Episode 211 “By the Light of the Moon”

Episode 2.11 “By the Light of the Moon”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Damon try to get Katherine to give them the moonstone, but she’s having none of their trickery. They enlist Bonnie (and unbeknownst to them, Jeremy) to help trick ol’ Kathi. Bonnie learns some more witchy-juju from Luka, but only gets a nose bleed trying to open the tomb. Jeremy gets trapped in, and Stefan rescues him, getting stuck in the tomb himself. Meanwhile, Car and Tyler find UM’s wolfy transformation journal and video, and Tyler starts freaking out about the impending full moon. Elsewhere, Elena convinces Rose to take her to see Slater – who is dead. She wants to track down Klaus, but finds Elijah instead! Or, rather, he finds them with the help of Daddy Warlocks! WAH-nah-nah! He murders some vamps, but leaves Damon and Elena alone. What?! I know. I SO know. He goes back to Daddy Warlocks and we find out Elijah wants to keep Elena safe. WHY?! I don’t know! Let’s find out!

Tyler’s watching the video of UM’s first transformation again as he gathers his chains, and other S&M supplies for himself.

For, you see, dear readers, tonight is the night of the full moon! He’s gonna change, Brotha!

He’s very nervous, so he decides to call UM again, but he only gets his machine. He leaves him another message – UM’s voicemail is full, and Ty really needs to talk to him.

Some random chick appears in UM’s Florida apartment and listens in to Tyler’s desperate message. He found UM’s video and he is starting to FREAK OUT.

Oh, chick, you look mighty suspicious.


Elena and Bonnie are in Elena’s room.

Elena wants to know what Bonnie was going to do with the moonstone. Bonnie explains that she wants to remove the spell. Duh.

Bonnie: If I can figure out a way to remove the curse from the stone, then the stone becomes useless.

Elena: And according to Katherine, Klaus becomes vengeful.
Bonnie: Maybe. If he finds out.

Elena doesn’t care. Stefan is stuck in the tomb. All this moonstone mumbojumbo can wait, no? Bonnie says it can’t.

Stefan was the one who told her to concentrate on removing the spell. Elena tells her not to listen to Stefan.

“He thinks he’s protecting me, but he’s wrong.” Bonnie says she’s taking Stefan’s side. Oh, gurl! Bonnie says she won’t let Elena be used in a “creepy sacrifice ritual.” Elena is NOT happy.

As he’s been doing a lot lately, Jer comes in and interrupts their argument. He wants to know what they’re arguing about. Bonnie says they’re not arguing about anything, and quite obviously puts the moonstone back in her bag. She excuses herself to go get some coffee.

Jeremy: Why are you on some suicide mission?

Elena explains that she’s not. She’s totes being The Protector here. She wants to keep everyone else from getting hurt. But Jer is all “But getting yourself killed is okay?” Oooh! Burn!

He leaves,

and Elena yoinks the moonstone from Bonnie’s bag and tries to hightail it out of there, but Bonnie stands in her way.

Jeremy was testing her, and she FAILED. #elenafail.

Elena: Klaus killed Katherine’s entire family just because she crossed him. I can’t let that happen.

With that, Elena runs toward the door, but WTF?!

She’s blocked by a force field!! Ha ha, you fool! Elena fell to another of the classic blunders – never go in against a teenage witch when her bestie’s death is on the line!

Bonnie’s all “it’s for the best.”

Jeremy just looks on, amused.

Over at the Tomb, Stefan is just as shocked about the force field as Elena is.

Damon: It’s for the best. Trust me. Elena’s on a martyr tear that rattles your greatest hits.


Damon says Stefan should be glad he and Bonnie are getting along. Oh, and Damon brought him a care package: candles, lanterns, massage oils. Okay, maybe not that last one. But he did bring him BLOOD.

Stefan says he doesn’t want too much, so he’ll have to share with her. Katherine steps forward to remind them that Klaus will hunt them down and kill them if they mess with his plan.

Damon: I’ve been dead before. I got over it.

Damon promises Stefan they’ll find a way to get him out, but Stefan tells him not to worry. His main concern is keeping Elena safe. Aww.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Carol spies her son getting ready to leave. He’s totes heading to the old cellar, but lies and says he’s going to lunch at the Grill, then practice, then he’s probably going out. To where? The Grill again? I mean, is there anywhere else to go in this town?

