Happy End of Winter Hiatus Eve!

That’s right, folks. The end is nigh! For TVD returns tomorrow with episode 2.12 “The Descent.” In case you’re not geared up yet, we thought we’d post a link to this article from The A.V. Club that we read tonight: Ten Reasons You Should Be Watching The Vampire Diaries. We at the SBH don’t normally post links to other articles, but this one was just so good, it HAD to be shared. I mean, this is something we would have written if we had the time, could be somewhat serious, and could, you know, not curse or make up words for more than 2 paragraphs at a time. So read it. Love it. Force it on others. This is how you sell to the non-believers, people!

And when you’re done with that, why don’t you go on over to The Parlor and request yourself a #VDBingo card? YEP! VDBingo is back too, baby! We’ve got new squares ready and everything, and my hands are just itching to mark them. Then make sure you join us back at the House on Friday for our Reaction posts (curse and made up words may abound).

So. Excited.

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