Episode 215 “The Dinner Party”

Episode 215 “The Dinner Party”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Elena escape to the Gilbert’s lake house, but only encounter trouble when BraDIE figures out where they are and totes TeenWolf along with him. It’s okay, though, because after some initial torture, Stefan RIPS BraDIE’s heart out. Bye, BraDIE. You WON’T be missed. Afterwards, Tyler goes back into town, gives a Caroline-loves-you pep-talk to Matt, and creepily lurks outside Caroline’s house before skipping town with Jules. Neither of you will be missed either. Just sayin. Meanwhile, back in town, Bonnie decides to slip Luka a witchy-roofie and eek out information about what the Martins are doing with Elijah, and why they want to get to Klaus. It appears Klaus has Luka’s sister, and in order to make Klaus vulnerable enough for Elijah to kill him, Elena has to die, brotha. Over at the SBH, Damon and Alaric have been ambushed by Teenage Werewolf Ninja Douchebag, and are tortured and dead, respectively. Then Jules and a bunch of other werewolves come in. But then, OH BUT THEN, Elijah comes swooping in, taunts the wolves with the moonstone, then RIPS OUT HEARTS LEFT AND RIGHT. And he breaks TWND’s neck by elbowing him in the face. BAM! ELIJAH’D!! Damon fucking Salvatore is impressed. As Alaric comes to, Damon tells Stefan of Elijah’s plan. Now Stefan’s all pissed because Elena’s willingly becoming a martyr. Helllooo? Maybe if you weren’t out chasing down her uncle-daddy, you’d have realized this by now. *sigh*

Oooh, seeing Elijah in the previouslies makes me ALLLLLL tingley inside. Teeehehehe.

Moving on. We open on the Lakehouse.

Elena is reading one of Johnathan’s journals. Flashback! Johnathan and his dinner companions, the Fells, think the vampires are gone now. They think they’re “safe from the demons of the night… or so we thought,” he narrates in Elena’s mind.

The monsters they killed begot a new monster, and the peeps can hear him outside. So Johnathan and Thomas Fell go to look. Thomas, brandishing a knife, is worried, so John tells him he can prove there are no more vampires, by pulling out the vamp compass.

Man! Haven’t seen that in a while! But then it goes all crazy. They panic, and out of nowhere… THOMAS is gone! Johnathan looks around frantically,

and Thomas lands on the ground behind him. Honoria Fell runs out and the vamp jumps on her. It’s STEFAN SALVATORE!

Then he snacks on Johnthan! OH GOD, MADNESS!

Wait, how is he writing this journal if he’s dead? Silly, show.

Anywho, Elena looks up from the journal and out at the monster on the pier who’s doing creepy, monster-y things like brood-ily strolling!



Outside, still on the pier at the lakehouse, Stefan is skipping stones on the lake when his phone rings.

It’s his big brother. Damon says he’s all showered and relaxed. Mmm. Wish I was there. He says he does have good news, though: Tyler ran away from home. He heard it from Sheriff Mom, who heard from Carol.

Now that Tyler is gone, that only leaves Elijah on his shit list. Stefan warns him that Elijah’s crafty.

Damon: Well, I’ve got a crafty little dagger.
Stefan: He’s an original. We don’t know everything that encompasses.
Damon: Oh, trust me, Stefan. I’m going to dot all my T’s. I don’t want any surprises.

Stefan: Wow, Damon. You’re telling me you’re actually going to be careful for once?

Damon: Yes, Stefan. I’ve become you. How tragic for both of us. Gotta run! Got a murder to plan. Busy day.

He hangs up.

Stefan looks up at the cabin where Elena is still furiously reading. SCARY MUSIC FOR NO REASON!

Over in the woods somewhere in town, Jenna and Elijah (ELIJAH!) are having a bit of a stroll. She’s telling him the Fell’s property isn’t far away. He’s all “Ah, the Fells. One of the Founding Families.” You can just hear the air quotes around “founding”, even though he doesn’t actually stoop to use them. Jenna asks why he says it like that.

He explains that research (whose?) shows that the area was settled almost 200 years earlier thank people think, by some peeps form Salem. He points out that the “Founders” didn’t actually found anything. HA! Damn. Overcompensating much, then? Jenna points out that it was probably the men that made such a big deal about it. Double-HA! EXACTLY! I kind of expected Elijah to politely giggle here, but he’s looking off, staring at something.

Jenna points out that men are very territorial. “Yes, they are,” Elijah agrees. Alaric approaches now, natch.

