Episode 210 “The Sacrifice”

Episode 2.10 “The Sacrifice”

Previously on the Vampire Diaries: We learn that Katherine – or Katerina – was a giant floozie, all getting preggers out of wedlock, which shamed her family. So she fled and got involved with the Originals, and was set to be sacrificed to break the vampire curse because she was a Petrova Doppelganger. Well, she escaped with the help of Trevah and Rose, and now she has incurred the wrath of Khan Klaus. Meanwhile, back in the present, Elena has been listening to this whole tale down in the tomb, and getting ideas. Caroline and Stefan are becoming close friends, and Damon is in down in Richmond with Rose meeting another vamp Slater to find out where Klaus is. While there Elijah – WHO’S NOT DEAD – attacks them with quarters. Take that! Also Bonnie makes a new friend, who’s a warlock. And his daddy is in cahoots with Elijah! Oh, the humanity!

Knock knock! Who’s there? I don’t know, but it wakes up Elena.

She tries to roll over, but HOLY OMG CREEPY Daddy Warlocks is standing her doorway.

Something spooks her awake again so she goes out in the hall to investigate, natch. But it’s only Alaric. Carrying a bowl. And not wearing a shirt.

THERE IS A GOD!! Oh, and Jenna’s there too. Of course. Elena says that she heard a noise, and Jenna – not very convincingly embarrassed – says that it was them. She apologizes.

Meantime, in Elena’s room, Daddy Warlocks is being even MORE creepy and stealing hair from her hairbrush, and other random things from her dresser.

Outside on the landing, Alaric offers Elena some Chunky Monkey.

Um. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. *shudders* Hah, just kidding! But he does try to excuse himself and Jenna from the hallway by stating that he’s naked.

I, for one, vote that this be a regular thing on TVD. Just saying. So, he walks away into Jenna’s room and he’s TOTES lying; he’s wearing boxers!

SHENANIGANS! I call shenanigans! BTW, Elena is TOTES checking him out!

After he leaves, Jenna stops Elena to make sure that having Alaric sleep over and have obviously post-coital ice cream in the middle of the night is okay.

Elena seems to assent and observes that things must be going well with them, and Jenna is happy to announce that they are.

Awww. But hello! There’s a weirdo in Elena’s bedroom!!

But he slips out of the room just before Elena comes back in, and stealthily walks out of the house… down the main stairs,

and through the front door. WTF is this? That’s not very stealthy at all. Oh, and just to remind us that the show is called the Vampire Diaries, we see Elena asleep again on her bed, her diary open on the bed in front of her.

You were just up. You can’t put that shit away? I have so many issues with this scene, it’s not even funny. I’ll get to another one later when it’ll make a little more sense. Where was I?

Oh, yes.


Off in the woods, Damon and Stefan are down in the tomb.

They’re removing the door, presumably so they can talk to Katherine —

Cut to the brothers coming to Elena’s house.

They need to talk to her too. Elena wants to know why.

Damon: We went to see Katherine.

Back at the tomb, Katherine invites them into the tomb – “there’s enough room for all of us.”

Damon: I’d rather poke my eyes out.
Katherine: Mm. They’re such pretty eyes.
Damon Fangirls: *purrs*

Stefan: We’re here for the moonstone.
Damon: Feel like tossing it over?

Katherine says that as long as they can get her out of the tomb, they can have whatever they want.

Stefan notes that he thought she liked it in there – as long as she was in the tomb, she was safe from Klaus. But Katherine’s done with all that.

Damon: You’re hungry.

Katherine: I’m starving, Damon. And dirty. But above all, I’m bored. All this running from Klaus is boring.

Huh. Yeah, because when I’m locked in a dungeon being deprived of the very stuff that will keep me functioning, the thing I’m most worried about is how bland the walls are and how I’m without intellectual stimulation. I smell a game… Anyway, so Katherine says they’ll get the moonstone,

and she’ll even disappear from Mystic Falls forever if they only just let her out.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena doesn’t buy it, and she’s all “please tell me you don’t believe her.”

The brothers assure her they don’t, but Damon’s new (late) friend Slay-Slay told them that there may be a way to break the curse with the moonstone – and without the Petrova Doppelganger (i.e. Elena). She asks how they know it’ll even work, and Damon points out that they have a crafty witch on their side.

Who?! Oh, right, Bonnie.

Really all they need to do is get her to release the seal on the tomb long enough for them to get in, maybe rough Kathi up a bit if need be, get the moonstone, and get back out.

Elena: Wow, I mean, it sounds like you guys already have it all planned out.
Damon: Yep. We’re awesome.
Elena: Except for one thing. I don’t want you to do it.

Stefan’s all “UHHWHUHHHH?” Elena points out something important – what about Klaus. Stefan assures her they’ll find him, but after they get the moonstone.

Elena: Is that before or after he kills everyone I care about, including the two of you?

She shares an interesting look with Damon,

but Stefan doesn’t notice. If they de-spell the moonstone, they could save her life! But Elena cares not.

