Reactions: Episode 2.07 “Masquerade”

There was just so much going on last night, Cin and I had to bring in reinforcements to keep us from going insane right along with Katherine in the tomb! Without further ado (because we have a lot to say, haha), here’s our roundtable discussion of last night’s ep:

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Mel, Erica, and Cat (SBH contributors and friends).

Matty/Peeta LIVES!!!!!!!
Cin: MATTY/PEETA LIVES! Praise Baby Jesus!
Christina: WE DID IT!!!!!
Cin: I went into this episode nervous & terrified, not just for Matt’s safety (believe it or not by our theatrics, we really did think he would be alright — but it was that thought that kinda nagged at us because TPTB like to throw everyone off the scent & then mindfucks abound). “Masquerade” was good, but it wasn’t as shocking & gut wrenching as “Plan B” was. And boy am I grateful. Not sure I could have handled that again. LOL
Cat: Listen, I think I could live without Matty/Peeta, but your love of him makes me love him, and I too am glad he lives. But where’s the “big death” unless they just meant big in that it gives us our wolfy boy. Are we going to get some Vampire/Werewolf cross breeding with TyCar? TyOline?
Christina: TYOLINE!!! Actually, no. That’s wrong.
Cin: It is beyond wrong. It’s like Wincest wrong… well, not quite, but almost!
Mel: I wouldn’t be against these two hooking up! As much as I would want Matty/Peeta and Caroline to get back together, seeing Tyler and Caroline together wouldn’t be so terrible.
Cin: I am still kinda lost about the “other” “big death”. I think these TV gossip reporters have been bamboozled by TPTB. Was it Mason? (Because if it was, ummm, LAME. Not a major character at all). Is the multiple body count in this ep count for something – because 2 high school 3-ep players are in no way ‘major’ characters either. Is the killing not over? I seriously thought it would be Carol after the mother-son bonding scene in the beginning of the ep. Still kinda hoping for Jenna. She’s made Alaric lame. Her being an annoying pest I can live with – Alaric being boring? NEVER.
Cat: Alaric can’t be boring because he’s in a Bromance with Damon. Period. 🙂
Christina: Agree. Alaric can’t be boring. He’s being domesticated. Like a cat. It’s adorable. But as long as he doesn’t lose the bromantic badassery, I’m good. Also, lose the shirt. Did I just say that? 😉
Erica: I have a huge crush on Alaric, as a character, and in RL, but it dies a little when he acts like Jenna’s little lap dog.

Damon: Underrated? Never!
Christina: I feel like he didn’t get all the attention he deserved this episode. Facing down Kathi was a fairly monumental event. He was obvs feeling some feelings, coming fact to face with Kathi again — you could see it when he left her in the tomb — and when she tried to get him to let her out. Even though she was telling the truth about the “man” at the end. I don’t know if I’m explaining this correctly. So much was going on, I almost felt like Damon sort of got lost in the ether.
Cin: I agree totally. Wow. How often is it that DAMON is the one who is glossed over & overlooked? He was magnificent as usual, I noticed him more on my rewatch for sure because it was the subtle but very woobie/badass. Yeah, he was feeling the feelings big time after the tomb but I think it was like him finally shutting the door on that part of himself after all this time. 145 years is a long time for someone to be the center of your universe. I think he’s just starting to deal with how & who he is without that defining who he is.
Erica: When Kat was talking about checking in on Stefan over the years, all I saw in Damon’s face was sadness, like “Why didn’t you ever check in on me?”
Cin: Ugh. See, that’s why I hate her. *spits*
Christina: You’re right; he’s not often overlooked! He was clearly distraught. This is one of those instances when I feel like there are too many characters. His stress, his pain, I feel, just needed a bit more attention. Totes agree. All about the subtlety.
Erica: Everything about Damon this episode was much more subtle, except for his direct defiance of Kat. I think that they were trying to make viewers pay more attention to Damon’s facial expressions and mannerisms, because they are a huge part of how Ian plays the character. He’s absolutely phenomenal. Damon is a character that doesn’t necessarily put his feelings right out on the table, so you have to catch on to the other indicators.
Cin: You are totally right. I notice him much more in the 2nd viewing as I was pausing & rewinding taking notes. There was A LOT of dialogue in this episode. And it was fast. I think the fact that everyone else was so busy & so much was going on made it harder to notice each performance. Not just Damon/Ian’s. I feel like that people who just watch this episode once will miss tons.
Erica: My thoughts exactly. I watch every episode at least twice, but with packed ones like this you definitely need to see it again to catch everything. This show continues to blow me away every single week.
Cat: I really need to rewatch this ep. At least once. Damon was subtle because everyone else brought their A-Game too. Every character had a big role in this episode – it was crazy busy.
Cin: Yes you do. I picked up so much my 2nd viewing that I missed. Especially in the performances. Also, I just want to throw this out there: I LOVED the ‘Kill Katherine Plan’. It was planned & executed almost perfectly. I wonder who was in charge of planning it? My money is on Damon. 🙂 Brilliant.

