Episode 208 “Rose”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: The gang devises an extremely elaborate, and kind of genius plan to overthrow Katherine as the Big Bad of Mystic Falls. They leave Elena out of the plans, but Katherine gets a witch to link them, so when Kathi is injured, so is Elena! OMG! Matt starts a fight with Tyler, but Caroline breaks it up, so Tyler ends up killing Skankface! I Know! And now he’s a werewolf! Oh noes! They lock Kathi in the tomb! Holy crap! And before Damon closes the door on her, she screams that Elena needs to be protected – he needs to protect the doppelgänger!! Damon promises he will, but he didn’t even have the chance because ELENA’S BEING KIDNAPPED RIGHT NOW!!

We open on an empty road.

There’s a lone black SUV pulling off and stopping next to a black car.

In the passenger of the car, that creepy-ass masquerade mask the kidnapper from the end of 2.07 was wearing. The driver gets out of the car and approaches the SUV.

Mystery SUV Enthusiast: Where is she?
Kidnapper: In the trunk.

Oh, no he di’n’t! The Mystery man tells the kidnapper to put her in the trunk of his car, which the man does.

The mystery dude is wearing sunglasses and his windows are uber tinted and me thinks he may be a vampire (also he wanted Elena, so duh). The kidnapper comes back to the driver’s window and mystery man is all “Thank you for your help… come closer, please,”

and then he EATS HIM! Ooh, and he is not very neat about it at all.


Well, that was quick. Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Jeremy is getting ready in their Brady Bunch bathroom.

He knocks on Elena’s door, but there’s no answer, so he just barges into her room – but she’s not there!

And her bed doesn’t even look like it’s been slept in. Weird.

Over at the Forbes’ residence,

Caroline is (wearing a scarf!!) explaining to Damon what exactly went down at Lockwood Manor the night before – how Skankface attacked Tyler so he killed her by pushing her and forcing her to break her neck against the edge of the desk.

But Caroline’s got a theory on that: “I think they [Matt and Skankface] were both compelled by Katherine.” That’s why she covered for Tyler and said the whole thing was an accident.

Damon: Yeah, I don’t understand that. That guy’s a tool.

Caroline: Gee, duh! Tyler getting blamed for Skankface’s death just opens up questions that he can’t answer. And do you really think it’s a good idea for him to tell his mom he’s a werewolf?
Damon: Well, no.
Caroline: And that werewolf road leads straight to Vampire Boulevard!

Damon wants to know if she saw Tyler’s eyes turn yellow, and she affirms that they turned sort of a gold with amber highlights color. Excellent. Damon explains that now this means that he’ll turn into a werewolf on every full moon. He also wants to know what she may have told Tyler – which turns out to be nothing.

“I don’t think he knows much of anything.” Yeah, for real. “He seemed really freaked out, and honestly, I felt kind a bad for him.”

Damon insists that he must know something.

Caroline says she’ll ask him and Damon vampspeeds to her and gets all in her face.

“No you won’t, Caroline. He cannot know about us. A bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire, so don’t be his friend, do you understand me?”

She’s a little scared now, but says she understands, and he sends her off to school.

*sigh* We love the DamCar!

Damon: If you want to drop the hint to your mom that Aimee’s at the bottom of a ravine with a cracked spine, it might save her some time.

Oh, Damon!

Over at the school – Hey! Remember THAT place?! – Tyler is looking around rather suspiciously walking through the halls.

Aww, look “missing” posters for Aimee.

Also, on the floor by her locker is a giant shrine made of flowers, pictures, signs and what appears to be her (?) tennis racket. If I were one of the kids with a locker near hers, I’d totes be pissed. I mean, this thing is massive. There’s even candles. That’s gotta be a fire hazard.

As he’s standing there looking guilty, conflicted or maybe just constipated, someone walks by and jostles him and he almost wolfs out at that moment because OMGZ TYLER MAD TYLER TURN WOLF!

But he manages to calm himself, and makes it to his locker – WHERE HIS LOCK BREAKS

(because he’s like super strong – UGH!!)! Unjust world!!

Down another hallway, Jeremy wants to talk to Stefan about Elena. There’s only so much covering for her that he can do. Stefan seems confused, and Jeremy explains that it’s cool if Elena’s going to spend the night at his house, he’s gotta —

whoa whoa whoa… Stefan says she didn’t sleep over. He saw her at the party, but then they parted ways. But Jermy is totes confused! Carol Lockwood said her car was still in the driveway. Come on, Stefan. Get that far away look in your eye and have a revelation.

Ooh, not quite! But he knows something’s up.

Over at some old rundown mansion that is in desperate need of a home makeover, Mystery Vamp’s SUV has arrived. It’s very dark inside, and there are curtains covering most of the windows. Total vamp den.