Over at Mystic Falls High, Luka is grilling Bonnie about how RIDIC it is that her Grams didn’t tell her she was a witch until high school, but Bonnie shrugs if off with some self-deprecating whatever.

Luka understands though – it’s still new. Bonnie agrees. So new, in fact, that she still has “growing pains,” like the fact that sometimes the magic is too much for her physically, which is why she gets the nose bleeds, and sometimes even passes out. Luka explains this is because she tries to do too much on her own when she should be getting help from others, or from nature.

Luka: Have you ever channeled another witch before?
Bonnie: What is that?
Luka: Say we put our energy together, we can double our strength.

He takes one of her bracelets and gives her his collar dog tag necklace.

Explaining that the personal items will act as talismans, he tells her to concentrate. Almost immediately Bonnie feels something, and the wind starts to blow around them.

Leaves and papers are flying around and Bonnie’s breathing is increasing.

Luka is smiling like he is very satisfied with himself, and I think Bonnie just had a spellgasm.

I feel uncomfortable.

Luka’s all “pretty cool, huh?” Then to break things up, Jer approaches them for a change.

“What’s with that weather, huh?”

Luka’s all “global warming, man.” And ugh. Lame. He walks away, and, bless ‘im, Jer’s trying to make small talk. He comments on how weird Luka is (word!),

but Bonnie immediately defends him – “No, he’s not!”

Then she realizes she’s still go Luka’s dog tags, and she’s about to say something to Jeremy when her phone buzzes. Bonnie seems perplexed.

“It’s Damon.”

Over at the SBH, Elena walks in without knocking, and once in the foyer, Rose comes out wearing only a red silk robe. “It’s not nice to leave a girl naked so early in the morning.” Awkward city! When she realizes it’s Elena, she apologizes.

Elena’s trying to avoid looking at her for some reason, which is odd since she was ALL eyes when she found Alaric, who was wearing less clothes… I think someone’s HOT FOR TEACHER!

Anyway, Elena actually wanted to talk to Rose.

Over in the library, Elena tells Rose her plan to go talk to Slater in hopes of finding out more about Klaus. Rose says it’s a dumb idea. She wants to know why Elena came to her, and Elena tells her that she owes her. Damon and Stefan could have killed Rose for kidnapping Elena.

Rose hypothesizes that Elena came because she doesn’t want Stefan and Damon to find out about her little plan.

Elena points out that they’re willing to risk everyone she loves while she is not. Rose counters that the brothers are just trying to protect her. Because Elena is the protector, she could give a rat’s patootie.

Rose asks what Elena has to gain from all of this (besides an acute case of martyrdom, I guess), but Elena counters with another question: how would Rose like to be able to walk in the sun? If Rose is willing to make a deal, Elena can make that a reality. Oooh, look who’s got the Petrova Spunk!

Over on the Basketball Court of Revelations, Tyler is shooting some hoops all by his lone(wolf)some. When one of his shots bounces off the rim, Matt is there to catch it (MATTY!).

Matt: Hey, how you doing?
Tyler: Good. You?
Matt: Pissed at myself for picking a fight with you. Feeling guilty for what happened to Skankface. I haven’t talked to you for days because I didn’t know what to say to you.

Tyler: Don’t worry about it, man.

Matt: I’m really sorry. Please know that.

Tyler nods that he does, and Matt takes his leave.

As he’s walking away, Caroline comes up.

The way they look at each other is just awwww!

Caroline asks how he is. He says that he’s been better.

He looks like he’s going to say something else, but excuses himself (with a voice that sounds full of tears, I might add) to go to class.

“Okay,” Caroline says after he’s already walked away. Oh, Car. Let’s go buy ice cream, watch chick flicks and talk about how stupid boys are.

She watches him walk off for a second before approaching Tyler on the court.

He asks if they’re still on the outs, and she says it looks that way.

Then she changes the topic – it’s almost time for the full moon.

Tyler: Vampires don’t have enough problems? You wanna take on mine?

Caroline: Have you thought about it? The wolf thing? Do you know what you’re going to do?
Tyler: I have a plan.
Caroline: Well?
Tyler: It’s kinda… private.

Caroline: I’m student council vice president, head of the prom committee, not to mention I single-handedly organized this town’s clean up campaign. And you’re really going to turn down my help?

Hee, oh, Caroline. You are the best.

Over at the SBH, Bonnie and Jer have ditched school to hold a pow-wow with the Salvatores. Bonnie says she might be able to lower the tomb spell long enough for them to do their mission.

Jeremy, ever helpful, points out that the last time she tried that, it took her and her Grams, and we know how THAT turned out. But Bonnie’s learned a few things since then. Jer’s still skeptical.

Stefan explains that Kathi hasn’t been feeding, so she’ll be weak – the easier for them to get the moonstone from her. Bonnie points out that Kathi’s pretty strong regardless, and Damon concedes that the plan isn’t fool-proof. What plan is?

