Reactions: Ep 2.12 “The Descent”

First episode back from the winter hiatus, and they do NOT disappoint! Solid ep. I’m not saying we were all completely thrilled with some of the events of last night’s episode, but it definitely laid the groundwork for the insanity that’s sure to come. There was a lot of vamp drama, which we loved, but it was almost all caused by those damn pesky R.O.U.S.’s wolves, which has got to stop. But we’ll get into all that below. On to the reactions!

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat, Colleen, Mel and Erica (SBH contributors and friends).

Return of the Woobie!
Cin: Oh, Damon!!! This episode highlighted Damon’s heart & mind in ways that have pretty much only been hinted at before. He was trying to be brave, but he was in denial about feeling the feelings. He did care. He was angry. He felt guilty. And at the end of the day, he was still so very human. Wanting to dull the pain by being the monster. Needing that disconnect. Just to see those depths all swimming together and basically, this is the kind of pain that made Damon, well, Damon. We all knew he masked the pain behind sarcasm and acting out – but to see him react and actual show us, the audience, his “existencial crisis”. *sigh* It was glorious. Just glorious.
Colleen: DAMON!! You emotional mess of a vampirehumanmanboy!!! I cried, you bastard. CRIED!  Drunk, confused, emotional, out of control Damon is my favorite Damon of all. I’d get drunk with him and he could bite me. However, I’m not entirely sure how to feel about him not being super non-human He-Man human hater. I really liked that Damon.
Cat: Just when I’d had enough of Nearly Human Damon he snapped back into Vampire Damon. Cat is happy. Happy! Ian Somerhalder f’ing killed it last night.  He had me sad, happy, crying, mad….Awesome.
Christina: You’re totally right. He did kill it last night. So powerful. So much transformation. I can’t handle it. I did like badass Vampire Damon, but I’m not happy about the switch back. It’s not that I don’t want him to be like that. I miss the snarky, lewd-comment-making Damon just as much as the next girl. It’s just that it’s… not him anymore. He has begun his “Descent” into… depression, denial, madness. I don’t like it at all. I’m worried about him.
Cat: That’s kind of why I hate this storyline. I’ve never been a fan of vampires struggling with their human side.  I don’t want to see Damon descend into madness, I want to see him be the badass he has it in him to be. If they humanize him for Elena, blech. Just blech. On the plus side, Somerhalder can handle this and act the shite out of it.  Damon’s struggle is heartbreaking, he’s not a sanctimonious bunny-eating bore.
Cin: I’m on the fence on this. I agree with both of you. I miss carefree Damon, but yeah – we’ve kinda hoola’d that hoop. Until he is truly happy with someone without judgement at all, until he loves someone who understands him he’ll never be free from the angst. I think he saw that last night too. Aside from the guilt over “it should have been him,” I think he did know that Rose understood him and realized how important that really is. Seeing him revert back… I’m nervous. It’s kinda self-destructive at this point. But MD is wonderful & he can knock all of the sides to Damon out of the park – so we’ll see.
Christina: Oh, I agree about being on the fence. I sometimes get bored of the “struggle for humanness” thing that all vamps do. But Damon’s is different. Yes, he wants to be human; it’s what he misses most. But his struggle isn’t how to be human (i.e., Stefan and eating the bunnies). Damon’s struggle is how to NOT be human. He wants to be a monster to dull the pain of experiencing humanness. This is exactly why he killed Jeremy in 2.01. He wants it, but he doesn’t. He wishes he could be big and tough and strong and resilient (like ELIJAH!!), but deep down, he’s floundering, and he knows it.
Cin: Exactly. That’s what makes him such an amazing character. I love him so very much. GAH! He has such a boner for Elijah’s powers. I’m telling you. He wishes he had that aloof power. Can we take this minute to mention that Daniel Gillies like, totes *GETS* Damon. It’s kinda amazing actually.
Christina: YESSSS. He SO does. I read that article and actually almost screamed toward the heavens, arms upraised in joy, “YES! SOMEONE GETS IT!!” I have undying love for Daniel Gillies/Elijah. UNDYING.
Cin: Me too – that article & him joining twitter (@mrholymonster) totally made my week last week. But back to Damon…
Christina: Damon’s struggle at the end with the girl (whom I will forever refer to as Jessica Hamby)… the internal conflict. How can anyone be happy about that?
Cin: I’m nipping that Jessica Hamby shit in the bud right now. I can’t even think about TB *anything* and try to think about TVD. Kinda hate that they went there. I mean, there are more names in the world. And was it just me or was the actress, um, plain? We’ll see, but I’m not feeling the “compulsion fueled relationship” ala Car S1 at all. It’s purvy. I mean, Damon is bad – I get that and I embrace that side of him. I also get that girls knowing the whole truth is tricky at best, but why couldn’t he start something like this with someone he, like, picks up legitimately first? Who we at least know wants what’s happening? Not that anyone wouldn’t want him; that’s not the point. Damon is dashing. Damon is sexy and awesome. Damon is an expert liar. He could forge a real relationship without full truths being told and it still be un-skeevy. I’m just not sure.
Erica: TB Jessica Hamby was my first thought too! *ducks* But yeah, let’s not sully the awesomeness that is TVD with any TB comparisons. We all know how I feel about Damon: nothing but love, adoration, you know. I’m just really not sure what to say yet about where his character is going. I like vampire Damon, and I don’t want to see him in any other form but we’ll see what happens.
Christina: Can I at least call her JH? ;D
Cin: Boo, you whore!