This mystery vamp carries Elena into the house and lays her on a grody couch, and strips off his sunglasses and trench coat.

Elena: What do you want?
MV: Shhhh.
Elena: Please, I’m hurt.
MV: I know. Just a taste.

And he leans in for a sample (NOES!), but he’s stopped by a woman who’s all disgusted: “Trevor, control yourself.”

The voice belongs to a chick who, judging by the short, dark spikey-ish haircut and the leather jacket, we’re supposed to think is pretty badass (while Supernatural fans just think she’s a bitch). Trevor calls her a buzzkill and walks away.

Elena: What do you want with me?
Rose: My god, you look just like her.
Elena: But I’m not. Please whoever—
Rose: Be quiet!
Elena: But I’m not Katherine. My name is Inigo Montoya Elena Gilbert. You don’t have to do this.

But the badass Rose isn’t hearing it.

She’s all “I said be quiet” and when Elena tries to talk again, she backhands her! And Elena flies onto the couch and is knocked unconscious… in a very awkard position.

Man, her neck is going to hurt when she wakes up.

Supernatural Fans: Told you she was a biotch!

Outside the school, near the basketball court, where all schoolyard theorizing takes place, Stefan and Damon are trying to talk out their problem (Elena Problem of the Day). Stefan insists that Elena’s disappearance has Katherine written all over it. But Damon says that’s impossible since he locked her up in the tomb himself.

Stefan: Did you?
Damon: Did I what, Stefan?

Stefan: Well, I know the hold that Katherine has on you.

Ooh, burn!

Damon does recall something that ol’ Kathi said to him just before he locked her up, but he thought she was lying.

Stefan: What did she say?

Damon: Elena’s in danger.

Stefan: What? And you didn’t think you should ask her to elaborate?!

Well, how was he to know she’d start telling the truth for once? Word!

Stefan suggests that they go talk to her, and Damon is TOTES against that plan.

He theorizes (see?) that if they go talk to her, she’s going to negotiate her release, which they’re going to be dumb enough to give her, and then she’s going to be out – as in at large, which can’t be good for anyone. Damon warns that this is exactly what Kathi wants, but Stefan doesn’t care. Desperate measures, eh, Stefan? He mob boss gestures again.

“It’s Elena.” Oh, that’s why you’re throwing caution to the wind. Noted.

Back inside the school, Caroline is also scoping out the Shrine to Aimee when Tyler comes up to her. He wants to talk. She asks how he is, and he admits that he’s not so good. She tries to ask how his mother is, but he ignores the question.

Tyler: How did you know?
Caroline: What do you mean?
Tyler: About me. How did you know?

Caroline, being a good girl and listening to her sire Damon, is being all coy like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Tyler tries to call her on it. She says it was all an accident and he shouldn’t blame himself. Like that’s not cryptic and going to make him want to question you again.

Back at the Random Mansion,

Elena regains consciousness and overhears some cryptic back & forth conversation between the Doppelganger Snatchers. Trevor wants to know if Rose “got the message to Elijah”. She did, but now they just have to wait. Trevor suggests that they can just leave her there, that they “don’t have to go through with this.” And he’s being so cryptic I feel like I need a Little Orphan Annie decoder pin. Rose says she’s tired of running, and Trevor says that running keeps them from dying! What the hell are they talking about here?!

Rose: Elijah’s old-school. If he accepts our deal, we’re free.

Meanwhile, the freshly awakened Elena has stumbled upon the room and is hearing this whole exchange as well.

Natch, as she’s trying to leave, she steps on a creaky board and Rose strolls right up to her, warning her that there’s nothing around for miles, so there’s no way she’s getting out of the house. Elena ignores her and wants to know who Elijah is.

Rose: He’s your worst nightmare.

Back at Mystic Falls High, Bonnie explains to Stefan that she can’t take off the tomb spell even if she wanted to.

It took her and her Grams to take it off last time, and we all know how that turned out. Stefan just wants to open the door and talk to her, but Bonnie says Damon is right (wait, what? Do my ears deceive me? Bonnie admitted something positive about one of the brothers, let alone Damon?!). Kathi is just a ball of lies, and she’s just going to keep being a ball of lies. She’s not going to give him any information without something in return.

But Stefan is desperate – he doesn’t know what to do, and he doesn’t know where she is. But he needs to do something! Hey, Bon-bon, can you whip up some of your witchy goodness?

Over in Alaric’s classroom – that never seems to actually hold any classes, natch! – Bonnie and Jeremy are setting up some candles for her little juju session. She says they’ll use his blood to “draw the energy for the tracking spell” since they’re blood related (first cousins zero times removed, for those of you keeping score). Just then Stefan joins them carrying a duffel bag of some of Alaric’s awesome toys weapons, and announcing that they only have 10 minutes.

