Quote of the Day ~ 2/18/11

Elijah Week of BAMF-ery ~ Day 6

2.10 ~ “The Sacrifice”

Damon: I killed you. You were dead.

Elijah: For centuries now.

**Alrighty folks, both Christina & I are in need of a break. Actually, today was just so straight up bananas I’m not don’t have time to do the QoTD posts for this weekend. I HATE even the thought of missing days. We thought about doing this at different times around the holidays and stuff but I pulled it out. This time I just don’t have the time. *hangs head* I’ve failed. Forgive me. We’ll be back Monday. **

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day ~ 2/18/11

  1. Wow, this is the perfect quote for the last day of Elijah Week of BAMFery. I know it’s only day six, but as we’re in mourning, we’re going to go silent for the weekend as we gather our wits and our will.

    God, he was so freaking awesome, you know? BAMF!

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