Reactions: Episode 2.10 “The Sacrifice”

Last night’s ep. What can I say? I squeed. I gasped. I mob gestured at the TV. This episode was action-packed crazy on level with “Masquerade.” So many developments, so many questions. Just so many scenes in general. But it was kind of awesome, wouldn’t you agree? What a way to get us back into the show after having two weeks off! (I can only image what kind of crazytown fuckery they’re going to pull on us for episode 2.12!). Elena’s making bad decisions, Stefan’s acting on impulse, Damon’s being all super and caretaker-y, Caroline’s being a bleeding heart, and Elijah being TEN KINDS OF AWESOME! God! There’s so much to discuss. LET’S DO THIS THING!

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat, and Mel (SBH contributors and friends).

The Brothers Salvatore
Christina: There was a lot of working together last night. I really love when they actually act like they’re brothers and not mortal enemies. I’m glad that’s pretty much over. A family that schemes together teams together! Or something equally as cheesy.
Mel: Love, love, love the brotherly love going on too! It always puts a smile on my face to see them getting along and working together.
Cin: I totally loved the brothers being a united front; what was even better was that even though they were very much on the same page, they were separated for most of the episode handling various problems. That said, every scene they shared was seriously dynamic.
Christina: It’s weird to admit this even though it was just one part — but the scene where they’re all brainstorming in the library, Damon was kind of annoying me. “You 16-year-old… child!” Wow, great come back. It was like he was scared; he didn’t want to go through with the plan… or any plan. He was spooked, uncomfortable with the whole situation. Damon is never like this. Did anyone else get a weird vibe?
Cin: I don’t think it was scared or spooked about Jeremy really, I just think that after what happened with Jeremy & the neck snapping in “The Return” he is super cautious of ANYTHING he is involved in getting Jer hurt. Plus I think Damon pretty much always has this almost out of sorts vibe when it comes to plans concerning Katherine. Which is totally understandable. She had him by the short hairs for so long & I think he would rather she just disappeared completely at this point so he can finally start living without her anywhere in his life.
Christina: When they were in their Pow-wow and Bonnie asked for something that belonged to Kathi, I immediately thought “Yeah, Stefan’s heart!” Oooh… foreshadowing?
Cat: I thought the same thing. I love how everyone in the ROOM thought that.
Cin: I’m just not seeing that. The whole Stef is still into Kathi thing. Even with the promos (more on that later I imagine), but I don’t really see what you all are going on about with this.
Christina: I’m not saying he planned it exactly. But everyone has a weakness. How strong can Stefan be when he thinks that he’s going to be in there forever? Which is why it feels like something is up with Stefan. He went too calmly into the tomb. Is he resigned to his fates, or is he playing a big game to trick Kathi? He made Damon promise to protect Elena “no matter what happens.” It’s like he’s saying goodbye, sort of. Is this just a game for Kathi?
Mel: I agree. He definitely went into the tomb too calmly. Like he didn’t even think twice about it.  I really, really hope that whatever is going on between Stefan and Kat is just a plan because if it isn’t I am going to be more upset than I already am just from watching the previews of next weeks episode alone. But I can’t lie and say that maybe just maybe there is a slight chance that what’s going to happen between them is just Stefan giving in *sigh* It hurt to write those words.
Cat: It’s probably a plan, but he’s fooling himself if he thinks he’s got control over it.
Christina: I mean, he did give a pretty good “ooooh shit!” face when he realized he was locked behind the invisible tomb door, but still. Yeah, I don’t think there’s going to be much control there.
Cat: I don’t think he went into that tomb willingly or anything, or that it was part of his master plan. BUT he seems to be on Kat pretty fast if next weeks promos are true.   Listen, the WHOLE STORY revolves around his love for Kat. He didn’t pick Elena for no reason. No matter what he says.
Cin: I totes think it’s a plan. Before Jer got involved the actual plan was to try to lower the shield and go in and retrieve the moonstone themselves. You cannot tell me that Damon & Stefan, as resolved as they were, didn’t account for one or both of them getting trapped in there with the vixen.
Cat: I’m sure they did account for it, as a possible outcome – but it’s not part of “The Plan”.  If they try to say it was, I won’t believe it lol
Mel: I definitely agree with you there. I won’t believe it if they say it was part of “the plan”. There’s no way it could have been.
Cin: I agree too, I just think it was accounted for IF it happened. They had to know that if one or both of them got trapped with Kathi they would have to put up with her or try to beat her in some way. That’s all I’m sayin’.
Christina: Speaking of being trapped with Kathi… WTF was with her cryptic tag line at the end? “That right there was the biggest mistake you ever made.”
Cin: I have no idea. Was it about trusting Damon with Elena or ensuring that Damon has a lot of time alone with Elena to win her affections? Cryptic city. Either way, I’m kinda loving it. But at the same time I’m scared for all of them.
Christina: Word. Ooh! Kathi is so good at manipulation. Maybe she’ll put doubt in Stefan’s head, which’ll… force them together… DON’T FALL FOR IT, STEFAN!!

