Reactions: Episode 2.09 “Katerina”

Last night brought us more mythology, facts about the Originals, Klaus, Katherine, Rose, Damon, Bonnie, our new “friend” Luka, and every other supernatural being than I think I’m fit to understand in just one viewing. Crazy shit was flying around, one could say. It was amusing, it was frightening, and it was pretty emotionally raw. I think we all have questions about certain parts, but one this is certain: I LOVE ELIJAH! That said, on to the reactions!

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat, and Mel (SBH contributors and friends).

MORE MYTHOLOGY! aka The Brain Scrambler
Christina: Okay, so we learned a bit more about the TVD vampires tonight. I love when we get to learn things about them, and all their bidness. For one, we learned that the doppelgänger was created TO undo the spell. WHAT?
Cin: Want me to be “Mythology Girl” and spell it all out for everyone in class? OK – so here is the dealio: The curse makes werewolves only able to turn & have full power during the full moon and also limits vampires to only walking at night. The curse spell somehow involved a werewolf, a vampire & the moonstone. A Petrova dopplegänger or the Petrova line were involved in some way by blood. For the spell to be broken – at least on the vampire side of things, draining the blood of a Petrova dopplegänger is needed. It might be different if just the wolf side of the curse is to be broken. Also needed as “ingredients” in the spell to break the curse you need as “sacrifices” a vampire, a werewolf, a “witch” plus the moonstone and the blood. Supposedly even though werewolves are all but extinct, the all-powerful Klaus (who, sorry – I would think COULD make them extinct if he has all this power) wants to break the spell on the vamp side of things before the werewolves can. Dumb if you ask me. And lame. There has got to be some master “take over the world” plan in the works too. Which is also kinda lame since there are other ways to go about it. See, this is my issue with them taking storylines even part ways from the books – they get stupid. Because the books are stupid. Yeah, I said it.
Cat: I think I’m dumb, because I still don’t get it.  I totally thought for a split second last night that Slater was Klaus. Still think that would have been an AWESOME twist.  Original vamp hiding as goofy coffeehouse craiglisting vamp nerd? Right? Right?
Christina: Haha, that would have been awesome, but alas. I’m not totally sure I get it either, though. I think it’s AWFULLY convenient that you can’t break the curse completely, but either on one side or the other. See, this is why I was confused as to why the Originals would want the curse broken in the first place. I suppose now their motives are clear, but the way the curse works is still super, super shady.
Cin: I agree. This is getting so complex that it’s starting to make less sense instead of more. I mean sure, it’s super-awesome-fantastic that Originals have all these powers. But with those powers would THESE be real problems? I don’t think so.
Christina: Word to your mother. A definite sign that Something Wicked This Way Comes, no? Speaking of… WARLOCKS! And they’re in cahoots with Elijah?!? WTF?
Cin: I don’t like either new Martin warlock, but I am glad Daddy warlock is Elijah’s bitch because that means they won’t be staying very long once our gang finds out. LOL
Christina: I suppose that is the silver lining. I didn’t like him either. As in I don’t trust him AT ALL. Not even when he was trying to be charming dad at the Grill. And just so you know, I’m totes referring to him as Daddy Warlocks in the recap.
Cin: Daddy Warlocks! I love you, Christina. ROFL
Mel: I knew there was definitely something up with Luka and Daddy Warlocks (LOVE this name BTW lol) when they stopped Bonnie and invited her to sit with them. He was just asking way to many questions and being super weird. My thing is, do you think that Luka is also bad and working with the Originals like his daddy?
Cin: I’m not sure where Luka stands, but either way – I don’t like him.
Christina: Agreed. I just have a bad feeling. *shudder*