So Bonnie grabs Jeremy’s hand and slices across his palm. DUDE! How much blood do you need for this spell? Jay-sus! Stefan looks like he can barely contain himself, but manages to reel it in. Jeremy lets his blood drop onto a map Bonnie’s laid out across a few desks while she does her stuff,

and the droplets pool on a highway near Mystic Falls (which appears to be between Charlottesville and Lynchburg, VA — META Alert!!!). Then the blood take a little road trip down Highway 29 and stops near Reidsville, NC which is near Greensboro.

Bonnie tells them that that’s where Elena is. Jeremy besides being amazed at Bonnie’s abilities, seems to also be astonished by the fact that it’s 300 miles away!

Hold up. Okay, I know Mystic Falls isn’t real, but Google Maps is, so I utilized it. Lynchburg, VA is about 90 miles from Reidsville, NC, and Charlottesville, VA is about 160 miles away. It’s been a while since I was in a math class, but 160 < 300, right? Interesting fact though, I Googled the distance between Reidsville and Falls Church, the real town that sounds an awful lot like the setting from the books (Fells Church), and it’s – gasp! – almost 300 miles. What game are you playing, show? Alright, enough of Christina is a Giant Nerd.

Stefan tells Bonnie that they need a more exact location, but Bonnie says that’s as close as she can get.

Girl, Google Maps, I’m telling you! There’s a zoom bar and everything!

Jeremy, who is obvs the only one of them who has heard of the Great and Powerful Google (or I guess in his case it’d be Bing. Whatever), says they can map out the area, get an aerial view and then they can figure it out from there. He starts following Stefan out of the room, explaining what else can be done with the newfangled contraption called a computer.

Bonnie stayed at the desk, however, because now her nose is bleeding, which she wipes away discreetly.

Jeremy is trying to get Stefan to let him tag along, but Stefan orders him and Bonnie back to la Casa de Gilbert.

Just then, Damon comes in and announces that he’s going too. Stefan’s all “you’re going with me?” and Damon explains “It’s Elena.”

Ooh! Throwing your words back at you burn! Sort of. Not really. Actually it’s really chivalrous. Commercial!

Outside at the Basketball Court of Revelations, Tyler and some dudes are playing a pickup game of some b-ball when Tyler, the show-off that he is, makes an amazing dunk

and I’m trying so hard not to make a Teen Wolf reference, it’s killing me. But now the image of Tyler dressed up as a Civil War soldier is making me LOL even harder than it did back when I recapped “Founder’s Day.”

Tyler wanders off the court when he spots Caroline, and sneaks up on her. She asks if he’s okay,

and he’s’ trying to be all stoic like “You lied to me earlier. Why?”

Using her calming/ditzy voice, Caroline tells him that he misunderstood her at the party, but he’s all “you’re lying!” and Caroline gives up and tries to leave, but Tyler grabs her wrist. <0667> And because she’s the coolest vamp ever, she grabs his arm right back and TWISTS!

Oh! Agony! She totes could have pinned him to the ground, but she shoves him and he turns around.

Tyler: How did you? You’re stronger than me? (AS IF!)

Caroline: Oh, please. I’m… nothing.
Tyler: Listen, if you know something you gotta tell me. Because I can’t handle this.
Caroline: I’m sorry, Tyler, but I think that you’re still in shock over Skankface dying. And it’s understandable (No, it’s not).

Tyler gets all in her face, but then reconsiders, walks away and then kicks a trashcan into a car. In front of everyone.

Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Out on the open road, Damon comments on how much Alaric loves his weapons (and we do too!).

Stefan’s toying with a little glass contraption filled with a liquid (meanwhile, in the background they’re playing Editors’ “Blood”! 1) Hah! 2) Awesome because CHRISTINA LOVES EDITORS!!). He explains that it’s a vervain bomb/grenade thingamabob.

Stefan: Who do you think took her?
Damon: Someone from Katherine’s past. She said she was running from someone. They got the wrong girl.
Stefan: Thank you. For helping me.

Damon: Can we NOT do the whole roadtrip bonding thing? The cliché of it all makes me itch.
Stefan: Oh, come on, Damon. We both know you being in this car has nothing to do with me anyway.
Damon: And the elephant in the room lets out a barbaric yawp mighty roar.

Stefan insists that they should just talk about it, but Damon, natch, declines. But Stefan wants to know: is Damon in the car because he wants to help his baby brother rescue the girl he loves, or is it because he loves her too? Oooooh, tension! Damon only sort of smiles in return, and Stefan is kind of an arrogant dick some more (which is oddly not really bothersome).