This Week On: The Werewolf Diaires
Cin: So they found UM’s transformation journal and it’s all super painful-y & although I do feel sorry for Tyler – was any of this really necessary? I feel like they are just pushing so hard to make this werewolf/Tyler story line relevant. I mean, I get it – it’s terrible and totally a curse, but it’s not making me like Tyler more. It’s honestly just annoying me that it’s taking plot time away from every other character on the show. I know some people are very invested in his story & the wolf plot line in general, but I’m not feeling it. Sorry.
Christina: Word. And I really don’t care for Caroline and Tyler’s friendship. It kind of works because Caroline is a bleeding heart and Tyler pretends to be strong, like he doesn’t need anyone when in fact he DOES because he just wants someone there to pat his head and tell him how good he’s doing. But I just don’t trust him.
Cin: Agreed, totes not feeling ANY of it. *yawn*
Mel: Okay, I know I’m  the only one here that’s Team Tyler, but I totally get what you are saying about not trusting him, but I hope that we’re wrong about this. I actually really like that Caroline is helping Tyler through all of this because if it wasn’t for her he’d truly be alone. I mean yeah he still acts like he doesn’t need the help or doesn’t want it, but I feel like he’s starting to realize that he does. Also, I think that somewhere down the line things are going to change and it’s going to flip a major switch (possibly finding out that Damon killed Mason and Caroline knew but didn’t say anything?) And he’s going to go batshit crazy and try to get revenge for Mason’s death.
Christina: Oooooh! I do not doubt that AT ALL. Distinct possibility, for real. This is why I don’t trust him, haha. You hurt Damon, you hurt Stefan, you motherfreaking hurt Caroline, you die, brotha.
Cin: At this point nothing would make me happier. Let him get stupid – one less wolf boy to worry about.
Mel: If he tries or even thinks about going after Damon, Stefan or Caroline I will flip the switch so fast from love to utter hatred lol. I really hope that won’t happen but I’m almost certain that it will *le sigh*
Christina: Oh! And WTF, Tyler? Caroline is getting ready to get smooched by Matty/Peeta and you have to freaking come stalking to the door like a lost little boy who needs his mommy and totally cuntstunts her! Jackass.
Cin: Cuntstunts is now my new favorite word ever. It’s been fun, cuntbasket, but I’ve moved on. ROFLMAO!
Mel: And the award for biggest cock blocker goes to… Tyler Lockwood! LOL! Oh man I was beyond pissed when he walked out and interrupted them! I mean I kind of had a feeling that was going to happen but I mean seriously Tyler! Way to screw up a fantastic moment between Caroline and Matty/Peeta!
Christina: I knew it too, but I was trying to hold on to hope, haha.
Cin: I have never liked Tyler, walking out and ruining my Car/Matty moment just reinforces that.
Christina: Speaking of Matty, I am SO glad to finally have him back. I even squeed on the rewatch when he showed up at the Basketball Court of Revelations. I REALLY missed him. And so did Caroline! And Matty missed her too! And awwwww!
Cin: OMG, can we please just have an entire episode about the eternal pain that is living inside my Matty/Peeta? He was on the verge of tears the entire episode – I can’t take that kind of hurt! (Especially when Christina & I are both neck deep in our Hunger Games reread – you do NOT fuck around with my Peeta’s emotions. *ahem*) The poor boy needs some kindness and love & storyline. Jeez!
Mel: YES! Matty definitely needs a really good storyline! One that includes lots of love. Meaning more Matty/Caroline moments!
Christina: And, writers, if you don’t want the Matty/Caroline moments, consider this my headshot and resume. Cast me. I will give Matty the lovin’ he deserves!! 😀

