Episode 209 “Katerina”

Episode 209 “Katerina”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Elena was kidnapped by some very old vamps in order to get an even older vamp off their backs – because he wants to break “the spell”. They plan to hand her over to one of The Originals, Elijah – who is fierce and awesome and FRIGHTENING – and who will hand him over to the Original’s Big Cheese, but Stefan and Damon come to the rescue. Hoorays! With the help of some of Alaric’s totally rad toys weapons, the boys defeat him and stake him. Meanwhile, Caroline and Tyler make friends after she confides in him that she is a vampire, and they join together in their otherness. Aww, everything is all wrapped up. BUT WAIT! ELIJAH ISN’T DEAD! He pulls the stake from his own heart, and OMG!!

Bulgaria 1490. Oh, so this is going to be a flashback episode. Sweet!

Someone is screaming and writhing in pain. An older woman, who is staring at the screamer’s knees is advising her “dearest one” to push just a little more, so I’m going to go with someone is having a baby. Hey!

Holy crap, that someone is totes Katherine! And she has a screaming baby girl.

Aww! She wants to see the baby, but her father demands the baby. Kathi just wants to hold her, but no – her father says she has disgraced them, and takes the baby away!

Aww, noes 😦 Her mother tells her she is better off this way, but the pain in Katherine’s eyes tell me the rest of the world won’t be.


Elena’s come to the SBH to see Stefan. He wanted to see her; it’s important. It seems Rose is here to stay, and she wants to educate Elena all about the Originals, and such. They adjourn to the library, where Rose begins her tale.

She’s lived a long time, and she’s picked up a bunch of info about vampires over the years, but who knows what’s true and what’s not. The one thing she’s positive about: Klaus is real. Elena wants to know who he is, and the brothers help explain that he’s one of the originals, a legend, one of the first generations of vampires. Elena asks if he’s like Elijah.

Rose: No, Elijah was the Easter Bunny compared to Klaus. He’s a foot soldier. Klaus is the real deal.
Stefan: Klaus is known to be the oldest.

Oooh, snap! So, the oldest vampire is coming to little ol’ Mystic Falls just to kill Elena. Rose answers yes at the exact time that Stefan says no. Hmm. Damon? Tiebreaker?

Damon: What they’re saying is… I mean, if what she’s saying is true—
Rose: Which it is.

Damon: And you’re not just saying this because he’ll kill you—
Rose: Which I’m not.
Damon: Then we’re looking at a solid… maybe.

Oh, okay, great. Glad we’re crystal on this. *rolls eyes* Stefan tries to comfort Elena by saying that Elijah is dead, so there’s no one else who knows she exists – that she knows of, which Rose so helpfully points out.

Stefan then tries to point out that there’s so much legend mixed in, that for all they know he could just be a bedtime story. Yes, because when my imaginary children go to sleep, I tell them of Klaus the Original, and how if they get out of bed, he’ll EAT THEM! Actually, I should remember that one… Anyway, Rose says again emphatically that Klaus is real. What he wants, he gets (oh, he’s kind of like Katherine!), and that if she’s not afraid of him, then she’s an idiot.

That’s about all Elena can take, so she gets up from the couch and tries to leave to go to school. When Stefan offers to go with her, she says no. “I know where it is.” Oooh, burn?

When she leaves, Damon suggests that she’s in denial. Stefan just looks at him a moment, then,

Stefan: Shut up, Damon.

Hah! Ooh! Brother burn! Wedgie time!

Outside in the school parking lot, Bonnie drops her books because she’s clumsy. And Jeremy laughs at her (and so do I, but for different reasons).

He helps her pick up her books, and tells her that Elena was running late this morning. So he takes this opportunity to ask her to go play pool with him at the Grill later.

Ooh, and if she plays her cards right, he may just even give her his jacket pin and ask her to go steady!

But Bon-bon is suspicious and asks him why he would ask her that. Jer’s all “uh, because pool is fun?” and she complains that he’s Elena’s brother, and blah blah blah why didn’t we hear this two episodes ago when you guys started your flirting game? Whatevs. She agrees to go and Jermy gets all happy, and that makes me happy because he’s managed to wrap his Alaric-emulating, mouth-breathing self around my heart this season.

To break up their happy flirty time, a funny-looking kid saunters over to ask where the office is.

Jeremy gives the kid really long-winded instructions that I don’t think I’d be able to follow (all the while using the most distracting pronunciation of the word “double” ever), while Bonnie is busy making eyes at the kid.

You just agreed to go on a kinda-sorta date with Jeremy! Good god, was it love at first sight, or should he walk by again? *groans*

We find out that this kid, who’s name is Luka (he lives on the second floor) is new ‘round these parts, and Jermy introduces himself and Bonnie, who is still staring like a fool. Bonnie, jaw off the floor, girl!