Damon, sick of feeling feelings again, says that he can undecide to help him just as quickly as he decided to.

Stefan: But see, that’s the beauty of it. You can’t.

Oh, ouch. Double brother-jealousy burn! Damon just sizes him up with his eyes. Rawr.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Jermy is Binging (as opposed to Googling. *sigh*) the aerial shot of the location they determined on the map. Bonnie comes in and tells him that Alaric just left with Jenna (to keep her from asking questions about Elena – God, she’s so clueless). Jeremy shows her the map,

and laments that he doesn’t like sitting there and waiting.

Bonnie puts a comforting hand on his back, trying to assure him that Elena will be fine, and it’s very cute and bondy, and blah blah blah.

But then Bonnie gets an idea. A witchy idea.BONNIE GETS A WONDERFUL WITCHY-JUJU IDEA!

She starts writing Elena a note while Jeremy fetches her hairbrush. Bonnie says they might be able to get Elena a message.

She crumples up the paper, and starts mumbling at it while her nose starts bleeding.

The paper bursts into flame & then *ju-ju poof* ashes!!

What?! And then Bonnie faints! Bonnie, noes! Jeremy’s all yelling her name, but Bon-bon is unconscious.

I guess she’s all ju-ju’ed out. *sigh*

Back at Random Mansion, Rose is getting annoyed that Elena keeps following her around asking her questions.

Elena points out that she’s there, she’s their captive, the least she can do is tell her what they want with her.

Rose: I personally want nothing. I’m just a delivery service.

Elena: Delivery to who? Elijah?
Rose: (laughs) Two points to the eavesdropper.
Elena: Who is he? Is he a vampire?

Rose: He’s one of the vampires, the Originals.

Oooh. When Elena asks who/what the Originals are, Rose is all exasperated and “didn’t the Salvatores teach you anything about vamp history? GOD!” Elena is just shocked that she’s heard of the Salvatores, but Rose explains that a hundred years ago, one of her friends tried to set her up with Stefan – he, apparently, was one of the “good ones.”

She’s a sucker for the bad guys though.

Elena tries again and asks who the Originals are.

Rose: Trevah and I have been running for 500 years. We’re tired. We want it over. We’re using you to negotiate ourselves out of an old mess.
Elena: But why me?
Rose: Because you’re a Petrova Doppelgänger. You’re the key to breaking the curse.
Fandom: *head exploads*

Elena: The curse? The sun and the moon curse?
Rose: You do know your history.

Elena is confused though. She thought the moonstone was the key to the curse. Rose clarifies: “the moonstone is what binds the curse. Sacrifice is what breaks it.” What sacrifice, you ask?

The blood of the doppelganger – of Elena! OMG!! In order to break the curse, she has to die, brotha!

Holy Doppleganger Facts, Batman!

Caroline arrives home and almost immediately her vamp senses start tingling.

She cautiously walks around until… TYLER SNEAKS UP BEHIND HER!

Caroline: What are you doing here?
Tyler: I know.
Caroline: Breaking and entering the Sheriff’s house? That one will win you an award.
Tyler: Go ahead. Keep dodging. Keep changing the subject. But I know. You’re just like me, aren’t you?

Caroline says she’s not, but Tyler isn’t hearing it. He saw how strong she was. He’s not leaving until he knows the truth.

Tyler: You’re. A werewolf. Say it.

Aaaaahahaha. Caroline thinks this is funny too because she giggles.

TYLER NO LIKE! TYLERSMASH! And he slams her up against wall, and is all “STOP LYING!”

She shoves him off her, and slams him against the wall.

Her eyes get all vampy, and her teeth all fangy, and she hisses at him. Caroline, you are the best. Then she throws him to the floor, and he scrambles several feet back. Caroline’s all “I’m not a werewolf, okay?” Oh, no. Secrets out now, eh?

Back at Random Mansion, Elena is demanding more information. She should totes become an investigative journalist when she grows up. Trevor’s all “What do you want to know, doppelicious?” Best. Nickname. Ever. (Why didn’t we think of that?!)

Elena: Who are you running from?
Trevor: The Originals.
Elena: Yeah, she said that. What does that mean?
Trevor: The first family. The old world. Rose and I pissed them off. (Rose clears her throat). Correction. I pissed them off. Rose had my back, and for over half a millennium, they’ve wanted us dead.
Elena: What did you do?
Rose: He made the same mistake countless others did – he trusted Katerina Petrova.
Elena: Katherine.
Rose: The one and only. The first Petrova doppelgänger.

Hold up. WHAT?!?!?! Okay, carry on.

