Quote of the Day ~ 2/13/11

Elijah Week of BAMF-ery ~ Day 1

2.11 ~ “By the Light of the Moon”

Elijah: I’m a man of my word, Elena. When I make a deal, I keep a deal.

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4 Responses to Quote of the Day ~ 2/13/11

  1. rehabber says:

    Dang he is so hot, how does a show get ALL the good looking men..wow.

  2. llvagner says:

    *sigh* He’s just dreamy. 🙂 And it’s saying something when you can get me to notice you with Damon in the same room. Lol! 🙂 Elijah totally rocks. I WANT to trust him…but we’ll see how it plays out. 🙂

  3. Malsey says:

    There’s something about Elijah’s voice/accent or whatever he’s got going on. It’s so…sexy…the way his words roll right off his tongue. 😛

    P.S. I think I need to go watch the Sensation of Sight, again. I LOVE watching Ian and Daniel’s characters interact in that movie. Heartbreaking.

    • DJ says:

      that is such a good movie. i loved it. and that scene and the one in the very end with ian and the teacher crying are my favorite ones ’cause they’re so intense and ian is so good in them!

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