Reactions: Ep 2.14 “Crying Wolf”

Even the next day, we at the SBH are still pretty jazzed about last night’s episode. That’ll become clear as you read this reaction post (we had a lot to say). I won’t waste too much time with a long intro, but I do have just one observation. Notice how the werewolves were calling Katherine “Kathi”? We KNEW they’ve been reading our blog!! Gosh! On to the awesomeness:

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat and Mel (SBH contributor and friend).

Elijah: Another Word for BAMF in the Thesaurus of My Mind
Cin: Wowser. Like, we knew Elijah was not to be trifled with, but in this episode he made sure all of the other supers knew it.
Christina: Oh, they know it. Even Alaric knows it:
“Because he’s worth it.”
But seriously, I was pretty much tingling the whole time he was on screen. The way he seamlessly tore through our library ripping hearts out and such. MMM! Man. Fuckin’ BAMF. And I wasn’t the only one appreciating his efforts. Did you see Damon’s face when Elijah pulled off his signature double-heart-rip??
Cin: Oh, I saw it :
– Fuckawesome!
Cat: Oh, that sequence of heart removal…I can’t even adequately describe how it made me feel. It would be inappropriate for an all-ages blog.
Christina: Did you not see me wishing that Elijah had magical Twilight semen last night during #vdbingo? I am beyond caring about propriety when it comes to Elijah.
Cat: I saw that tweet and choked on my water. Mostly because I hate thinking of magical Twilight semen, but otherwise I totes agreed.
Christina: It’s the one instance for which I’d be willing to suspend my disbelief.
Cat: Basically, Elijah makes everyone feel funny in the panties – girls, vampires… BAMF.
Cin: Preach!
Christina: WORD. Anyway, so Damon was TOTES impressed by Elijahs handiwork (see what I did there?). After they spoke for a bit and Elijah left, the look Damon gave him was one of such respect and awe and admiration. I think this might be the point where Damon realizes who he wants to be — he wants to be Elijah. Or like him. Last week he said that Elena wants him to be a better man, but if he does that, he’s scared he wouldn’t be himself anymore. I think Elijah is the next place he’s going to turn.
Cat: Damon could find far worse role models than Elijah. Imagine them roaming the Earth together….*sigh*
Cin: That’s the show I want to watch for serious.
Mel: I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to see Elijah! He seriously was a BAMF last night! So fantastic. Christina, I totes agree with you on Damon wanting to be like Elijah. Its the perfect way for him to go. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to be like him? He’s just all kinds of awesome.
Cin: That is exactly how Damon wants to be. Screw this changing for people. Damon wants to go to Elijah’s College of BAMF-ittude and get a PhD in Pwnage. And by damned, he should have that dream come true! He is so very worth it. Gotta say though, that little moment with Elijah at the tea was probably one of the stupiest things we have ever seen Damon do. Was that his way of whipping his dick out? He’s already seen Elijah survive a coatrack to the heart and perform the infamous double heart rip, does he really think he needs to be getting all up in his grill? *tsk tsk*
Christina: Yeah, I really don’t understand what that was about. Damon’s getting sloppy, which of course contributed to the too-easy kidnapping.
Cin: They shot his bromance Alaric and he was distracted. Those bitches need to STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!! See what happens when we leave for a spa weekend Christina? *sigh* They are so helpless. Damon did redeem himself a bit cleaning up the post-Elijah carnage. I’d have been pissed as hell to come home and have to clean up wolf guts.
Christina: Yeah, really. Though you can’t really be too mad. Elijah’s awesomeness sort of overshadows things (or maybe I’m blinded by love?). Oh! Can we bring up Stevie for a minute here? What a punk. Like you can hide from Elijah by pulling your collar over your ears. *rolls eyes*. What a pathetic whelp.
Cin: Aren’t all the wolves pathetic? Haven’t we been establishing this for months now? LOL
Cat: Oh, I loved that. Such a pussy. A pussy that took down Damon and needed his clock cleaned for it.