Luka greets her, and still she stares. Jeremy says he’s headed in the direction of the office, and offers to let Luka follow him. As Luka tells her that it was nice meeting her, Bonnie just responds by staring some more.

And we’re going to need some towels over here! Mop up all this drool. I mean, damn, show. You are not subtle at all in introducing this love triangle are you? Sheesh.

Over in the woods, Elena’s decided to play hookey, and is advising Caroline to tell everyone that she went home sick.

Instead, she’s going to go pay Kathi a little visit in the Tomb. Caroline is worried that Stefan is going to see through any lie that she tries to give him, but Elena reminds her how convincing she was keeping her away from Stefan back during that heinous indoor BBQ.

Caroline’s not so confident in her abilities.

Elena: As my friend, do you promise or not?
Caroline: *sigh* You had to break out the girlfriend code. Okay. I promise.

Haha, cute. As they’re walking down into the tomb, Caroline just wants to make sure that Elena knows what she’s getting herself into. She does.

Elena: She’s the only one who knows the truth about Klaus. The only one who can tell me how to stop him.
Caroline: But you’re asking for the truth from someone who’s probably never given it.

Again Caroline asks if she’s sure. Elena’s all “I can’t just sit back and wait. I have to know, Caroline.” Car accepts this and walks over to the tomb and strongarms the door, moving it aside like it’s a piece of syrofoam or something… *shifty eyes*.

Elena peers into the tomb and calls Katherine’s name.

We hear a creepy, crawly noise as Katherine drags her emaciated ass to the entrance. “Hello, Elena” she managed to choke out,

her voice raw and scratchy. Oh, yeah, that’s frightening. She asks if Elena has come to watch her wither away, and tells Caroline to beat it.

Kathi tries to taunt Elena by asking if Stefan knows that she’s there, but Elena ignores her and tells her she’s brought her something.

Katherine: You came to bribe me. What is it you want?

Elena tells her she wants to know about Klaus, and shows Kathi that she brought the Petrova book the gang found in Isobel’s office during their NC roadtrip.

According to the book, Katherine’s family ended with her, but obvs it didn’t. Kathi calls Elena on trying to bribe her into telling her info in exchange for some family heirlooms. It doesn’t quite work, but as soon as Elena shows her the water bottle filled with blood, you know she’s totes going to give in.

Elena: You don’t look so good. How long before your body shuts down? Ten, twenty years? It must be painful to desiccate and mummify. I can’t even imagine.

Kathi calms down and Elena pours her a shot of blood and slides it across the floor with a stick.

Kathi hungrily drinks it down after telling Elena she has the “Petrova fire,” a.k.a., the ability to be a bitch when she wants to, apparently.

While Elena is pouring her another shot of blood, Kathi explains that it starts in 1492, the year she left, or, rather, was kicked out of Bulgaria and sailed the ocean blue ended up in England. She explains that her family – Elena’s “true ancestors” – disowned her because she had a baby out of wedlock. She was banished to England, so she became English.

Katherine: It was there that I caught the eye of a nobleman named Klaus. I was taken with him at first, until I found out what he was and what he wanted from me. And then I ran like hell.

Flashback! Katerina, all dolled up in medieval garb, is running through the woods.

She’s running from three blokes dressed in animals skins. They’re sniffing their air, so I’m going to go with they’re vampires. Ooh! One of them is Elijah!


He declares that Kathi’s there in the woods, and shouts her name. “I know you’re near. I can smell your blood,” he says as he walks right by her hiding place.

He obvs can’t smell it that well, show! Silly.

Elijah: It’s pointless to run. Klaus will find you wherever you are!

Ooh, menacing.

One of the other fur-clad men – TREVAH! – says that the blood scent is off “over there” in the woods, and leads them away. Either he is the worst tracker EVER, or something is up here. Katherine stumbles up from her hiding place on the ground and turns to run, but TREVAH is right there! Ahh! He covers her mouth so she doesn’t scream, and looks around.

Trevah: I can’t lead them astray much longer.
Katerina: I can’t run anymore.

Trevah: Nevermind. There is a cottage. You will be safe there.

And he sends her off. To what cottage? Where? Dude, a little direction would be nice. Then again, it is 1492. There’s probably only like 1 in the vicinity, which actually is very poor hiding skills. Anyway, she runs, and we’re thrown back into the present.

Elena isn’t getting it. “What did Klaus want?”

Katherine: The same thing he wants from you. To break the curse.
Elena: By sacrificing the Petrova Doppelganger.
Katherine: He wanted to drain every single drop of blood from my body.

Dun dun DUN!

Over at the SBH, Rose is wallowing in our library, and Damon comes in to break up her pity party of five one.