Christina: Oh, Caroline! Oh, Matty! Oh, there are just so many emotions!! I said this to Cin last night… why can’t Caroline just tell Matty? I mean, sure he’ll be repulsed initially, and he may even have some pretty intense anger toward Damon because of Vicki (yeah, remember her?). But I’m confident that he’d get over it eventually, right? OH, THE ANGST!! It’s breaking my heart! *weeps*
Erica: “Sha la la la la la, tell the boy…” Okay, that was a lame “Little Mermaid” reference, but I think he could learn to accept it. I mean sweet, blonde Matty would do just about anything for Caroline!
Cin: You said it Erica: BLONDE. Trust me, this is huge for me & Christina – it’s a sickness even.
Christina: *swoons*
Cin: But anyway… Real thoughts… OMG, so amazingly sweet. And then when he called her “Care” and she got all eyes-full-of-tears. *melts*
Christina: It was the “Care” that really got me.
Mel: I have this weird feeling that she’s going to wind up telling Matty at some point before the end of the season. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.  But I agree, I think that Matty will eventually get over it because he loves her *squee*
Cin: I’m not sure if she’ll tell him or he will just find out. I’m betting on finding out and that will add a whole other layer. I kinda wish they would pull in some of that from the book. How Matt get’s told because he has to help Elena – but in this case Caroline – and even though he is freaked out he does because he wants to. Either way, it’s safe to say we are all Team Mattoline and NOT team Tyoline *gag* Sorry, I just don’t like him and him and Caroline… Ewww. What in the hell is up with people who like them together? Not only will it NEVER WORK. That doesn’t make it all impossibly romantic – it makes it hopeless. Other than that it just grosses me out. I still don’t get all of the Trevino love. I mean, he’s alright and all but seriously? And after next week when he puts our Car in a fucking cage! Give me a break!
Christina: Whoa. NOT okay. I must have missed that part of the SFNW. Fuck. *sigh*
Cin: RIGHT?!? Un-fucking-exceptable!

Werewolves Make You Crazy? WORD.
Christina: Jules, you ignorant slut. No really. I hate you. So, so much. Thinking you can play Damon like that. Have you learned nothing? I sincerely hope you die. Oh, and I laughed so hard at the beginning when she found the campsite full of bodies. Not because it was funny but because she obvs has impulse control problems, and I just have a feeling that’s going to bite her in the ass. God, I hope so.
Cin: Fuckin’ WORD! I still cannot BELIEVE Damon hasn’t killed her yet. And even worse, I see promo pics for like the next 2 or 3 eps and the bitch (literally) is still around. I mean, WTF?!? And seriously, the carnage at the campsite was a bit extreme. I don’t exactly understand why she didn’t just go with her lie about them being her friends. Even when Sheriff Mom connected her to the Lockwoods, it could’ve worked. But no, she disposes of ANOTHER deputy. Damn, that’s like the most hazardous job in that town.
Mel: SHE NEEDS TO DIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I cannot stand her face.
Cat: I never understand the werewolf “wake up naked have clothes nearby” thing. Or is Jules walking around in some dead girls clothes that are perfectly fitted to her?   Since I ff all the were parts, that’s really all I have to say about this section.
Cin: It was the same clothes she had on before. Totes stupid.
Christina: Maybe she took them off, rolled them up and tied them to her leg like the “wolves” in Twatlight?
Cin: So what, she strips down and has a fannypack – oh, from the mind of SM… *shakes head*
Christina: I think a fannypack would be a standard werewolf accessory, no? It’s part of the whole lame package. God, I hate werewolves so much.
Erica: Yeah, all I have to say is werewolves suck. Get rid of all the werewolf parts and devote that time to more DAMON!
Cin: WORD!!! Why do so many people think that vamps & weres have to go hand and hand? I’m tired of it. I think I’ve said this entirely too much over the past few months, but I just hate it. And they are all such douchenozzles. I mean, why would people want them? They are weak and lame and UGH!
Colleen: UGH! I am not a fan of the wolf, any wolf…at all. And don’t go kissin on Matty’s Caroline, wolfboy!!!!
Mel: WORD! I’ve always had a soft spot for Tyler, but I think that’s all going to change. Actually, its already changed ever since he kissed Caroline. Then seeing the previews for next weeks episode and how he gets all angry with her once he found out all the vampy news and Mason’s death. That definitely did it for me!
Christina: Ugh. Don’t get me started on the kiss. I’m just going to pretend it didn’t happen.
Cin: I touched on this above. We’ve said too much already. *gag*