Cin: They start & end the day together. This was like bromance paradise. Talking about girls, making plots, drinking tea. *sigh* Can Alaric travel with Elijah & Damon in this roaming the Earth fantasy? I can’t get enough of these scenes.
Christina: Are you suggesting a BROMANCE TRIFECTA?! Amazing. You just blew my mind. Aaaand I’m drifting off to fantasy-land… 🙂
Cat: Jeezus. I was off in fantasy land with the original two – but the two vamps and their brilliant human sidekick Alaric? SOMEBODY PITCH THIS SHOW NOW.
Mel: The bromance last night was so great. It made my heart so happy to see them spending so much time together. It was magical lol. Oh and um this show needs to happen NOW! Not tomorrow, not in a few days. NOW! I suppose that won’t happen. So off to fantasy land I go *runs off*
Cin: Right?!? How amazing would this shit be? Christina, write us a spec script! LOL
Christina: I’m sorry, did you say something? I was fantasizing about Elijah, Damon and Alaric, like, roaming around, shirtless, doing badass things.
Cat: Cin, that’s gay porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.
Mel: Hahaha! Oh my that was funny. But seriously… There really is nothing wrong with it.
Cin: Nothing at all!
Christina: I may pay money to see that.

The Ju-Ju Crew
Christina: Two good things came out of this story line: Bonnie witch-roofie-ing Luka (because I HATE him), and Jeremy getting some action. Other than that, I don’t think we really learned much of anything with this scene. We already knew that the doppelganger had to die in order for the spell to be broken. Though to get to see the reality of it sink in with Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy (Boneremy) was a tad bit heartbreaking.
Cin: We did find out that Elena still dying was part of Elijah’s plan to take down Klaus. AFTER the ritual he would be vunerable and that’s when Elijah plans on killing him. Until now they kinda assumed that saving Elena was part of the plan. Not that Elena cares, she’s only worried about her friends & family. But yeah, we learned that. About Jer & that kiss – both made me super happy to say the least. Who’d have thunk it?
Christina: I know! I mean, I pretty much despised the little guy last season, but he’s really wrapped himself around my heart this season. So him playing smackey-mouth with Bonnie made me squee. Not gonna lie 🙂
Cat: It was awesome and adorable. “You think I’m hot?” well Jer, I didn’t either until JUST THAT MOMENT.
Christina: That question and his face while asking it was pretty aww-dorable.
Cin: Preach! Then he was like “Enough already” and laid one on her… HAWT.
Mel: I couldn’t even explain how happy I was last night when they kissed! Just thinking about it now puts a smile on my face. I’ve done a total 180 with my feelings on Jer. I love him. I really do. I’m so happy that he’s happy and that he’s getting some loving and I love it even more that it’s with Bonnie! *squee*
Christina: I could take or leave Bonnie. But since the Jerm loves her, I’ll accept her 😉

Camp Fear/Doubt
Christina: First clue that this summer cabin was actually the set of Elena’s personal horror movie: The closet full of weapons. I mean, how kind of awesome was that? You know, minus the fact that the Gilberts obvs have a history of being Vamp Slayers.
Cin: It’s all kinds of awesome, but I’m disappointed they went all “Cabin in the Woods” there. I understand this is a vampire show and all but the metaphor has been a bit overused these past few episodes.
Cat: Oh, they lost me when they went with “The Lake House” movie poster imagery. I’ll have to take your word for the rest of it.
Christina: I really don’t understand why they have this horror movie motif going on. What’s the point? This all could easily have happened at Elena’s house, you know? No one was there. Maybe there’s a hidden out-of-the-way closet in the basement. Then again, if they didn’t go to the cabin, UC wouldn’t have had grounds to tell Jenna what a horrible parent she is.
Cin: Bonus! Sure it was all sweet & fuzzy, but knowing that bad things were afoot just overshadowed the playing house and the Elena mourning her parents moments. Then again, maybe that was part of the point of it too. Maybe Elena being around her humanity and being reminded of it when she is still planning on playing the martyr is what needed to happen. Also, Stefan calling her out on trying to sacrifice herself before she ever even lives was pretty awesome. I’m almost convinced now that the big cliffhanger at the end of this season will be Elena dying with the threat of turning hanging over everyone’s head. The fact that it’s becoming kinda transparent at this point is a bit disheartening though.
Christina: Word. I said this on Twitter last night. Elena’s gonna die, and she may or may not have ingested vampire blood before hand. Like I said, if she’s going to die, I just hope it’s by drowning under the Wickery Bridge. Nothing like a book ref in your face to set my heart at ease. 🙂
Mel: Oh I think she definitely has some vamp blood in her! If she is in fact going to die, there’s no way in hell she doesn’t. Oh my god! I totes hope its going to be drowning under the bridge too! Haha. I like when they throw in little pieces of the books now and then. It makes me happy too.