Elena is NO Harry Potter
Christina: Elena, girl. I really liked her this episode because she was strong and standing up for her family and friends, the total antithesis to Kathi, the anti-”better you than I.” I admire that, but girl is dumb. Inviting the vamps to Slay-slay’s house because the “doppelganger is alive and ready to surrender.” *sigh*
Mel: Yes! I loved Elena in last nights episode as well. I mean was it stupid of her to go out and literally put her neck on the line? Yes. But was it also brave of her to do so? HECK YES! Love that girl! I like show Elena so much more than book Elena.
Cat: Am I the only one who found Elena to be stupid and childish last night? I almost lost an eye rolling them at her. Not to cross stories, but I found her overly Sookie-like last night, and that’s no compliment.  She’s only standing up to Damon so he’ll touch her 🙂
Cin: I don’t know about the Damon touching thing, which as an unbiased non-shipper I did find appealing ((I believe I sent a text to Christina after the “Don’t ever do that again” to the effect of: “If I were wearing panties, they would have melted”)).
Christina: That’s exactly what it said, haha.
Cat: I  was kind of being as smart ass with the touching thing, but they do have that thin line thing going on.  You know I’m not a shipper – she’s not worthy of Damon yet.  But man, if your panties didn’t melt after “Don’t ever do that again” you’re not breathing.
Cin: Ditto on the worthiness. Also, we are seeing a little more her resemblance to Katherine I think. She was quite non-apologetic when he took her home about her agenda being the only one she cared about. Noble bullshit.
Christina: No, I definitely thought she was childish too. I mean, she is strong-willed, and that’s good. She needs to be in this world. But DUMB DUMB DUMB.  And selfish! She says she was doing it to protect everyone else, but when they’re working their asses off to protect her, she pulls this — SELFISH because if you get down to it, she’s doing what she wants regardless of what anyone else wants. Also, yes kind of Sookie-ish. Like when she went stomping around. I don’t know why the stomping reminds me of Sookie, haha.
Cin: I’m not sure about Elena. I’m at odds with myself in that I am kinda proud at her nobility in a very Harry Potter kind of way, but also – she is being quite stupid for sure. I don’t really think she is being selfish, since she is wanting to “Sacrifice” (hey, episode title!) herself to save others – but she must realize and not try to fight the fact that everyone around her would do the same for her. *sigh* Actually, this is getting too Potter-esque for me. Elena is NO Harry Potter. I’ll take a Chosen One over a Petrova Doppleganger any day. Sorry show, but thems the facts.