Damon: Alright, Rosebud. I need some answers. Please don’t tell me you’re crying ‘cause your buddy Trevor lost his head.
Rose: You always been this sensitive?
Damon: The vampire switch. You just — ffwtthp — for this very reason. *whispers* Takes the emotion out of it.

Oh, that’s the cold, heartless Damon we know. *sigh*. Rose suggests that if he’s going to flip his switch, then she’ll flip hers too.

Damon: Is that a dig?
Rose: It’s an observation. Being in love with your brother’s girlfriend must be difficult.

Damon: I’m not in love with anyone.

Rose: Wanna try that again?

He vampzooms to her face and warns her not to get on his bad side. Yeah, well, she wants to see his good side. Rose, honey, EVERY side is his good side. He wants to know how to find Klaus. Apparently, though, you don’t find him – HE FINDS YOU!

Damon doesn’t believe it. There has to be someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows how to find him. Damon reminds her of Elijah – she had to get in touch with him somehow. She tells him that it was some dude low on the vampire totem pole named Slater (Wait. Slater? So Lestat DIDN’T kill him!!) who lives in Richmond. Roadtrip time! Since Rose is still allergic to the sun, Damon suggests she drives. Yeah, because I’ve never gotten a lopsided tan from driving a car… in the South… in Suddenly Springtime.

Back at the school, Caroline catches up with Stefan. It seems he’s leaving campus, going to check up on Elena since she’s sick.

Caroline calls him a ditcher (hehe), but he’s kind of worried about her. So Caroline guilts it up, saying she can just talk to him later.

God, she knows he’s such a bleeding heart (no pun). Stefan takes the bait and asks what she wants to talk about.

And is it just me, or does he look a little like that giant shoulder bag might bring him down with it? Dear Paul Wesley, enclosed is a sandwich, on me. Not literally on me, but that can be arranged. Please eat it. Love, Christina Salvatore.

Caroline admits that she may have (read: natch did) tell Tyler that she was a vampire.

Stefan gets all judgy and huffs and little, and Caroline you are the best.

Back down in the Lair of Truth, Elena is pushing another shot of Dayquil across the floor with the stick. I’m just waiting for Katherine to be all “Quid pro quo, Clarice Elena…” but alas, she does not. Instead, Elena is still asking the questions.

“What does the Petrova blood line have to do with Klaus?”

Katherine: It’s really tedious, but the curse was bound with the sacrifice of Petrova blood. Witches are crafty with their spells. The doppelgänger was created as a way to be able to undo the spell. Once the doppelgänger reappeared, the curse could be broken.
Elena: So you ran before he killed you?
Katherine: Something like that.

And we’re back in 1492! Katerina has reached the one cottage in the countryside.

She knocks on the door asking for help, but the owner of said cottage says she doesn’t invite strangers in. “No, Trevor said you would help me!” Katerina says. And there’s Rose! She curses Trevor for always making promises she has to keep.

She compels the woman to let Katerina inside.

Once inside, she holds up the moonstone and tells Rose, “Trevor said to show you this. To prove I am who I say.”

Rose: You stole that from Klaus?!
Katerina: It was to be part of the sacrifice ritual, so I grabbed it and made my escape.

Rose reminds her that no one escapes from Klaus. They’re always found, brought back to him, and anyone who aids and abets them is KILLED.

Hardcore. Katerina knows this, and she thanks Rose again for helping her, but Rose denies she’s helping her. At nightfall, she’s bringing her back to Klaus. So until then, Rose locks her in the back room of the cottage.

Back in the present, a black SUV is pulling into a parking garage connected to a swanky-looking shopping area that’s all concrete and reflective glass. (In today’s episode of Christina is a Giant Nerd: we notice that the SUV is the same one that Trevor was driving in last week’s episode. If you would remember, they “lived” in or near Reidsville, NC, which is why the car has a NC license plate even though they’re in Richmond, VA. Which makes sense since Rose is driving. Until next week, faithful viewers!).

Damon comments on the fact that they’re using the back entrance, so Rose says that not everyone is lucky enough – or clever enough, I say – to acquire a daywalking ring.

Next Damon wants to know how they know that Slater is even there. Oh, Rose called him. Hmm, she has an answer for everthing. Suspicious! So Damon slams her against a cement pillar.

Damon: Just one thing. If you are setting me up in any way, I will rip your heart out and shove it down your throat. Something I’ve very good at. (Truth!)

Not to be outdone, Rose then slams him into the side of her SUV.

Rose: I’m older than you, and stronger. Don’t get on my badside. You can trust me.

Not as eloquently put, but just as effective, I guess. They walk into a hip little coffee shop. Damon asks why Rose isn’t bursting into flame seeing as one WALL of the place is a giant window. Rose explains that it’s double pained and tempered, so no UV rays are getting in.

