Episode 207 “Masquerade”

Episode 207 “Masquerade”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: The entire town is getting ready for the epic Masquerade Ball shindig! Aunt Jenna acts uber creepy when she doesn’t seem to have a problem with Stefan sexing up Elena in the house, while Jeremy is off getting mythology lessons from Damon and Alaric. Meanwhile, Katherine is doing her own sexing of Mason, and while she’s waiting for him to get back, he’s captured by Damon & Bonnie. Damon tortures him for information on Katherine AND RIPS OUT HIS HEART! Put out that she’ll have to move on to her “Plan B,” Katherine compels Jenna to STAB HERSELF IN THE GUT! Elena breaks up with Stefan (*STEARS*) and Katherine COMPELS MATT TO MAKE TYLER KILL HIM! MATTY NOOO!

We’re in the SBH with Damon, Stefan and Caroline. Damon comes up to her with a glass of blood to help calm her nerves. Aww! She saw something. Something disturbing.

Caroline: I saw Katherine today.

Oh, okay.

Stefan wants to know where, so Caroline explains why she was at the Mystic Grill. It appears she’s not as done with Matt as she had him believe. Caroline tells them “I just stopped by to gawk and quasi-stalk Matt.”

Double-aww. To get out of an awkward conversation, she pretended to have to go to the bathroom where Katherine snuck up on her.

Katherine: I need you to deliver a message.

Katherine: Tell Damon and Stefan I want the moonstone or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood.

Damon’s all “wait it get’s better” and tells Caroline to continue.

Katherine: Tonight. At the masquerade ball.

Stefan explains she wants to do it in public because killing Mason threw her off guard. Damon interjects that she’s running scared. What she did to Jenna was a desperate move – she’s out of tricks.

Stefan warns that they can’t underestimate her, though. They have to play smarter than she. [Cin & I would just like to point out Stefan’s awesome HB-induced hand gestures (that’s what it has to be right? These are new). He’s like a mob boss. It’s only a matter of time before he starts referring to Caroline as “C,” and putting people “in the batroom” when they annoy him.]

Caroline suggests they just give Katherine the moonstone.

Damon: No, Katherine’s got getting dick! I’ve had it. I’m going to go to the masquerade ball and I’m going to kill her. Tonight.

Stefan’s all “wait—what?” “You’re not going to kill her,” he says. Damon warns his brother not to give him any of “that goody-goody crap.”

Stefan: You’re not going to kill her.

Damon: Oh, really?

Stefan: Because I am.


Jenna’s back from the hospital. For some reason Matt is there, helping her in. Why Matt’s there, I don’t know, but WHO CARES BECAUSE MATTY’S ADORABLE!

As Matty helps her over to the couch, Elena and Jeremy remind her – and all of us – that she doesn’t want to rip her stitches and risk bleeding out. Jenna says the only thing she’s going to die of is embarrassment. Because, seriously, who walks into a knife? Word. But Matt’s all sweet like “yeah, but I’ve done it like 20 times at the Grill.”

Heh. He admits that he’s just being nice, and Elena gives him a “you goof” face before heading into the kitchen, with Jeremy in tow.

Jeremy, who’s suddenly Mr. Man of Action all the time, wants to know what they’re going to do. Elena says they’re going to make lunch. Mmm sandwiches. No, about Katherine, dumb-dumb.

Elena says they’re not going to do anything, even though she tried to killed Jenna. If “nothing” is going to keep them safe, then that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

Mr. MoA obvs doesn’t like this plan. Elena tries to comfort him by reminding him that Katherine’s acting out because of her, because she didn’t listen to her, so Elena broke it off with Stefan. Kathi already won. Jer calls her on being naïve, and THANK THE LORD someone is calling it like it is. Elena, I love you, but damn. Big picture, girly. Big picture.

Over at Mrs. Flowers’ B&B,

the proprietor is helping Kathi carry some shopping upstairs, which is ridiculous since Kathi is a vamp with super strength. Then again, she’s also a fairy princess biotch. Once she leaves, we see someone standing in the room

just a second before Kathi reacts and vampspeeds across to room to slam said person against the wall with her arm.

It’s some chick who tells her to chill. Ah, so they know each other. Kathi totes would NEVER take that from a stranger. Kathi, then, calmly reminds her visitor to never sneak up on a vampire, to which the chick’s like “don’t attack a witch!” Ah, okay. That explains EVERYTHING.

All of a sudden they’re all nice-nice, but I’m kind of getting the fake-fake vibe. Kathi thanks her for coming. Witch is all “you called and I came,” and Kathi’s like

“Well, it’s not like you had a choice.” Ooh, indentured servitude burn! She tells Kathi not to get all boss-lady on her, and then picks up her masquerade mask.

Witch: Now where does one wear this?
Katherine: To a masquerade ball. Tonight. Want to be my date?

Dun Dun DUN!

Over at the SBH, the boys have turned it into Weaponry/Lessons/Revenge Headquarters. AWESOME! Bonnie has arrived carrying her ancestor Emily’s grimoire. Now it’s a party!

Bonnie: What’s going on?
Jeremy: We’re going to kill Katherine.
Stefan: I can explain.

Bonnie: Please.

Stefan: We’re.. gonna kill Katherine.

And he walks away. Baahaha! Nice. BTW, what is that Mr. Rogers get-up you’re wearing, Stefan? Cin says it’s “UBER-LAME” and Christina is having childhood PTSD flashbacks of King Friday. MAKE IT STOP!

Over at the weaponry station, Alaric is explaining his various vampire-killing toys like the stake-shooter that you wear under your sleeve.