Elijah, yes please!
Christina: Again this ep, some of my favorite parts involved Elijah. I think he’s my new badass I-know-I-shouldn’t-but-I-still-totes-do love. I mean… is it bad that I kind of want to be compelled by him? I mean, HELL-O! RAWR! Anyway, HE CAN COMPEL OTHER VAMPIRES!! Holy!! We already know that he’s an Original, but apparently that comes with special powers.
Cin: The Original’s power supply is pretty awesome, but as I said above – they are almost TOO awesome. At any rate, I am in terrified awe of Elijah. I can only hope & pray that OUR vamps don’t get in close contact with him anytime soon. What do we think about the second half of S2 converting into a road trip movie? Daddy Alaric in the drivers seat. Shady hotel rooms. It’ll be like Supernatural on crack!
Christina: Haha. No, stay and fight! Good will prevail, and all that.
Cat: Love these uber vamps. Uber vamps should have uber powers.  They should have big powers and be hard to kill. Thanks TVD! I ❤ Elijah.  That quarter trick was awesome too.
Christina: It so was. On my notes for the ep, I was all “WTF is up with the quarters? Is he a mob boss now too? I mean, he even has the pinky ring!” But then he uber-vamp-speed threw them at the window and it shattered?! NINJA! I remember seeing that part in the preview, but had no idea what caused it. Right now, my love for Elijah knows no bounds.
Cat: I caught onto the quarters about 20 seconds before he threw them. I thought they’d have hurt some people too. SO. BADASS.  He didn’t even throw them, he just kind of casually tossed them.
Christina: That’s when I caught on too. Once I was able to stop swooning over him, I started swooning over his awesabilities. 🙂
Cin: I knew what he was going to do as soon as he made change. I guess since I knew he busted the glass somehow I was looking for the “how”. But yeah, TOTES badass.
Mel: These Original vamps with their extra super vamp powers is just down right awesome! I was wondering what he was going to be doing with those quarters and then BAM! Broke the damn windows! That was just so freaking cool.
Christina: Is it wrong that I’m wondering if any of those special powers translate to the bedroom?
Cin: He is a monster. It is SO WRONG!
Christina: But, but, but.. he’s so powerful, and hot, and dangerous, and… yeah, what he did to Slater was kind of… cruel, but who was he anyway? A red shirt. Wow, I am a cold hearted bitch.
Cin: Hey, nobody does cold hearted bitch better than me – this is a true fact, and I do think Elijah is wickedly sexy – but this is TVD. We have Magically Delicious & KitKat & Alaric & Matty/Peeta! My hotness bar is raised pretty damn high. Badassery or not.
Christina: *sigh* Alaric…I think Elijah is blinding me with his super vamp powers; I almost forgot about him. But still… badassery goes a long way with me. Also, nail=head. Wickedly sexy.
Mel: Christina, I don’t blame you for wondering because I am kind of wondering about that too! Haha. Cin, you forgot about Tyler! He’s pretty hot too! lol. Well he is in my book. But yeah Elijah is pretty hot and I don’t think its too much to add one more hot guy to the fire.
Christina: Thank you, Mel!! Elijah, call me. 🙂
Cin: Sorry Mel, I still find NOTHING at all appealing about Tyler. Not the wolf storyline. Not Trevino. Nothing. Jermy is hotter. Are you going to make me confess this every week? *sigh*
Mel: I just might lol 😉