Anyway… he’s getting ready to leave when the doorbell rings.

And it’s that creepy chick from UM’s apartment! She introduces herself. Her name is Jules, and she’s a friend of UM’s from Florida. Also, damn she drives fast. It’s totes only the next afternoon. I mean, unless she left immediately. But I digress. Jules is trying to track down UM.

Carol says he’s back in FL, but Jules would like to argue otherwise. Hmm…

Over at the one restaurant in town Mystic Falls– wait. I want to know who owns this place. He must be the richest dude in town! Perhaps even a founding family we’ve never met –

Jenna is complaining to Alaric about having to be small town welcome wagon and guide to some aspiring local writer who’s doing a book on small town Virginia. She calls it lame and Alaric does the boyfriendy thing and laughs.

Blah blah blah, she complains some more, and then she leaves. Good.

Just then Tyler comes in to meet Caroline. He tells her about Jules, and how UM never made it back to Florida. When he left, his mom was talking to Sheriff Mom about the disappearance. But they’ve got bigger fish to fry. It’s time to go.

As they’re leaving, Caroline gives Alaric a “oh shit” look, and he watches them leave.

Over at la Casa de Gilbert, Damon walks right in and comments on how Elena should really lock her door. That’s kind of funny actually. Elena is not so amused.

Damon: Oh, come on, Pouty. At least give me points for ingenuity.
Elena: Do you think this is funny?
Damon: Yes, Elena. I find hilarity in the lengths I have to go to to save your life.

Elena is still not amused.

Elena: What did Stefan say about this? And what did he say about Elijah still being alive?

Damon: Yeah, that. I didn’t tell him.
Elena: Why not?
Damon: Well, A) he can’t do anything about it. B)… what I just said.

And then he flashes his smile. Oh, Damon, you could charm the habit off a nun! Elena wants to know where Bonnie is, and Damon tells her that Bonnie is on “moonstone duty,” so that makes him on “Elena Patrol.” Jeremy asks who’s on Tyler and the full moon.

Damon: Vampire Barbie asked me if she could handle it, and I figured, why not? If she screwed up, he’ll bite her and I’ll be rid of two of my problems.

I love how everyone is sort of desensitized to his snarky meanness. No one seems offended by this at all, haha. Oh, Damon. You know you don’t really mean it!

Elena is shocked, but for a different reason.

The full moon is tonight?! Damon comments that she was too caught up in her suicidal tendencies to notice. I would say to go easy on her because I don’t know when every full moon is, but they have werewolves to deal with. That’s just the sort of shit you keep track of now. *shrug*

Damon’s phone rings – it’s Alaric.

UM is now a missing person. Alaric also fills him in on Jules. Damon hangs up – it’s time to go play Bromance! – and puts Jer on babysitting duty.

Damon jokes that Elena should get out and enjoy the sun – “Oh, yeah. You can’t!” –

and she throws a pillow at him (which misses, by the way), and pushes Jer off the couch where he’s laid down on her lap.


Over in the woods, Car and Tyler arrive at the cellar.

Caroline suggests that maybe UM went off surfing somewhere. “Isn’t that his whole thing?” Tyler agrees that it’s possible, but weird that he didn’t call.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Jules is leaving, and says she’s going to head to the Mystic Grill to say goodbye to Tyler. She drives away (Just me or she and UM have very similar cars? Maybe they got a 2 for 1 BFF deal at the old Bronco emporium…) when she makes a phone call.

No one knows where UM is; he’s missing. But Um was lying, she tells the unknown person on the phone. There is another werewolf – HIS NEPHEW! DUN DUN DUN!!!

Over at the Grill, Jules talks to Matty for a second, as if he’s an extra this week, while Alaric and Damon look on.

Alaric asks where UM actually is, and Damon is all “decomposing in his truck.” Alaric asks if Damon thinks this chick’s a werewolf too. Damon hopes not since it’s a full moon. They should find out.


Back at the cellar, Tyler is chaining himself down. Caroline jokes that she hopes he brought the instruction manual (though she might have meant UM’s journal), and Tyler says he hopes she brought the wolfsbane. She did!

Tyler tries to touch it, but it BURNS!

No! No! Bad dog! Bad!

BTW, is this shit just growing willy-nilly in the woods of MF? Or are we cultivating it in our basement too?

