Reactions: Ep. 2.16 “The House Guest”

Not going to lie. This is another episode that left us feeling a little numb. Maybe it was my continued heartbreak over Elijah, or Cin’s migraine medication, but we both are a bit meh about it. Don’t get us wrong. Some really freaking cool shit went down this ep. There was some INTENSE juju flying around, bitches getting staked, warlocks getting charred, people declaring their love for each other (aww), and enough doppelganger hijinks to go around. But there’s still so much left to learn to entice us to come back for more on April 7 (silly hiatuses). Like Isobel freaking showing up?! Madness. And what’s going to happen with Matty/Peeta and Car, huh?! WE NEED TO KNOW! And Elijah’s not all-the-way-dead. Told you. Celebrate good times, come on — and join us for today’s table discussion of ep 2.16 “The House Guest.” 😉

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Mel and Cat (SBH contributors and friends).

Christina: He’s alive! Kind of. At least… he CAN live again! Point is, he was IN THE EPISODE, which makes me endlessly happy. I didn’t really think we were going to get him at all, at least for an episode or two, and then BAM! ELIJAH’D! Well, kind of. It still would have been nice to see him up and about. I mean, even from a #vdbingo standpoint. His square had become my favorite to mark, and I was sad we didn’t get to. HOWEVER, we did get this tweet from SBH house guest @AbbyGraham: @theSBH I submit that flame-thrower proof hair (hell, being flamethrower proof in general!) should count for “Elijah does it better.” Um, word! 😀
Cin: I think she has a very valid argument. Actually, one of the strongest arguments for a square this season… IF we hadn’t given a free square this round I’d totes say yes. *nods* I mean, the BAMF’s hair is so awesome it is FIREPROOF! That shit is just off the hook awesome. It very much squashed my squee to see Daniel Gillies name in the credits and then they only showed him as a corpse. That earns them a boo-hiss from me for sure.
Christina: He’s still a charming-ass corpse though. *le sigh* The witchy-juju the Martins were executing was kind of badass, being all invisible and trying to take the dagger out. I’m so bummed they didn’t get it out, btw. Like, I’m more bummed they didn’t get the dagger out than I am about them dying. Though that was quite upsetting too. I mean… maybe 4 years at a Catholic university, where I had to be obsessed with propriety and “standards” when booking bands and comedians, made me sensitive. Or maybe it was my Communication Ethics and Communication Law courses taken while at said university. Either way, this was the CW. At 8pm. Luka-on-Fire disgusted me, not because it was burnt flesh (which is nast-ay), but b/c they actually showed it. It totes sent my Viewer Discretion Advised flag way up, which I’m usually able to control. I do not approve. But I digress… What were were talking about? Ah, yes, Elijah being alive, or, rather, not quite, but hopeful. 🙂
Cin: Damn, Christina. Elijah resurrection makes you go to the Catholic place in your mind. Totes scary.  You sound like me entrenched in the BAIT.
Christina: Oh, I’m very entrenched in Elijah. That’s not what I was talking about when I brought up the moral standards (haha, what are those?) that were hammered into my head for 4 years, but I really, really am looking forward to the Second Coming of Elijah. 😀
Cin: I agree completely about Luka, though. Seeing a teenager on fire, even one I do not care for most of the time or in principle is a bit raw for the earlier timeslots. But more on that in a bit…
Cat:  Sorry ladies – you have to know this….as soon as the Warlocks started talking about bringing Elijah back I yelled “I TOLD THOSE BITCHES SOMEONE WOULD TRY TO TAKE THAT STAKE OUT”. He’ll be back.
Christina: Christina = happy. Also, I’m like 98% sure that Bonnie’s going to be on the case now. Especially since she apparently got some witchy ESP thing when DaddyWarlocks touched her for the last time. I have a feeling Bonnie is going to be on #TeamElijah next. Or at least modified TeamElijah. You know, where Elena doesn’t get killed. I could dig this.