I’d like one of those in Real Life. It’s pretty awesome, and this is the Alaric we’ve been craving! He’s also having meaningful bromance eyesex with Damon. ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Back at the B&B, Elena primping for the ball tonight. Other Witch (as opposed to Bonnie) asks her why she’s straightening her hair.

Katherine: I’m impersonating my dull as dishwater doppelgänger, Elena. She has the worst taste.
OW: Except in men.

And Kathi shoots her a look.

OW: Isn’t it a risk pretending to be her in front of the entire town?

Katherine: I’ve gotten quite good at it, actually, and everyone’s going to be in masks. It’s for some feed the something charity. It’s for a good cause, Lucy.

Oh, well, then that makes it all better. Lucy asks if Kathi has ever even seen the moonstone, which Kathi says she has, and she needs Lucy’s help to get it back. Lucy’s on to her.

Lucy: Oh, yeah, what are you going to do with it? You want me to break the curse.
Katherine: Let’s just get it first. What I really need you for is back up. I can’t imagine Damon and Stefan are going to hand it over without putting up a fight.

Back at the SBH, Stefan is working his Mr. Rogers mojo on Bonnie to try to get her to agree to help. He explains that Katherine crossed the line, and they have to stop her. Besides, Kathi knows him. He’s not going to try something in a crowd full of innocent people. This gives him an edge and he can catch her by surprise. He totes got the mojo working.

Bonnie offers to do a spell to hold her, like the spell on the tomb, to isolate her from everyone else.

Over at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena is trying to convince Matt to stay for pizza and bad TV since Alaric’s coming over, and she obvs doesn’t want to be the third wheel. Matt declines though – but oddly (hmm!) seems confused about it. He’s going to the masquerade ball. Because of the stuff with Stefan, Elena’s not going to go.

Matt: I gotta go; there’s something I gotta do.
Elena: What?
Matt: Just something. I can’t talk about it, but I’ve got to go.

Elena wishes him fun,

and when Matt laughs about how he’ll have to wear a suit, Elena says that he looks good in one. Now we’re REALLY excited for the masquerade ball!

Matt, feeling awkward now, tells Elena that he’s sure she’ll work things out with Stefan, but Elena isn’t so positive.

“There’s so much about me and Stefan that’ll never work.” Matt reminds her that he’s there for her. Always.

Matty, you are too damn adorable.

Back at the SBH, Stefan’s giving one last pep talk.

Alaric asks again if he should come – but he’s the diversion. He’s supposed to keep Elena away from DANGA! Stefan gives the obligatory “if anyone wants to back out, now is the time” spiel, and Damon chimes in, natch:

Damon: Yeah, cold feet, speak now. I don’t want this going wrong if someone chickens out. Caroline…

Caroline: I won’t. Look, she killed me. Fair’s fair. As long as there are no werewolves running around.
Damon: Oh, I took care of Mason.
Jeremy: And as long as Tyler doesn’t kill anyone, he won’t turn.

Thanks, Jer, for throwing that last bit of foreshadowing in there.

Damon: Bonnie? You with us?

(pregnant pause)
Bonnie: But no one gets hurt.
Damon: Except Katherine. Tonight Katherine gets a stake through her heart.

Over at Lockwood Manor, the masquerade ball is in full swing.

Inside, Carol telling Tyler that they have to make sure to keep the riff raff guests out of the Mayor’s office/study, and aww’s over how handsome Tyler looks in his tux, adding that she may just fall over when Tyler returns the compliment. And get a feather out because Tyler also decides to apologize for being such a dick lately. He’s still upset that Mason just skipped town, and wonders if they should have cancelled the party.

Carol explains that she doesn’t think they’ll hear from him again – he’s flakey, the exact opposite of the late Mayor Lockwood, who apparently was eager and stubborn when it came to changing his mind about anything.

Carol: The whole masquerade theme was his idea. I mean, I don’t know what it has to do with helping the homeless, but once he made up his mind, he could really be a dick.

1) Ha. 2) Hold up. Am I really supposed to believe that there are homeless in Mystic Falls? Anyway, they decide to go join the party. That scene was so sugary sweet, we’re almost convinced Tyler is going to accidentally kill mama. If he doesn’t, hey, character building. I mean, Carol Lockwood. A good parent? Who knew?!

Outside, Katherine and Lucy are just arriving to the party. Katherine, you will remember, was mistaken for Elena at the Lockwood house a few episodes ago, so she just strolls right in. After a few paces, Matt comes around the corner, and lordamighty he DOES look dashing in that tux!

Matt: Elena!

Katherine: Matt? You look dashing.

(told you!)

Matt: I thought you weren’t coming.
Katherine: I couldn’t miss it. You really are hot in a suit. I would love to just… Okay, here’s the deal. Do you know what you have to do?

She begins compelling him again for good measure.

Matt: I’m going to get Tyler Lockwood really drunk. I’m going to start a fight with him, and I’m going to beat him until he snaps.
Katherine: And then?
Matt: I won’t stop until he kills me.
Katherine: God, you’re hot. Now go away.
Matt: Thank you.

Chills. Matty, no! But also, that was kind of funny. The writing on this show astounds me sometimes!

Back outside, our heroes have arrived. Stefan is trying to make sure that Damon is really ready for this.

He had the chance to kill her once, and he chickened out. He just warns him that after loving her for 150 years, he understands if Damon might be hesitant. Damon assures him he won’t be.

Back inside, Matt is making good on Part One of the plan, and is getting Tyler all liquored up in his father’s study (which is off limits, boys!) with Amy and Skankface (*sigh* They’re back. I know. Believe me, I know).