But wait, Jeremy’s got an idea. He’s got the Gilbert Family “get out of death free” ring – he could go in there to get the moonstone, no spells necessary. Kathi won’t be able to kill him. Damon, knowing full well how things turned out the last time he was involved in a situation where Jeremy was wearing the Gilbert ring, does not approve.

Damon: Oh, gee, thanks, you 16-year-old child! Why didn’t we think of that? Why are you even here?

Bonnie suggests that she might be able to better the plan. Do they have anything that belongs to Kathi? Everyone looks at Stefan. Oh, you mean besides his heart…?

Down in Richmond, Rose and Elena have arrived at Slater’s pad.

He doesn’t open the door when Rose knocks, so she pushes the door open and waltzes in, calling his name. He doesn’t answer. Then she spots him.

Rose: I don’t think he’s going to be much help.

For some reason, Elena comes bounding down the hall like she’s not in control of her limbs, and sees what Rose sees:

Slater laying on the floor with a stake in his heart. Oh, Slay-Slay, no.

Rose walks to him and kindly drags his body three feet. I mean, everyone knows the first rule of vamp etiquette dictates friends don’t let staked friends lie dead in the middle of hallways. Elena makes a beeline for the desk and starts snooping. She guesses that whoever blew up the coffee shop killed Slater for his information.

Rose suggests it was to stop people like them. Slater was a veritable almanac of vampire information, and it finally just bit him in the ass.

Now all melancholy, Rose walks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and throws open the drapes. Slater had that special UV-ray-blocking tempered glass the coffee shop had.

She confesses to Elena that sometimes she would go there to watch the day. /violins.

She snaps out of it and asks Elena if she’s had any luck finding info at the desk. Elena tries to log on to the computer, but it’s password protected.

Hey, Elena, try “boobs.” No? How about “boobz” with a z? But before she can try it, they hear a rattling at the door, and Rose goes to investigate.

Rose seems to recognize Amy Winehouse,

who runs to Rose and cries on her shoulder. Rose does not seem amused.

Back at the SBH, Stefan has come back to the gang with the 1864 tintype of Katherine that he’s been carrying around for 150 years.

Bonnie takes it and places it in a dish. She drips water onto it with her fingers and then some prop guy off camera throws in a spark to light it up!

Jeremy looks on, tortured, while Bonnie starts chanting something witchy as the flames grow.

Damon: What will this do?

Bonnie: I can turn the metal to ash. Blow the ashes on her. It’ll incapacitate her for a minute or two. Long enough for you to get the stone and get out.

And then her nose starts bleeding.

Someone’s still not channeling other witches…

Over in the woods on the old Lockwood property, Tyler and Caroline are going for a stroll to the dungeon so Tyler can show her what he found.

While they’re walking, Tyler mentions that Matt is “bumming pretty hard.” Caroline knows, but there’s not much she can do about it – “It’s better this way.” Tyler totes understands.

Tyler: It’s not really fair to be with someone and not really let them know who you are. I get it.

Caroline contemplates that for a fraction of a second before Tyler announces that they’ve reached their destination –

a cellar that goes to his family’s old property. Caroline accidentally lets it slip that she knows,

but deftly covers it up since the only time she’s ever been down there it was to save other vamps and eat some deputies that no one missed. Down they go!

Tyler explains that UM left before Tyler’s curse was triggered, so UM didn’t exactly show him the place, but he did find some old claw marks on the wall.

There are also bolts and chains attached to the wall.

Tyler: I think that’s what this place was used for – full moons.

Caroline’s vampire eyes spot something off to the side of the dungeon, and she retrieves it. It’s a journal wrapped up in a cloth.

She wants to know if it’s UM’s, so Tyler starts paging through it.

Tyler: ‘August 31, My body is changing, edgy, angry, impatient. I get so angry I black out and forget what I say and do. I’m not myself. Not since Jimmy’s death. What’s happening to me?’ He chronicled everything.

He also notes that the full moon is tonight, and Caroline asks if what will happen is in there too.

In response, Tyler finds a tiny memory card that will surely contain all the answers they need.

Back at the SBH, Bonnie’s got the bowl of ashes that she’s preparing for the brothers to take to the tomb. Jeremy waits until Damon has packed up his last dart shooter and exits the room before he speaks.

Jeremy: What are you doing? You’re not strong enough.
Bonnie: I’ll be fine.
Jeremy: You could get hurt.

Bonnie: And Elena could die. I’ll be fine. I promise.

Instead of “Elena could die,” I actually thought she said “Goonies never say die,” and had to rewind. Alas, she does not. I like my version better. Anyway, Jeremy smiles and tells her to go get him something to put the metal ashes in. Go get something yourself! Oh, I see what he’s doing.

He takes a card out of his wallet and scrapes half of the ashes into… his palm? His wallet? Something. Point is, he’s taking it. OH, JEREMY, NO!

Back at Chez Slay-Slay, Rose is still comforting Amy Winehouse,

who apparently was Slater’s girlfriend. In a moment of peace, Rose goes to find Elena in the kitchen.