Tyler tells her to mix it in the water, and mentions that the chains can hold 5,000 lbs.

Caroline asks if that’s more than a werewolf can pull, but Tyler has no idea. I have a feeling it’s not. Just sayin’.

He strips down to his shorts, and Caroline freaks out because omigod Tyler naked! “It’s elastic. What should I wear?” he asks. How about steel? Or at least a paper bag for your head! OOOOOH!

Tyler: It’s not like the Hulk and I get to keep my pants.


Elsewhere, Bonnie is knocking at Luka’s (second floor) apartment. How does she even know where he lives? There’s lots of shady shit going down. *shrug* Small town.

Luka is upset. He doesn’t know if he should be mad that he showed her how to channel or that she almost killed him. She apologizes and tells him it was important. Oh, well in that case! *exasperated sigh* He invites her in.

Bonnie is amazed at how many grimoires they have in there. Daddy Warlocks apparently collects them to keep “family” history intact. And he means “family” in the mafia sense in that they’re not all related. Bonnie gets it. That’s why he’s been so nice to her. Luka says that’s one reason. Awww *retch!* Bonnie says she needs help with the moonstone, and Luka agrees to help.

Back at the Grill, Faux-Drunk Alaric is being AWESOME! He wants to buy Jules a drink. She’s new, and he knows this because he’s never seen her before and he’s there every night.


Damon comes over all cavalier, to rescue her from the crazy town drunk.

He distracts her so Alaric can slip some wolfsbane in her drink… which she doesn’t drink. This is funny. It’s like the vervainade. Damon is apparently still bitter. Wolfsbane on the rocks.

Over in the Tomb of Lies, Kathi’s baiting Stefan, teasing him about fasting. Sure he understands desiccation, but experiencing it is a whole other story.

Katherine: Your heart still beats, struggling to pump whatever blood remains. And when it’s gone, your veins rub together like sandpaper. It’s excruciating.

Stefan: The pleasure of watching you suffer is greater than any pain I would feel.

Word? Katherine sees this is going no where, so tries another tactic. She strips. They might as well make the best of being trapped.

Damon isn’t going to rush to get him out of the tomb when he has exactly what he wants – Elena. This upsets Stefan enough for him to engage in a PASSIONATE KISS with Kathi!

He pins her against the wall.

Stelena Fans: NOOOOOOOOO!
Delena Fans: YESSSSSSS!
Stefan’s Naked Back Fans: *faints*

Oh! But it was all just a dream! Just another one of Kathi’s mind games, natch!

Stefan warns her to stay out of his head, but Katherine just seems amused. Maybe she can spend eternity in here after all.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena comes down the stairs and finds Jenna digging something out of the closet under the stairs. It’s files from the Historical Society. Jenna explains that she just got roped into helping Carol Lockwood.

Almost like someone is listening in she says louder, “And by ‘roped’ I mean ‘very excited to participate.’” She closes the door and HOLY CLIFFS OF INSANITY

it’s Elijah!! Elena shakes so hard in surprise; she almost drops her armful of files.

”Hi, I’m Elijah.”


Christina & Cin: *swoon*

Jenna explains to Elena about the “book” he’s “writing.”

Elijah comes over and shakes Elena’s hand, telling her it’s a pleasure to meet her. I’m already shipping these two so hard, it’s ridiculous. Jenna says Elijah can stay and go through the files, or she and Elena can help him load them in his car. Elijah, though opts for door #3: in order to make an impressive exit, he’ll come back tomorrow to get the files.

Then he’s all, pointedly, “Thank you for inviting me into your home, Jenna.”

Oooh, that really ruffles Elena’s feathers.

“I hope to see you again sometime soon,” Elijah says to Christina Elena before he leaves.

Elena runs back upstairs and pounds on Jer’s door. She looks over her shoulder, and suddenly

Elijah is in the hall on her other side, just as Jeremy opens the door wearing his skivvies and holding a vacuum. Kidding.

Elena lies and says that Jenna needs his help downstairs with some boxes. Instead of asking “what boxes?” Jer, for once, is a good little boy and goes down.

Gaping Maw!

Elijah says that was a good idea; they need to chat. *shivers*

Back at the Grill, Jules is still playing with her drink and NOT drinking it. She tells Damon she’s looking for UM, and he’s all “I know Mason! He’s a great guy.” Ahahaha! Jules says he’s missing and Damon plays dumb. How does he know UM? Oh just friends of friends.