Tyler says they shouldn’t be in there, but Matt says they need to turn the party up. He offers Tyler another shot – and natch the floozies want some too. Tyler laughs that usually he’s the one corrupting Matt. He likes it.

Elsewhere in the house, Mr. MoA and Bonnie are looking for a place to set up. Jeremy is all James Bond-y. I kind of like it.

They decide on a room upstairs. He begins unpacking all of their toys, and Bonnie begins the tomb spell with the help of the grimoire. Jeremy asks how good of a witch she is – can she do all the spells in the book? Bonnie admits she can do spells here and there, but in case he can’t tell, she doesn’t exactly enjoy this.

But all this emo talk appeals to Jeremy, and he’s got that “kindred spirit” look, so he insists that being full witch is pretty damn cool, but Bonnie disagrees.

Being a witch never seems to end well, but she’s helping because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena is keeping the Jenna the Invalid company on the couch. She’s wondering where Jeremy is, and Jenna says he’s already out at the ball – which is good. “He needs to have more fun, lose some of that emo thing.” Hee.

Elena excuses herself to get napkins because she’s totes suspicious.

In the kitchen, she confronts Alaric about it. Again, being the protector, she demands to know what’s going on, but Alaric is staying strong in his defiance of Elena oh Powerful Protector!

Elena says that no one has called her all day (the NERVE!), and Jer is being oddly social (As if!). Elena says that if nothing is up then she can just go hang out with everyone, but Alaric stops her and spills.

Stefan asked him to keep her safe, in case Kathi showed up at the party. But wait, Stefan only went to social events for Elena. Why would he go now? Alaric advises her to drop it.

Back at the party, Bonnie and Mr. MoA coming back downstairs. Bonnie is saying they need to let Stefan and Damon know that the room is ready when she senses another witch in the vicinity.

She immediately finds Lucy and asks if she knows her. She just got a weird vibe. They need to find Damon.

Outside, Stefan has found Katherine. She sneaks up on him and asks him to dance. [BTW, this cover of “Head Over Heels” is EXCELLENT!]

Stefan: No.

Katherine: Fine. Then tell me who I should kill. Him? He looks delicious.

So Stefan offers her his arm and they make their way to the dance floor. She tries to be all flirty and comments on how it’s a beautiful night.

Stefan: Why the charade?

Katherine: How’s Jenna? I certainly didn’t expect her to survive that. Lucky girl. Clumsy. How does one stab oneself?

Valid question.

Stefan tells her to cut the crap, and she says she will, but she wants the moonstone, which he says he doesn’t have. They’ll have to go get it together. Katherine has another plan though – “You can go fetch it, and I’ll try not to kill anyone in the meantime.” Hah. But Stefan doesn’t find that as funny as I do. It’s his plan, or she gets nothing. Nothing!

That whore Amy picks this exact moment to come ask Stefan if he’s seen Matt. Oh, but Elena, you look so stunning in your dress! “You look gorg!” which sounds nasty to me, but I guess this is supposed to be a compliment. Katherine thanks her then compliments Amy on her necklace. “Oh, it’s twisted. Here, let me,” she says and walks behind the unsuspecting girl.


Katherine: Paralyzed from the waist down.

She twists again.

Katherine: And dead. The moonstone, Stefan. Tick tock.

HOLY JESUS, HARDCORE!!!! We hate Katherine, but that shit was awesomesauce! Fuckyeah de-spine-age!

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena lamely excuses herself, saying she’s going to bed. And then not very stealthily sneaks out of the house.

I mean, she was quiet, but come on, Alaric! I thought you were better at that! You’re never going to get your “Protecting the Teenage Girl” merit badge now!!

Back at the party, Stefan tells Damon that they’re keeping the body in the trunk for now. Damon shrugs it off; they’ll just dump it when they get back. Stefan isn’t being so cool about it. He’s pacing the floor, rambling about how this isn’t what he wanted, but again Damon, awesomely says it’s just collateral damage. Word, brother.

Stefan, gesticulating wildly like a mob boss again says that this is precisely why they need to call the whole thing off. Oh potato, potahto.

Damon: What? Who’s hesitating now? Hey, don’t do this to me. This woman ruined our lives. She destroyed us. Tonight it ends. We’ll do it together. I’ve got your back. Alright?
Stefan: Okay. Alright.

Aww, I love the brothers working together! I love the touchy-feeling. So adorbs.

Back outside, Jeremy’s asking Bonnie if she can use her hocus pocus to ace a test. She gives him her patronizing “please” look and says she doesn’t know that one.

Jeremy: That’d be like the first one I’d learn. Or maybe like a sex spell, or something, I don’t know.

Bonnie’s “OMG AWKWARD!” look here cracks me up. Jer, if that’s your way of hitting on her… He changes the subject by asking if she wants to dance while they’re waiting on the call to action. Bonnie’s all “NO! I mean… No, thank you.” Aww, is a new love kindling?! I half have a problem with this and half am okay with it. Time will tell.

But whether she wanted to dance or not, Jer gets the text from Damon. “Now.” Damon: A man of few words. Jer gets up and runs to his station.

On the other side of the grounds, Lucy catches up with Katherine.

Lucy: You didn’t tell me there was another witch here.
Katherine: Didn’t I?
Lucy: No, you didn’t. No one is supposed to know I’m involved. This changes this, Kath—

Katherine: This changes nothing. You are here because you owe your dear friend a favor. You wouldn’t want to lose my friendship, now would you?

Before Lucy can answer, Jeremy runs up to her and calls her Elena. “Hey sorry, could I talk to my sister?” As soon Lucy leaves them, he tells Kathi he has a message from Stefan. He and Damon want her to meet them by the edge of the lake by the woods. They brought the moonstone.