Jenna introduces them. Oh. Ouch. She introduces Alaric as her “friend.” You can hear the air quotes there too. Ric says he got her message that she was showing Elijah the property lines and figured he’d tag along — being that he’s a HISTORY buff and all. God, Jenna. Sex. Is that all that’s on your mind?! (Okay, okay. It IS Elijah. But still. *shakes head*). Jenna totes looks like she just got cock-blocked.

Whore. Elijah suggests they find out about some freed-slave property owners. “Some say the descendents of the slaves are the true keepers of American history.” Jenna goes to get the list from her car. It’s just Alaric and Elijah. Man to man. I hope they don’t both somehow end up shirtless. 😉

Elijah: Alaric Saltzman. You’re one of those people on Elena’s list of loved ones.
Alaric: Yeah, so is Jenna.

Elijah: You don’t have to be jealous. I rarely pursue younger women.

Alaric just stares at him. Elijah, in turn smiles up at him.

Elijah: It’s a joke, Ric. Lighten up.

HEE! Jokes! He pats Ric on the arm and walks by him.

Over at the Mystic Grill, Bonnie’s at a table looking all depressed and woe-is-me despite the fact that it’s Elena that’s going to die. Jeremy comes in and plops down at her table. She says she was thinking about last night, and Jer gets all excited. Oh, Jer. But she’s talking about the spell. It was draining.

Jer says she can come over tonight and they can practice and get her stronger. That’s what she said, eh? 😉 Luka struts on over. Jer’s like “incoming,” and Luka gets all in her face about what happened last night.

All he knows is they were playing pool and then he woke up in the bathroom. Oh, god there are so many jokes, I can’t pick just one. Bonnie plays it off. Luka says she’s lying, and Jer’s all “you needs to back off!” Luka walks away while Bonnie looks contemplative.

Back at the lakehouse, Elena is still reading. Finally, she puts the journal aside as Stefan comes in and asks if he’s still mad. He admits that yes, he is. She just says that they have a difference of opinion. It’s going to happen; it’s an inevitability of relationships.

Stefan: Elena you’ve agreed to sacrifice yourself to Klaus. To say that we have a difference of opinion is the understatement of the century.
Elena: You would know.

Stefan is not as amused by that as I am.

Stefan: What does Johnathan Gilbert have to say?
Elena: A lot. It’s insane, the things he wrote in his journal. What he kept from the Founding Families. Stuff that nobody knows. Stuff that you never told me.

Stefan takes the journals from her and flips through it a bit. He attempts to explain his snacking on the Giblets Gilberts.

Stefan: We were angry at the Founding Familes for what they did to Katherine. We wanted revenge. I didn’t know about Johnathan Gilbert. I didn’t know that he would survive.
Elena: He described you as a monster.
Stefan: That’s what I was. I want you to know the truth. But I want you to hear it from me.

ALL ABOARD THE FLASHBACK CENTRAL LINE. Stefan’s back in the old Salvatore house feasting on some chicks. He’s narrates that he relished in being a vamp, took it to the darkest place he could.

“Who wants to die next?” flashback Stefan asks all the floozy company of the female persuasion. “Me! I’m next,” one of them says. Haha, whores. He runs around being scary and vampy, and quite frankly Damon-y, when his brother comes in. Stefan looks up and he’s got crazy vamp eyes. Damon scolds him for bringing the girls there when the whole town is hunting them. Valid point.

Stefan says not to be worried about the founding families (they called them that even back then? Wow. They WERE compensating for something). They’re all dead, or about to be, so who cares?. Stefan goes back to feasting and Damon compels one of the girls to leave. Then another.

Stefan: Damon, don’t be like this. I’m just having some fun.
Damon: Staying alive is more fun, Stefan. We have to be more careful than this, more clever. Like Katherine was.
Stefan: Look where that got her.

Damon kind of sighs.

Damon: I’m done here. With you. I’m leaving town.

He starts to head toward the door, but Stefan rushes to stop him.

Stefan: You hate me, I know. I know. An eternity of misery, and on and on. I know. But you don’t have to leave town. Damon, I’ll do better.

Damon: No, you’ll get us killed. I’d rather leave you to do that to yourself.

Stefan narrates that he wasn’t himself. He was feeling guilty over what he’d done to their father, to his brother, the kind of life they were now living. He had to get rid of the guilty, bad feelings.

Stefan: I had to turn it off. It was the only way I could survive.
Elena: It sounds like you were Damon.
Stefan: *huffs* I was worse.