Maybe it IS Lupus
Christina: Teehee. That’s punny. Get it? Lupus. Lupine? Ehhhh? *wink* I’ll stop. But man, Rose was going through so many symptoms, I felt like I was watching an episode of House. All we knew was that the wolfbite was fatal, and we could clearly see the flesh eating disease that was decomposing her shoulder. At one point, Rose said it was like having a cold, something she hadn’t had for centuries. I thought that was kind of interesting to note. She had the chills, the pain… and then the dementia and hallucinations set in. And I don’t know about you guys, but that part was kind of freakin’ scary, no?
Cat: I thought they did a nice job with the slow death. I’m going to miss Rose.
Cin: It kinda gutted me. I like and was intrigued by Rose pretty much since she showed up in MF and although I never really shipped her & Damon, I kinda will now. I think she did understand him. That is VERY important to me. For Damon to be understood & accepted. I also think it was very telling of her character that even in the very end when she came out of the hallucinations she still had remorse & still wanted to be good. Such a bad way to go, but the way Damon took care of her was remarkable. Simply heartbreaking & remarkable. *sigh*
Christina: I agree. Totes. And I thought the Princess Bride-esque dream was really beautiful and well done, and poignant. It got the point across without being hokey. It was sweet, and actually moved my icy, black heart to the verge of tears. Oh, lawdy, and then back in the real world when Damon was crying. FORGET IT.
Cin: Tell me about it. And they GAVE us a Princess Bride reference of our very own. Like we needed encouragement! So beautiful. And Damon doing that for her…I will hold on to that for a long, LONG time. *sniff*
Colleen: I too, liked Rose. I’m sad Damon’s BFF with benefits is gone. I agree, she really understood him.
Mel: I’m so sad that Rose died. I really loved her. She was such a good addition to the show. Kind of reminded me of when Anna was killed off. Why do they keep taking such good characters away from us?! I also agree about the dream. It was really great. Rose, you will be missed.
Christina: They take characters away from us to make us FEEL. And you know how I feel about feeling feelings. 😥
Erica: Feelings are the devil!

Horror Movie Much?
Cin: Ok, we have to talk about the fact that Elena spent most of the episode not as the heroine of our favorite show but of a bad 80’s horror flick. I mean, really? REALLY?!? She was terrorized by a hallucinating Rose, then she ran like the damsel she is, THEN she didn’t stay in the sunlight but sat there quivering like a fool. THEN, oh, then she doesn’t hear anything for a while so she just walks right out. All Freddy meets Jason style. Cue the music, dumb bitch wants to die – but luckily only found Damon and not a rabid Rose. Ridiculous. Of course it was also kind of precious that she calls Damon and leaves him this message: “Um, Rose isn’t doing so good, you should come home now”. Not “SHE’S GONNA EAT ME!!!” Then she doesn’t try to call anyone else! Just…. no!
Christina: I would think that she’d at least call Stefan? What, because he’s off trying to find Isobel, suddenly he’s dead to her or something? That whole part just kind of perplexed me. Barricading herself in Stefan’s room and then just sitting there really annoyed me. Especially when she ran to the french doors, swung them open, and then decided not to leave! I mean, it was daylight; Rose wouldn’t have followed her!! There wasn’t a trellis or something that she could climb down? Oh, and then she left the doors open to wait. Like a vampire can’t climb or jump up there. Especially a rabid, do-anything-for-blood vampire like Rose was at that moment. I… I think I’m thinking about it too much. But yes. Dumb. And kind of anti-Elena, no?
Cin: Exactly. And your point about the sun lit balcony – exactly what I was thinking! Ridic.
Cat: I loved it, in a loathing kind of way. Maybe it’s me, but when she hides from a vampire behind a door/dresser I think “And a 500 year old vampire can’t get through that?”  Though, Rose didn’t so…  The phone call. LOL.  I actually yelled at my tv.  “SERIOUSLY?”