A Crash Course in Witchy-juju
Christina: There was A LOT of this witchyness flying around last night! A shitton, if you will. First of all, witches can bond and play off each others’ powers?! Kind of awesome! Especially when it makes Luka’s nose bleed (Die, Luka! Die!). It was pretty badass that Bonnie drew on him without telling him to try to open the tomb. Even though she failed.
Cat: I was disturbed by Bonnie’s spellgasm in the quad, but otherwise found it pretty cool. I’d like her to be more than a semi competent witch!
Christina: The other side to this was Daddy Warlocks “Shadow Spell.” Now THAT was pretty cool. All allowing Elijah to see and track Elena. Not cool for our heroes, but cool in general. The execution was a little weird though. The cutting of the hand, I got. Placing his hand over Elena’s picture, check. But what was the hair for? Me thinks Daddy Warlocks just wanted it so he could make a hair doll. Oh, and that was the most RIDICULOUS looking eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-his-head I’ve ever seen.
Mel: I think he needed the hair to track her down. Just like Bonnie needed blood from Jeremy in the last episode to get the message to her. Since they share blood that worked. You kind of always need something from the person to track them when doing a spell. Either way I hate Daddy Warlocks and he needs to die ASAP *here’s to hoping Elijah kills him and soon!*
Christina: Well, yeah. I got that, but they used the picture. I didn’t see them do anything with the hair, but have it in a napkin… *shrug*
Mel: I just watched that scene again and yeah he didn’t even look at the hair at all. Maybe it was just needed for show lol. OH! This time around I also noticed the eye-rolling thing and OMG stupidest thing ever. So not necessary!
Christina: Haha, right?! I LOL’d my head off. Daddy Warlocks. Psshhh.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You — The Most Fuckawesome Vampire Ever!
Christina: Does that title show my bias? 🙂 Elijah is just about the coolest thing ever. He SO DOES do it better. I mean, he tracks Elena, and quickly, thoughtlessly kills some dude. Then when Damon’s all “I killed you! You were dead,” he’s all suave like “For centuries now.” Haha. And then he fucking does the DOUBLE HEART-RIP! MAN!
Cin: Ok, Christina – that title’s a bit much. Sure he has the years and the skills – but a section titled that regarding a show that contains Damon FUCKIN’ Salvatore. Sorry. No. Well, maybe. But – shit, you know what I mean! Anyway, that said he is pretty fuckawesome. Totally ninja moves as always. Actually he’s the kind of super awesome vamp I don’t want to die or leave the show but I know he probably will. He’s just TOO powerful.
Mel: I can officially say that I LOVE Elijah. He is by far the best badass vampire, EVER! When he ripped out those guys hearts.. Wow, haha.
Cat: Um, the double heart rip left me more than a little turned on. I love this guy.  Love him.
Christina: WOOORRRDDD! I’m not ashamed to admit it. Elijah, seriously. CALL MEEEEE.
Cin: I think Damon was as impressed as we were with the double heart removal. It being his preferred method of killing and all. I look for D to try to add that to his cabinet of pain. 😉
Christina: Then at Daddy Warlock’s house — he is also acting “out of character” — or at least for what we’ve seen of him. He’s amazed almost, intrigued that the “shadow spell” worked. He inquires after Luka, like he cares. (Which actually made my heart want to swoon a little. Is that bad?) Then he shocks DW by saying that he spared Damon and Elena. He wants her alive. He’s glad she’ll be kept safe. BUT WHY?!
Cat: Is he double dealing on Klaus? Or is he just smart enough to know that the Salvatores will happily keep her warm until Klaus gets there? No need to jeopardize her.
Christina: Right. That was my first thought — that she’ll be safe for Klaus. If he kidnapped her, then it would just bring on the onslaught from the Salvatores & Co. But if he lets Damon protect her, then she’ll be safe and ripe for Klaus. BUT then… he was… almost like a totally different vampire. He didn’t exude evil like he has been… it was a tiny bit off-putting…
Cin: I kinda think he is double dealing on Klaus. Klaus wants to break the curse, but as I’ve said before, unless there is some huge vamps-take-over-the-world master plan I don’t see why. You cannot convince me that shit about “so the werewolves don’t” is reason enough. With the superior strength, skill and un-die-ability of The Originals it just doesn’t make sense. I think Elijah doesn’t give a rats ass about the spell being broken. The way he asked the Cody dude if anyone else knows about the doppleganger yet – he was trying to block the info from ever reaching Klaus. I have no idea why, but if I had to venture a speculation I’d say that maybe Klaus is getting too ambitious and a bit egotistical about his powers & control and Elijah wants the power spot.
Cat: I’ve been thinking about that “does anyone else know about her” line.  Either he wants to stop all the curse breaking talk or he finally has one thing over on Klaus. Maybe being the errand boy for thousands of years is wearing thin.
Cin: Maybe that is the point of having The Originals so indestructible. Maybe we will see them kill or go to war with each other. Man that sounds 10,000 kinds of wonderful. LOL
Christina: That line had perplexed me too. Oh, man. If they go to war… EPIC. I like the idea of Elijah taking over Klaus’ top scary mother fucker role. VOTE FOR ELIJAH!
Cin: I’m reserving judgement until Klaus casting has been done. I have very high hopes for them casting a serious BAMF.
Cat: If they manage to hire a sweet BAMF for that role & we get a real Original Vamp off???
Cin: Totally. So, dream casting for Klaus: Charlie Hunnam, Josh Holloway or Gale Harold. ((excuse me while I mop up the drool that is falling onto my keyboard…))

There you have it. We’re dying to know — what did YOU think of the episode?