Katherine: Heart of Secrets, Tomb of Lies
Cin: I have to give props to Nina Dobrev for just a few seconds, because last night she was above & beyond IMO. I think part of the reason I have been somewhat non-vocal about her playing both Elena & Katherine this year was some of my feelings of dislike for Katherine as a whole. Katherine was a completely different vamp last night & that opened my eyes.
Christina: Word. The languages, the accents, the emotions, everything. We ❤ Nina! Katherine… not to much.
Mel: I agree! She was so awesome last night. Really she’s just amazing on this show.
Cat: I still don’t get why you don’t like Katherine. She’s the perfect villain. Sigh, if I could be anyone on that show, I’d be her.  She’s the only one safe from Klaus! Take that meddling kids!
I give Dobrev mad props because Elena is so boring & predictable while Katherine is so not. And I believe them both.
Christina: I guess I have to agree. I don’t like Katherine much either simply because she is a giant cuntbasket to everyone. But yeah, she is the perfect villian, so in that, she’s pretty awesome. I don’t know if she’s totally safe from Klaus though. If he’s as big and bad as everyone says he is… what? He has a soft spot for Kathi? She completes him and they get all schmoopy to each other? I don’t know about that.
Cin: She bugs me. She is mean to characters I like & even love. I don’t completely get it either but my character appreciation is a complex beast. Not that I didn’t appreciate Katherine, or Nina in playing both roles – it’s just I was letting my emotions for other characters & the situations that Katherine has brought into the show I had issue with. With this stuff now, I’m totes conflicted.
Cat: I mean, Katherine has style.  High-booted, twinkly-eyed, double-crossing, spine-removing STYLE. The only character I hate her f’ing with is Damon. Everyone else is fair game. If this were real life? Sure, I wouldn’t like her. But then again I probably wouldn’t like any of them (except, of course, Damon)
Cin: She does have style. I give you that. I’m coming around.
Christina: The crying, or near-crying at the end was pretty touching. And having it right after Rose’s “humanity switch” conversation really drives the point. I guess Kathi isn’t as tough as we thought either. I like that. But she sure does play a good game, and for that, I’m not 100% turned to her side. But I see her complexity, and I appreciate that.
Cin: Yeah, I’m not sure I could ever be on her side since her #1 personality trait is SELFISH BIOTCH. Also: Still crazy as a shit house rat. LOL
Christina: Exactly.
Cin: Katherine/Katerina’s backstory was interesting if not kind-of predictable. Well, it was predictable to me. I knew that someone had a baby out of wedlock & figured it was Katherine. A baby that was out of the family line since Elijah said last week he personally knew that the Petrova line was snuffed out. Which means he did the slaughtering for Klaus. But they didn’t know about the baby, therefore the line continues! What did surprise me but probably shouldn’t have was the fact that SHE killed/vamped herself. Even in life she was a manipulative little bitch & already was able to outsmart other vamps. She played Trevah & then she played Rose with the blood.
Christina: That surprised me too, but considering her motive, it’s not AT ALL surprising she’d do something so selfish. Like she said a few times during the episode, it was better them than her. Bitch.
Mel: I really loved learning more about Katherine’s background. It was interesting. But I agree, she has been a selfish mega bitch all her life! Although, I can’t lie and say that I don’t hate her as much as I used too. She’s smart and knows what she wants and knows how to get it. I still wouldn’t mind seeing her die though… and soon, haha.
Cin: I’m right there with you Mel. I kinda liked Elena going to the tomb though. The bit with the blood rationing for info was pretty clever. And although I do believe pretty much everything Kathi said last night, it was a bit naive for Elena to try to talk to her alone. I was actually a little surprised that she opened up to Elena the way she did. I guess when she has nothing to lose anymore she might be hoping that Elena & Team Salvatore will figure a way out of this mess as a last resort. I mean, as it stands her options are a) rotting in a tomb & b) rotting in a tomb, so I guess with nothing to lose she has to try. Plus, I kinda think that she likes the idea of Elena possibly deciding to turn instead & there being 2 of them.
Mel: I totes agree with you there! I loved Elena going to the tomb but it was also kind of stupid of her to do so alone. I also didn’t think that Katherine was going to open up and tell her so much. But like you said, she has nothing to lose. You know, I think you are right about her liking the idea of Elena turning into a vamp, but I don’t think Elena would ever go for that. Although, it would be pretty neat. I kind of liked her as a vamp in the books. Even though it was short lived.
Christina: Ooh, but if she were a vamp, she’d be even more capable of protecting everyone ever in the world! Elena has something thinking to do, haha

Christina: Okay, so we have the warlocks, but their powers, I guess, remain to be seen. But, I wonder how much truth is to what Elijah made Slater say on the phone — that all they need is the moonstone and a witch and they can break the curse…
Cin: I think they were trying to get the Salvatore camp to retrieve the moonstone from Kat. That’s all. I mean, Daddy Warlocks is sooooo Elijah’s bitch & seems to have been for some time. I mean, I’m sure he just pops into Mystic Falls for no reason at all right now. NOT. Once Elena was compelled to tell Elijah the location of the moonstone, Kat has a point – no vamp will come in after it, so someone has to get it.
Christina: Luka. I wonder what his powers are. I guess we finally get the second love triangle though. Shame. I was really pulling for Jeremy-Tyler-Bonnie. This show NEEDS Jyler! But Jer all abandoned at the pool table was kind of sad. I’ve really grown to like Jeremy over the weeks.
Mel: I knew that Luka kid was going to be bad news! Or maybe he isn’t as bad but his papa is! Also, I was totes sad about Jeremy being left alone at the pool table too. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jer no matter how sad he always was. I like seeing somewhat happy Jeremy.
Cin: Don’t like the Luka kid at all. He’s strange looking & since being faced with this opposition I’m fully willing to declare myself Bonermy. *nods*
Cat: Is this where I get to talk about my issue with all the black witches? Black magic does not equal black witches. I mean it’s fine, but it’s kinda weird don’t you think?
Christina: Yeah, a little suspect, no?
Cin: It has become like ridiculous at this point. Because we aren’t just dealing with Bennetts anymore.
Cat: And another thing – stop with the Salem witch nonsense.  I know, it’s the witch city and all, and I type this from Witchcraft Heights, but there were no witches in Salem. Just poor women. There are a bunch of fakers and charlatans here now of course, but any real witch would be insulted by the insinuation.
Cin: Preach! I agree that it’s gotten ridiculous. There is really no reason to bring Salem into this at all. This is about the south. I’m actually kinda shocked that with all of these ‘witches’ being a bit more on the mulatto/quadroon in the skin tone family that they didn’t write them as being descended from voodoo & creole witchcraft. I mean, that makes more sense.
Christina: Also, I think that would have been way cooler. I’m tired of this Crucible shit. Voodoo would make Bonnie so much more dangerous and awesome. Right now we have nose bleeds. Exsqueese me?
Cin: Word. I mean, if we are going to be all black magic woman, can’t we at the very least have some hoodu with our ju-ju?
Cat: Agreed. Those voodoo bitches are way more fierce than any wiccan.
Christina: Luka and Daddy Warlocks did say they were from Louisiana though… Maybe it’ll come into play in the coming eps…