Rose: She found him a few minutes before we did.
Elena: How is she?

Rose: Overreacting. Big time.

Elena: Her boyfriend just died; there’s no such thing as overreacting.
Rose: Those tears are for her; she didn’t care about Slater. She was only dating him long enough to see if he’d turn her.

Elena brings Amy Winehouse some tea, Amy Winehouse seems to recognize her right off. Or, she thinks she does. She looks awfully familiar. Did she know Slater? Elena admits that she didn’t, but was hoping that he could help her find Klaus. Amy Winehouse says that is doubtful since Klaus doesn’t want to be found.

In that case, Elena wonders if she knows the password to Slater’s computer.

Amy Winehouse: Are you seriously asking me that right now? I just saw my boyfriend with a stake through his heart.
Elena: I understand that. Do you know his password?

Amy Winehouse is pretty unresponsive, so Elena tries another tactic, asking if she would change her mind if Rose would turn her.

Suddenly Amy Winehouse is like a way less awesome version of Lisbeth Salander.

She tells them that someone’s been in the computer and wiped the harddrive clean. Luckily, though, everything was backed up on an remote server. After some furious typing (during which Rose is all like

“she is totes not getting any of my blood!” and Elena’s like “duh, okay, I know that. But she doesn’t know.” Oooh. And Rose is like “This Elena chick. Totes underestimated her.”), Amy Winehouse discovers that Slater’s password was “Kristen Stewart.” Oh, Slater. My approval rating for you just dropped. *sigh*

Anyway, they find his e-mails, and Rose notices that Slater exchanged quite a few messages about Elijah with a vamp named Cody.

Elena tells her to call him, and tell him that they’re trying to get a message to Klaus: the Doppelgänger is alive and she’s ready to surrender.

WHAT? Holy crap!

Rose is appalled too, but

Amy Winehouse is all “omigod, I KNEW I recognized you!” and Elena stalks off to the kitchen. When Rose catches up to her, she warns her that if Klaus finds out where she is, he’ll hunter he down and kill her – which, she realizes, is exactly what Elena wanted.

Elena: It’s either me or my family.
Rose: So this whole charade was some suicide mission so you could sacrifice yourself and save everyone else?

Before Elena can answer her, Amy Winehouse comes in to say that Cody is on his way.

Down in the Tomb of Lies/Truth, Jeremy has come to pay ol’ Kathi a visit. He tells her he’s there for the moonstone, and demands she give it to him.

She says that if he wants it, he’s going to have to come get it. So Jeremy shoots his under-the-sleeve stake shooter at her, and

she goes down but recovers quickly and pulls the stake out of her chest. As she’s standing up, Jer’s all “Take that, bitch!” and throws his handful of metal ash in her face. It works!

And Kathi collapses.

While she’s down, Jeremy conducts a quick TSA pat-down to see if she has the moonstone on her. She doesn’t, so he has to venture deeper into the tomb.

At the back of the tomb, behind a cast iron gate that’s in there for some reason, he finds it, and runs to the front. But by the time he gets there, Kathi is recovered and she ATTACKS HIM!

ACK! Jeremy throws the moonstone outside the tomb limits before Kathi takes a hearty chunk out of his neck.

Up on the ground above the tomb, Bonnie is late; she had to get the grimoire from home. Damon jokes that Jeremy couldn’t take the pressure, but Bonnie says he’ll be there. They descend into the tomb just as Damon’s phone rings.

It’s Rose. He needs to get to Richmond immediately.

Down in the tomb,

Stefan is setting down their gear pack when he notices the moonstone on the ground.

Katherine: I hate to interrupt, but today’s just been full of surprises.

She pulls Jeremy into view. He seems very much so worse for the wear. He apologizes to Bonnie because he took some of her powder. Kathi says that she knows Jer is wearing the Gilbert ring, so he just keeps dying and coming back for more. So she’s just going to go back to playing with her new toy, and they can “give me a holler after you’ve got the tomb open.”

Off in some undisclosed locale, we see the picture of Elena as a cheerleader that used to be in her room before Daddy Warlocks stole it. Oh, and the napkin of hair is there too.

Elijah: So how exactly does this spell work?

Daddy Warlocks: Give me your hand.

Elijah (yays!) extends his hand, and

Daddy Warlocks slices a cut across the palm and tells him to place it over the picture of Elena.

Then he takes Elijah’s other hand in his, and is all like

“Close your eyes. Make a wish. And blow out the candlelight, for tonight is just your night. We’re gonna celebrate all through the night!” and tells him to relax his mind and look for “her”.

Then he rolls his eyes into his head, sort of. I can’t stop laughing. It’s so ridiculous. That shit was gouda. AND he didn’t even touch the hair, btw. I swear, he’s just saving it for later for when he makes his hair dolls.