Elena still manages to look shocked even after that story she just heard.

Over at the Mystic Grill, Damon is getting the deets from Alaric on the ménage a trois in the woods earlier. Besides history, Damon wants to know what else he found out from Elijah. Alaric says “nothing really.” Though, Jenna apparently finds Elijah uber charming. (Duh, because he is!). Damon says Alaric sounds jealous and Damon’s new beard, Andie agrees. Ric is uncomfortable talking in front of her, but Damon reminds him of how she’s been compelled not to reveal his secrets, so they’re all good. He turns to Andie and they have a little kissing PDA, aww.

Guyliner Alaric looks disgusted. “Ah, this is too weird,” he says. Damon, thinking about Elijah again, says he just needs the right opportunity to bring him down. Ah, wait! Look! It’s Elijah and Jenna coming to play in the Grill!

Damon jokes it’s Jenna with her new boyfriend, but Alaric is not amused. When they get to the table, Damon says he heard they had quite a meeting of historical minds today.

Elijah smiles politely and Jenna looks a little crazy in lust. Because of this, Alaric decides to make a quick getaway to avoid suffering a case of the awkwards. (Too late.)

He’s got papers to grade and all that. He says he wishes he could talk more, and Andie comes up with the idea of a Dinner Party – to extend the conversation. Damon volunteers to host. Uh, excuse me. Who’s going to clean this shit up? Remember what happened the last time you had people over, Damon? Remember? *sigh* Alaric balks, but Jenna kind of gives him the eye and says she thinks the party is a great idea. Elijah agrees! “It’d be a pleasure.”

I wish that’s what she said. RAWR!

Later, in the tomb, Damon is giving Katherine some blood.

She’s all desiccated and gross-looking. He brought her new clothes. How sweet.

Damon: Wow, that blood did the trick. You’re almost pretty again.

Katherine: What do you want, Damon?
Damon: Guess who’s back in town. Your old friend, John Gilbert.
Katherine: Really? *tries to act surprised* Why?

Damon: Says he loves his daughter. Wants to protect her from Elijah and Big Bad Klaus.
Katherine: Touching.
Damon: Yeah, right?!

Heh. He changes subjects and says UC told him an old wives’ tale about how to kill an original. Kathi says (not asks) he wants to know if it’s true or not. If it is, she wouldn’t tell him anyway. He asks why not. Doesn’t she want Elijah and Klaus dead just like he does?

Katherine: Klaus? Yes. Elijah? No. He’s compelled me to stay in here. If he dies, I’m stuck in here forever.

Damon: Sucks for you.

Katherine: Forget it, Damon. Killing Elijah would be a suicide mission. You can’t do it.
Damon: Can so.
Katherine: Can’t.

What, are they three years old? *huffs*

Damon: Even with a dagger and a little white oak ash?
Katherine: **desperate now** No, Damon. if you kill Elijah, then I’m stuck in here forever.

Damon notes that she looks really scared, and she promises to help him kill Elijah if he helps get her out of the tomb. She’ll even help protect Elena. Whatever he wants. Damon doesn’t quite believe her.

Damon: I get you out of here and your ass is sipping Klaus-free margaritas in some unknown island somewhere. No. Way.
Katherine: That’s not true. I’ll stay. Damon, please, just don’t do it.
Damon: Well thank you. You’ve told me everything I need to know.
Katherine: I’ve told you nothing.

Damon: You have. You have indeed confirmed it is possible to kill an original, which I will do tonight. Guess who’s coming to dinner.

Oh, *GROAN!* Ugh. Just… I could have done without that that line. Awk.

Back at the lakehouse, Stefan is still explaining his backstory to Elena. He says he spiraled in his vampitude in the weeks after Damon left. Hunt. Prey. Kill. Elena asks how he didn’t get caught, and Stefan explains there was a little something called The Civil War going on.

FLASHBACK! We see Stefan in a camp, like a triage for the wounded. He’s feeding on the neck of some dude. He senses something and looks up to see a cloaked figure.

Wait. He’s sitting there, all crazy-eyed, with blood on his face… and NO ONE is going to notice this? Really? Not even the nurse chick who’s kneeling like 3 feet behind him? Really? REALLY?! Whatever. Stefan’s intrigued, so he follows this cloaked figure into the woods.

She stops, and Stefan attacks, but it’s she who pins him to the ground. IT’S LEXI!

Lexi: What kind of idiot are you?
Stefan: (V.O.) Alexia Branson, as she was known back then.