Bye-Bye, TyTy
Christina: And good riddance, Teenwolf. You may have redeemed yourself a bit by telling Matty to take care of Caroline, and to give her a chance because she LOVES HIM. But going along with the torcha of Stefan because you “didn’t know what they were going to do.” No. That doesn’t fly, buddy. Don’t give me any of this Stockholm Syndrome bullshit. You went along with it because you wanted to. And so now you’re going off with Jules. Good. Glad you’re gone. Don’t ever come back now, hear?
Cin: He’s so stupid. He just decides to trust the wolves. Then the minute he finds out they were lying to him too, he let’s Stefan kill BraDIE (I mean, god fucking BLESS we got some Stefan heart-snatching action on that tool, but still). Wasn’t BraDIE his big ally/partner 5 minutes before? How did he know STEFAN was telling the truth? Then he up and leaves town with another of the liars, Jules. Retarded. Seriously, I’m surprised that boy can read. But he’s gone now. Knew he would be one way or another. As I said last week & should have been obvious to everyone – Trevino has been in LA for over 3 weeks now. Not in ATL. The big ‘shock’ that rippled threw this fandom is just retardation.
Christina: Well, I don’t know that he CAN read. For all we know that runaway note was written in scribbles in crayon. Also, yeah, not surprised at all that he left. BTW, after the scene in the Mystic Grill where Tyler was telling all that to Matty, and then suddenly we’re outside Caroline’s house, I TOTES thought it was going to be Matty… like… holding a boombox playing “In Your Eyes” over his head or something. And I got so excited, and my heart was racing. And then it was Tyler. WAY TO GET MY HOPES UP, SHOW. Don’t TEASE me like that! Hmph. 😦
Cin: ROFLMAO! Crayon… *falls of chair*
Cat: I thought that would be Matty too. Honestly that was a little moment I really liked, Caroline sensing someone and locking the door. At first I was all “Girl, you’re a vampire, you don’t need to lock your doors!” but then I remembered the torture and everything those stupid wolves did to her and I hated Tyler all over again.
Cin: I was hoping Matt, but kinda knew it would be Tyler. Had to give those shippers their ‘moment’ – whatever. It needs to be Matty. Just like Christina said, we need a BIG romantic moment. I mean, he has a perfect reputation to uphold.
Christina: WORD. Matty, listen up. Girls like big romantic gestures. Caroline will eat that shit up. Do it. PLEASE. *whimpers*
Cin: As much as we want it, he doesn’t have to do it. Caroline & the audience worship him anyway.
Cat: We do? Matt is one of those big blonde blanks for me. I need to see some romantic mojo here.
Cin: Hush your mouth. He is our perfect BOO!
Mel: If you would have asked me earlier in the season if I would have been upset that Tyler was leaving, I would have been super sad and pissed off. But as we all know I’ve changed my mind about him completely. I’m so glad that he’s gone from MF. Like he said, he needed out. Maybe this little trip will do him some good. But like Cin said earlier, how can he just go off on a wolf road trip with Jules after all the lies he’s been told by his so called “wolf buddies”? Like do you honestly think him just telling her “no more lies” and Jules agreeing means that’s actually going to happen!? DOUBT IT! Ugh so stupid. I will say this, when Tyler went and spoke with Matt and stopped by Car’s before he left. It did pull on my heartstrings a little. Only because you could tell that he knew he was wrong about so many things and was truly upset about it. I just wanted to give him a big hug and then tell him to get lost lol. OH! And I wanted it to be Matt at her door too! She would see him outside, smile and open the door. Then he would pull her close and kiss her and say “I love you. We should be together” *sigh* but no.. It was Tyler’s face at her door. EPIC FAIL haha.
Christina: Mel, I like your version of what should have happened. I just *sighed* reading it. Seriously, haha. Also, how could you hug that mangey mutt? Again, GOOD RIDDANCE.
Mel: I just felt bad. I mean I did really love Tyler at one point. I just couldn’t help it. But I then said after the hug I’d tell him to get lost! I meant it Haha.