Ahh, noted. So, if vamps lather on the sunscreen really thick, will that protect them from the sun? (Christina is a Giant Nerd Special Report: Also, I once saw on a show about how they manufacture glass tables that tempered glass is harder to break, and if it does, instead of breaking into big, sharp, deadly pieces, it essentially explodes into relatively harmless [[RELATIVELY!]] tiny clusters of glass. So… just remember that for later, kids :)).

Our two are approached by a pretty dorky but kind looking dude who also raves about how, in addition to the double-paned glass, this joint also have free wi-fi! Hey hey hey! This must be Slater because Rose breaks into smiles and they hug.

Aww. Slater wants to know what brings them ‘round these parts.

Rose: It’s a long story. But I want you to meet —
Slater: Damon Salvatore. Turned 1864 in Mystic Falls by Katherine Pierce, a.k.a. Katerina Petrova.

Damon gives him a weird look, and Slater wants to know if “what I told you” about the tomb was truth. Rose confirms that it was, and Slater’s all excited, and it’s kind of cute.

He shakes Damon’s hand and tells him he’s nice to meet him, but Damon’s still making a face, so he changes that to a maybe.

Hah! Damon. So friendly. Slater changes the subject and asks where Trevor is, but when Rose just looks at him, he knows something is up.

Back in the tomb, Elena hypothesizes that Rose never took Katherine back to Klaus.

No, she didn’t. “But not because she had a change of heart,” Katherine explains.

You see, back in 1492, she tries, but when she gets in the room, she finds that Katerina has stabbed herself in the gut. Is this the only place where people know how to stab in this show??

Katerina claims it happened when she fell when she was running, but Rose knows better. She would have smelled it earlier. Katerina just wants to die, but Rose won’t allow that – if she dies, so too will Trevah! So she force feeds Kathi her blood.

Just as the cut on Kathi’s face is healing, Trevah bursts in. “Where is she?!” Rose slams him against the wall, accusing him of sentencing them both to death.

At least she’ll be able to retain her honor by returning Katerina to Klaus. As Trevah explains that he’ll sacrifice her, Kathi seems to get an idea and clutches at some rope conveniently left on the bed.

Rose is all “SO BE IT!” but Trevah lurves her! Awwwwww, I don’t care. Rose looks really hurt.

And probably not just because Klaus will kill Trevah if he doesn’t allow him to sacrifice Katerina. But Trev doesn’t care. He’s content to spend the rest of his undead life running, if need be.

Just then, they notice Katerina is not on the bed anmore! They rush into the room… and she’s HANGING from a pulley she fashioned very quickly.

She killed herself to cause her vampirism! HARDCORE! Also NOT COOL! Oh, Kathi.

Back in the present, Elena is all shocked that she would kill herself.

I know, right?! Like the most selfish person would ever do that to herself? Katherine explains that Klaus needed a human doppelganger – as a vampire, she was no longer of use to him.

Elena: But it didn’t work. You didn’t really escape; you’ve been running from Klaus ever since.

Katherine: I underestimated his spirit for vengeance. Living out of a suitcase is better than dying so you can have your blood spilled over a stupid little rock.

Let me interrupt for a second. Cin and I AGONIZED over what she said here. “Spirit” makes sense, but I swear to god it sounds like “beard.” Rewatch it. Listen. “Beard” right? It’s beard. Klaus has a beard for vengeance. I wonder if he had it specially made…

Elena seems a little disturbed by this revelation, and Kathi asks her what’s wrong. Does Elena think that what Kathi said was right? Well… apparently there’s another alternative to dying. Katherine reaches down and slices her wrist with her thumbnail,

which 1) gross, and 2) oh snap!

Elena looks on with horror and intrigue as the wound slowly closes. Kathi is all “Better hurry. Your opportunity is going… going… going… gone.” Elena missed her chance. Well, Kathi didn’t.

Back in 1492, Katerina awakens with a gasp.

Trevah: What did you do, Katerina? I would have helped you live.
Katerina: You would have helped me run.

Touché. She tells him that that never would have been enough, though he protests it would have been enough for him. Aww, medieval lurve. Just then Rose comes in all huffy-puffy about how Katerina was using Trevah – all she wanted him for was the means to escape and turn into a vamp.

Rose insists that Klaus will see their role in this, and go… well… medieval on their asses, basically. Katerina admits to this by way of apologizing. Rose too says she’s sorry – FOR THIS! And she runs at Katherina with a stake! But Krafty Katerina pulls the old woman who owns THE cottage, and Rose snags her in the shoulder with the thing!

The blood from the wound triggers Katerina’s vampy sense to go all tingly, and she sinks her teeth into the woman’s shoulder and snacks on her, thereby completing her transformation. Katerina looks up at the other two.

Katerina: Please understand.

Rose: You’ve just signed our death sentence.

Katerina: Better you die than I.

And she races out of there! Right into one of Elena’s lectures.