Back in the present, Elena is all “Lexi? Your best friend, Lexi? That’s how you met her?

Elena: What was she even doing in mystic falls?

Stefan: She’d heard it was a good place for vampires.

Ha! She’d apparently heard no word that all the vampires had recently been massacred. Makes sense. Less funny. Carrying on. Lexi needed a place to crash, so Stefan brought her home with him. She thanks him, gives him the whole “beggars can’t be choosers” thing, but then when she spots the disarray,

including a DEAD BODY, she wonders if they can’t be. Stefan apologizes. He was going to dispose of the body, honest.

Lexi: My god, you’re a ripper.
Stefan: A what?
Lexi: There are good parts of being a vampire, and there are bad parts. You’re the bad parts. Well, we’re going to have to change that.

Back in the present day, Stefan is all contemplative over this. Elena asks if he’s okay. He explains that talking about her brings up things he’d rather forget. Aww, Stef! Elena’s all “Like Damon killing her.”

THANK YOU, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Stefan nods. Alright, I know that was like almost a whole season ago, but still. I’m just annoyed that Elena’s entire job so far is to facilitate the exposition. Anyway…

Dinner Party, ho! No, seriously, Jenna’s here. She’s in the SBH’s dining room, helping set the table with The Beard.

Andie: So what’s going on with you and Alaric? I feel like there’s some tension.
Jenna: I don’t know. I really like him.
Andie: Mmhmm.

Jenna: *grins* It’s more than like. And I want it to work, but I can’t help but feel he’s hiding something from me. And then I’ve got John whispering things in my ear about him.
Andie: Like what?
Jenna: Things I don’t want to believe. Things I don’t believe. Not if they’re coming from John’s mouth.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but that’s wise, Jenna. Andie now goes on about how trust is needed in any relationship, and how her relationship with Damon is so awesome because they trust each other and tell each other everything, and I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing. Even Jenna seems a bit shocked. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s just Jennaface.

Over in the SBH Library, Damon and Alaric are holding one last powwow. Alaric says that this dinner party is a bad idea. Damon says “There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Just… poorly executed awesome ones.” Heh. Oh, Damon. 🙂 Alaric doesn’t like the idea of Elijah being in the same house as Jenna. Damon assures him she’ll be safe. Besides, it’s just a “fact-finding mission.” Ric is skeptical.

Alaric: No sneak attacks. No surprise plans. Nothing that’s going to put Jenna in harm’s way.

Damon: Scout’s honor.

The Beard comes in and says Jenna needs help with some wine, so Ric goes out to help.

Damon takes the chance to pull out the dagger and ash from a nice wooden box on one of the side tables. Andie asks what it is, and Damon says it’s dessert. “Elijah’s stronger than me. He’s faster than me. It’s all about the element of surprise.”

Andie: Oh, that’s too bad. I like him. He’s very old school, classy.

Damon: Which is why you should encourage the gentlemen to take their after-dinner drinks in here, while you do coffee in the kitchen with the girls.
Andie: Hmm. That is a little too sexist for me.
Damon: Stop talking.

Haha. Anyway, Andie smiles sweetly, and oh lord, her brains are going to be mush when this is over, aren’t they?

Out in the foyer, the doorbell rings, and it’s UC!

Who invited him?! For serious. When Damon gets to the door, Jenna storms off, happy to not have to deal with UC right now. UC turns to Damon and says that when Jenna said she was going to a dinner party for Elijah, he couldn’t miss out on all the fun and games. Alaric chimes in and says there aren’t going to be any games. Just a friendly dinner party.

Across town, Bonnie’s is arrive at the House of Giblets. She’s starving. And Jer obvs has a thing for candles. She walks into the house and her eyes go wide when she notices.

Bonnie: Oh, God. This is a date.
Jerermy: Uh, no, no. It’s not a date date. It’s more of a “hey, I kissed you, and I thought you liked it,” um… hang-thing.

Bonbon says she has to make sure Elena’s cool with their messing around before anything else happens.

Jer’s all “I didn’t realize my sister had to approve of whoever I’m with.” Um, word. But she’s Bon’s BFF. The hang-thing would freak her out, Bonnie says. Jer reluctantly agrees. They’ll just hang and practice some spells. Bonnie starts to walk away, but Jeremy stops her. “You did like it, right?” Bonnie smiles.

Yeah, she did. Aww, our Jer’s growing up!

Back at the SBH, ELIJAH HAS ARRIVED! Damon invites him in, but Eli pauses for a sec.

