In Honor of the Majestic BAMF Who May or May Not (Please God!) Have Met His Final Death Known As Elijah of The Originals: A Eulogy

Elijah. What can be said about our dearly departed? Mere words cannot encapsulate the pure BAMFery that was Elijah the Original. Words were not who Elijah was. He was a man of few, opting rather to be a vamp of composure, of purpose, of action. We weren’t always 100% on his motives, but the sheer excellence of his execution could not be questioned.

On the first day we knew Elijah, we saw him slap a vamp’s head clean OFF (RIP, Trevah). We saw him get staked with a coat rack, only to come back to life because you cannot kill Elijah the Motherfucking Original with piddling regular vamp methods. He ripped vamps’ and werewolves’ hearts out two at a time, and was utterly unfazed. Damon Salvatore sat impressed, and let’s face it. That rarely happens. Man was the epitome of cool, crisp awesomeness. To that, I say, “Rawr.”

His greatness was also measured in his intelligence. Though he did not say much, it was clear that Elijah was well-spoken, which is always a turn on. When he did speak, he spoke with conviction and reason and credibility. Eventually we learned that he didn’t want to break the moonstone curse at all, but hinted at wanting to overthrow Klaus from his reign of terror. Perhaps Elijah’s plan was to take the role of Supreme Powerful Original Vampire from Klaus for himself (in which case, VOTE for Elijah!). In order to accomplish this, he promised to keep Elena’s friends and family safe in return for her helping to lure Klaus to our little town of Mystic Falls. However, he knew what needed to happen to accomplish this, and so did she. Elijah never lied, and he never faltered. And you have to admire that. I know I do.

And because of all of that, because of his danger and his presence, he was the stuff of our dreams, and of our fantasies. Elijah was hot. He was sex. And he knew it, playing his games and making his jokes. “I rarely pursue younger women,” he once said, the charm flowing off his beautiful body like an all-consuming mist. One flip of that hair, and we were all goners. Few words, raw power. He just elicited pure, unadulterated, primal emotions… It was like that from the very beginning, and I reckon it’ll always be like that for me. Elijah was the ultimate vampire. Women (read: I) wanted him, and men (read: Damon) wanted to be him. It’s just a fact of the world. But now we’ve had all that taken away, and I’m left with this giant, Elijah-shaped hole in my very essence. The only prescription is more cowbell the return of our beloved Elijah, the possibility that we’ll get to see him again. It’s my only consolation. Wherever you are, Elijah, know this: we love you. Forever.

He came, he frightened, he conquered… our hearts.

RIP Elijah. You are already missed.

** Oh, Elijah. The pain. It burns.

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17 Responses to In Honor of the Majestic BAMF Who May or May Not (Please God!) Have Met His Final Death Known As Elijah of The Originals: A Eulogy

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  2. rehabber says:

    Yeah, what you said. I will miss him, but am hoping to see him again. So no RIP from me YET.

  3. Hetal says:

    i*joins u in Elijah mourning*
    never b4 this has happened tht i m mourning for vilian
    he was one hell of BAMF
    ohh writers plzzz bring him back
    now who willl whip his hairs back and forth 😦

  4. Kim says:

    Like ‘rehabber’ wrote: I refuse to say RIP Elijah.

    Have you read Daniels twitter:
    “Adoration for gruesome departure? God Bless TVD. I have the coolest supporters in the universe. Bravo @julieplec @kevwilliamson”
    “He recedes. He regroups. He reconfigures his signature coiffure. He returns.”

    But I hate that we now will have several episodes without Elijah ❤ My dearly beloved BAMF ❤

    And… I'm not to sure about the villain part. I wouldn't call him villain, not really. He does what he has to do to get rid of Klaus, no matter who's sacrificed along the way.

    • In my eyes, Elijah does not wrong. Okay, so he slaps some heads off seemingly “good” vamps. But he also bitch slaps the hell out of some deserving werewolves, and rips their hearts out. It overrides any questionable vamp-on-vamp violence, I say. Also, I just refuse to believe that Elijah is all bad. Am I projecting? Maybe. But I LOVE ELIJAH! 😉

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Christina & I actually had a long conversation this morning about our opinions as to Elijah’s “villian” status – I think we took about 1000 words between us what you summed up in two sentences. Our love makes us do the babble. LOL

      We sure did see that tweet though. We have thought from the beginning he’ll come back, thus why it was stated so plainly all it would take TO bring him back. Plus he’s needed. And awesome. And amazing. And… Ok, you get the point. 😉

      • I can’t even attempt to add anymore or else I’m going to end up filling this entire comment field with my love for Elijah. All I have to say is… I TOLD Y’ALL HE WAS AWESOME! Right from the beginning! He’s scary, but lord is he a fucking BAMF. AMEN!

        Also, Elijah needs his own show. Nightly. In my bed. Yeah, I said it.

      • Kim says:

        LOL Yes. I get the point. I have it just as bad as you do. 🙂 I never thought that someone would take over from Damon as my favourite character on this show. I still love Damon, but I absolutely adore Elijah. Oh how I would like it if he became a regular, or at least, recurring character in this show. He is so needed. He brings that special thing to the show.

        He sure does need his own show. Nightly. But not in your bed; it should be in mine. 😉

  5. Mona says:

    I´m so shocked, can´t sleep all night long. I can only say, I want him back. So Elijah STAND UP, pls do it fot me. How can I live without my original Vampire…???

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      We’re right there with you. Believe me. It took the squee right out of our squeaker for damn sure. A nasty, nasty trick that overshadowed the rest of the episode by far. But there is hope!

  6. aurora herold says:

    haha you got knocked off early stay dead or i will kill you myself

  7. Advo says:

    OMG, so much LOLz, yet truer words have not been spoken. Elijah IS the BAMF over the BAMFers and he’s is dearly missed but also fully expected to rise again. Because not only can you not kill him with mere “regular vamp methods”, he’s so awesome that even the Original methods do not apply here either.

  8. Anna Schunke says:

    Hello everyone! New here … hailing from Johannesburg South Africa.
    Very upset that Elijah is a gonner … although anything can happen … was really hoping to see if Elijah fell for Elena … imagine that triangle Stefan/Damon/Elijah. I think him and Elena would have made a great couple!

    • Hello, Johannesburg! 🙂 You know, I’ve been secretly fantasizing about an Elena/Elijah hook-up as well. That WOULD be a hell of a triangle. Oh, the shenanigans that would cause! Hehe. Oh, man, can you imagine? “Bye, Stefan. I want a more powerful vamp to be my man.” And then she’d flip her hair. And then Elijah would flip his hair, and I would giggle. Awesome. 😉

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