Katherine: And why are you their little messenger.
Jeremy: Because they know I’m not afraid of you.
Katherine: Oh, you Gilbert men. So courageous. How’s John, by the way. Were they able to sew his fingers back on?

Kathi, I hate you, but you have the Best. Exit. Lines. Ever!!

As Jeremy is walking away, busy texting,

Elena reaches out from a bush and pulls him off the path, demanding – in typical Elena fashion – to know what is going on.

Back inside, Caroline spots Matt getting a drunken cozy with Skankface.

Caroline, your jealousy is showing. As he’s about to follow her and Tyler into the other room, Matt catches eyes with her and they smile at each other.

But he has to get to his Fight Club, so he follows them, and Caroline is sad, and my heart breaks. But then Car gets the text from Jeremy: it’s her turn.

Caroline, who’s got a killer dress btw, is walking through the house, I’m assuming going off to start her turn of the plan when Katherine launches from around a corner at her

and demands – in typical Katherine fashion (whoa. Déjà vu. That’s weird…) – to know what Stefan and Damon are up to. Why do they want to see her down by the lake? Caroline says she doesn’t know what’s going on, nothing, but she’s not a very convincing liar. Kathi spins her around and puts her in a chokehold, and Car spills the beans. They’re trying to kill her. Oh, Car! And I had developed so much love you!! How dare you! 😦

Katherine: I figured as much. Where’s the moonstone?
Caroline: Bonnie has it?
Katherine: And where is Bonnie right now?
Caroline: I don’t know.

And another chokehold.

Caroline: Upstairs! She’s upstairs!

Back outside, Elena is trying to make sure she’s got the plan straight. They’re going to kill Katherine? Here?! Jeremy explains “we saw an opportunity and we knew we had to take it.” Miffed, Elena tells Jeremy to stop it with the “we” talk. Oh, Elena, your brother is part of the Bromance Alliance now. Deal with it!

She protests that they’re going to get hurt, killed, but Bonnie assures her they have it under control.

Elena: How am I supposed to feel if one of you gets hurt because of me?

Jeremy: It’s not just you anymore, Elena. She’s messed with all of us. She has to be stopped.

How are you supposed to feel?? Are you Bonnie? Jesus, this is totes über selfish Book Elena type crap. You’re better than that TV Elena. Ridic.

Back inside, Kathi is pulling Caroline upstairs. Car is crying, asking why Kathi insists on dragging her into all of this. She doesn’t want to be a part of it.

But Katherine ignores her cries. “Which room is it?” Caroline points her to a room, which Kathi enters. But Bonnie’s not there. The camera spins back to Caroline who is grinning like a fool.

Caroline: I did it! I really didn’t think that I’d be able to fool you, but I did it!

WTF? It was a ruse?! Oh, Caroline, you ARE the best vampire ever! HUGSIES!

Katherine tries to launch herself at Caroline, but Bonnie’s spell is in place, and she’s trapped. And she senses another vampire in the room.

Katherine: Stefan.
Stefan: Hello, Katherine.
Caroline: Goodbye, Katherine.

Kathi walks toward Stefan, who is holding a stake in plain view.

Katherine: You don’t really think you can kill me with that, now, do you?
Stefan: No. But he can.

And Damon steps out of somewhere and shoots her in the back with Alaric’s handy-dandy stake gun!

She screams, and what the hell, they’re mixed with Elena’s screams!

She goes down like she’s been hit with the stake! And somehow she was?! WTF?!?! She has a bleeding wound directly in the spot where Damon hit Kathi!!


Back in the room, Stefan stabs Katherine in the arm with his stake,

and Elena starts bleeding! Bonnie realizes that they’re linked somehow and sends Jeremy to stop the brothers from killing Kathi. There’s a helluva struggle, and Kathi almost drives the stake through Damon’s neck when Stefan pulls her off him.

Aww, brothers working together again!

Jeremy reaches the door and tells them that everything they’re doing is hurting Elena.

Katherine: You two think you’re the only ones with a witch on your side? Wrong. And something tells me my witch is better than your witch.

The brothers look really confused,

and Stefan mob-gestures to Jeremy to go check and make sure Elena is okay.

Katherine: Let’s ALL make sure that poor Elena is okay.

Damon gives her a disgusted look that I quite enjoy. How are those feelings treating you, Woobs?

Kathi then cuts her palm with a stake, which of course Elena also feels. Stefan slaps the stake away from her. Elena exclaims to Bonnie that it hurts, but Bon-bon can’t take the spell off. But maybe she can take away some of the pain. Back in the room, Kathi grabs hold of another stake and is about to stab herself in the gut, but then Damon’s all “WAIT!” and all but snarls at her,

and it’s actually kind of hot. What? It is…

Kathi relaxes, takes a seat on the couch and asks “So, how about that moonstone?” Crazy bitch.

Jeremy has retunred to Bonnie and Elena. Bonnie was right; there’s another witch there linking them. Bonnie runs off to find her.

Jeremy stays with Elena and tries to give her his Gilbert ring, just in case.

But, natch, the eternal protector, even when she NEEDS IT, Elena refuses to take it from him.

Back inside, Kathi is remarking how it’s like old times, the three of them together.

Katherine: The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn’t love me enough.

Damon: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.
Katherine: What happened to you, Damon? You used to be so sweet and polite.
Damon: Oh, that Damon died a LONG time ago.
Katherine: Good. He was a bore.

Stefan steps in and asks them why they don’t stop antagonizing each other, so Katherine cuts to the chase again.