Elijah: Just one moment. I’m going to say that if you have less than honorable intentions about how this evening is going proceed, I suggest you reconsider.

Damon: No, nothing dishonorable. Just getting to know you.

Elijah: Well, that’s good! Because, you know, although Elena and I have this deal, if you so much as make a move to cross me, I’ll kill you and I’ll kill everyone in this house. Are we clear?
Damon: Crystal.

Elijah: Jennnaaaaa. Wonderful to see you again. How are you? You look incredible.

GOD HE’S SO FLIPPING CHARMING! BAAAMMMFFFFF! Damon looks put out as he closes the front door behind him.

Later, dinner has started, and they’re all sitting around the table. Jenna tells Damon that his family may not actually have been one of the “founders,” like everyone thinks.

Elijah explains again about how a faction of settlers from Salem, Massachusetts came down after the witch trials in the 1600s. They developed the area as a place where they could be free of persecution.

Jenna’s all “because they were witches!” because no one at the table is an adult who has ever heard of the Salem Witch trials… you know… despite the fact that Elijah JUST mentioned them. The Beard pipes up and points out that it’s actually just speculation, since there’s no proof they were witches at all.

Elijah: *ignores Damon’s comment about Andie being a reporter and thus big on facts* The lore says that there was this wave of anti-witch hysteria. Broke out in the neighboring settlement. So the witches were rounded up, they were tied to a stakes in a field together, and uh, burned. Some say you could hear the screams for miles around as they were consumed by the fire.

UC says that it all sounds more like a ghost story. Once again contributing very little to anything important. Also on par, Jenna drunkenly mumbles something about the Historical Society.

Damon: So, why do you want to know the location of these massacres?

Elijah: Oh, healthy historian’s curiosity. Of course. *grins*

*shivers* Oooh! Feel that? Feel that tingle of awesomeness?!

Over at the lakehouse, Elena is STILL reading. As Stefan comes in, she declares that Johnathan just got crazier and crazier. “That’s what happens when you spend your life obsessed with vampires.” Heh. She grabs another journal and stumbles upon research on the originals. Pages and pages of questions/scribbles.

There’s even a picture of the dagger Damon has! She reads some of it out loud, and we hear that the journal confirms that wood from the Great White Oak would bring death to an original vampire. The Great White Oak was sacred to the witches, and when the tree burned, all hope was thought lost. But the ashes! Witches forged a dagger to which the ashes could be bonded. This alchemic bond creates the necessary poison to kill. Elena wonders if this is real, and Stefan says it is. UC gave Damon that weapon to kill Elijah.

Elena keeps reading, and what she reads is damaging: the dagger can be wielded only by humans. It’ll kill any demons who try to handle it.

Stefan realizes UC is trying to get Damon killed, so he rushes to the side to call Damon, because in Mystic Falls, phone calls can’t be placed in the spot you were standing for the previous scene/conversation.

Back at today’s social gathering, they’ve just finished eating, so Damon offers everyone some cognac — he’s been saving it “for ages.” Alaric declines. He declares that nine bottles of wine is his limit. Damn, Dinner Party. How drunk are those women right now? Jeez. Also, ha, that’s Alaric’s way of saying he’ll have no part of Damon’s silly dinner party games. Sillies.

At the lakehouse, Stefan is leaving Damon a message. He wants to know why is his phone off and tells Damon to call him.

Elena wants to know what’s wrong, and Stef says that Damon had been planning on killing Elijah.

At the dinner party, everyone gets up from the table and The Beard says what she’s supposed to — that the men should take their drinks into the study. Damon smiles at her appreciatively and winks. Elijah, not to be upstaged in the charm department, says the dinner was almost as good as the company. *swoon* Andie announces that she likes him.


As she’s clearing the table, Jenna shoves dishes in UC’s hands and tells him to make himself useful. Haha! Oh, Jenna. That may be the first time you’ve ever actually made me laugh with you. Alaric rushes up to her and asks to be put to work, but she kind of brushes him off. Ric asks if everything is okay.

Yep, fine. Uh oh.

UC comes back out of the kitchen. He suspects that is all his fault. He told Jenna that Alaric hasn’t been completely honest with her about things. Ric grabs him by the collar.

“You son of a bitch.” YA! UC says he thinks he’s made himself very clear about it — he wants his ring back. This is all about the ring? Damn, UC, you got fucked up methods. You deserve Kathi. Jeez.

Just then, Alaric’s phone rings. It’s Stefan.

Meanwhile, Damon and Elijah and keeping council in the library.