Seeds of Doubt: A Running Theme!
Cin: Matty knows something is up and he’s sick of it. SICK OF IT! Come see Momma Cin, Matty. I’ll tell you everything. In detail. While bathing you.
Cat: I’m pretty proud of Car for not just compelling the shit out of BBB Matty. Good girl. Do we think she’ll tell him the truth? Then he can bond with Elena…oh, wait, that’s probably not a good idea.
Christina: Cin, you can do the bathing if I get to do the toweling off. I am so tired of the fact that Matty doesn’t know a thing. I mean Jenna doesn’t know either, but she’s kind of dumb as a sack of bricks, so you can’t fault her. Matty, though… you’re right. He knows something is up. And it’s high time that someone explains it to him. Matty needs to trust Caroline. She needs to be his Virgil in this whole mess.
Cin: Why would he need to be bonding with Elena? I do think that Elena having known and been in the thick of it for so long could smooth things over for him. Also finding out the timing and circumstances of Caroline being turned. He for sure didn’t want her to die. They were also already a couple and in love when it happened. And seriously, Caroline is like the bestest baby vamp ever ever. She deserves for people to be proud her. Especially the boy she loves.
Christina: Yes, yes she does. Also, hmm… I take it back. Yes, Elena needs to be his Virgil. See, MF residents? See how “easy” it can be??
Cat: Lovah’s of out vampires. Small club.
Mel: I think Matt’s going to find everything out one way or another. He for sure knows something is going on. I just hope he finds everything out from Caroline.
Cat: What’s the point of Damon’s faux-mance? Just to show him being cavalier? I don’t like Andie per say, but I like that she’s there.
Cin: I’m not sure what the point is. But I’ll roll with it. I see it as him trying to get past the Elena thing by having a friend he can emote with, like Rose was beginning to be, and also have some benefits. Plus he’s head of the Council now. He has to keep his appearances up. He needs someone obviously. Why can’t it just be casual?
Christina: I don’t much care for Andie, but I’ll go along with the faux-mance. Plus, he can compel her to make her forget that he’s unloading all his emotions on to her. It’s a win-win, really. It’ll last for as long as he needs it to last. Also, we don’t have to worry about him killing her. Who would report her death? Best One-liner of the night. Hehe 😀
Cin: Let’s talk about John/UC reeking havoc on the happy Gilbert domice. First he starts insulting Jenna’s parenting at every single turn, which I’ll admit was kinda glorious – then he starts goading Alaric about “HIS” ring and telling Jenna the truth (to which Alaric responds: “You’re a dick.” hehe). Then he started planting seeds of doubt in Jenna’s mind about Alaric’s secrets. What is he playing at here? Everyone who lives in that house is keeping secrets from Jenna & he knows it. Why is he tangling with Alaric who could & would easily kick his creeper ass from MF to Kentucky? Is UC interested in Jenna? Really? Why?
Christina: Gross. But maybe he’s interested in her the same way that Elijah is interested in her (i.e., not necessarily as a bedmate) or Kathi was interested in her. I mean, Elijah used Jenna to get into the house, and Kathi used her to get to Elena. UC could be using Jenna, or at least his end game is to use her. Use her as bait for Elena — to kill her. I’m just pulling this out of my ass here, but Jenna isn’t so important as Jeremy or Caroline or someone who would get the entire SupeCrew involved. Yes, she’s the aunt and such, but I think casting doubt in Jenna’s mind about everything and turning her against our friends provides optimum mindfuckery, just the right amount to really muck things up — ESPECIALLY since Elena is so hellbent on being the martyr.
Cat: I LOVE UncleDaddy the Creeper. His evaluation of Jenna’s parenting was dead on, and he’s a great foil for our heroes. He’s not wrong, he’s just…creepy which makes him a great villain. Why not use Jenna? She’s an empty shell. She’s been used by so many Supes…shit, there’s a town bicycle joke in there somewhere isn’t there?
Christina: Community Doorknob? I actually kind of like UC too. Just because he’s so freaking creepy. I mean, I hate him. But… good villain. Not as good as Elijah, but who can be, really? I also LOVED that UC kept pointing out Jenna’s parental shortcomings. I LOL’d a few times. I just really don’t trust him. There’s something… off. *shrug*
Cat: There needs to be a good human foil – enter Creepy. You can’t trust him. Do you believe that dagger can kill Elijah? You have no reason to believe it can, but it could…. You don’t know until it’s too late. That’s good stuff.
Cin: I’m not even caring whether he can be trusted or not. I guess I’m just going with the flow. But if I think about it too hard, I don’t trust Isobel and he’s her lap dog – so no. Also, they think releasing Kathi is a good idea. Unless part of Isobel’s big plan is to sacrifice Kathi in order to un-doppleganger Elena or something.
Mel: UC NEEDS TO FUCKING GO NOW! I don’t care how. He just needs to go. I do not trust him. I hate how he’s screwing with everyone. Every time I see his face on the TV screen I just want to kick it in. Someone just needs to kill him.
Cat: So here’s where this show sometimes loses me – there are so many players playing so many games it’s too much. Like, sometimes I forget Isobel exists because I have 38 other people ON SCREEN to worry about.
Cin: I cannot disagree with that. I mean, in a way I really love that but it is terribly scattered.
Christina: Word. Like, I kind of forgot that UC was even alive. When he showed up, I had to remember back and had one of those “oooh, yeaaahhhh” moments, which are sometimes a bit disheartening. I also forgot about Isobel. I’m a simple creature, show. Too many characters and plot lines and mindtricks and Christina’s brain gets confused. I understand they all serve a purpose, which is excellent. Then again it’s awesome when you have those “OMG so THAT’S how they’re involved” moments. Whatever. 🙂