Elena: Rose and Trevor spent the last 500 years running because you used them. Trevor just got killed!

She shocked that Katherine has no concern that she ruined their lives. Seriously, have you met Katherine? Kathi explains that she was just looking out for herself, which is what she will always do.

“And if you’re smart, you’ll do the same,” she warns Elena.

They stare each other down for a few seconds before Kathi gets bored and opens the giant Petrova book. Elena’s got some thinking to do…

Over at the Mystic Grill, Caroline is stuffing her face full of salad while Stefan sits across from her, sighing loudly. Okay, Mr. Emo. Sheesh.

Caroline: Sorry to drag you here, but if I don’t eat, I get those “kill innocent people” urges – Tyler totally has those too by the way.
Christina: Me too!

Stefan: Yeah, what else did you say to him?
Caroline: Nothing much. I was trying to keep the questions to a minimum.

Stefan is quiet and huffs a couple more times. Caroline is all observant. “Are you mad?” Stefan huffs again. Yeah, he is, just a tad. She put herself in danger. If Damon ever found out, he’d totes be pissed.

Caroline is all “well you’re not going to tell him, are you?”

Stefan says he won’t because Damon would kill her, and aww, they’re all chummy. “Always looking out for me,” Caroline says. Haha, she’s so manipulative it kills me. Totes in a good way!

They banter back and forth about how she doesn’t make it easy to look out for her, so Caroline wants to know why he does it, why he’s such a good friend to her. Stefan admits that it’s because she reminds him of his BFF(OALUFD) [Best Friend Forever Or At Least Until Final Death]. Aww, Lexi!

Caroline: You have a friend?!

Stefan: You say that with such a discouraging amount of surprise, Caroline.

Hahaha, awww. I love these two together. Alright, who’s ready for it… Steroline. Stefaline? Carofan? Ah, it needs work. Also, totes just kidding. DamCar all the way. Anyway… Caroline apologizes for being surprised and asks to hear about Lexi. Stefan promises to tell her… another time. Right now, right this minute, he’s gotta go.

Caroline panics and stops him. What about Tyler? A full moon is coming up, and Tyler is totes freaking out about it. Caroline, you are the Queen of Diversion and my heart!

Elsewhere in the Mystic Grill, Bonnie comes in for her date with Jermy when Luka calls her attention to his table. He’s there with his dad, who invites Bon-bon to join them until Jeremy shows up. We find out that the Martins (that’s Luka’s last name… I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor I just made up that says that’s awfully close to “martians”?) just moved to MF from Louisiana. Daddy Martin tells Bonnie that he knew some Bennetts in Massachusetts, in the Salem area. Does she have any family up there? First of all, what a shot in the dark. What, are there like 10 Bennetts in the world? There are only like 3,000 people in the U.S. with my last name, and I only know like 20 of them. Okay, so we know that Bonnie’s heritage goes back to Salem, but… what game are you playing, Daddy Martin?

Bonnie totes agrees with me in thinking that was sketchy, and she puts her skeptical face on.

She admits that, yes, she actually does have family up there, and Daddy Martin marvels at how small a world it is.

Word. Yeah, Bonnie is officially creeped out.

Luckily Jermy comes mouth-breathing into the joint, and she makes her escape. She tells Luka she’ll see him at school and when she touches him, we hear the wooshy music, so we know there’s something extra about him.

Back at the coffee house in Richmond, Slater is all “you’re sure Elijah is dead?” Oooh… Damon says yes, beyond dead. Oh, Damon. Slater changes topics. Trevah was a good man – he helped him with his dissertation on sexual deviants in the Baroque period. Hee. This was back when he was getting his Ph.D. in Psychology.

Oh, of course. Apparently he’s been in college since ’74 – he has 18 degrees, 3 Masters and 4 PhDs That’s impressive. That’s… a lot of concurrent degress. That’s a little less than 2 degrees a year, assuming those Masters and PhDs are included in the 18. That’s a helluvan accelerated program. Hey, show, can someone do math better there? You’re confusing Christina (who doesn’t like math anyway. AND YOU JUST MADE HER DO MATH!).

Damon asks what the point of all that is, and Slater gets all passive aggressive about how if Damon has any tips on what Slater should do with his eternity, please enlighten him.

Rose breaks up the argument before it becomes a staring contest and asks Slater how they would get in touch with Klaus if the needed to. How, you ask? HOW? Simple Craiglist. Natch.

Damon is skeptical.

Slater explains that he responded to a personal ad (Missed Connections, maybe??) to someone who knew someone who got him in touch with Elijah. Who is now dead. Thanks a lot, Salvatores, you just killed his one Original source.

Outside, we see a kewl dude jamming out on his guitar when a pair of feet appears by his guitar case.