Katherine: Where is the moonstone?
Stefan: What do you want with it?
Katherine: Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her alter?

Stefan: That was really desperate, Katherine. Don’t you think that we could see right through you?
Katherine: So, it doesn’t bother you that Damon is in love with your girlfriend?

Ooh, I think that one dug a bit deep! Stefan tries to seem unperturbed, but something in his attitude changed.

Stefan: Oh, stop it.

Katherine: Or what? You’ll hurt me?

She invites them to hurt her, since Elena will feel it too, but then she gets a better idea.

Katherine: Or better yet, kiss me, Damon. She’ll feel that too.

OH NO SHE DI’N’T!!! Damon is trying to keep a straight face, but there’s pain in them thar eyes!!

Changing the subject, Stefan starts asking about Mason and the werewolf thing. What would she want with a werewolf. The moonstone would break the curse that would allow them to roam free to destroy all vampires.

How would that help her? Damon cuts in to apologize for killing her pet. She should have kept him on a tighter leash. Yeah, really. Just by the look on his face, you can tell Damon’s starting to feel some of those feelings he’s none too fond of.

Katherine promises to remember that pet-owning tip for next time. Mason wasn’t the only wolf in town, after all.

Speaking of, Matt’s still liquoring up with Tyler in the study, with special guest Skankface. Skankface is wondering where Amy is. Tyler guesses she’s probably off drunk somewhere. Yeah, drunk with death!! Matt agrees that she’s drunk – drunk like him, and to emphasize the point, he begins to pour his liquor onto the floor.

Tyler tells him not to do that. Oh, so Phase Two: Pick a Fight has begun. Matt’s excuse? “It’s a party.”

To take it one step further, he picks up a picture of Tyler’s dad and says he could use a drink too and proceeds to pour some liquor on the framed picture. Matt’s excuse this time was that he was a dick (for those keeping score, that’s the 4th “dick” this episode!). Skankface, suddenly sober, tells Matt that wasn’t nice, and reminds everyone Tyler’s dad is dead. Thanks, Captain Obvs.

Matt, determined not to give up, asks if Tyler remembers when his dad used to slap him around. To emphasize the point, he slaps him a bit in the face.

Okay, this is starting to get really hard to watch. Matt breaks the picture, and Tyler tells him he needs to calm down. Matt shoves him.

Matt: Then DO something about it!

Tyler: I’m not going to fight you.

Matt ANGRY! So, he tackles him to the ground, and gets in a bunch of punches!

Outside the room, Caroline hears the scuffle and comes running. She see’s Matt beating on Tyler, and pulls him off.

Matt protests that he can’t stop, so she shoves him back and elbows him in the nose. Matt’s now unconscious on the floor.

Haha. She don’t know her own strength!

As Tyler’s marveling at Caroline’s newfound strength, Skankface is rambling on about how if Matt fails she can’t and blah blah blah.

Jesus, Katherine really covered her bases. Just as Skankface comes up behind him, Caroline’ calls out to Tyler to look out.

Skankface stabs him and he shoves her

and she Million Dollar Babies it against the desk. Ooh, snap! 😉

When Tyler realizes what happened, he rushes to her and tries to get her to open her eyes. “This can’t be happening!” he shouts over and over. He’s starting to FREAK!! OUT!!

He’s cradling his head, and trying not to rage blackout. Caroline goes to check Skankface’s pulse, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Tyler’s breathing speeds up and when Caroline asks what’s wrong, he looks up at her with those yellowish werewolf eyes.

OH, Tyler, NO!

Back upstairs, Damon is waiting impatiently for Bonnie to show up. Inside the room, Stefan realizes something: Kathi bargained for the moonstone.

Stefan explains, with more gesturing, that Katherine once told him that in order to escape burning in the church, she gave George Lockwood something that he needed – the moonstone.

Katherine: if it weren’t for those meddling kids except that people found out I wasn’t in the tomb.

She turns to Damon.

Katherine: Thanks to you, by the way. Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been.

Damon: Hmm. You and me both, honey.

Stefan wants to know why she wants it back, but – GOD JUST ANSWER A QUESTION FOR ONCE, KATHERINE!!! – she doesn’t answer. Instead, she points out how good Stefan looks in a suit. Why, yes he does… Stop distracting us! Luckily, Stefan isn’t swayed. He points out that it wasn’t hers to begin with, was it?

Stefan: In 1864, you faked your death. Who were you running from, Katherine?

Katherine: In 1987, you were in Chicago. At a concert of all places with that wench Lexi. Come on, Stefan, don’t look so surprised. Of course I checked in on you over the years. You were standing in the front row, dancing all night. You were watching Bon Jovi, and I was watching you.
Stefan: What were you running from?

It’s like they’re having two separate conversations! *sigh* In answer Katherine only mouths the words “I love you.”

Okay, that is either the MOST frightening mind game every played, or Katherine is so straight up cray, she’s even more dangerous than I originally thought. And that’s a LOT of danga. *shudders*

Back downstairs, Bonnie is tailing Lucy, but of course Lucy notices. When Bonnie follows her into a room, Lucy corners her and asks if she was looking for her.

Typical Bonnie is all “what are you doing here?” like she owns the town. Instead of answering – what the hell is with people being all evasive this episode? – Lucy’s all “I should have known I’d run into a Bennett.,” and brushes off Bonnie’s question of how she knows who she is. Let’s get to the chase, eh? Bonnie wants her to take the binding spell off Elena.

Well, Lucy wants her to give Katherine the moonstone. Jesus, I feel like we’re mediating a fight between children! They’re just trying to out-intimidate each other.