Damon: So let me guess. In addition to the moonstone, the doppelganger, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, you need to find this witch burial ground.

Elijah: Because I feel as though we’ve grown so close, Damon, I’ll tell you, yes. Do you know where it is?
Damon: Maybe. Tell me why it’s so important.
Elijah: We’re not that close. *admires books* It’s quite a collection you have here.
Damon: Hm.

Elijah: There’s a funny thing about books. Before they existed, people actually had memories.

Alaric comes in and interrupts them. “Gentlemen, we forgot about dessert.” The Beard comes in with him.

“Elijah?” “Msss. Starrr.” *shivers* Oooh.

She offers him her hand, and he takes it, twirling her and charming her pants off again before they walk out of the room. As Elijah leaves, Alaric runs to the table to write Damon a note. It says: “The Dagger Will Kill You If You Use It.”

Who capitalizes every word in a sentence? Whatever. Point is, they know! Dun dun dun!! Damon. Is. Pissed.

As they’re all at the table again, Jenna apologizes for the dessert taking so long. She usually just unwraps food. I believe her. Elijah, The Beard, and UC sit down at the table. Andie says she knows this is a social thing, but says she would love to ask Elijah more questions about the work he’s doing here. He obliges as Damon (who’s giving UC the stinkiest stink eye ever) and Alaric come back into the room. She asks Ric to get her notebook from her purse.

Damon: Elijah, did John tell you that he’s Elena’s uncle-slash-father?
Elijah: Yes, I’m well aware of that.

Damon: Of course she hates him so there’s absolutely no need to keep him on any endangered species list.
UC: What I’d like to know, Elijah, is how you intend on killing Klaus?

Elijah: Gentlemen, there’s a few things we should probably get clear right now. I allow you to live solely to keep an eye on Elena. I allow Elena to remain in her house, living her life with her friends as she does as a courtesy. If you become a liability, I’ll take her away from you and you’ll never see her again.

Andie comes back to the table with her notebook — time for questions! She starts to ask her first question when

HOLY CRAP White oak ash dagger through the back of one of our dining room chairs and through ELIJAH’S HEART! ELIJAAAAAH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cries*

Oh, God. What is going on?! Elijah cries out (and so does Andie). He gets all gray and veiny, and dies, slumping over in the chair.

*weeps* Alaric pulls the dagger out and puts it on the table in front of Damon.

Alaric: Now get rid of him. Before Jenna comes back with dessert.

Damon is a little shocked and in awe. He says okay, and Alaric walks away.

Back at the lakehouse, out on the porch, Stefan wants to talk, but Elena objects — what good is talking going to do if he and Damon are just going to lie to her?

Elena: If you don’t like my decisions, that’s fine. There’s nothing I can do about that. But if you ever go behind my back again, I’ll —

Stefan: You’re gonna what? Hmm? What are you going to do, Elena?
Elena: It’s my life.
Sally: Yeah, exactly. It’s your life. And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you live it.
Elena: This trip through the past, you being honest. Was there any truth to that, or were you just distracting me?
Stefan: I was telling you about a time when I thought everything was lost. When I had given up because that is exactly what you’re doing right now.
Elena: That’s not —

Stefan: YES IT IS! Even if you don’t want to admit it. You aren’t giving up. And Lexi? She wouldn’t let me give up. And I’m not going to let you.

To the Flashback!

Lexi is showing Stefan the triage from another vantage point: All the men are dying, how does he feel about that? Stefan says that he feels nothing. She explains that it’s because he shut out his humanity. He has to let it back in — the pain, the look in the men’s eyes when he took their lives, the cries of their loved ones. He has to do this because once he’s felt hurt, he can love. Aww.

Lexi: Love, Stefan. That’s the point.

She’s giving him eyes right about now. Oooooh. She tells him everything is intensified as a vampire. When they hurt, they REALLY hurt. “When we love…” she trails off.

Back in the present, Stefan explains to Elena that “Lexi showed me there was another way. From that day forward, I started fighting for it. For my own survival.” He tells Elena he just wants her to fight for it.

He kisses her forehead before going back inside.

Over in the SBH, Damon and Alaric are dragging Elijah’s body into the basement.

Alaric: You said there wasn’t going to be any violence.
Damon: Says the guy who did all the killing.

Alaric: Hey! I took the shot because I saw an opening, not because I planned to do this with Jenna in the house. Now, you can’t lie to me like that!

Damon gives him a bit of an “oh please” look

Alaric: Hey! *grabs his arm* I’m your friend, dammit. And you don’t have many friends. So no more lying.