Stefan’s Agenda
Cin: As always – Elena, Elena, Elena. Who cares that everyone else is trying to figure out how to cure a wolf bite? I mean, it’s not like that won’t come in handy at any time or anything. Only care about your brother enough to make sure he doesn’t cause a scene in public. And then go right back to stirring the Klaus pot. Stef, you’re lucky you started out the episode shirtless or you’d be on my shit list for sure.
Christina: For what? For putting up with her like that?
Cin: No, for being so single-minded all episode when there was clearly other very important shit going down. I find it hard to believe that Isobel (or UC for that matter) can be more helpful than Slater was when it came to info on the almighty Klaus.
Christina: AHHHH! I thought the same thing last night. I guess Isobel did do a ton of research… Also she’s the bio-mom of a Petrova Doppelganger. How does that happen? She’s got to know something… And didn’t Stefan say that Isobel might know of a cure for the wolfbite?
Cin: I was under the impression he just wanted to call Momma Psychopants to get Original’s dish.
Christina: Ah. Well regardless, baby-mama-ness aside, I did think it was kind of weird that they thought she’d know more about it than anyone else. I’ll see how this pans out.
Cin: I agree. I’m glad David Anders is back even though UC is a deplorable toad. So I’m giving it a shot. But I’m still disappointed in Stefan just a bit. And yes, before you ask, they ARE real people. *nods*
Cat: Wait, Stefan was in last night’s ep? I didn’t notice.  Honestly.
Cin: LOL, Hater 😉

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4 Responses to Reactions: Ep 2.12 “The Descent”

  1. Sophie says:

    Ha, thank you, brilliant as always!
    I have to join the hate-parade for jules, until yesterday I had no idea I was capable of such pure hatred, seriously, my fist was itching for a punch every time she showed up! If she stays around for longer than the next episode the show becomes implausible, nobody could stand here that long.
    And Cin, I agree with you about Stefan, I’m convinced for some time that he shouldn’t be called the “good brother” …
    Finally, MD just keeps getting better and better, I was so annoyed that they gave so much showtime to the “wolves” instead of him.

  2. mak75231 says:

    First I have to formally apologize to Ctina for thinking she meant TEARS and changing it in my RT last nite! Never again! lol
    Second it’s been a LOOOONNNGG time since we had a Woobie Word of the Week–lots of juicy stuff *pun intended* to work with, but I have to go with the inebriated “Existentially”–anytime Woobie uses big words on booze I gotta pick them cause they’re so damn cute!
    Since I was under the weather before the ep started, I think I cried about 16 times (it woulda only been about 14 if I hadn’t been wishing it was ME in that bed gettin put outa my misery–can you say WhatAWayToGo).

    Few comments and I’ll hold off for the full post:
    Tyler smiles–alert the media! (totes stolen from MD about Stefan, but have u noticed how Trevino frowns ALL the time?)
    Tired B-horror flick flashbacks with Elena runnin from Rose; however, the nails in the grungy flesh-eating open wound was pretty sharp for a dumb girl.
    Stefan is turnin out to be a totes sex-teetotaler–completely ruined the mood in the first scene (where SOME of us might have bingoed with a Time For The Sex square, but NO! Stef had to be sensible–Boy, where are your hormones! Read a Nike ad for once, “Just Do IT!”)
    Jules.camping.bad idea. Like the Blair Witch Project on acid. I totes thought about the clothes tied to the leg thing, too. We’re all to vamp-tales overloaded not to make those comparisons. *sigh*
    Jules is the new Cuntbasket. I rest my case. Well, maybe DoucheCuntbasket.
    Matty has to find out somehow by the end of the season–I think we’ll all revolt if he doesn’t–just compel the shit out of him afterward, but somebody clue him in–PULEEZ!
    Silk sheets? Yea, like there hasn’t been some fantisizing goin on there! *liar, liar, pants on fire!*
    Was glad to see Sheriff Mom back in action (since apparently Marguerite had been in the hospital or something); however, we’re gettin so many characters there’s bound to be a bloodbath sooner or later!
    Too exhausted to write anymore…and I doubt if it made any sense! Can’t wait for the full recap! Woobie Woks My World!

  3. rehabber says:

    I have put this ep at the top of my favorite list, Damon is the most complicated character on TV and I love him so much. I only cried one time, but it was for the last 20 minutes of the show..damn.

    I thought the same thing about Elena and the sunlight, very stupid to just stay huddled in a corner when I would have been out in the very bright sun.

    When is Damon going to kill the skank, it needs to be yesterday, I can not believe he did not do it?

  4. atsi says:

    omg!! when i watched this episode, i was legit crying when damon staked rose. this episode will always be #1 on my list because of IAN SOMERHALDER(!!!!) and a lot of other good drama. and u guys are right with jules and the werewolf crap. everytime i saw her i just wanted to go up to her slap her, kick her… or anything that would make her feel pain. and im really misssing the old damon who didnt care about anything. we need a bad salvatore brother and stefen isnt really the type. but the ending was amazing!!!

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