#VDBingo Episode 2.12

Um, holy crap. I can’t… my brain won’t wrap around anything right now. I’m going to need a second to compose myself. For a first episode back from the winter hiatus… that was AWESOME! So. Much. Plot. I love it. Now before I get ahead of myself and start gushing about my reactions (tune in tomorrow for those!), here is the list of officially marked squares for tonight’s episode: (11 total)

  • Whoa… MYTHOLOGY! (Jules explained what would happen to Rose. Dementia? Hardcore.)
  • Damon is like a real live boy! (Aww, woobie)
  • Someone just died
  • Elena and Katherine are doppelgangers. What? WHY? HOW?! (Mistaken identity!)
  • Matty is perfect. Period. (and totes adorable)
  • Caroline not human? AS IF!
  • Werewolf=Douchecanoe (like whoa)
  • Stefan is SHIRTLESS! (AMEN!)
  • Pity Party of One (Damon at the end… he just unleashed all over that poor girl… *sigh*)
  • Magically Delicious is, well, DELICIOUS (FREE SPACE)

Rats. We were only 1 square away from bingo. Ah, maybe next week. How did everyone else fare? Got bingo? Be sure you e-mail us with your card # (the email address is on the right — also the e-mail address that your card came from!) to let us know. Make sure you put “VDBingo 2.12” in the subject line!

*Deep breath* Okay, I’m going to watch that again…

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10 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 2.12

  1. Inna Kagan says:

    I was 1 spot away in 2 directions! I needed Damon Alaric bromance and Alaric Saltzman: history teacher. Vamp slayer. Stepdad? .. oh well .. better luck next time. That episode was EPIC(:

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  3. Jennifer says:

    I was one spot away too! Maybe next time.

  4. DJ says:

    oh my, what an episode! i didn’t get bingo, but still… thoughts:
    1. They cut the “it’s ok to love them both” line??? how dare they!?!?! don’t put it in the promo if you don’t want it in the ep!
    2. oh my god, rose’s death was so heartbreaking. damon and her were totes cute together. he was so adorable with her and just such a good friend. i’m really sad she had to go :,-(
    3. doesn’t elena staying with rose and taking care of her even though she put herself in mortal danger by doing that warrant her the protector square?
    4. yay, uncle john’s back!!!
    5. i still want maroline! also, if tyler now hurts caroline because of that stupid bitch jules (die, i say, die), he will instantly lose all the love i have recently developed for him.

    • I have no love for Tyler. None. I’m just waiting for that furry lid to blow…

      Also, we don’t really think Elena was being protector. She wasn’t really protecting anyone OR being self-righteous about it, haha. She was doing it for Damon.

  5. DJ says:

    ah yes i see. and agree. good point. i actually have grown to like tyler. however if the promo is any indication of where his character is going next episode i will again hate him furiously! and that biatch jules needs to go away!

  6. Sofia says:

    Ah, glorious episode! A shirtless Damon, though that would have been way to much to ask this time (but I’m greedy!), away from bingo. Or a scarf! Caroline gets kissed by TWO cute guys and not a scarf in sight? And I want to officially second “die, Jules die!”

  7. Chantal says:

    lol I third the die jules die. And I was 2 away from Bingo all I needed was Jeremy lik mini Alaric and the Bonnie mind bullets witchy stuff. Mayb next wk 🙂 but omg wat an amazing ep! Well worth the long wait

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