As Lucy tries to leave, Bonnie blocks her exit, and makes her demands again. Lucy explains that Katherine saved her life, so now she owes her. She has to pay her debt. And no doubt Katherine will collect until Lucy’s dead. Jesus, Kathi should work for the IRS. Bonnie grabs Lucy’s arm to keep her from going, and Lucy’s witchy-ju-ju tells her that Bonnie has the moonstone.

Bonnie lets go, but Lucy immediately grabs her arms.

The lights start to flicker.

Lucy: You feel that? You can trust me. Give it to me. It’s okay.

Oh, shit. Me thinks Bonnie done met her match.

Back upstairs in Crazy Central, Damon is pouring himself a drink because this all seems to be getting to him. Up there, before Kathi really flew her crazy flag, Damon almost seemed upset that Kathi didn’t expend that much effort watching him over all those years. Aww, woobs. I’ll watch you. I mean… I’ll… do something… not stalkery to you…

Katherine asks if she can have a drink too, and he makes her one.

After she takes it and has her back to him, he catches her and runs her against the wall. Stake raised, he’s ready to strike, but Stefan stops him – the spell might still be on Elena.

Damon: The second the spell’s lifted, I’m gonna drive this stake right through your heart!

Natch, Katherine’s response is to ask him when he got this hot.

*groans* Oh, she’s that girl. The overly sexualized girl who uses it to get manipulate people and get what she wants. Walking around all whored up, and stealing our high school boyfriends. At least Damon doesn’t fall for it, and just steps aside so Katherine can go toy with Stefan some more.

Just as she reaches him, Lucy comes into the room holding the moonstone,

announcing that the spell on the room has been broken. She makes sure her debt is cleared, and when Katherine affirms, Lucy hand’s it over.

As soon as Kathi’s demon fingers wrap around it, she starts to… hurt.

I can’t explain what’s happening, but there is CLEARLY a spell on the stone. It’s like Katherine can’t breathe, and she begins to slowly collapse to the floor.

Lucy: You should have told me another witch was involved. She’s a Bennett witch, Katherine, but I’m sure you knew that.

On the floor, Kathi’s writhing a bit and struggling for breath before before Stefan regains his senses. What about Elena?! Lucy assures him she’s fine. The spell has been lifted, and Bonnie’s with her so she’ll heal quickly. She apologizes for her involvement and struts out of the room.

Kathi is trying desperately for that last breath, but then is still.

HOLYOMG! Katherine’s dead? Noo, it can’t be that easy, can it? The brothers gaze around in confusion. Dudes. The fuck?

Downstairs in the Mayor’s study, Caroline is explaining what “happened” to Carol. She and Matt were fighting, and Skankface Sarah was drinking and she just tripped. Tyler comes in to tell her that the Sheriff is there, and Carol tells her to stay put – Sheriff Mom will want to hear the story from her.

Left alone with Tyler, Caroline assures him that she’ll take care of Matt so he doesn’t remember anything. She doesn’t want him involved in this. But Tyler can’t understand why she’s doing all this, why she’s helping him.

He claims it’s his problem – he did this; he killed her, but Caroline protests that it was just an accident.

Tyler: But she’s dead. You don’t know what that means.

Caroline: Actually, Tyler. I think I do.
Tyler: No you don’t, Caroline.
Caroline: Has your wound healed?

Tyler checks himself, and by golly, it has! Oh shiz!! Tyler’s all wide eyed and “How did you…?”

Outside, Bonnie catches Lucy on her way out. Bonnie wants to know how she knew she could trust her when she gave her the stone.

Lucy: That feeling you got. You ever felt it before?
Bonnie: Only around family. My Grams.
Lucy: My mother is Joanna, first cousin twice removed from Pauline, neice of Sheila, a.k.a…
Bonnie: Grams?

Dun dun dun! We KNEW it! Yeah, I don’t understand that family-math either. The point is – yeah they’re related. Lucy explains that seeing Bonnie was a wake-up call – she had to stop letting vampires control her. “So thank you for that.” She turns to leave, but Bonnie stops her.

Bonnie: I have so many questions! I don’t want to be in the middle either. I hate it. How do I stay out of it.
Lucy: Unlike me, you’re one of the good ones, Bonnie. In the middle of it is exactly where you need to be.

And she’s off, and Bonnie’s left staring after her. The desperation in her voice, in her eyes makes me kind of like Bonnie again. She’s not totally off my shit-list, but she’s getting there, me thinks…

Just then, Mr. MoA shows up again and offers to give her a ride home. Bonnie wants to know when he got his driver’s license and Jer’s all “I’m not a kid anymore, Bonnie.”

Uh-oh. That only means one thing when said so seductively on a show like this. Bonnie says she would love a ride home. Uh-oh. That only means one thing when said so seductively on a show like this. Just kidding. Or am I?!

Out by the lake, Stefan finds Elena and runs up to her. She assures him that she’s healing and that Bonnie took the pain away, but she’ll be sure to go to a doctor anyway. But the way Stefan is smiling down at her…

I have a bad feeling about this. Elena says she heard about Katherine. “Is she really gone?” Stefan confirms, and reaches out to touch her face, but Elena interrupts him.

Elena: Stefan. I…
Stefan: Katherine being gone doesn’t change anything for you, does it?
Elena: I want to be with you, Stefan, you know that. But first I need to wake up and know that the people I love are safe. I need to feel safe. Do you understand?
Stefan: Yeah. Yeah, I understand.


Over in some dank, dark place in town Katherine is waking up (I KNEW IT!!). Is she in the tomb? SHE TOTES IS!! And there’s a spell again, keeping her out.