Trevor: I helped her escape her fate, and I’ve – sorry, we’ve been marked every since.

Rose explains that that’s why they’re not going to make the same mistake again. Trevor gives Elena a creepy smirk, and they leave the room.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Jeremy is bringing the now conscious Bonnie a glass of water. He wants to know what happened – she scared the hell out of him – but Bonnie brushes it off as nothing. Jeremy doesn’t believe it.

Bonnie: I’ve been doing a lot of magic lately. It wears me down.
Jeremy: When I’m worn down, I take a nap. You were unconscious.
Bonnie: Witchcraft has its limits. If I push too hard, it pushes back.

Bonnie explains that it’s all in the manual Emily’s grimoire. It reminds her that she’s not invincible. She pleads with Jeremy to not to tell anyone. She’s afraid some people (*cough cough* Damon, or anyone who can hurt her) will see it as a weakness. Ever since Grams died, and her father institutes a ‘Don’t ask. Don’t tell, policy with requard to the family witchy ju-ju, she’s been all alone in this. Jeremy nods dutifully, and tells her that’s how he feels a lot of the time. Awww, Emo-bonding!

He asks if she thinks the spell worked, but she has no idea.

Back at Random Mansion, Elena takes a seat back on the couch where Trevor originally dropped her. She notices a crumpled up paper on the seat and unravels it.

Stefan and Damon are coming for you. – B

Back out on the open road, Stefan says they’re getting close. Damon figures now is a good time to carb-up and grabs a Capri Sun: Blood and starts slurping. Stefan looks on longingly.

Damon: If you want some, just ask

Stefan: I want some.
Damon: Aww, so sweet. You want to be all big and strong, save your girl. Well, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. You’ll be fine.

Stefan tells him he’s not joking. He’s been taking a little everyday, slowly increasing his intake, building up his strength and all that. I feel like these boys are talking steroids and it’s making me giggle (not that steroids are something to laugh at. No, sir. Tiny balls, yes. Steroids themselves, nah). Damon seems a bit taken aback by this information. Stefan takes the bag o’ Soccer Mom from Damon, and begins sipping.

Damon wonders all haughtily if Elena knows he’s drinking blood.

Stefan: I’ve been drinking hers.

Damon does NOT like this revelation.

He’s all “hmm, how romantic,” then tries to remind Stefan of a more desperate time to make him feel bad about it.

Damon: Remember the days when all you lived for was blood? You were the guy who ripped someone apart just for the fun of it?

Stefan: You mean when I was more like you?
Damon: Yes, Stefan, exactly! Back when you put blood into me so I could be a big, bad vampire? Wonder if Elena would be so quick to open her veins for that guy. By the way, what happened to that guy? He was a hoot.
Stefan: I guess he found something else to live for.

Damon gives him the once up and down again. How are those feelings, Damon?

Back at Random Mansion, Rose is getting her shit together so they can leave. Trevor comes down the stairs all desperate. Elijah is here, and he’s afraid he’s going to kill him.

Seriously, I get the hint that The Originals & Elijah are super scary and all but if Trev is this big of a spineless punk at 500+, what was he like as a younger vamp? Rose tries to calm him down, explaining that Elijah wants Elena more than he wants him.

So simmah dahn nah. Trevor suggests Elijah will have mercy on Rose, so she can give doppelicious to him, but Trevor needs to split pronto.

Rose reminds him that they’re family – forever, and he seems to calm a bit. There’s a knock at the door and Trevor shudders a bit.

Elena is all “You’re scared.” Um, hello?! You were on the couch. Were you not just paying attention to that train wreck??

Rose goes to answer the door, but it answers itself, and Elijah – looking all hot and dapper – is standing there.

*ahem* Rose comes to greet him, and he asks if there’s somewhere they can talk.

He strolls in to the place like he owns it, which, I don’t understand the vamp politics in this show yet, so maybe he does – BECAUSE HE OWNS HER! Ooh! Burn!

Anyway, he wants to know how she got the courage to call him. She explains that she is tired of running; she wants her freedom. She wants to know if he can do that, and Elijah confirms.

He has complete authority to grant that to her and Trevah, if he so sees fit.

Rose: Katerina Petrova.
Elijah: I’m listening.

Rose: She didn’t burn in the church in 1864.
Elijah: Continue.

Rose: She survived.
Elijah: Where is she?
Rose: You don’t seem surprised by this.

Elijah: Well, when you called and invited me to this armpit of civilization, which is a mere three hours from the town we know as Mystic Falls, I surmised it had everything to do with Katerina. Do you have her in your possession?

Rose: No, I have better. I have a doppelganger.

Elijah: That’s impossible. Her family line ended with her. I know that for a fact.