Doppelganger Hijinks
Christina: This hurts my brain. I don’t even know where to begin. As much as I hate Katherine, I’m really enjoying that she’s getting so good at imitating Elena. I was totes convinced at the beginning when Damon attacked her, that she was Elena. I kind of had a feeling it was her in the bathroom with DaddyWarlocks later in the ep, but I was still not 100%. This makes things VERY interesting. But also VERY frustrating from a paying-attention standpoint, especially since we’ve seen Elena actually become more and more like Katherine as the weeks go by, as she becomes a more and more tenacious protector.
Mel: I couldn’t agree with you more. I hate her but I enjoy watching her mess with everyone at the same time. She’s still a mega bitch though lol. OH! And I knew it was her in the bathroom too! I mean how could you not? The beginning was way harder to figure out who was who. I’m just excited to see how all of this turns out.
Cin: I was BBM Christina that I thought it was Kathi talking to Alaric at the school. I was like totally confused for a few minutes for sure. Of course the assortment of migraine medication I had yesterday pretty much had me a step away from drooling, but still. Confusion town. You do make an interesting point about how much more Elena has been acting like Kathi lately too. I honestly can’t wait for Elena to get turned and then throw everyone on their ears at how ruthless she becomes. I was amused to see Kathi & Damon spar all episode though, but even MORE amused to see her get staked. Too bad even Luka’s final act was pathetic. Good aim will get you into witchy heaven.
Christina: I really enjoyed the sparring too. I’m actually kind of glad Luka’s staking didn’t take. I was going to be PISSED if she died, and we never found out WHY they’re freaking doppelgangers. Speaking of heredity… can’t wait to see what’s up with Isobel /sarcasm. Okay, maybe I’m not being totally sarcastic. We just better get some real answers out of her this time.
Cin: I hate Isobel. She’s a cuntbasket of the highest order. Can’t stand the actress either. So yeah, totally NOT looking forward to any of her shit.
Christina: Word. Hate her.
Cat: The Kathi hijinks were by far the highlight of the episode for me.  She’s all kinds of awesome.  I can usually tell who’s who before the reveal because I think Dobrev does a nice job with the subtleties.   I wish Damon would give her a quick ride cuz I think it would be hot. lol

Matty & Car
Christina: Caroline is TOO precious. A few weeks ago, I said that Matty needed to make a big romantic gesture. This was even more perfect. And thank the lord, they finally came together! So adorable.
Cin: Beyond perfection. Car’s favorite movie is “The Notebook”, she is a huge romantic. I think this showed that Matt is the same way. And that he loves her. *sigh*
Mel: I still can’t get over how awesome, adorable, fantastic that scene was! It was just the perfect way for them to finally get back together. I squeed so hard when he got up on the stage and kissed her *sigh*
Christina: I know! *SIGH* in all CAPS! But now he’s so upset. I’m not surprised by his reaction, especially considering that she kind of had to spring it on him to keep him from dying (I gasped so hard, I almost choked. I don’t even want to think about it. DaddyWarlocks should be glad he’s dead, because if Matty had died, DW would be DEAD. DEAD, you hear me?! But that doesn’t matter now). But, so Matty’s reaction. I TOTES forgot about Vicki and what she told him in the hospital. Oh, this is bad for Caroline. He’ll come around, though, right? Right?
Cin: I totally agree on the DW situation. Whatever good thoughts he had going for him when he was trying to resurrect Elijah SWIFTLY went straight out the fucking window when he attacked Matt. And what’s worse, I KNEW something was going to happen to Matt. They were too perfect and happy & it was just ominous as shit. But alas, I am not surprised at all by Matt’s reaction. He’s freaked out. But it adds drama. Elena will help him through it, or Car will have to compel him. It’s going to be a tough road, but I’m excited that this gives his character depth. A bit more meat. He’s not just the awesomely sweet perfect dude who works at the grill and speaks in broken sentences that make us swoon. No. Now he’s part of all of it. And he doesn’t understand and he’s confused. But he’ll come around. I know he will.
Christina: I love Caroline and Matt. They’re so adorable. Why can’t they just be together, huh? I mean, this whole they’re dating, they’re not, they’re in love, they’re avoiding each other, they have communication issues, but they still love each other thing is starting to drive me batshit. It’s exhausting. I know, I know. It makes for good TV. I don’t care. I don’t like the up and down with them. I can take it with everyone else. It makes Damon interesting. But… why can’t Car be happy, eh? Just sayin.
Cin: I agree with you there, and I think eventually she will be but getting there will take some drama. The truth always comes with a dose of drama & I think we’ll see the same thing with Alaric & Jenna with that whore Isobel returning too. Bleh.
Christina: Oh, right. I kind of forgot about Jenna and Alaric. Yeah, drama on that front for sure. I love Alaric, but in this situation, I’m totes on Jenna’s side, which is a strange feeling for me. I do hope they work things out though. Matty and Car, on the other hand, NEED to work things out. I was about to go apeshit if Matty had died, but he’s alive, so I’m allayed. Next step is getting him to not rat out the vamps, and to realize that he loves Caroline no matter what she is. *sigh again*
Cin: He’s always going to have some issues when he finds out about what happened to Vicki. Issues like wanting to kill Damon, for REALS issues. Because unlike when Car who got fed Damon’s blood to save her life, Vicki was all just a game for Damon. That was Matty’s sister. It’s going to equate what happened with Elena and Jer in the premiere minus the ring & a still breathing sibling. Except Matt doesn’t give two shits for Damon. *sigh* I’m really starting to talk myself into believing they are going to compel the truefacts out of his brain.
Cat: They have to compel him. Even in MF, how does Matt ever be okay with vampires after Vicki?
Christina: Ugh. We don’t need another clueless Jenna (or Andie for that matter) running around. See, I had high hopes because I had forgotten all about Vicki. This really throws a wrench into the mix. I really hope they don’t have to compel it out of him. I’m sitting here trying to think of how they could make things better, but I’m coming up blank. Great, now I’m all nervous. Oh, MATTY!