Damon: Hello, Katherine.
Katherine: Where am I?

Damon: Where you should have been all along. I thought you would have learned your lesson messing with a Bennett witch.
Katherine: You should have killed me.
Damon: Death would have been too kind.

He starts to close the door/boulder covering the tomb when Katherine stops him. She needs him; Elena’s in DANGA!

Damon: From who? You’re lying. You’re always lying.

Katherine: Why do you think I haven’t killed her? Because she’s the doppelganger; she needs to be protected!
Damon: But I’ll protect her. While you rot in hell.

And as Kathi’s going all Baby Jane on us,

Damon closes the door. And looks so completely dejected while he does it.

He slowly walks away and lets out a breath. He also looks a little like he wants to vomit, and omg Woobie!!

Back at Lockwood Manor, Elena is getting ready to leave. She’s on the phone with Jer, saying she’s heading straight home to go to bed.

Natch, as soon as she hangs up,

some dude in a creepy-ass Masquerade mask comes up and KIDNAPS HER! HOLY JEEZ!!

What a freaking roller coaster ride, eh? So, who do we think the masked man is? Some random vamp? But then why bother wearing a mask? Oooh… maybe it’s UC! Who do you think it is? Comment below!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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3 Responses to Episode 207 “Masquerade”

  1. MilenaDarkFairy says:

    great review. I really enjoyed reading it, it was like I was watching the episode again!

  2. rehabber says:

    Again, Damon with his sigh as he closes the tomb has me in tears. Ok what is Tyler going to do when he finds out that Damon killed UM, now that he is going to be all Wolfy? Is there going to be something between Tyler and Caroline, or why is she trying to protect him from the brothers? I really liked Bonnie and Jer together, almost as much as when he was with Anna….well maybe not that much, but they were cute.

  3. mak75231 says:

    Just a reminder. This week’s Woobie Word of the Week “DICK”. You know who you are.

    I love Caroline! Her teen angst retelling of the Grill sequence was so, well, Caroline! Doofus is one of my fav words! And my brain STILL hears Quasimodo when she said quasi-stalk! BTW, Matty finally lost the cast! Vigil must have worked wonders for the boy (even though he HAS been Kat-roofied)!

    I’m still not following you guys on the Stefan Hand-Thing. He was totes “Large and In Charge” though [You’re not gonna kill her because I am.] Nobuddy better wake up with a bunnyhead in their bed–just sayin. No animals were hurt in the production of this episode. Only the slutsisters.


    So Jenna’s home from her failed self-appendectomy, only to now die of embarrassment? When Elena drug Jer into the kitchen, he went all Networky on her [I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!] You nailed it–BIG PICTURE, Elena!

    Flip to Mrs. Flowers B&B, and you have her [groveling] toting Kat’s shopping bags including the Vampire’s Secret bag–does VS carry leather thongs? And enter I Love Lucy–I didn’t at first, but she grew on me as the ep went on–and girl can totes make an entrance and exit, lemme tell ya. Sashay’s her butt in, takes over, sashay’s her butt out! Take that!

    Katherine is completely OVER Elena, as was obvious throughout–but she needs her for something (i.e. THE Doppelganger). But she just kept insulting her behind her back (how DO you insult yourself behind your own back? I just confused myself.) She acts so superior: “Dull as dishwater doppelganger” “Feed the Something Charity”….she wouldn’t know charity if it was tattooed on her ass!

    Kinda liked the symbolism of Lucy pulling out the “mask”–the mask Katherine will really be wearing to the Masquerade isn’t that wicked black lacy thing, it’s Elena!

    Brief pause: The landscape guys are spreading out a tarp in the greenbelt behind my house–I think I found Mason!

    And yes, dudettes, We Have A Suit Fetish!–first mention was Elena to Matt when he fessed up about going to the party “you look good in a suit”. More later.

    Over at The SBH (who knew you had an arsenal cellar), I say the gang needs a name. How about Buff: The Vampire Slayers…………..The Beefstie Boyz?

    Stefan. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. Period. Fashion Don’t. But while you’re in the mood, why did you ask Little Stevie Wonder to watch over Elena? “I’ll make sure she doesn’t leave my sight.” [as long as Jenna and I aren’t busy rippin out the stitches.]

    “Anybody who has cold feet speak now.” Considering half the room are dead people, I’d say there were SEVERAL cold feet! “I don’t want this going wrong if someone chickens out..“ I thought I said no animals were hurt in the production of this episode! Save the Bunnies and Chickens! And those vamp-speed meaningful exchanges of looks reminded me of (since I just watched it!) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Janet! Dr. Scott! Brad! Janet! Rocky! Janet! Brad!–oh, the DRAMA!) Drumroll, please …………..Tonight Katherine gets a stake thru her heart. I just love it when Woobie gets the exit line! *sigh*

    So over in the Lockwood Study, Carol mentions our second Suit Fetish (how handsome Ty looks in a tux). And we get the real significance behind the Masquerade party, Helping the Homeless. No guys, you are not supposed to believe there are really homeless peeps in MF–that would be like drive-through for Damon!

    Lucy completely out-sashays Elena as they enter the party. Like I said before, girl knows how to make entrances and exits! Swing it, sista!

    Suit Fetish #3 AND 4–Kat: Matt? You look dashing….You really are hot in a suit….Go away. ROFL

    Speaking of hot in suits, SuperBros have arrived, and Stefan’s warning about hesitation – Damon: “Well, that is the fork in the road between you and me, my friend. I don’t hesitate.” Cept if Jer yells “STOP!” or Kat bats her eyelashes at him. He is REALLY having emo issues below the surface. Nice surface.