Hmm, interesting… Rose tells him that his facts are wrong, and that she’ll show her to him as soon as he says it again – he’ll grant her and Trevor their freedom. Natch, he says she has his word he’ll pardon them. Yeah, right. Rose tells him to follow her, and she leads him to Elena.

Elijah stares at her for a second before vamp zooming to right in her face. He leans down and sniffs her neck like a creep.

A totally hot, sexy creep!

Elijah: Human. It’s impossible.

He looks down at Elena and smirks a bit. “Hello, there,” he says, and I swoon a little because I’m a freak. FREAK!

Outside, it appears Stefan and Damon have reached their destination. Stefan comes out the car carrying their bags of Alaric’s toys tricks. Damon says the house should be beyond the trees, and Stefan sets off. Damon stops him though. He probably has more experience with this sort of thing.

Damon: Whoever has Elena is probably who was after Katherine in 1864 and before that.
Stefan: And?
Damon: And it puts them at 500 years old and strong. Are you sure you want to do this?
Stefan: Yeah, I’m certain I want to do it.
Damon: Because we go in that house, we may not come back out.

Stefan: Okay, then I won’t come out.
Damon: So noble, Stefan.
Stefan: I can’t think of a better reason to die. But if you want to stay here, I’ll totes understand.

Stefan! Can’t you see this is Damon trying to tell you to be careful? Instead you’re all… like old Damon – a dick! Oh, boys, just work together… Damon follows him off toward the house.

And once again every TVD fangirl is wondering why Alaric’s only function this season seems to be babysitter. *sigh* Bromance memories, going into battle with awesome toys…*double sigh*

Back inside, Elijah is telling Elena that they should be going as they have a long journey ahead of them.

Elena pleads with Rose not to let Elijah take her anywhere.

He says he has one last piece of business, then they’re done. He walks over to Trevor, who says he’s been waiting so long for this day. He’s really very sorry. Elijah menacingly circles him and tells him an apology isn’t necessary, but Trevor insists.

He says that Elijah trusted him with Katerina, but he failed him.

Elijah: Yes, you were the guilty one. Rose aided you because she was loyal to you then, and I honor her. Where was your loyalty?

Trevor: I beg your forgiveness.
Elijah: So granted.


Elijah, you may be my favorite TVD vamp ever (You’re still my best girl, Caroline! And Damon, call me. We can totes work on swinging my mind back home to you. You Sexy Beast, you!)

Rose screams and gets all growly, and only manages the “you” in her threat, but Elijah warns her to stop, now that she’s free.

He then walks over to Elena and tells her to come, but before he can touch her Elena shouts that she knows about the moonstone! She knows where it is, and she can help him get it.

Elijah: Tell me where it is.
Elena: It doesn’t work that way.
Elijah: Are you negotiating with me?

Heh. He looks at Rose, but she says it’s the first she’s ever heard of it. Elijah obvs tries to compel her, but then sees her vervain necklace, and is all “What is this doing around your neck?”

and yanks it off and tosses it across the room. Then he compels her to tell him where the moonstone is.

It’s in the tomb in MF, with Katherine. Elijah deems this as “interesting” but gets interrupted when they hear Mission Impossible going on upstairs.

He grabs her and they start to vacate, but they’re accosted in the foyer by a speedy vamp phantom!

They hear a voice: “here.” Elijah rushes halfway up the stairs when they hear another voice from another direction, “right here.”

This is like some poltergeist shit. Then suddenly Elijah is hit with a stake right in his hand!

He pulls it out like it’s a fucking splinter! DAMN!

While Elijah was distracted, the Salvatores have kidnapped Rose and Elena from the room. Stefan is shushing Elena off in one room while Damon is shushing Rose.

Elijah, now suddenly alone, is all “Exsqueeze me? To whom it may concern? You’re making a grave mistake if you think that you can beat me. But you can’t. You hear that? I repeat, you cannot beat me,” he says as he rips what looks like a hat rack from the floor, and tears it apart to make a giant stake.

Elijah: I want the girl on the count of three, or heads will roll. Do we understand each other?

Something about the way he says that reminds me of Billy Crudup. Me likey. Also, I want to believe him. I mean, we already saw this first hand. *shudder*

Elena comes out on the landing, and says that she’ll come with him if he promises not to hurt her friends – they just wanted to help her out.

Elijah vamp speeds up the stairs and wants to know what game she’s playing with him.

So she whips out the vervaingrenade from her armpit and HURLS IT AT HIS FACE! POW! It explodes and he all “I’m melting! Melting!”

Only not really because he heals UBER quick!

He gets up and tries to descend on Elena when Stefan comes out with the stake gun, pumping Elijah full of wood. He also tackles him for good measure, and they go tumbling down the stairs.