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12 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.10 “The Sacrifice”

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  2. UNsweetT says:

    Ok…my 2 cents on the Tyler storyline. I think it will all tie in later with defeating Elijah or Klaus or both. I haven’t read the books…so I’m going strictly by the show here. IF Tyler develops deep love for Caroline…it would be an easy 1,2,3 jump to joining “the gang” in the kicking of some Originals ass kicking. Bonnie is on friendly terms with Damon…which at one point thought impossible. But she loves Elena and has seen that Damon will do whatever to protect her too. Which goes a long way in her book. It’s like Superfriends and the boarding house in the Hall of Justice. LOL But I think that could be how Tyler joins forces…they need him to help really. His bite could kill them….but also kill an Original. He might be willing to let them use him. If it’d save the girl he might be in love with?? Thoughts??

    • I agree with you. I think that’s the part they’re trying to make him play. I’m just not happy about it. If he died, I’d be okay with that. Harsh? Maybe, haha.

      Oh, and I read the books (1-4, anyway), and Tyler is a tool. As far as I remember, he was pretty unremarkable. Except that he was a giant dick. Haha.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      I actually read a fanfic once (it happens, lol) where Tyler was totally an ally of the Salvatores & even hung out at the SBH. If this season had taken that kind of direction, I would have been fine with it. As it is, he might be going through a rough time but he has been a jerk to everyone all season. Blame the wolfy phermones or whatever, but he is agressive and probably the most self centered character on the show.

      I am totally against any kind of Tyler/Caroline hookup. He is already damaging her awesomeness, when she hangs around him I don’t see any romantic sparks – just a distraction. I hope like hell that he does end up helping our vamps, and a friendship with Car can maybe lead to that. Then we’ll see.

  3. atsi says:

    hi, i watched the ep… but i have a question…. on the night of the comet 102(?) damon waited to break the curse… what was it? cauz i dont understand and iit mite be the same reason why Elijah is waiting for the rite moment. PLEASE HELP! this part is confusing cauz i dont know what nite of the comet is on….

  4. atsi says:

    lol another comment… my prediction of what will happen next on tvd
    1. stefan +katherine hook up and the truth comes out that the only reason why stefan was w. elena was because she looked like kat. and it recovered some of the pain of losing her.

    2. damon+elena will kiss at the end or something will happen between them cauz she finds out that stefans love was only using her and damon has been true to her *also because she CARES + LOVES him* she says so at the end of 211, when she says, i dont what the people i LOVE die.

    3. Luca mite actually start to like bonnie truly and mite confess what his father is doing… or another possibillity is that he doesnt know what his father is doing and finds out and decided to get on team “lets fight the people who want elena dead” 🙂

    4. alice is actually helping elijah and her acting like that was all a ruse and elijah is going to turn her and she will kill rose btw speaking of rose….

    5. rose is going to come back and apologize for running away and damon mite kill her *aka do the elijah move and rip her heart out tho damon did that first…..*

    6. caroline trys to help tyler phase but the chain is loose so she has to save herself by running away… and caroline runs into some other vap or something(this storyline is getting really twisted btw)

    7. matt finds someone else to have a life with cauz caroline is too busy running around with werewolfs

    8. elena walks in when stefan and katherine are getting a “little something” and she is torn into shreds and pieces…(honey thats what you get when you refuse a handsome vamp like stefan OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. period.)

    9. she talks to damon about it and he is like… “yah i thought something like this was going to happen, im so sry. ”

    10. jeremy is sad forever…

    yup thats about it.

    • UNsweetT says:

      lol I hope not. But that seems to be his lot in life. Poor thing. And he’s gotten so hot and fearless lately too.