The person belonging to the feet crouches down, deposits a $100 in the case, and takes his change – a handful of quarters.

He – those are decidedly man hands – shuffles the coins quite like a mobster as the camera pans up and IT’S ELIJAH! SPEAK OF THE DEVIL!

Also, there’s just something about him that reminds me of Aaron Eckhart. RAWR. On second thought, make that DOUBLERAWR. He’s staring menacingly at the tinted double-paned, tempered glass windows to the coffee shop. Oh, noes.

Back at the Mystic Grill, Bonnie is sucking at pool and Jeremy is teasing her.

It’s cute. But, NNAATTTTCCCHHHH, Luka comes and declares that he takes winner.

*groans* Bonnie, please. Just Mind Bullet him already. Good lord.

Bonnie asks where his super creepy dad is, and Luka says he’ll see him at home. How about you do that now, Lulu.

Back at Caroline and Stefan’s table – man, they’re STILL there? haha – Caroline is finally finished eating, and Stefan is going to leave again.

When she tries to think of another diversion,

Stefan calls her on it. She’s got exactly two seconds to come clean. She tries to play dumb, but he sees through it. Where is Elena?

Caroline: I can’t tell you.

Stefan: You can’t tell me. Are you kidding me?!

No, sorry, she can’t. Stefan lectures her about how Elena was kidnapped and she could be in danger, but Caroline assures him she’s not in danger. Car would never to that. Elena is her girl!

Stefan is getting ready to ask where she could possibly be that would not NOT be dangerous when it hits him –

she’s with Damon, isn’t she?

Delena Fans: WE WISH!
Caroline: EWW! No!
Delena Fans: Awwww. 😦

“Then where is she?” Stefan whines. If Caroline is really his friend, like she’s been pretending all day, then she needs to tell him. Caroline tells him she is his friend, but she’s Elena’s too.

Sisters before Misters, Stefan! Sorry! Annoyed, Stefan huffs again, and stalks out of there, footing Caroline with the bill. Jerk.

Back in the Tomb of Truth, Elena is wondering aloud if she can even believe Katherine’s story,

but Kathi assures her she has no reason to lie (hence the name of the Tomb).

Fine, let’s say it is all true, Elena wants to know if that’s why Katherine came back to town – because she wanted to be the one to hand the doppelganger over to Klaus.

Katherine: 500 years on the run, I figured maybe he’d be willing to strike a deal.
Elena: So you got Mason Lockwood to find you the moonstone.
Katherine: Right again.
Elena: What else do you need to break the curse?
Katherine: Ooh, look who’s getting smarter.

Elena: It’s not just me, or the stone, is it? Otherwise there would be no reason to trigger Tyler Lockwood’s werewolf curse.
Katherine: Witches and their spells: so many ingredients, so many people to sacrifice.

Kathi explains that they also need a werewolf (Tyler), a witch (it was Lucy, but she bailed, so Bonnie will do), and a vampire (Caroline, no!).

Katherine: Could have been anyone, I suppose. But I like the poetry of Caroline.

Elena is shocked again – Katherine was just going to hand them all over to be killed.

Kathi’s all “better you die than I.” BITCH! Katherine retreats back into the Tomb, and Elena just sort of stands there, spellbound (PUN!).

Back at the café place, Damon is trying to get his info straight.

If Elijah could move around in the day, obvs the Originals have a handle of the daywalker ring spell. So, then, why would Klaus want to remove the curse of the sun and the moon?

Slater explains it’s so he could do it before the werewolves do.

Slater: If vampires break the sun curse, then the werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon forever, and vice versa.
RoseM: But all the werewolves are extinct.
Slater: True, but… I’ve never seen one but…

Damon: Not such a rumor.

Slater: Mystic Falls? God, I’ve got to visit this place; it sounds awesome!

Damon is all “’Awesome’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.” Word! Come visit! You can stay at our house.

Outside, Elijah is still jingling his newfound coins in his hands.

Inside, Damon is wondering if they can stop the curse from being broken at all.

Maybe break the moonstone, somehow render the curse unbreakable. Slater says it’s conceivable but doesn’t understand why.

We’re outside again, watching Elijah watching the group through the window. He can hear the conversation. Slater doesn’t want to do anything to piss off an Original, especially if he wants to walk in the sun. Damon is in the middle of explaining how he can get him a daywalker ring when Elijah, ever so gingerly, just tosses the handful of quarters toward the window.

And it SHATTERS INTO A MILLION PIECES! The sun streams in, burning Rose and Slater immediately. Both scream in pain, and Slater runs off while Rose writhes on the floor.

Damon looks out the window for a cause for the shattered window, but he seems nothing.

Damon covers Rose’s face with a jacket, and helps her out of the room, carrying her to the car in the parking garage.