Anyway, the point of the spell is to allow Elijah to find Elena. WAIT. HOLD UP. Daddy Warlocks got all these relics FROM Elena’s house. He saw her there. So, conceivably, Daddy Warlocks KNOWS WHERE SHE IS. Why does he then need to cast this sentimental spell to help Elijah FIND HER?! Can’t they just wait for her to be at home again? It doesn’t make any sense. I call shenanigans. Again! I don’t even know what to say. *huffs*

Anyway, Daddy Warlocks is chanting some witchy stuff, and suddenly we’re back with Elena at Slater’s.

She’s looking out the window when suddenly she see’s Elijah’s reflection staring back at her. Startled, she spins around, but natch, there’s no one there.

Daddy Warlocks: You saw her didn’t you?

Elijah (almost dreamlike): I know exactly where she is.

Dude’s doing a lot of backtracking because of you, Daddy Warlocks…

Back in the tomb, Stefan is pacing, wondering where the hell Damon could have gone off too, but Bonnie says it doesn’t matter; they can’t wait much longer. Kathi has fed; she has her strength back. But they do still have the rest of the ash.

Bonnie asks Stefan if he can get close enough. He doesn’t know, but he’s going to have to. Bonnie says it’ll take a while for her to do the spell, but Stefan doesn’t care. He just wants to get in there as soon as possible.

Over at the Martin’s, Luka is just coming in the door. Daddy Warlocks asks him how school was. Meanwhile, Bonnie is doing the spell and suddenly

Luka gasps – and Bonnie is totes channeling him to help her do the spell! You go girl! Kill ‘im! Kill ‘im! Daddy Warlocks hears the gasp, and asks, none-too concerned what’s wrong, but Luka brushes it off.

When Daddy Warlocks turns away, Luka reaches for his dog tags, but —

they’re in Bonnie’s hand as she’s saying the spell out of the grimoire.

Back at the Forbes residence, Tyler pops the memory card into his laptop, and they discover that there’s a video on there – it’s a video of the first time UM turned!! Oh, this is going to be painful, isn’t it?

Caroline consults the journal and sees that he wrote about everything the next day. She begins to read:

Caroline: ‘I chose the garage. I could deadbolt the door; it was far from the streets so no one could hear. I bolted hooks to the floor for the carabineers.’ For, like, mountain climbing?

Tyler explains they were for retractable cables. They continue watching and reading in tandem –

UM drinks diluted wolfsbane to weaken himself, but he could barely choke any of it down. An hour passed and nothing happened, but then suddenly the change started.

On the video, UM is moving around the room, writhing in pain.

Caroline: ‘I kept thinking I’d blackout and not feel it, but I did. I felt all of it.’

On the video, UM is screaming futility for help. At this point, Tyler says, they’re only three hours in. He asks how long it lasts. Caroline starts to look in the journal, but is distracted by UM’s screaming. He’s breathing heavily, looking straight into the camera when suddenly his body jerks and his screams begin again.

On the verge of tears, Tyler frantically hits pause and jumps up from the couch.

Tyler: I can’t do that. Caroline, whatever that was, I can’t go through that.

Back at Chez Slay-Slay, Elena is getting a drink of water and watching Amy Winehouse from across the room, when she turns around and DAMON IS THERE! WAAAH!

They exchange “what are you doing here’s” before Rose comes into the room, and Elena accuses her immediately: “You called him?!”

Rose: I’m sorry, Elena.

Elena: You said that you understood.
Damon: She lied.

Amy Winehouse interrupts everything, and Rose escorts her away. When Elena turns back to Damon, he tells her that they’re leaving.

Elena: No.

Damon: I said we’re leaving

Elena: I’m not going with you.
Damon: You do not get to make decisions anymore.
Elena: When have I ever made a decision? You and Stefan do that for me. Now this is my decision.

Damon: Who’s going to save your life while you’re out making decisions?
Cin & Christina: Haha, WORD!
Elena: You’re not listening to me, Damon. I don’t want to be saved. Not if it means that Klaus is going to kill every single person I love.

Damon: Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself.
Elena: No.

And she rears her hand back to him a good punch in,

but he easily blocks it. She struggled against him, but he holds her fist and gets all in her face.

Damon: Don’t ever do that again.
Cin & Christina: *CHILLS*

He hold her gaze for a few moments before turning away.

Elena can only look after him in what looks like astonishment. We know, Elena. That DID just happen. Intense, eh?

Back in the tomb, Kathi brings Jeremy to the mouth of the tomb, and they see Bonnie still reciting the spell. Jeremy tries to tell Stefan that they need to stop her because she’s not strong enough.

Katherine is all “Maybe she is.”

Over at the Martin’s,

Luka is having trouble concentrating on his homework. He seems in pain. Daddy Warlocks comes up to him again asking what’s wrong.

When Luka can get a breath, he explains that it’s Bonnie – she’s channeling him.

Daddy Warlocks: Why would you let her do that?
Luka: You told me to bond with her, so I bonded.

Whoa, what?