He tries to get her to drink again, but she doesn’t. Damon and Alaric share an exasperated look.

Bromance bummer!

Full moon time!

Tyler is all chained up while Caroline watches. Ooh, kinky! Tyler tells Car the transformation can start before the moon hits its apex. She asks how long it’ll last, but Ty’s not sure.

He goes to sit next to her on the stairs, but the leash chains aren’t long enough.

He grabs the wolfsbane – Wolfsbanorade, if you will. It will diminish his strength so he can’t break free. I wonder if it also contains electrolytes. He takes a swig and starts choking.

Caroline tries to comfort him and *GAG*

Back in Elena’s room, Elijah is apologizing for the intrusion. He means her family no harm. Elena is already ready with 101 questions for him.

Elena: Why did you kill those vampires when they tried to take me?

Elijah: Because I didn’t want you to be taken. Klaus is the most feared and hated of the Originals, but those that fear him are desperate for his approval. Word gets out that the Doppelgänger exists, there’ll be a line of vampires eager to take you to him. And I can’t have that.
Elena: Isn’t that exactly what you’re trying to do?

Elijah: Let’s say my goal isn’t exactly to break the curse.
Cin: I KNEW IT!!!
Elena: So what is your goal?
Elijah: Klaus’ obsession has made him paranoid. He’s a recluse. He trusts only those in his immediate circle.
Elena: Like you.

Elijah (shakes head): Not anymore.

Elena: You don’t know where he is, do you? (silence) So you’re trying to use me. To draw him out.
Elijah: Well to do that, I need you to stay put, and stop trying to get yourself killed.
Elena: How do I know you’re telling the truth?

Elijah: Well if I wasn’t being truthful, all your family would be dead, and I’d be taking you to Klaus right now. Instead, I’m here and I’m prepared to make you an offer you can’t refuse offer you a deal.
Elena: What kind of deal?
Elijah: Do nothing. Do nothing and live your life. Stop fighting. And then when the time is right, you and I shall draw Klaus out together, and I shall make certain your friends remain unharmed.
Elena: And then what?
Elijah: Then I kill him.
Elena: Just like that.

Elijah: Just like that. I’m a man of my word, Elena. I make a deal, I keep a deal.

And he does something with his voice just then that makes my heart flutter.

Elena: How are you going to be able to keep everybody safe?
Elijah: You know, I notice you have a friend – Bonnie, is it? – she seems to possess the gift of magic. I have friends with similar gifts.
Elena: You know witches.
Christina: Captain Obvious. We meet again.
Elijah:Together we can protect everybody who matters. So, do we have a deal?

But before Elena can accept, she needs him to do one more thing. She’s negotiating now? Ooh! Looks who’s holding her own against the big bad Original!

Hehe. Oh, Elijah, I know what I’d negotiate for! I’ll give you a hint: it involves 1, no 2 #vdbingo squares. RAWR. I digress again…

Back at the Martin abode, Bonnie and Luka are up on the roof. They’re lighting candles all over the place. Luka says it’s good because they have a clear view of the moon. Bonnie says if anyone looks up, they’ll think the two of them are insane. Luka is all “aren’t we?” Truer words, my warlock pal. Truer words.

So, Luka wants to see the talisman they’re unbinding. Bonnie shows him the moonstone, and he mocks it as a white rock, like a total nonbeliever. Pssh. He asks what it’s spelled with, but her lips are sealed. He places the rock back in her hand, and they start the heaving breathing.

They start chanting something, which was obvs rehearsed because they’re saying the same words.

Suddenly one of the candle flames goes all huge, and Luka looks mighty proud of himself. The moonstone floats and explodes, showering down millions of sparks all around them.

If that’s not the thinnest veiled metaphor for an orgasm, I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, back in the cellar, Tyler is doing quite a bit of panting of his own.

Down on all fours on the ground. Sidenote: Tyler plays football. Do you think he’s on the baseball team too? What position do you think he plays?… 😉

Anyway, he’s pawing at the chains. “It burns!” he shouts.

Dude, there’s medication for that. Car is trying to get him to Lamaze breathe through it. He tells her to go; she should leave.

Caroline refuses. And the transformation begins! Tyler writhes around, as the wolf tries to take over, bending his arms in ungodly directions.