Cursed Scream: The CW Primetime Edition
Cin: Showing the younger Martin’s charred remains was just gross. What is this damn timeslot again? I never need to see that at 8pm EST.
Christina: Word. Please. And to show it so many times? It wasn’t even After School Special-y. What was the message? Don’t appear invisible in a vamp’s house, especially if he owns a flamethrower? It was gratuitous. It was cool, but my brain has dissonance because I never thought of this as a horror show. Related: in eps 2.13 and 2.14, Elena was living in her own personal horror movie. And now we get it again when DaddyWarlocks dies? He was dead; Kathi killed him. Let’s take stock. That’s the bad guy who’s dead. But then he — RAH! — comes back to life for one last scare. This is straight out of Scream, Kev. Don’t think we didn’t notice.
Cin: We noticed. Big time. *sigh* Every episode since “The Descent,” it’s been one horror movie cliche after another. I’m sick of it. SICK OF IT!!!
Christina: Oh, and can we talk for a minute about Damon’s flamethrower? When he was trying to fry up Elijah… No. He was PISSING ME OFF. You do not fucking BURN Elijah, no sir. Dude can’t die from being staked with a coat rack. Do you really think you can burn him? Elijah is such a fucking BAMF, that he didn’t even catch fire. Put that in your bag o’ Soccer Mom and suck it,
Damon. I’m all for Damon being a badass; don’t get me wrong. It’s just… gratuitous. I don’t know. I think maybe I’m still raw from the emotional torture from last week.
Cin: He pissed me off too. I mean, if it were anyone BUT Elijah it would have been badass, but still. Just painful to watch.
Cat: That flamethrower was awesome. 1) because it didn’t touch Elijah. Way to subtely remind us how awesome sauce Elijah is 2) I actually yelled “awesome” when it caught Luka up. Yeah, the charred remains were gratuitous, but just the thought that you can mystically burn someone?
Christina: I actually laughed when he caught on fire. I may have screamed “awesome” too, but I can’t remember, haha. But then I realized that it was a teenager burning, and it was kind of graphic, and I got a little nauseated.
Cin: That’s true. I am still unclear how Luka could have been in 2 places at once. And then when the flame carried over to the real body, wicked cool, but totes gross.
Cat: So, the channeling must be a super juju thing – hence Luka’s  “I’m not strong enough to send you”. (Tangent – I knew Daddy Warlocks gave Bonnie her powers back before she said so. Am I the only one hoping he gave her lots of extra juju too? Like hers plus his?)
Christina: No, I’m pretty sure he did give her some extra juice. Also, yeah the being in 2 places at once things was totally cool. I guess it makes sense that he could be set on fire metaphysically. It’s actually really awesome. As gorey as it was, I really enjoyed the intensity of this new juju.
Cin: Me too – about the extra powers. Although BonBon get’s a bit drunk with power… Still it’d be super fun for sure. Plus our vamps need all the help they can get. Also, I betcha he told her to unkill Elijah. Elijah is PIVOTAL to the Klaus thing.
Cat: Unkilling Elijah just might make me like her. I mean, I like her okay now, but unkilling Elijah is pretty awesome.
Christina: My thoughts EXACTLY. I don’t much care for BonBon, but she unkills Elijah, and I will love her forever. FOR-EV-ER.