Suddenly he lurches forward and his nose starts dripping blood! Back in the tomb, so does Bonnie’s.

Jeremy calls out again that Stefan needs to stop her, but Katherine elbows him in the face. I like Jermy, but that was funny. Stefan tries to get Bonnie to stop, but she shrugs his hands off her and continues. Back at the Martin’s Luka falls out of his chair onto the floor.

He’s clutching his head like he’s being Mind Bulleted! But then it just stops.

Back in the tomb, Bonnie collapses. Dun dun DUN!!

Stefan tries to get her to wake up, and Katherine seconds that motion – “I’m still in HERE!” Bonnie slowly sits up.

Bonnie: It didn’t work. I’m not strong enough. Even with help, I can’t do it.

Katherine: Ooh, that’s too bad. I’m still hungry.

And she goes in for Jeremy again,

but Stefan vamp speeds to her and shoves Jeremy out of the tomb. But, oh shit!

How’s he going to get out?! Kathi seems VERY amused by this.

Back at the Forbes’ residence, Caroline is trying to censor Tyler from the horrors of his uncle’s journal. There’s a reason it’s called a curse, Ty.

He picks up the journal and reads: “unimaginable pain, I thought it would never end. It was the worst night of my life.” Tough break. Maybe you shouldn’t have killed Skankface. *shrug*

Caroline, ever the ray of sunshine, says that UM did say that the transformation speeds up over time. So the first one might be bad, but at least the others won’t last as long. But Tyler interrupts her to ask why she’s trying to help him.

“We’ve never been friends before,” he points out. They’ve known each other forever, but they’ve never been close.

Caroline: I don’t know. I just seemed like you kind of need it.

She goes to sit next to him on the couch, and the sentimental music is playing and I swear to God if they kiss, I’m going to chuck my laptop at the television. Caroline explains that she was alone when she turned.

She had no control over her body or urges, and she killed someone. She doesn’t want that to happen to Tyler. “I don’t want you to be alone.”

Thank the Lord, this Kodak moment is interrupted by the ringing doorbell. Please be Matt please be Matt. Caroline goes to answer it –


Matt: I know I should have called; I’m sorry.

Caroline: What are you doing here?

Matt: I don’t know, but I was driving home from work, and I kind of found myself here.

Caroline: Well are you okay? I’ve been worried about you.

Matt: I miss you.


And there are smiles all around!

“Yeah,” Matt even whispers, as if to affirm it. Aww! Aww! I’m going to use up all my “aww’s” for this scene! Tyler! Tyler, what are you doing?! GET BACK INSIDE!! Don’t make me get the hose!

But he doesn’t. He opens the door, and though his tone is friendly, he sort of gives Matty a “get off my porch” kind of look.

Aww, Matty/Peeta! He looks so dejected! Aww, come to mama.

Mama make it ALLLL better.

Back at Chez Slay-Slay, Damon declares that it’s time to go. Amy Winehouse is sleeping and should hopefully not remember any of the day.

But just then, the outer door bursts open and in walks a little guy flanked by two larger guys. Vamps, natch.

Cody: We’re here to meet the Doppelgänger.

Elena: Thank you for coming.

She tries to walk forward, but Damon grabs her.

Damon: I’ll break your arm.

Damon: There’s nothing here for you.

Suddenly we hear a cracking noise and the tall dude in the back falls.

OMG it’s Elijah! And he TOTES did the spine-grab move that Kathi did on that whore Aimee!! BAAAAAMMMMFFFFFFF!

Elijah vamp speeds up to Cody and his other flunky and Rose vamp speeds the hell out of there.

Damon: I killed you. You were dead.

Elijah: For centuries now.

Elijah: Who are you?

Cody: Who are you?
Elijah: I’m Elijah.

Cody: We were going to bring her to you. For Klaus. She’s the doppelgänger. I don’t know how she exists, but she does. Klaus would want to see her.

Elijah: Does anyone else know that you’re here?
Cody: No.

Elijah: Well, then, you have been incredibly helpful.

AND HOLY OMGWTFDOUBLEHEARTRIP!!!!! Even Damon is in awe of this man’s badassitude!!

Elijah drops the hearts to the floor before vamp speeding out of there. WHAT?!

Back at the Martin’s, which I’m presuming was the previously undisclosed locale, Elijah is staring thoughtfully out the window (though for a second there it totes looks like he’s staring at his own reflection. ROFLVANITY) when Daddy Warlocks comes in. He asks where Luka is, and Daddy Warlocks says that he’s asleep.

Elijah: Your shadow spell was successful. I was able to track that girl. Afraid I did have a little run-in with one of the brothers who killed me.

Daddy Warlocks: I assume he didn’t live to tell about it.

Elijah: Actually, I spared him. He’d die before he let anything happen to her; they both would. She’ll be kept safe.
Daddy Warlocks: For now.
Elijah: Well, that’s precisely what we need her to be: safe.

Daddy Warlocks looks troubled by this. Me thinks they have different motives here…

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Jeremy is walking in with Bonnie.