      @SBH I kinda like how Tyler is a tool…but that in the show…there is a reason behind it. Reason being..his parents raised him that way. He didn’t get love from his father and his mother is a beyotcha and judgmental as well. So no doubt he’s a spoil selfish brat boy. But now things are different…I kinda feel like Caroline and feel sorry for him. I have the hope that maybe he will change and he can be “one of the gang”. Damon changed…so can Tyler…and he did care about Matt. I preferred Matty and Caroline to be the couple….he was good for her. But, Matt is oblivious and would just be in danger (in the way) to be in the middle with no super ring,witch powers, or vampness going for him.

  5. Audrey says:

    Josh Holloway as Klaus would be awesome. I’m assuming Charlie Hunnam will be busy with Sons Of Anarchy.

    Enjoyed the recap apart from the lack of love for Tyler. Then again if everyone agreed, the world would be a boring place.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      I’m a huge SOA fan & my dream casting has had him at the top since the first whisper of Klaus coming to MF. They film SOA from April/May to Sept/Oct – so I can dream. But he would never do it. UNLESS he wants to prove to the Hollywood types he can play the lead in his Vlad the Impaler screenplay which Plan B is producing… (sorry, my obsessive fangirl is showing)

      Josh Holloway would be perfect – absolutely fantastic, but I fear he’s focusing on films and the part might be too close to Sawyer.

      Gale Harold is stuck wasting his awesomeness with a recurring role on Hellcats. Watch Queer As Folk, the US version – what he pulled out as Brian Kinney is nothing short of godlike.

      I have given this absolutely no thought whatsoever. 😉

      You are right about fandom likes/dislikes. I respect that not everyone agrees – it makes for interesting conversations. But yeah, don’t have much of the Tyler/wolf love. LOL

  6. mak75231 says:

    I’m BAAAACK! Tuff. Live with it. Bwahaaaaa! Had 4 margaritas this afternoon so there’s no telling what I may say!

    MY initial reactions to this weeks’ episode–can somebody PULEEZ restart my heart? I think it stopped at LEAST twice! When MD and Elena get physically angry with each other–new batteries, please!!!

    What has happened at The SBH? NO initial reaction to Alaric semi-nekkid (he said nekkid, I said “BOXERS”). I guess a bowl of Chunky Monkey hides a multitude of dot dot dot…

    I promised Christina–it’s been WAY too long. I now pronounce this week’s Woobie Word of the Week “KAMIKAZE”! I just KNEW she thought I’d say ASS! I don‘t ALWAYS go for the obvious sexual innuendo (only most of the time). (BTW did you see Miniwoobie in bed with Elena while creepy Daddy Warlocks was five-finger discounting her stuff and makin WAY TOO MUCH NOISE FOR A THIEF?) The one, the only, the ORIGINAL Woobie–Accept No Substitutes (not even stuffed ones).

    The Brothers Salvatore def put the FUN in dysFUNctional family! During the head snap sequence “Let’s go talk to Kat–Let’s go talk to Elena” (why DO they do that? Makes my brain hurt!), why did it take two of them to move the stone door (which apparently is pointless, anyway), when Car moved it by herself for Elena? The BadassBros get together on something, Murphy’s law kicks in and it all gets eff’d up. Just like stoopid teenagers in a horror flick–DO NOT SPLIT UP (aka don‘t take a shower, don‘t turn your back on the dead guy)–it never works. Unless, of course, it was all part of A Plan. Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? Why can they not read each other’s minds long distance or something–oh, the possibilities! Oh, the smut!

    This Week On: The Werewolf Diaries Subtitle: The Wolf That Wouldn’t Die, The Sequel. Dead UM is getting more screen time than when he was alive. Ho-hum. They gotta go down this road, since WolfieTyYiYea is part of the whole moonstone, witch, doppelganger blood, vampire Chemistry 101 that EVERYBUDDY is tryin to get/hijack/unspell/protect/destroy,yadayadayada. ‘Cept Rose. Is that one scared bad hair day or what? Got a problem?–RUN!