Caroline, you continue to be my vampygirlcrush
Christina: I love how Caroline tried — and actually succeeded at — tricking Stefan for a while. Also, LOVE that Stefan said she reminded him of Lexi. Aww, that’s sentimental and makes me all warm-fuzzy on the inside.
Mel: Caroline is just all kinds of awesome! She’s definitely my favorite girl vamp ever! YES! I loved when Stefan mentioned how she reminded him of Lexi too! It would be totes awesome if they really did become BFFs… I think.
Cin: Caroline is better than Lexi. But I’m glad that Stefan is connecting with our favorite girl. She was so funny with the food & the chit-chat. I also love that Stefan’s first reaction as to where Elena was was: “She’s with Damon, isn’t she?” – and Car goes “Ewww, no!” ROFLMAO!
Christina: Haha. That’s just foreshadowing for the DamCar. Mark my words 😛 I think Caroline is way more special than people give her credit for. Kathi said Caroline is a casualty of breaking the spell, but I have a feeling that she’s going to play a HUGE part in stopping it.
Cat: I agree. Caroline is too bad ass, and too critical to lose.  She’s a story mover and shaker, a needed female bad ass….I love her too much. SAVE CAROLINE!
Cin: I think you are right, she will be very important & she will NOT be a sacrifice.

Cin: So Rose’s blood turned Katherine. Wasn’t really expecting that – but seriously, this show does not pay nearly enough attention to sires. It bugs me.
Christina: Me too. There’s supposed to be a special connection, right? Like in the books? It’s been a while, but why else put so much emphasis on the fact that “parents” are called sires? I just wish they had more of a tether on each other.
Cat: I third this.  What’s the f’ing point otherwise? Ooh, Damon just had sex with his grandmother. HAHAHAHHA.
Cin: Now THAT is super-fanstatic-awesome!
Christina: I just snorted!
Mel: LOL at what Cat said! So true. I also agree about the whole sires thing too. I wish they would talk more about that because its a big deal to know about all of that I think.
Cin: Other than getting Damon naked, I liked Rose a little more last night. Then again I didn’t have the trust issues some did after last week. But I almost get the sense that she has reserved herself as doomed. Honestly, that could come in handy for our characters sooner rather than later. I also think she is tired of running.
Christina: I agree. I wasn’t sure of her motives after last week, but now I think she’s a “good” vamp. Her hurt over Trevor got to me (even if he was a 500-year-old vamp named Trevah), and when she wept in the car after getting burned, I think we saw a side of her that we weren’t really expecting. At least, I wasn’t. She puts on a gruff exterior, but deep down — just like Damon — she’s damaged. So for now, I’m okay with them together. They sort of need each other right now.
Cin: I liked Slater too. I hate that he’s not gonna be around anymore. 18 BA, 3 MA & 4 PhD’s (Which, color me stupid, but can you GET a PhD without first getting a Master’s degree?) – anyway, I totally love that he’s like a living vamp encyclopedia. He didn’t deserve the final death.
Mel: Slater was awesome! Loved his character even though it was so brief. I don’t think he deserved to die so soon either. It would have been fun to see him a little more down the road. Also, he was kind of cute! Haha.
Christina: You know how I feel about him. Hahaha. But really, yeah, he was pretty cool, and his death was cruel and unusual. And sad (but kind of awesome?). I did like the Vampire White Pages thing he had going on. And craigslisting. Awesome, haha.