Elijah, natch, recovers quicker than Stefan does, but Damon keeps him from attacking by sticking him RIGHT IN THE HEART with the giant stake!!

And he pins him to the wall with it! HARDCORE! And his face gets all veiny and he’s dead! Hallelujah?

Rose comes out of the room at that moment, and Damon is about to say something, but Elena tells him to let her go.

He looks up at her, eyes shining, face all lit up with a smile, and it seems Elena’s all happy about it too!

WOW! Talk about a turn around. Elena starts running down the steps… and Damon realizes she’s running to Stefan and not him, and he gets this sad puppydog look on his face, and oh!

I just wanna hug him! When she reaches the bottom of the steps, she and Stefan embrace, and it’s really sweet, and it’s obvs that they love each other, and blah blah blah WHAT ABOUT DAMON?!

Elena looks over at him, as he watches them all sad, and mouths “thank you,” which I suppose is a big step for Elena. He mouths right back “you’re welcome” and I think I’m dying. They hold each other’s gaze for a while until she snuggles in against Stefan’s neck.


Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Bonnie is napping on Jeremy’s bed as he looks on all… longingly, protectively, or both, when he hears a noise.

He calls out. “Elena?!” and they both get up and run out of the room. Elena’s ascending the stairs. Bonnie hugs her and Jeremy looks all distraught.

He asks if she’s okay, and when she confirms and they embrace, he breaks out into the JEARS! She says she got their message. Aww, cute.

Back at the SBH, Damon is pouring himself a huge glass of booze. What? He needs it after a day like that. Stefan walks in and he asks him where Elena is. Stefan says she’s at home because she wanted to be with Jeremy. Damon hands him a glass of booze too.

Stefan: What Rose told Elena about the curse…
Damon: I know. We’ll keep her safe.
Stefan: You know the only way we’re going to be able to do that is if we’re not fighting each other. We let Katherine come between us. If we let that happen with Elena, we’re not going to be able to protect her.

Damon: Yes, Stefan. Heard it all before.

He starts to walk away, hurt, but Stefan stops him.

Stefan: I’m sorry.
Damon: About what?

Stefan: For being the guy who made you turn 145 years ago.
Damon: Enough, Stefan. It’s late. No need to rehash that.

Stefan: You know I’ve never said it out loud. I guess I just need to say it and you need to hear it. I’m sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn’t want to be alone. Guess I just needed my brother.

Christina & Cin: *sniff* we miss our nightcap #VDbingo square. Also: Oh, BOYS!!!

Exit stage left. Damn. Damon seems kind of shaken up about it, and in need of a hug. Well, lucky for Damon, I am handing them out free today!

Back at Caroline’s house, she’s boozing it up with Tyler, explaining that it helps with the inside jittery stuff.

Tyler complains that his skin feels like it’s on fire, and Caroline confides that she never felt that, but at the very beginning she was very, very emotional. Tyler’s all “check!” But then he gets serious. “How can you be a vampire?” But Caroline counters him: “how can you be a werewolf?” Tyler wants to know who else is a vampire, and Caroline, listening to Damon like the good little offspring she’s trying to be finally, says it’s just her. Tyler says he’s the only wolf around too. Except UM, who “left town”. And by “left town” I clearly mean “was put down.”

Caroline: Look, Tyler. You can’t tell anyone. Not about you, not about me. No one will understand. I want to tell you about my mom and yours and the Founding Families and the Council, but I need you to promise me that no one will find out about us. This is life and death, Tyler.

Tyler: I have no one else to tell.

He apologizes for earlier – banging her against the wall and all that. He’s all alone in this. At the next full moon, he’s going to turn, and he can’t do anything about it. He’s scared, and they hug and aww, it’s cute.

But for serious, you two. Keep it in the Friendzone, or we may have problems.

Back at the SBH, Stefan is getting more booze, when a vamp comes speeding through the Library.

Dude, they REALLY need a human at that house. It’s like a Vampire Community Center up in there! Luckily (or unluckily?) it’s just Rose.

She says she’s not there to hurt him – Lexi once told her she was one of the good ones. Stefan’s surprised she knew Lexi – Instaconnection!

Rose continues by saying that Trevor was her BFF. She explains that he was her commonlaw hubby since they lived together for 500 years, and she doesn’t want to run anymore because she’s GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!

Stefan says that he can’t help her, and she insists that she doesn’t need it. In fact, she’s there to help him. Elijah may be dead, but it’s not over. The Originals will still come for Elena – they have to.

Rose: They’re doing it for him.
Stefan: For who?
Rose: Klaus.