Tyler cries that it hurts, it hurts. I’m too immature to recap this scene anymore.

Back at the Grill, Damon is still talking to Jules about Mason. Frustrated now, he reminds her that she hasn’t touched her drink. “I’m not much of a drinker,” she says by way of lame excuse. It doesn’t take a lot for Damon to convince her to drink.

She lifts the cup to her lips, but sniffs it instead, and slams it down on the bar. “You fool, you think you’re clever, don’t you?” Damon wants to know what she wants with UM, and she says he’s her friend.

Damon: Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but you probably won’t find him.
Jules: And why not?
Damon: You should leave town.

Jules: Are you threatening me? On a full moon. How stupid are you?

Alaric comes back over, and Damon tells him they’re done with the game. Turning back to Jules, they get into a whole “you think I’m scared?” “you SHOULD be!” routine. She knew what he was as soon as he came in (technically, sweetie, he was there first), and she smelled the wolfsbane too.

You see, she’s been “at this” a long time, and any other night of the month, the sitch might be reverse, but tonight is not the night to pick a fight with her. PMS? She informs him “you’ve been marked.” Did she just pee on him? Gross.

Back in the cellar, Tyler lies on the ground,

and Caroline asks if there’s anything she can do to help. Tyler says there’s not. His body starts twitching again, and his spine looks like it’s poking out of his back.

This is really gross. Tyler tries to throw her out again, but she refuses.

Christina & Cin: Car, if you get yourself killed over some stupid affection for the TylerWolf, we are SO adding you to our Burn Book!!

Outside the Grill, Damon chases after Jules. He is incensed.

“ ‘You’ve been marked.’ What kind of wolf throwdown crap is that?” Heh. Alaric reminds him of the full moon. One werewolf bite and he’s dead.

He advises him to go home, lock his doors, and they’ll deal with it in the morning.

Back in the cellar, Car’s all hugging on Tyler, and I’m sick of this. More nasty noises and heavy breathing, and twitching. “Go, please!” Tyler begs, but Caroline is a stubborn biotch. Uh-oh! The change!

Tyler’s eyes go funky, and his teeth elongate. Run, bitch, run! Car finally gets some sense into her, and runs behind the cast-iron gate. Tyler lunges at her, but can’t quite reach. But he totes is able to rip the chains from the ground.

He’s fighting the bars, trying to get at her, and she runs out, slamming the door behind her.

She’s crying, and it’s dark and gross, when suddenly a WOLF slams into the door, trying to get out. Caroline barricades the door and runs into the woods.

Back at the SBH, Damon comes in and looks around cautiously, and locks the door.

He senses something is off, so he goes toward the library.

Rose is back. She wants to apologize for running off during the Elijah confrontation. She apologizes about Elena; Rose didn’t know she had a death wish. Damon seems to soften at that. Oh, Damon, you’re so easy to read. She just wants to make it right. Also, she has no where else to go. He tells her there’s nothing here for her, and she’s about to make her exit when there’s a crashing – glass breaking – from the other room.

Let’s go investigate!

Damon grabs a silver sword from the wall and turns around just in time to see an R.O.U.S. WOLF standing there, snarling at him.

The wolf jumps up and Rose shoves Damon out of the way so the wolf lands on her, so it decides to snack on Rose’s shoulder.

Damn. Where’s a flame spurt when you need one? Instead, Damon stabs it with the silver sword and it backs off. The wolf is gone just as quickly as it came! Damon and Rose inspect the wound, but it’s healing! Rose starts blubbering about how she thought the bites were fatal.

So did we. Hmm… interesting… Damon hugs her in comfort. Awww.

Back at the Martin abode, Luka comes in and Daddy Warlocks asks him if he was successful. “Of course I was. She fell for the whole show, and didn’t suspect a thing.” WHAT?! He hands Daddy Warlocks the moonstone. Daddy Warlocks thanks him, and Luka is all “Yeah, whatever. I’m going to sleep.”

Hmm… something feels off. I’m going to throw this out there – I don’t think Daddy Warlocks and Luka are necessarily related. He’s using Luka in like an apprentice type deal. I could be (and probably am) completely off… just sayin’.

Luka starts to leave, but Daddy Warlocks stops him. “There’s one more think Elijah needs us to do before we lose the full moon.” Uh-oh.