So there you have it. I think we’re all just in wait-and-see mode here at the SBH. But we like where this is going. What did you think of the episode? What do you think Isobel is here for? Will Caroline ever convince Matty that everything is okay? How many more episodes will we have to suffer through before Elijah is up and talking again? 😉 Comment below!

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18 Responses to Reactions: Ep. 2.16 “The House Guest”

  1. Tina says:

    Love your reactions! I agree that seeing Luka’s body after was pretty awful. Supernatural does some gross stuff even for 9pm though so I guess CW is okay with it. I know you guys love Elijah a lot (and he is totally awesome) but I was kind of hoping Damon would try to chop off his head or do a heart rip and see what happens. I found is strange that Stefan didn’t apologize to Elena for choking her cause that must have freaked her out! Poor Matty! I hope he comes around without having to be compelled because though Damon is “with” Andie he had to compel her not to be afraid, and Kathi did the same thing with Stefan in 1864. (I like that I’m not the only who who calls her Kathi :P). Of course Andie is a whole different story cause he’s snacking on her and I would hope Caroline would not do that to Matty. Also the ending with Isobel was random, she is totes going to get invited in by Jenna (we need to make a list of all the vamps that have been invited into the Gilbert house and i think the majority are by Jenna). At least maybe Isobel will beat up John again?

    • atsi says:

      Vamps invited in by the Gilberts

      Elena Jeremy
      -Damon -pizza guy
      -Stefan -Anna
      -Caroline(?) -Vicki

      Jenna NOT INVITED IN
      -Kathi -Logan

      • Vanessa says:

        Elijah was invited in by Jenna, he was doing “research” on MF history. And Isobel gets invited in by someone due to the preview for April 7th.

    • You know, either of those methods would have been smart for Damon to choose. See? Horror movie move to go straight for the flamethrower. *shakes head* I don’t know what’s up with Damon lately. I feel like he should be better than this. Not that I’m wishing final death to Elijah (DON’T EVEN THINK IT!), but you know. Damon used to be on top of his game. I think feeling feelings is really getting to him. And, yeah, about Car and Matty. I really hope she doesn’t have to compel him. Compulsion isn’t love, haha. And I don’t think she’d use him for snack time. Unless he was fully cognizant and volunteered for it. Didn’t you see her self-control after he was stabbed?? THAT’S our girl! 🙂

  2. rehabber says:

    Blaming other people for your errors, must be a witch/warlock thing. Jonas blamed the brothers for Luka dying and Bonnie always blames them for her screw-ups.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Aww 1st off I wish I was there with you gals watching TVD and then talking about it. So much fun!

    I did find it strange that no one apologized to the real Elena, but that could have happened on the drive to school. I agree with all of your reactions but wanted to add that when Luka was on fire in his apartment, I wasn’t grossed out cause I thought it looked computer generated, ie the flames were a bit to see-through. But the charred remains, I was hoping that DW would get Luka to breathe and be ok. It is sad that when Greta gets in the picture she’ll learn that her DW and BW and dead.

    Another thing that wssn’t mention that Kathi coyly said to Damon “who’s the liar now” in regards to knowing where the witch massacre grounds are since that is where she was taken to be killed. There is a whole back story, ie Damon promising to keep the Bennett’s safe and then Kathi telling that Emily was a witch? What was the timeframe in all of that?