She’s healing already, but she’s on the verge of hysteria. Slater wouldn’t betray her, so he didn’t do anything. It has to be Klaus! KLAAUUSSS! Apparently DEAD WE’RE ALL DEAD!

Back at the Mystic Grill, Bonnie is chillin’ at a table while Jermy plays more pool.

They share a secret smile and flirty looks,

when AGAIN, Luka interrupts everything.

Luka: I’m sorry about earlier. My dad. He’s not very subtle. The whole Bennett/Salem question. He picked up on you. He was just fishing around. He didn’t mean any harm.
Bonnie: I picked up on something too.
Luka: I know. That’s why we’re having this conversation right now.

Arrogant… ugh!

Luka: He doesn’t like for anyone to know, but we were both worried you would nail us.

While he’s talking, Luka is working his juju on the salt he spilled on the table, making it fly.

Yeah, yeah, seen it already.

Luka: He just wants us to fit in here, for once. It’s tough, Bonnie. Being different.

Bonnie: You’re a witch.
Luka: Well, we prefer the term Warlock.

Well that was informative and really NOT AT ALL surprising. *counts down the days until Luka bites it*

Back in the Tomb, Elena is still worrying her hair over Kathi’s latest bombshell.

Fed up, she grabs up her supplies and starts to head out when Stefan catches her.

They exchanges their “what are you doing here’s”. Elena thinks Caroline told him, but he totes figured it out anyway.

Stefan: Listen to me, whatever she said to you is a lie. Do not listen to her; she is a liar, Elena.

Elena protests that what if she isn’t? Stefan promises he won’t let anything happen to her,

and Elena is all “That’s the problem. You won’t. But you’ll die trying. How is that any better?”

Katherine walks up to the entrance of the tomb. “There’s nothing you can do Stefan. I haven’t even told you the best part of the story yet.” Uh-oh. Flashback time!

Back in 1492, we’re back in Bulgaria. Katerina has ridden back into town on a horse. Looking around, she sees all these dead people.

She runs to her house –

and her whole family is dead!

NOOO! Oh, TOTES sad!! 😦

Katherine: He killed them. My entire family. To get back at me for running. Whatever you do to escape Klaus, he will get his vengeance. And your friends, your family, and anyone you have ever loved.

Stefan doesn’t buy it and implores Elena not to believe her either.

Katherine: Always the protector. But even you must realize that she’s doomed. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Unless, of course, you have this…

And she holds up the moonstone.

Uh-oh. Stefan smells a rat. A doity rat! He starts mob gesturing immediately. Now you know he means business.

Stefan: It’s the ultimate lie, isn’t it? You spun this whole thing so we would have to get the stone from you.

Katherine: I didn’t spin anything, Stefan. It’s the truth.

Stefan: No, lemme guess. You want to trade that stone for your freedom, you manipulative, psychotic bitch.

Oooh! Stefan. You givin’ me the chills!

Kathi pretty much laughs in this face. Her freedom? No, no. She doesn’t want that.

Katherine: When Klaus shows up to kill us all – and he WILL — I’ll be in the tomb, where no vampire will enter because they can’t get out. I’m the safest psychotic bitch in town.

Whoa. *mind blown*

Stefan turns to look at Elena, who looks like she’s about to heave up a hairball or something.

Oh, shit.

Back at the SBH (nightcap!), Damon is boozing it up in front of the fireplace, natch. Rose comes in and apologizes for what happened today. Apology accepted. Rose adds that she wishes they could save Elena; she knows Damon wants to. Damon’s all “and I will.”

Rose: You remind me of Trevah.
Christina: Ew, gross.

Damon: Why? Why him??
Rose: Because he always talked a big game; was always working an angle. But underneath it all, he was the best friend anyone could have hoped for.
Damon: And where’d that get him?

Rose: Dead.

Rose laments how her loyalty to him almost got her dead too. Damon fills her booze cup, and proposes a toast to friendship. They drink.

Rose: You’re right to fight it. The way you feel about her.

Damon: And why’s that?
Rose: Because if you want to survive, you need to not care about anyone.
Damon: Caring gets you dead, huh?

Rose: It might just be time to turn the switch off on your emotions.

Oh, I don’t know if I like where this is going. Then again… with the switch flipped, we don’t have to suffer through the woobieness… TORN! Damon, not so much. After a moments consideration, he makes a proposition: “I will if you will,” he says to Rose.

They vamp speed to each other, and start macking it!



Back at the Mystic Grill, Jeremy spots Bonnie in an in-depth witchy discussion with Luka, and he’s totes jealous.

JEREMY!! My heart! It’s breaking! Why, show? Why must you toy with my emotions so?!? So he picks up his bag to go.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Stefan is trying to get Elena to talk about it. She gets frustrated with the door lock (those damn things!), and paces the porch. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but Stefan insists she has to.

If Stefan starts crying again, I don’t know if I can take it.

