He asks if she’s going to be okay.

Unsolicited, Alaric tells her that “Isobel is dead. There are things about her death that I can’t tell you, that aren’t for me TO tell. You can be upset and hate me. I get it, but just know that I love you. At least I can tell you that much.”

Jenna gets a hopeful look, but stays strong.

She tells him goodnight and watches him leave. Inside, Elena greats her and Jenna says it’s been a weird night. Understatement of the century.

Upstairs, Jer is trying to tell Bon that she’s not alright. Um, she’ll be the judge of that, Jerm. He points out that the only witch that could give her powers back is dead. Ah, good point. They kiss and Bon puts her hand on his chest. She makes the lights flicker. Her powers be back, peoples!

Bonnie: When he grabbed me, he gave me my powers back. And something else. Jonas wants me to kill Klaus.
Jeremy: And did he include a how?

Bonnie: Yeah. He did.
Cin &Christina : ELIJAH!! Welcome to the team, Bonnie!

Back at the SBH, Damon is reading again. Kathi plops down on his bed next to him. He starts saying he can’t figure out how the town knew Emily Bennett was a witch since according to the journals, Johnathan Gilbert was the only one who knew.

Kathi gets this “oh shit” look on her face like Damon’s discovered something… Johnathan didn’t turn her in as a witch… so who did? Kathi shrugs. “Emily was a loose end. I like mine tied up.” Damon is not surprised, really.

Katherine: You know what I can’t figure out?
Damon: Do I care?
Katherine: Why you won’t tell me the site of the witch massacre.

Damon: Because I have no clue.
Katherine: You knew that Emily Bennett was the key to getting me out of that tomb. Something tells me that you did everything in your power to make sure that she was safe, yet you have no idea where she was killed. Who’s the liar now?

Katherine tells Damon he hurt her today, he was mean and monstrous, and yet she seems turned on by this since she’s creeping closer to him.

He assures her that she deserved it. She likes this Damon, though he’s clearly not interested.

She leans in for the kiss. Damon’s like “Katherine, there are six other bedrooms in this house. Find one.”

Christina & Cin: RE-JECTED!

And he pushes her off him, and goes back to reading.

Aww, that’s the cold, closed-off Damon we know. *sigh*

Back at the Forbes’ residence, in Caroline’s room, Matty gasps awake.

He touches his neck and tries to make sense of the fragmented memories. “I drank your blood,” he tells her finally.

Caroline explains that he was dying and she had to save him. The blood healed him. He says he doesn’t understand.

Matt: How can your blood heal me?
Caroline: Because that’s what vampire blood does for humans, and that’s what I am. I’m a vampire, Matt.

He looks really skeptical, but also really shit-scared. He backs away from her even as she assures him that everything will be okay.

She’ll tell him everything, and he’ll understand why she had to keep secrets. They’ll be fine.

Matt: We’ll be fine?!
Caroline: Yes because we’re together, and we love each other.

Matt: Vampires. Oh my god. Vicki, oh my god, at the hospital. I thought she was tripping out!
Caroline: What?

Matt: About vampires. *looks at her coldly* What did you do?

Caroline: What? Nothing. Nothing!
Matt: I need to get out of here!

Matty tries to run, but Caroline heads him off. He grabs her arms.

“What did you do to my sister?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!” OH, noes.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Jenna eating ice cream in kitchen. Elena comes in to join her, but they’re interrupted when doorbell rings. (Sidenote: Ice cream to wash down the tequila? Gross.)

Wait… I know that voice.

Elena comes around the corner and stops dead in her tracks.

“I’m Elena’s mother.” HOLY SHIT it’s Isobel. Elena says her name and you can just see the wheels turning in Jenna’s head.

Ah, crap.

(All screencaps courtesy of crystalcaps at LiveJournal.)

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3 Responses to Episode 216 “The House Guest”

  1. amy says:

    it’s not new clothes but its her clothes.

  2. Izzy says:

    You totally picked up on one of my pet peeves with the whole Kathi/Elena doppleganger fun times. Everyone’s always all “OMG it’s YOU” and I’m sitting there thinking “Hang on a sec, aren’t you all meant to be blood obsessed critters who are listening in to our heartbeats all the frickin time? And STILL you can’t tell that Kat’s, well, dead?!” Gah. Stupid show continuity fail.

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