Book Fans: *faints*

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena is getting ready for bed, and when she walks in her room, Damon is sitting at her bay window.

Rut-Row. I’m getting deja-vu… He compliments her jammies, and she’s basically like “I have no time for this” by telling him she’s tired. He walks over to her and dangles her vervain necklace in front of her.

Elena is totes shocked and happy over it; she thought it was gone.

Damon smirks this little smirk at her, like “aww, shucks it was no problem. Anything for you. YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW!” or something equally as cheesy and woopy and, ah I can’t take the tension!

Elena thanks him and tries to take it from him, but he pulls it out of her reach.

Damon: I just have to say something.
Elena: Why do you have to say it with my necklace?

Damon: Because what I’m about to say is probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life.

Elena: Damon, don’t go there.
Damon: I just need to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it’s because I love you I can’t be selfish with you. Why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you. But my brother does.

Then he steps forward and kisses her forehead.

Damon: God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this. But you do.

And he compels her while a single, solitary tear spills out of his eye. And he’s gone! Elena is left in her room, with a breeze from the window, wondering how the hell she got her vervain necklace back.

This is weird. It’s almost like those first few episodes in Season 1 where he would sneak into her room and stroke her face, and sit as a crow (whatever happened to that thing?!) on her windowsill. He totes did it for his brother and for her (which – AWWWW), but… but… WOOBIE! I’m dead now. Dead.

Back at Random Mansion (What?!), Elijah is still pinned to the door and OMG HE’S NOT DEAD!

He’s all fully healed, and pulls the motherfreaking stake out of himself and throws it to the ground. OMGWTF?! I think I just peed myself.

So, what do you think? How the hell is Elijah still alive?! What the frig are the Originals?! Will Elena remember the compelling?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!

(All screencaps courtesy of crystalcaps at LiveJournal.)

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8 Responses to Episode 208 “Rose”

  1. Rachelle says:

    Can I just say I love you guys? Cause I do. Honestly. This makes my week 🙂

    (That and the whole Damon scene. Oh my *(DEHNFg9upsodfngr gosh.)

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Thank you, we are so glad you enjoy it. This one took some blood & tears for sure & Christina (who does 90% of the recap) did an AMAZING job.

      We love the Damon scene at the end, which is why we used it as our Quote of the Day last Friday 😉

  2. Tina says:

    I’ve been waiting all week to read your recap! It’s awesome, I love watching the show then going online and seeing what other people said. I think that the shrine was for Skankface not Aimee since Skanky is dead :P. What I’m confused about is that Stefan says “Rose told Elena about the curse” and Damon is all “I know” does that mean that they knew about the curse from before?? So many questions!

    • For real? Haha I could have sworn it was for Aimee. Either way, still annoying and a fire hazard! Haha

      Oooh, you know, I was wondering that too. I’m trying to remember if the brothers ever seemed surprised that Elena looked like Katherine. Their fights were always “oh, you love her because she looks like her!” but they never seemed startled that she did. So… maybe they knew about the doppelganger… Oooh, I don’t like when our boys keeps secrets from us! Haha

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      I think it just means that he knew that Elena knew… I’m not sure since I’ve *hides* still not rewatched the episode, but I kinda got the vibe from all of the episodes since 2.05 (Kill or Be Killed – when Alaric & Jeremy first presented Damon with the outline of ‘the curse’) that they didn’t know anything about this curse. But who knows… Seeing as how Damon & Stefan have never been civil in there entire undead lives until now, I find it hard to believe that they would be sharing ancient secrets we don’t know about.

      Glad you enjoy the recap. It’s allll Christina. We promise to have our reaction post for “Katerina” up by early tomorrow afternoon though 😉

  3. Greenie says:

    I love your recaps *almost* as much as I love watching the show. It’s time I stopped lounging/lurking about the SBH and let you know. The Delena ‘I love you’ at the end made me cry and I’m not a crier! Damon shatters my heart at least once an episode. AT LEAST.

  4. Tracy Knott says:

    Can I just say the detailed recap of TVD episodes is AMAZING. I think this is the most entertaining thing ever. Almost as good as watching the show for the first time. You say what’s in my head…HIGH-larious stuff. Imma gonna follow this on twitter!!!

  5. Vanessa says:

    LOVE this episode. Great job as always ladies. 2 points, my guess is that in the 3 hr drive home Elena told the brothers what she learned. Also they didn’t know why Elena looks like Kathi when Stefan told Elena she was adopted.

    And as for the crow, Damon ate it after escaping from the basement in Season 1. After he killed Uncle Zack. He didn’t have his day ring so needed to wait till dark to feed so he summoned the crow and feed. When Stefan comes home he passes the torn apart crow and notices that something is amiss

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