Jeremy is all “I’m home okay. I don’t need an escort to my room.” Bonnie’s not so sure.

He might do something stupid in the time it take him to get to his room. Jer is all “I already feel bad. I don’t need you to berate me.” Ooh! Someone’s been studying for the SATs!

Bonnie: Stefan is stuck in there, and I don’t know how to get him out. What should I be doing?

Jeremy: You should admit that you never should have tried this in the first place.
Bonnie: I didn’t have a choice, Jeremy!
Jeremy: Yeah, well neither did I.

She asks why he did it, an he explains that he didn’t want her to get hurt. She approaches him, and he looks like “yeah! I’m finally gonna get that kiss!”

But Bonnie shuts him down. He can’t feel that way about her. He tells her not to act like it’s one sided. He says that she could have died, and she points out that he almost did. But it was a risk he was willing to take. Aww, all you Gilberts (this generation anyway) are all (read: both) alike!

He goes in for the kiss,

but Bonnie stops him. RE-JECTED! 😦 She looks back at him sadly once before leaving.

Bonnie is such a hater.

Outside la Casa de Gilbert, Damon is walking her to her door. Hmm… I’m having déjà vu. Elena thanks him for driving him home, and he says it was no problem – her ride left her anyway. Elena tries to make the excuse that Rose was just scared, but Damon points out that she’s been running for 500 years.

Elena: I can’t believe Elijah is still alive. Why do you think he killed those two vampires and just let us go?

Damon: If I had a dollar for every time an evil vampire surprised me.


Elena tries to go in the house, but Damon stops her, and gets all in her face again (I kind of like when he does that! *chills*).

Damon: What you did today was incredibly stupid.

Elena: Actually the only thing that was stupid was that I got caught. I don’t question why you and Stefan and everyone else tries so hard to save me. You shouldn’t question why I would try to save all of you.

She getting ready to say goodnight when they’re interrupted by Jeremy opening the front door.

“It’s Stefan.”

Back down in the tomb, Elena is loss-of-limb-control-running down the steps and bounds up to the entrance to the tomb and calls his name. She’s about to run in there when Damon grabs her again.

Damon: Don’t you dare.

Elena: Stefan’s in there, Damon. How could you let this happen?

Damon: What are you talking about? I was too busy saving you from your crazy kamikaze mission.

Stefan, in the tomb, hears all of this.


Elena: You didn’t have to go after the moonstone in the first place.
Damon: It was the right call, Elena.
Elena: The right call? How is any of this the right call?

Damon tries to restrain her, and she repeatedly calls out for him to let go of her. When she quiets down, Damon asks if she’s done and lets go of her.

She tries again for the tomb,

but Damon gives her another warning look (and Cin & I get more chills!), so she stalks out of the tomb. Her concern for Stefan obvs forgotten. *sigh*

As she leaves, Stefan comes to the mouth of the tomb.

Damon: Of all the idiot plans, Stefan. I’ll find a way to get you out.
Audience: Aww, brothers!

Stefan: It’s all right. I’ll handle myself. Bonnie has the moonstone. Work with her to try to figure out how to de-spell it.
Damon: You martyr yourself into a tomb and I get to partner with a semi-competent witch. Wonderful.
Stefan: Keep Elena away from here.
Damon: Yeah, ‘cause that’ll be easy.

Stefan: Promise me. No matter what happens, you’ll protect her.

Damon: I promise.

When Damon leaves, Katherine walks up to the mouth of the tomb next to Stefan.

Katherine: That right there was the biggest mistake you ever made.

But Stefan just walks right by her farther into the tomb.

Stefan, NOOO! So what do you think? Is it all just a plan, or is Stefan resigning himself to being stuck in the tomb with Katherine forever? Why does he want Elena to stay away? Is he planning the naughty-naughty (as the Scenes From Next Week may imply)? Why did Damon seem so surprised when Stefan was asking him to protect Elena? Is Luka actually dead (*fingers crossed*)? Why the hell does Elijah need Elena to be protected? WTF is Daddy Warlocks going to do with that hair?!

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5 Responses to Episode 210 “The Sacrifice”

  1. Marye says:

    Love your recap. As for the diary on Elana’s bed, I sort of miss Stephan and her writing in their diaries like they did is the first season, but she should have moved it when she got back in bed, weird! That idiot, Amy Winehouse, didn’t know what she had. I thought Slater was adorable (I like the bookish types) The witchy stuff is getting too lame. I like your version much better! I’m with you, I hope Caroline doesn’t hook up with the Tyler, I really like her and Matty together, they’re so cute! Elijah is such a bad-ass I can’t wait to find out what he’s up to. And the idiot, Stephan, is always having to be the good guy, he should act more like his brother, bad-boy vamps are much hotter! I also hope that Bonnie keeps what little sense she has and stays away from that over-reactive child, Jeremy. But let’s talk about the good stuff, Damon and Elana…it’s gonna be hot, as long as he’s not being noble.