Oh, the Humanity-Switch!
Christina: Oh, Damon. Damon, Damon, Damon… Damon is showing more and more each week just how NOT untouchable he is when it comes to emotions. I mean, like Cin said last week, he NEEDED that sexy time. But I love that little warning/tidbit that Rose said this week — the younger you are, the easier it is to turn off the humanity switch. But once you’re a few hundred years old, all you’re doing is pretending. Just… ugh… that makes my heart hurt a little.
Cat: Woobie. I’m glad he’s got some no strings sexy time going on – it’s been far too long. Damon is caring way more than he “should be” and it’s totally heartbreaking.
Cin: You would think that the older you get the EASIER it would be to flip the switch. Not the other way around. I mean, when you are brand new, at least in Caroline & Vicki’s case – your humanity & human problems are very much at the center of your emotions. This just seems backwards to me.
Christina: Yeah, but you’re still more prone to your primal urges as a newbie. You can flip your fangy lid very, very easily. As you get older, you get more control, you’ve had more time to contemplate the meaning of life and all that crap… I can see how it would get harder to pretend you don’t care about anything. I think Damon’s just been pretending, but he’s been pretending so well that he didn’t realize he was. I think Kathi is the same way, actually. It’s a very fine line. Take the brothers. We all say that Damon is the better vamp — he can control himself, but he can go off on you if you fuck with him. But maybe Stefan was the better one (didn’t Damon say this once?). He could control himself, and yet STILL admit his weaknesses to himself. He played no games. Yeah, he’s certainly not as fierce as Damon or Katherine, but he has control over everything. Though now, you fuck with Stefan, and he does turn primal. We’ve totes been seeing — and encouraging this — all season. So, maybe he’s even moving backwards…
Cin: Maybe that’s it. Maybe the more you embrace your humanity again as an older vamp the more you are affected by it. *shrug* My brain hurts. LOL

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4 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.09 “Katerina”

  1. Linda says:

    I truly think there is more to this curse than meets the eye. They didn’t actually say who made the curse, did they? (Did I miss it in all the other stuff they threw at us?) I mean, was it a vamp, werewolf, witch, human, another being we have yet to meet, or maybe it was a pact by one of each group; the same needed (minus doppelganger?) to break the curse?
    Also, Klaus is a wild card. Yes, it seems we know what he wants, but why? He’s one of the Originals so it is by all means possible he knows something the rest of them don’t. I think they hint at this with the Daddy Warlocks (TOTES LOVE this name!) bromance they got going on.
    I got a bit bored with the whole Caroline/Stefan “Where is Elena? Oh I can’t tell you” crap. I think they drug that out more than it needed to be. With as fast paced as everything was it just seemed to drag on forever. On the other hand, they could have used that on purpose to slow the entire down a bit.
    Bonnie, irks me more each ep because she acts all high and mighty, judge of all judgements, yet jumps practically in bed with the Daddy Warlocks and his Lil Warlock in training without even knowing them. All because they know witchcraft. *smackshead* Come on.

    Damon and Rose- Umm, *squee shirtless Damon* and OMG ROFL on Cat’s comment about sleeping with his grandmother. HAHA.

    Okay, going back to my grad school apps, writing, and what not. BYE!

  2. rehabber says:

    Is Bonnie going to be falling for another bad guy, don’t think she has the best taste in men, first the vamp and now a warlock? Maybe her witchy juju is not hitting on all 8 cyl. She is still not one of my favorite characters, but do like her and Jer together.

  3. Greenie says:

    Mad love to Christina for “word to your mother” ROFL. I think Elijah is Klaus! I didn’t think Damon and Rose had that great of chemistry, which is reeeediculous because HELLO it’s DAMON. But I’m not complaining about the no shirt scene. Also I’m getting really tired of Bon only being ‘allowed’ to flirt with brown guys? Now all of a sudden I’m rooting for Jer cause he’s white. And that’s wrong. But remember the black carny that Caroline ate? They were all eye fucking each other, and now Mr. Mocha Warlock comes to town and same thing. It seems weird in this day and age.

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