Damon seems to think about this. Then he nods, and leaves the room. Alaric shuts the door behind him.

Back inside the lakehouse, Elena is reading yet again. Stefan comes in to say Elijah is dead. Alaric did it. Elenea doesn’t quite know what to make of it, and turns back to the journal.

Elena: Originals believed in truth and honor. It was forbidden for a vampire to kill another vampire so the dagger would take both lives. And as long as the dagger stays in place, the Original, for all intents and purposes, is dead.

Stefan gives a quick “oh shit!” face before vampspeeding up to grab his phone.


Over at the Martin abode, George Stephanopoulos Elijah bursts in the door, and DaddyWarlocks looks startled. “What happened?”

Elijah: I need you to find Elena. Now.

OOOOOH! *chills*

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Bonnie & Jer are sitting in front of the fire, and she’s manipulating the flames from the candles.

Jer is impressed. Bon says it’s called “channeling,” which means she’s siphoning power from something — another witch, the moon, an element. Jer says she could channel him since the human body is mostly water. Bonnie thinks about it for a second before delaring “sure. Let’s see what happens.” Ooh, kinky. They scoot closer and she puts her hand on his chest.

They’re just about to start swapping spit again when the door flies open. It’s DaddyWarlocks! OOH SHIZZ.

Jer asks what he’s doing there and DaddyWarlocks juju-throws him

and pins him against the wall. Next he turns on Bonnie. He wants to know what Luka told her. About her daughter, that Klaus has her. She’ll help, and wants to work together.

He grabs her face then starts mumbling shit.

She’s struggling and he done took her mojo, didn’t he? He says that if any harm comes to Luka, she’ll answer to HIM. Word? *rolls eyes* He storms out and Jeremy falls to the floor. Bonnie’s crying and all “He took my powers!”


We’re back at the lakehouse, and Elijah is walking up the drive like a BAMF.

Ooh! He’s up to his old tricks again, picking up a handful of rocks from the driveway. Stefan knows he’s there. Elijah throws the rocks and the front door CRASHES in!


Elena says she’s going to talk to him, but reassures Stefan it’ll be okay because he can’t come in the house.

Elijah: You know, I might not be able to enter this house, but I’m a very patient man. I’ll wait you out.

The way he says that is just… MMMMF! He looks pleased when Elena comes toward the door, but she looks quite timid.

Elena: They shouldn’t have done what they did.

Elijah: The deal is off.
Elena: I’m renegotiating.

Elijah: *takes a step onto the porch* You have nothing left to negotiate with.

Elena pulls out a butcher knife (the same one she used on BraDIE?!) and Elijah’s face is all “bitch please”

Elena: I’d like to see you lure Klaus into Mystic Falls after the doppelganger bleeds to death.

Elijah: Stefan won’t let you die.
Elena: No he won’t. He’ll feed me his blood to heal me, and then I’ll kill myself and become a vampire just like Katherine did. So unless you want that to happen again, promise me the same as before. Promise me you won’t harm anyone I love, even if they’ve harmed you.

Stefan is listening on from inside the house, concerned, though he doesn’t move to interfere. Elijah considers the deal

Elijah: Sorry, Elena. I’m going to have to call your bluff.

Elena is all “It’s possible, pig. I might be bluffing. It’s conceivable, you miserable vomitous mass.” Kidding. Instead, she STABS HERSELF IN THE GUT!

WTF, SHOW! Damn! We need a “someone stabs themselves in the gut” square for #vdbingo.

Elijah screams out “NOOOOO!”

He vamp speeds to the doorjamb. His voice is so desperate as Elena sits there bleeding.

He’s looking around like he’s trying to figure a way in. Then finally “Yes! Yes! you can have your deal. Let me heal you.” Elena manages to call out “give me your word.” Elijah says “I give you my word.”

She stumbles into him like she’s going to let him heal her, and he catches her (lucky!),


OMG NOOOO! Where the fuck did she even get that?! What is happening?! OMG my world is crumbling down around me! ELIJAAAAHHHHH!!!!

His face gets all grey and veiny again and he falls.

Stefan rushes out and bites his wrist, giving Elena his blood to heal. As she’s recovering, Damon walks out of the house and onto the porch. Ah, that’s where the dagger came from. TRAITOR! *weeps*

Damon: A little tip. Don’t pull the dagger out.

So, just wondering… what would have happened had Elijah healed Elena with his blood? Like, would it have had more of an effect than Stefan’s since he’s an Original and everything? Would it have additional powers besides just healing? Like, I bet Elijah’s blood impregnates people. It’s THAT potent. Just sayin.