Stefan: Elena, please.

Elena: I wanted to know the truth, and I got it. It’s not just me that’s in danger. It’s Caroline, and it’s Tyler, and it’s Bonnie. They’re all part of breaking the curse. I can’t blame anyone else anymore. Because it’s not because you came into town, or because you and I fell in love. That’s not why everyone I love is in danger – it’s because of me. Everything is because of me!

OMG the EEARS! I wasn’t expecting that! Oh, my heart. I love Elena even if she annoys me sometimes. This is the first time she’s really broken down, and aww, I’mma cry!! 😦

Down in the Tomb, Katherine’s got herself a lantern and is reading through the Petrova book.

She comes across a sketch of her father, her mother and I’m assuming her. She caresses the pencil drawing lovingly, especially her mother’s face.

And holy crap, who knew I could get so emotional over Katherine?!


Rose: It’s a lie, you know. There’s no switch you can turn off. Sure when you’re a newbie, but after a couple hundred years, you just have to pretend.

Damon ponders that for a minute, but is interrupted when the phone rings.

It’s Slater! He apologizes for running off, but he was “freakin’ freaked.” He tells her he doesn’t want any part in this, but he did some digging.

Slater: You can destroy the curse, but you need the moonstone… We need a witch. Get the moonstone; a witch should be able to figure out the rest.

He wishes her luck and hangs up. A voice tells him that was very nicely done, and Slater says he has a degree in theater. Haha aww, but I have a feeling this is no time for laughter.

It’s Elijah!! HOLY!

Elijah made him make the phone call, about which Slater is confused.

Slater: How can you compel me? A vampire can’t compel another vampire.

Elijah: I’m a special vampire.
Slater: An Original.

Elijah: Mmm. Now, I want you to take this and drive it through your heart.
Slater: That would kill me forever.

Elijah: I know. But it’s necessary.

And he does it! SLATER NOOO! Awww, Slay-slay.

Suddenly Daddy Warlocks is behind Elijah!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?! “Was it, really?” he asks. Elijah says it had to be done. “He delivered his message. Won’t be long now.”

AAHHHHH ELIJAH! Okay 1) NOOO you bad, bad man!! And 2) Call me. 😉

So, holy hell, eh? First Kathi IS capable of human emotion. Then Tyler, Bonnie, Elena and our Beloved Caroline are all in danger of being sacrifices for the cause. Then Luka turns out to be a totally creep-ass warlock. And Daddy Warlocks is in cahoots with Elijah?! Aren’t you glad we have to wait two weeks for any resolution?! /sarcasm. So, what did you think? Questions, comments? Below is your oyster!!

(All screencaps courtesy of crystalcaps at LiveJournal.)

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6 Responses to Episode 209 “Katerina”

  1. PaFree says:

    ❤ your recap, as always! I had two revelations during this episode…#1-I freakin love Elijah…the coin thing was quite possibly my fav part of the whole ep 🙂 And aside from him being The Big Bad and trying to kill Elena and all that…sooo Team Elijah 🙂 and #B-I didn't get down with the Rose/Damon hookup. I mean, you hear "shirtless Damon" and you're all "YEAH" and then, it was like "oh"…it just wasn't hot. at. all. I mean, even his scene with Isobel last season was pretty smokin'-what gives? It's like asking for a pony for Christmas and getting fruitcake…sigh…but at least there was bare Damon chest, and that's always a party :0) Plus, I love it when Stefan gets all gangsta on 'em..good times, good times.

    • Thank you! Finally, someone who understands my Elijah love!! 😀 Isn’t he AWESOME?! I want him. And I hardly ever go for the bad boy, haha.

      I wasn’t too thrilled about Rose and Damon either, but I’ll deal with it because Damon is getting the sexing up that he so desperately needs. I love your fruitcake analogy. I think that given the right circumstances, Rose could become a fruitcake. I trust her more than in ep 2.08, but still not 100% *shrug*

  2. Laura says:

    A. Love the sarcasm and the name “Slay-slay.”
    B. Your stills = super cute
    C. Daddy Warlocks: until this guy is killed he shall forever be known as Daddy Warlocks. Thank you for that.

    🙂 Kudos all around.

  3. Rachelle says:

    Yaay, this will get me through another two weeks no TVD. Thanks 🙂

    By the way, I LOVE Stefan’s Mob gestures. He could be a Mob Boss. Come to think of it, Salvatore is an Italian name…Interesting…(Am I the only one picturing Al Pacino as a long lost family member AND a vampire now? Probably.)

  4. Tina says:

    In preparation for the finale I was re-reading some of your summaries! Half the people in this episode have died (Elena came back but she still died). It’s cool how much Elijah has changed or I guess how much more we found out about him and his soft side. Still mad at him about saving Klaus though. Great summary!!

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