Back in the Tomb of Lies, Katherine whines about how Stefan isn’t talking to her. Stefan suggests she talk about how she regrets making his life miserable as a topic.

Katherine: What do you want me to say, Stefan? That I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. Well, I’m not, okay? It’s called self-preservation. I’ve been looking out for myself for 500 years.

Stefan (laughs): Look where it’s gotten you.
Katherine: Yes, I’ve done terrible things. I know that. But I do love you, Stefan. Even if you don’t believe it.

Stefan tells her to prove it if she wants him to believe her. Show her that there’s something inside her that’s actually worth trusting. “Then what? You’re still going to hate me,” she says. Stefan says maybe he will, but then again, maybe he’ll see there’s something worthy in her after all.

Katherine: You’re playing me.
Stefan: Am I?

Katherine: You want to find Klaus? Kill him so you can protect your precious Elena?
Stefan: Let me guess, you know where he is?
Katherine: No, I don’t. But I could help you find him.
Stefan: For a price, I’m sure.

Katherine does NOT look amused.

Katherine: Start with Isobel, Elena’s mother. She was a research expert. She found me. You’re welcome.

Just then, they hear a bang outside the tomb.


Katherine: Elijah.

Elijah: Good evening, Katerina. Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened. (To Stefan) Your release has been requested.

Stefan: What? By who?
Elijah: The lovely Elena drives a hard bargain. However, we reached a peaceful agreement, she and I.

He moves aside, and tells Stefan to leave. He’s had the spell lifted. I’m not completely convinced he didn’t do this himself.

Katherine tries to vamp speed out of there, but Elijah vamp speeds right up in her face. “As for you, however, you should not exit until I say so,” he says, COMPELLING her.

“When Klaus comes, he’ll want to know exactly where you are.”

He tells Stefan he is free to go. Elena can explain their arrangement, and as long as she keeps up her end, he’ll keep up his. And he leaves.

Katherine tries to plead with him not to let Elijah leave her there, but he does.

“Goodbye, Katherine.” YAY STEFAN!

Out in the woods, Caroline is still ever watchful for Tyler the Werewolf. She walks slowly back to the cellar. GURL!

Don’t go in there! But you know she totes does. She calls out to Tyler, and when it’s not a snarl, growl or bark that answers her, she rushes in. He’s transformed back – still wearing his Hulkpants shorts, btw.

She cradles him in her arms, and he cries again. *YAWN*

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena looking thoughtfully out her window when Stefan’s reflection appears in it.

She jumps up and hugs him, and they’re all smiles and it’s adorable.


Oooh. Hello. And he walks her to her bed, still kissing,

and awww, they were never really broken up!

Back at the SBH, Damon tells Rose he spoke to Caroline – Tyler was locked up, so it wasn’t him that attacked her. So it was Jules.

Damon apologizes; he picked a fight with her and she “marked” him, whatever that means. He asks if she’s healed, and Rose says that she is. Seems that way, anyway.

Damon, somewhat painfully, admits that he was glad the legend was fake and that she’s okay. Aww. He walks his fingers up her bare leg.

Sexy time?

Rose: I’m going to stay and help you.
Christina & Cin: Hehehehe

Damon: Help me do what?
Rose: Save Elena. Protect Elena. All things Elena.
Damon: Really? Why?

Rose: Because I like you. I believe in friendship, and I happen to have a vacancy in that department. And you could use all the friends you could get.

Damon: Just friends?

Rose: Just friends.

She starts to get up and walk away, but Damon pulls her back down and lays the smooch on her.

Damon asks if she’s sure she can do that. Rose is all “I don’t love men who love other women. I think more of myself than that. But it doesn’t mean I can’t be your ‘special friend’.” They get into it a bit more, but Rose is in pain. On her shoulder.

Damon moves her robe to uncover her shoulder, and it’s like a freaking Plague of Egypt back there!

They look at each other all intense.


So, what did you think? Is Rose going to die? I really hope Damon can’t get it from kissing her. What’s going to happen to Caroline and Tyler (GAG ME. TEAMMATTY!!)? What about Katherine? Will Jenna go nuts from being compelled pretty much constantly? And most important of all: WILL WE GET TO SEE ELIJAH AGAIN?!? Comment below!

(All screencaps courtesy of crystalcaps at LiveJournal.)