    Feel sorry for Ty knowin what’s comin (can you say painful?), see a fork in the road somewhere up ahead for Car bein his support system (translation vampire-werewolf mortal enemies), and seriously want to bitchslap Ty for buttin in with Car and Matty at the front door. Butt Out, Babydouchenozzle! This is what happens when they expand a character that was miniscule in The Original (ha, metaphor) story–we all get PMS!

    Elena is NO Harry Potter but when she and Damon face off the sparks fly! One of these days he’s gonna snap (I snapped at least twice this ep, OMFG breathe). WWED–What WILL Elena Do? How many meaningful looks, hot staredowns and hand-to-hand skirmishes is it gonna take? OhMyWoobie! *sigh*

    The ep was all about The Sacrifice–but there was more than one–Elena was the obvious (The Chosen One)–Rose was givin it up (she thought) for Elena’s promise of a daywalker charm, , Alice gave it up for Rose to turn her, Bonnie told Jer she was givin it up so Elena wouldn‘t die, Jeremy (using his brand-new drivers license) tried to one-up everybody else for the bar of soap/moonstone, Stefan threw himself in with Kat for Jeremy (?). With all this givin it up, why are we not getting the TIME FOR THE SEX square! Apparently next week…..

    A Crash Course in Witchy ju-ju
    Channeling is not a new concept in Mystic Falls. It’s been goin on since Season 1. Grams channeled Bonnie to break the tomb spell, Bonnie channeled Elena’s emo to turn down the fire in the basement in Founder’s Day, I Love Lucy channeled Bonnie to show her they were related–hell, they should all just get remotes! It was just more In Your Face this time–Luka channeling Bonnie (spellgasm–ha!), Jonas (Daddy Warlocks is totes the fourth Jonas Brother Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Asshole) channeling Elena, Bonnie channeling Luka, me channeling Ctina (is it just me, or was Alice really Amy Winehouse?)

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You – The Most Fuckawesome Vampire Ever!
    The double heart-ripper was impressive, but I’m still not a big Elijah fan. Maybe if he could put em back afterward, but no. I agree with Cin and then some–a section titled that regarding a show that contains Damon FUCKIN’ Salvatore. Sorry. No. (and no maybe about it) After all, he’s been Klaus’ minion forever, maybe because he owes some debt to him. And he can use Elena as payment. The safer she is, the more he likes it. Douchebag.

    I’m keeping an open mind on the whole Klaus-Kasting–I think nasty and mean would fit the bill, rather than hot and steamy. I mean, look what/who he’s up against. Not a chance of bein hot enuf, but I have tunnel vision! Maybe a Voldemort-Snape mash-up with a little maniacal Beatrix insanity for good measure.

    Final thought for the Reactions–I sent the firetrucks to the SBH when they ran the promo for next week’s ep to put out Christina–she totes went up in flames. All the smoke detectors went off when she did. Yes, Christina, there is a Santa Clause (Klaus?)

  7. Madison says:

    I LOVE these recaps. I LOL at the Tyler hatred, and the nicknames you’ve give the warlocks! (Manwich and Daddy Warlocks=genius). Anyways, I am PRAYING that the Stefan/Kat hookup is just an evil plan to kill her or something. I really hate that bitch for getting in the way of Stelena. BTW: die hard Stelena/Bamon fan!
    I think that because of what the synopsis says (Stefan/Kat play mind games on eachother) he has something up his sleeve… Maybe more info about Klaus, or IDK anything! Maybe is was a dream Elena had, making her be a little more proactive about getting him the fuck out of the tomb! I follow all of the cast/crew on twitter, and Candice, and Michael tweeted that they were filming 212 and they were in the woods filming with Paul and Steven… So Stefan gets out eventually, but WTF is taking Elena so F’ing long to get back in his pants? Im sorry, but Damon is EXTREMLEY hot, but not right for Elena at ALL….
    Just my venting/ideas for the episodes…. BTW: Elijiah reaally does it better. Like times a trillion… 🙂

    • I’m so glad that all these Elijah fans are coming out of the woodwork. Makes me feel less crazy 😉


      But yes, right now Damon & Elena could never work (I’m a pretty big Stelena fan myself), but I love Damon so hard, it hurts me when he hurts. And he loves Elena, so I’m going to secretly pine for her for him, haha.

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