So, what do YOU guys think? Is Elijah the bee’s knees or what? What do you think UC’s endgame is? Will Jenna ever win Parent of the Year? Who else would watch The BROMANCE (airing right after Ford & Strom: L.A.P.D., naturally)? I would. Comment below!

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9 Responses to Reactions: Ep 2.14 “Crying Wolf”

  1. Vibeke says:

    I totally would watch THE BROMANCE! Sounds awesome.

  2. Elin says:

    and we’ll sorta get the bromance next week – dinner party with Damon, Alaric, John and Alaric! Who knows where that will lead 😉

  3. mak75231 says:

    This week’s Woobie Word of the Week is “Weasel”–as in Pop goes the…as in that means YOU, UncleDaddy John.

    Elijah “Smith” my butt…how *ahem* “Original” of him.

    Do NOT torture the Woobie while I don’t feel good (just sayin).

  4. Leslie says:

    I’m thinking Elena will be wearing Jeremy’s ring when she’s sacrificed. She’s getting sacrificed eventually, there is no way out of that. Unless the witch trifecta destroy the Moonstone first. Hmm, so many possibilities.

  5. atsi says:

    hi, i want to make a youtube video and how did u get that mini clip to put on this website? can u let me kno thx! and yes, teenwolf has also been kncked down from the hate list(he used to be 2 but now is 5)

  6. rehabber says:

    At least they got the tree correct in this ep, last time they called it White Oak ash, but this one White Ash remains.

    I was hoping that Elijah would take Damon down a peg or two, just so it would show Damon that he can not go at him directly. That will get him killed and we know how Damon does like to be badass.

    Best line to me was when Damon was in the torture chair being questioned about the moonstone and he made a comment like if you only knew how ironic this moment is. I lol at that.

    I know y’all don’t like Tyler, but I think he went with Jules, the skank, to get info for Stefan and he will come back and do the right thing. Jules has GOT to come back so Damon can KILL HER. It has to be Damon or my screaming will be heard ’round the world.

  7. Rachelle says:

    Can I just say that I laughed SO HARD on that gif thingy. Because you’re worth it. Awesome. I would totally buy anything Elijah promotes. (Perfume ads are now playing in my mind. Elijah should totally become an actor. Imagine how fun the interviews would be. If he’s not ripping your heart out, that is)

    Glad Tyler is gone. Felt kinda sorry for him though. Having no friends and all. (insert lone wolf joke here)

  8. redlightwrithing says:

    OMG you guys are great! This is like if I posted my text conversation I have with my friend while we watch it live together!!

    I didn’t know anyone else called him Uncle Dad!!!! ahahahahhahahahhahhah UncleDaddy the creeper is even better.

    And yes, please make the BROMANCE! Now!… Do it!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 Some of this actually gets spawned by things we say in texts to each other while we watch live. Though we usually manage to tone down the wolf-hate 😉

      Uncle-Daddy Creeper, Uncle Creeper, or UC for short. Whatever you call him, he gives me the heebies! Haha

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