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  1. Malley says:

    Just ran across a link to this site on Twitter, and I have to admit that I’ve been sitting here literally LOLing at the recap (thank goodness I’m sitting alone as I laugh like a loony). Anyhoo…I must point out my one of my favorite parts of your commentary:

    Stelena Fans: NOOOOOOOOO!
    Delena Fans: YESSSSSSS!
    Stefan’s Naked Back Fans: *faints*

    It’s funny because it’s TRUE. Also loved your brilliant homage to one of the best movies EVER, “The Princess Bride,” with the R.O.U.S. comment. PERFECTION! Keep up the hilarity…I look forward to visiting the SBH quite often. 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀 The Princess Bride refs were just pouring out of us. It was ridiculous! Those are among my favorite parts too 🙂

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Christina & I *love* The Princess Bride. I just bought the DVD finally on Cyber Monday and watched it last weekend. Not only was I giggling the entire time, but I was also texting Christina. When the R.O.U.S. part came up, I immediately saw the parallels between the Jules wolf & the nasty beasts. Both bit into the shoulder. Both were stabbed with a sword. Both were gross. 😉

      We love posting OUR reactions, as is indicative of our massive reaction posts. LOL So happy you enjoy the recap & please stay for a while and look around.

  2. Tina says:

    Great recap as always! I bet it’s The Grill’s that own The Grill. I love how Damon ditches Alone-Time-With-Elena for Bromance! Anyone else find it creepy that Jeremy lies down on her lap? I wonder if Stefan would be okay with Elena having other vampires in her bedroom hmmm. Elijah’s voice is somehow totally different and less scary when he’s talking to Elena. Also can someone compel Jenna NOT to let strangers into the house without teenager supervision? At this rate Klaus is going to be invited in for a barbecue.

    If witches are supposed to be able to get vibes from vampires and humans why can’t they get them from each other? Shouldn’t Bonnie realize something isn’t right, like she realized that she could trust Lucy. Also last time i checked when you almost kill someone, they don’t just forgive you cause you’re cute with absolutely no explanation.

    I like how Jules uses the term marked haha werewolf slang. Go home and lock your doors? Since when does locking doors keep supernatural beings out? Damon should know that! I guess Alaric will have to start making werewolf weapons now too in between pretending he has a job.

    ROUS! love that movie 😀 plan to watch it again next week. Poor Rose! However, despite how hot Damon is, if I only knew someone for like 2 weeks I probably wouldn’t be willing to risk my life for them like she did..but I guess since Rose is a minor character it doesn’t matter!

    Stefan has freedom! if hewalked out does that mean there is no tomb spell anymore like it’s gone but Kat just has to stay in cause she was compelled? There goes the convenient Vampire Dungeon! Also if Bonnie could make a force field so Elena couldn’t get out of her house can’t she do some spell so that Vamps can’t get in? Or they have to be re-invited or something? That would be a super convenient spell, maybe it will pop up later. Aww Stelena are back together *sex is implied*, if I was him I would have at least gone home to change, shower and maybe have a squirrel before going to see my significant other considering he’s been trapped in a cave for over 24 hours! But this is TV! people wear their shoes on the bed and always have makeup on when they wake up.

    I think Rose will die maybe not the first ep back but the one after that, after Damon has tried everything she will still die and he will be sad and realize that he cared about her being his friend and not the benefits (my prediction). Being a guest star on VD means you must die within a few episodes of being introduced. If not the same episode! (aka Lexi, Bree, Trevor, Slater just to name a few that died right away). I’m sure Elijah will be back, he’s too awesome not to be! Looking forward to John’s return too.

  3. Rachelle says:

    Just re-read the recap, due to withdrawal symptoms and I love love loved it 🙂

    Anyways, I hope Rose dies. She annoys the crap out of me. I get what the writers were trying to do with her. This cool old bad-ass vampire who doesn’t get in the way with Damon’s Elena obsession(I’m sorry, love.) but does…you know, satisfies his needs. Er..and ours I may add.

    Not working for me though. Get back to England or wherever you came from. We don’t need some chick who cries about EVERYTHING. I mean, get over yourself, jeez.

    Sorry for the rant. Great recap. 🙂

    By the way, really need to come up with a new team. I’m totally a Damon/Elena/Stefan – girl. Elena should start a harem of hot vampires. (I guess that would mean she could get it on with Elijah as well. Somehow, he was ubersexy this episode. Rawr.)

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