    Moment of silence for the quick and the dead, the Slut Sisters……okay, moment’s over.

    In another part of the Lockwood Estate, Jer & Bonnie get a room…oh, wait, I’m ahead of the story! Jer’s too young for the 007-thing with the briefcase – I’m thinkin Men In Black 16. Now since he’s got his license he needs a Bullitt car. He’s not a kid anymore, Bon-Bon.

    Back at Cold Pizza and TV, I rolled on the floor when Jenna said Jer needed to lose some of the “emo” thing–she musta been reading The SBH Recaps! And I must say Alaric was totes workin the unshaven primal Jeremiah Johnson look. Nothing like looking like you just got outa bed before you…

    On the dance floor (lawn?), Kat goes all Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors–Feed Me Seymour! picking out tasty morsels (she eats an AWFUL lot of strawberries). I personally thought Amy’s “You look gorg!” crack deserved the spineectomy. “Tick tock” was a fuckawesome cut to commercial line, even if they gave it to Katherine. In deference to Christina, my local CW station decided to run a Kit Kat ad right at that moment…bwahaaaaaa!

    You are too right about the adorbs SuperBros working together–I gotcher back. Awwwwwww!

    Bonnie & Jer bonding scene was cute–ever wonder what they would have done in 1991 when the books were written and there were no cell phones to text on? Send up a flare? OMG–Pagers! ROFL!

    The Plan Phase I was for Jer to try to send Kat to the lake–which they KNEW she wouldn’t buy. But The Plan Phase II Car double double triple cross fooled Kat AND us (was anybody else troubled by the SOUND of the neck crunches Kat was puttin on Car?)!

    Up in Jer & Bonnie’s room, you guys said “And Damon steps out of somewhere…” Okay, it just HAS to be said because it was there. Damon came out of the closet. Now I‘m not going there, especially since he looked so HOT with that whole stake gatling gun thing goin. But I‘m prejudiced! This is where my local CW again played an apt commercial, the Windows phone Season of the Witch ad. Somebody in the booth was bein cutesy!

    Back to tne brawl, I must say, these girls fighting in heels bring a whole new meaning to the word FIERCE! When Jer ran in and hollered “STOP!” and they did, I thought to myself, “When did they ever listen to Jer?”

    Elena should have taken the damn GetOutOfDeathFree ring from Jer! What is she thinking? [not]

    During the whole “altercation” in Bonnie & Jer’s room, Stefan was actually the level-headed one. The evil slut vampire who only loved herself was speaking in tongues, Damon was wrestling with his inner demons, and he even tired to get out of the room at one point and couldn’t–hello, Woobs, witchyjuju spell).

    Stefan kept ignoring her insane comments, and brought up the fact that she gave George Douchenozzle Lockwood the moonstone waybackwhen, but it was not hers to begin with and who are you running from? I had to laugh. Since the writers were livetweeting from the CW site, it was about this time that @kevwilliamson tweeted “Is that a moonstone or a bar of soap? I ask you?” I’ve been saying Bath & Body works for weeks! LOL

    Suit Fetish #5: Kat to Stefan: “I love you in a suit, so dashing!” And the whole checkin up on him in Chicago yadayadayada. I REALLY thought MD was gonna hurl!

    Cut to I Love Lucy arm wrestling Bonnie downstairs–What? She has the stone on her? (where WAS Bonnie hidin that stone? No purse, no pocket, hmmmmm)

    In the Lockwood Study
    The Ty Matty fight scene was brilliantly played. That musta been Kat’s Plan C Sarah the Backup Bitch–oops! On the floor again. Miss Sarah in the Study with a letter opener. (We could play CLUE instead of Charades or Pictionary). Car is doin so awesome as a vamp–Nobody’s blood in the study turned her, and everybody was bleedin! Question: Did Car keep Ty from turning completely by talking him down? Or does he need the Full Moon?

    And the big climax [ahem] scene, which began with that drink from MD, “Right away Miss Katherine!” and then goes for her. Of course, Stefan is the VoiceOfReason to stop him because it might be hurting Elena, and Katherine’s in tongues again, “When did u get so hot?” We beat that line to death in the morning after blog, but it bears repeatin–IN THE WOMB, BITCH, R U BLIND?

    Sashayin her butt off, I Love Lucy appears with the Kryptonite – why did the stone take Katherine down? – apologizes, tells the SuperBros that Elena’s fine, and flaunts her butt out. Entrances and exits–primo.

    I Love Lucy’s family tree freaked me out, too. How DO you twice remove a cousin? Is that like an appendix that grows back? We got Lucy, Pauline, Sheila, Bonnie–The Pointed Sisters! (where the 7734 does Emily fall into the mix?) And if Bonnie’s the good witch, does that make I Love Lucy the bad one or the used one?

    Why did Stefan tell Elena that Katherine was really gone–because it didn’t fool us! Elena just seemed to buy it, but then there was that whole confusing “wake up and know that the people I love are safe. I need to feel safe.” BS. If Stefan’s not getting this, I’m not getting it, either!

    Totes off the charts – Baby Jane is right! It was Hostile City Emo in action! MD kept it in check and broke bad on her ass “I’LL DO ANYTHING! YOU NEED ME! THE DOPPELGANGER NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED! YOU NEED ME!” R O T I N H E L L. Period. Slam.

    *shuddering sigh* Oh Woobs, THAT got me!

    Now, somebody wanna tell me how a previously near-dead, supposedly protected, always defenseless Elena gets Doppelgangernapped alone in the parking lot?

    Final Thought for The Week


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