Back at the SBH, Alaric finds Jenna in the kitchen. Asks where UC went. She doesn’t know. He starts to apologize for what happened, and she gets right to it. Where’s Isobel? “You know, John should have never brought that up.”

She complains that it’s not an answer. He keeps giving non-answers. She wonders aloud if she’s reading into things. She should trust him, but she thinks maybe UC is right, and Alaric isn’t being honest with her. She asks him point blank if he is and Alaric doesn’t answer her. Buddy, that’s answer enough.


Jenna tears up and leaves the room. You suck, Alaric. UC comes in.

UC: Well, that was awkward. You know I can clear all this stuff up about Isobel tomorrow, if you want. Or not.

Alaric pulls the ring off his finger and leaves it on the counter.

Alaric: Want it? Take it. It’s yours. And after what you did to Damon, you’re going to need it more than me.

OOH! Burn!

Downstairs, they’ve brought in Elijah again.

Damon fishes the moonstone out of Elijah’s jacket pocket. Elena asks if that’s it. All they have to do is keep the dagger there, and he stays dead?

Damon’s all “pretty much.” Elena starts to leave, but turns around again to face the Brothers Salvatore.

Elena: You know, you guys want me to fight, fine, I’ll fight. But if we’re going to do this, you can’t keep anything from me anymore. From this moment on we’re doing it my way.
Damon: Seems fair.
Stefan: Okay.
Elena: Okay. *walks out of the basement*

Damon: *To Stefan* Seems like she’s had a change of attitude. How’d you get through to her?

Stefan: Told her a little story about when I was making the wrong decisions and somebody showed me there was a better way.
Damon: Lexi? *sarcasm*
Stefan: Yeah. You remember her? *harsher sarcasm*

Stefan stares at him for a minute before walking away. Damon actually seems a little repentant, which isn’t shocking, but totes is anyway.

Flashback! Damon is coming down the stairs of the old Salvatore house. Lexi, in the other room, asks if he’s going somewhere as he approaches the front door.

Damon: You must the vampire I hear my brother complaining about.
Lexi: That would be me. And you must be the brother who hates him.
Damon: We’re at irreparable odds.
Lexi: You know the hate you’re feeling? Towards Stefan, toward everyone? You think you have it under control, but you don’t. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Damon: *Considers it. Looks so sad* Help him. He needs it.
Lexi: I’ll help him.

Damon nods and leaves. He appreciates it. Awww, see he wasn’t always all bad!

Back in the present, Damon is just getting to his room. He hears the shower on and thinks it’s Andie.

“I thought you left,” he says as he comes near the bathroom. But when he turns the corner, he realizes it’s Katherine taking a shower!!

Damon looks surprised, and not pleasantly so.

Kathi: Hello Damon. Hey, do you have a robe?

Damon: How did you get out?
Kathi: I knew that if I begged you not to kill Elijah, that’s exactly what you’d do. Little known fact: Originals can compel vampires, BUT as soon as they die, compulsion wears off.
Damon: And you knew.

Kathi: And I’m still here. I didn’t run. I meant what I said, Damon. I’m going to help you. So, how about that robe?

And scene. Shit. Kathi’s in on it now? That is SO not good. Also, ELIIIJAAAHHHH! *weeps* #neverforget So let us know what you think. Will Bonnie get her groove back? Will Jeremy ever get another kiss? Will Elijah (Please God) come back to life? When is UC just going to die already? Comments below!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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5 Responses to Episode 215 “The Dinner Party”

  1. Char says:

    BTW, I totes miss Tyler. Just wanna put that out there…lol

  2. Tascila says:

    eu amo the vampire diaries, assisto todos os episódios…
    e estou anciosa para o próximo ( estou com medo de Elijah voltar a vida). beijos

  3. Vanessa says:

    OMG! Had my laughing and sitting at the edge of my seat at the same time. One thing that was missed that Daddywarlocks said to Bonbon “this is for your own good” right before he took her mojo. Looking back Klaus needs a witch for part of the sacrifice and now Bonbon isn’t so she’s safe. I hope she gets her groove back after Klaus issue is over. Jer will get another kiss at some point, but they’ll grow distance cause he doesn’t understand about losing the powers.

  4. Sophie says:

    I really felt your grief about Elijah here. The whole recap has a disappointed, negative feeling to it…. my heartfelt condolence, girls! I’m sure he’ll come back, though

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