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  3. mak75231 says:

    Save me a spot! Workin on it like a Kamikaze on a mission!

  4. DJ says:

    Double-Standards Damon made me laugh this ep, being all in LUUUUURVE with 17-year-old Elena and totally condescending towards 16-year-old Jer “The Child” Gilbert. Come on, give the guy a break. He’s trying so hard to be a manly man. Can’t everybody be the hot shit personified, that you are, D-dog. Don’t blame ’em for trying though.

  5. mak75231 says:

    Better late than never! Just a reminder. This week’s Woobie Word of the Week “KAMIKAZE”. Japanese headband optional. Sacrifice yourself. How many ways can how many peeps risk their lives for the peeps they love (like? wanna knock boots with?)? Makes for a LOT of great sexual chemistry!

    We open with Elena in bed with Miniwoobie and The Token Diary (apparently she has not graduated to more “stimulating” toys) and Asshole Jonas the Brother From Another Mother is totes creepy and LOUD! Geez! Why didn’t he just fall down the stairs while he was at it–would’ve been quieter! He took so many things–would YOU not notice an entire picture frame missing from your dresser? Well, we’ve known Elena was blind for a while now. She has a Salvatore Sandwich hot on her plate and she’s on a DIET?! *snort* Thas what I call Sacrifice!

    Apparently she’s deaf, too, because she goes out in the HALL to find out what the ruckus is about–it’s about Aunt Jenna FINALLY doing something worthwhile–she’s wearin the shirt, Alaric’s wearin the boxers. Most people smoke after sex, who’s eatin the Chunky Monkey (I did NOT say that). But that WAS some shit-eatin grin she was wearin with his shirt! Can we have outtakes of what they been doin during the holiday hiatus? Hmmm?

    The ping-pong match ensues, with Our Heroes Salvatore making yet another visit to grovel at Kat’s feet/Elena’s feet. Kat wants to play Let’s Make a Deal, and Elena looks like she just ate a kumquat (I have no idea what they taste like but it was a funny word to use! Lol). Rocky and Bullwinkle explain the Awesomely Sexy Simple Plan to defeat everybody, with Mob Hands firmly planted on the counter, and finish in triumph…

    MD: Yep. We’re Awesome! (clearly feelin his oats!)

    Too bad, boys (cold shower) , she’s not prepared to risk the lives of everyone she cares about, including the two of them. MD perks up immediately (eye foreplay). Apparently Stef is blind, too…

    Over at school, Luka teaches Bonnie how to have Witch Sex in Public without protection, and when Jer busts them, Luka tries to blow if off. Global Warming my ass! Beyonce called–she wants her Hair Fan back!

    Over at The SBH, how many times is Elena gonna walk in on a half naked female before she figures out what to do? And you guys are so right–she was all eyes when Alaric was half naked in the hall!
    Elena wants to play Let’s Make a Deal with Rose, (the deal DOESN’T involve that Man Stealer getting naked with MD) offerin her a daywalker charm. She’s been too stoopid to get one herself in 500 friggin years! Just hook me up with Klaus–yea, right.

    The Basketball Court of Revelations had a lot of awkward moments–but finally Matty/Peeta resurfaces! Angst-filled, teary-eyed, but present! Yays! And Car pulls out the student council vice president card on Ty! LMAO! Like any of those qualifications she rattled off would help with a werewolf transformation!

    Imma skip thru 2 my fav parts (skippin):
    Tea with Amy Winehouse wannabe
    Vamp Porn surfing on Slay-Slay’s computer
    Ty & Car bondin over an SD card and The Mason Diaries (and scaring the beejeezus out of each other)
    Jer puttin his new drivers license to good use stealing funeral ashes

    My fav parts? Damon and Elena exhibiting all eleven rules of The Guide to Eye Sexin! These two totes like it ruff! When he shows up to save her from herself and utters the total surrender line (paraphrased) “Get your ass out that door, before I give you the best screw of your ENTIRE LIFE throw you over my shoulder, and carry you out myself,” *volunteer* And she wants to slug him! Not happenin–struggle. Oh, yea, the harder they struggle, the hotter it gets! Eye Sex never had it so good! Whadya mean don’t ever do that again? They were so close to the French Connection they coulda gotten a bang outa the same Tic-Tac! *Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!*

    A few short minutes later outside Kat’s KatTomb, where Elena has foolishly rushed to save Stef, they’re at it again (this time with Stef eavesdropping like the nosy neighbor listening to the couple next door doin the nasty–Let go of me! Damon! Let Go of me!) Suddenly, the struggle freezes…

    “Are you done?” Damon asks heavin like he can‘t hold back. After a weak yes from Elena, she tries to move past him and he blocks her, adding Eleven NEW Rules for Eye Sexin to the Guide! *Never mind the ambulance, call the coroner.* WoobieWorld!

    Final Thought for The Week
    We totes did miss one on #vdbingo last week–shows Kat’s CRAZY VAMP EYES in the screen caps! *snort*

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