    Regarding Isobel, she is just gross. Finds Kathi, who sends her to Damon, becomes a Vamp herself. Poor Elena has too many ties between them. I do love how Kathi is choking Isobel in the April 7th preview, cause you know older vamps are stronger.

  4. mak75231 says:

    I now pronounce this week’s Woobie Word of the Week—“CLUE”. Just because of the cutesy way he made it like two syllables and poochied out his mouth when he said it….right before he kicked Kathi out of the bed. Hey, I always said more room on the floor, but she’s such a bitch to him she deserved that “Not tonight, dear, you ARE a headache!” He was in No Mood for A Cold One!

    My comments are declared an Elijah-zone. Where has all the Woobie love gone at The SBH?

    Random general thoughts:
    Isn’t Isobel the only vamp that’s ever compelled Alaric? Just curious.

    Bonnie’s powers are gonna be on steroids now, I have a feeling.

    Why is it when they do flashbacks they never mention MRS. Guiseppe Salvatore? Were the guys hatched? Adopted? What happened to their mother?

    It is currently a race to see whether it’s Jenna or Matt that finishes the entire Season 1 DVD set–or gets compelled tryin. Matt’s in the lead right now, but something tells me the undead ex-wife at the door is gonna raise a WHOLE new set of questions. Matty may be doomed to compulsion, at least in the short term. Remember, it was Damon that turned Vicki, Stefan that staked her, and still-human Caroline that found the body…Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!

    Speaking of Lucy, who’s gonna help SuperBon figure out how to use all that mojo? And WTF is witchsister Brenna (Brenda? They kinda mumbled) doing with Klaus, unless she’s even more powerful than Jonas was?

    No more pickin on The Woobie! (I think it hurts his eyebrows)

    • mak75231 says:

      ‘Scuse me–I just reread that and, as usual, my brain overloaded my fingers.

      My comments are declared an Elijah-FREE zone. Nuff said!

    • rehabber says:

      The boys mom was dead before they turned, dad told Stefan he was glad his mom was not alive to see this.

      Alaric has carried vervain with him and the only reason Isobel could compel him was he took it out of his pocket and pitched her the ring and told her to kill him or compel him, because he was ring and vervain free.

      • mak75231 says:

        Thanks for commenting, Rehabber! Yea, I know Mom was dead, but HOW and WHEN are my questions. I just think it would make for interesting backstory.

        I know Alaric had vervain in his pocket and got rid of it in the hallway scene, but does he still carry it everywhere? It never gets mentioned, and he does seem to get himself into “scraps” with vampires quite frequently! Hey, maybe it’s vervain-laced guyliner he’s wearing! lol I want that ring back on his finger, not on Uncle John’s! And btw, isn’t it convenient that the two rings seem to have universal sizing? I mean, they’ve fit everybody that’s had possession of them! lol

    • rehabber says:

      I want to find out what Isobel is going to do when she finds out John has taken the ring from Ric. I don’t think she is going to be happy. I would think that Ric ALWAYS carries vervain, wouldn’t you if you were in vampire territory? I know I would. lol

  5. rehabber says:

    @salvatoreboardinghouse, that is the reason I am not convinced that Elena does not know that Damon told her he loved her..just don’t think she would be that dumb to not have vervain on her someway after she lost her necklace. I think I am the only person to think that, but hey, I am hardheaded.

    • Ishita says:

      @rehabber: totally with you at that. I so want damon-elena thing to work a bit at least. how about stefan giving her a toe-ring with vervain in it after she lost the necklace.

      • rehabber says:

        I just think she used some of Jenna’s vervain perfume, if you look on the bathroom counter there are several bottles there, and I really want one of them to be vervain. lol

  6. Vanessa says:

    @rehabber I totally agree with your last point. It seemed like Elena was compelled but in the next episode she was clearly telling Damon that she cared about him as well. As for Jonas’ daughter, I think her name is Greta.

  7. rehabber says:

    Hey everyone please go vote for TVD in Hulu’s Best in Show and we are losing to True Blood, that is just not going to work. Vote here and vote often.

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