Bonnie/Jeremy: Stuck in the middle with you
Christina: Almost felt for her in her desperation to separate herself from the vamps — her plea to Lucy. On top of that, I like that she may be blaming the Salvatores less for her problems. If she takes more responsibility, I may start liking her again.
Cin: She’s working on getting off probation with me, but I’m still watching her closely. I can’t believe she agreed to help without blaming the Salvatores ONCE for everything (why #VDbingo gods? WHYYYY?) She was actually pretty cool for the entire episode. I also like that we saw a bit of her maybe moving past it by finding a common ground with Jer. I mean, they both feel obligated & whether they like it or not, are deep in the shit. But maybe together they can find a middle ground. I felt like they did a pretty good job of doing that in this episode. I don’t know if I’m more shocked that I actually started to like Bonnie again OR if I kinda want her & Jer to hook it up.
Christina: I don’t know how I feel about her and Jeremy… If the rumors of a love triangle are true, I really hope that the other wheel is Tyler. That would be interesting. And if the three of them wanted to be together, I wouldn’t say no, haha. Not totally sure it’d be altogether surprising either…
Cin: Yeah, cause a Tyler/Car/Matt triangle IS NOT something I want to see. No way!
Christina: For real! But also… not an opponent of Tyremy. 😛
Cin: Girl, this show needs to BRING THE GAY! Somewhere. Please!!!
Erica: WORD.
Mel: I completely agree with you there! But I don’t want Tyler to be the gay one. I have a mega crush on him lol.
Cin: How can you have a crush on Tyler? *yack* I’d go Jer before I went there.
Mel: For you to say that Cin, you must really not like Tyler, haha! I really like Tyler. He’s grown on me this season.
Cin: I agree there, he has grown on me. So has Jeremy. Plus, Jer has the whole mini-Padalecki thing going on. LOL
Christina: Mini-Padalecki!! Oh, and please. You know Ty’s got the hots for Jeremy. Why else would he have invited him back to the house that one ep? Amy and Skankface? JUST A RUSE!! 😉
Cin: Totally a ruse. Especially since they spent more time hidden away from the skanky girls. 😉
Mel: He invited Jeremy back to the house because he wanted to share the skanks with him. He was just being nice! Jeez… lol.
Erica: But back to Bonnie. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. I personally like her….sort of. She’s really jumped right into her witch pants, but she really didn’t have a choice. The whole Bonnie and Jeremy thing is creepy. Just so creepy, but also awkward. Maybe it will develop into something I can actually watch, but as of right now, it’s just weird.
Mel: Bonnie is also getting back on my good side after last night’s episode. I’ve always liked Bonnie, even in the books. But once she started blaming everything on the Salvatore’s she went straight on my shit list. On the whole Bonnie and Jeremy situation… I kind of have mixed feelings on it. At first I thought it was a terrible idea, but towards the end of the episode when he asked to drive her home and she was all like “when did you get your license?” and then he said something like “I’m a big boy now” I’m kind of ok with them hooking up.
Cat: BonEmy would be fine with me because I don’t have love for either one of them. Together though I might start to like them.
Cin: That’s exactly how I feel about it. I was kinda shocked I let them work the mojo on me, but it kinda worked.
Christina: *sigh* Agree. But I still don’t like it. Oh, and for the record, BookBonnie was SO MUCH MORE sympathetic! I hearted her. This one… meh…

And the Oscar goes to…Caroline!
Christina: How freaking BAD ASS was she when she tricked Katherine?! I was seriously upset at her for ratting everyone out so readily, but she even tricked me! Awesome!
Cin: I’ve said it before & I will again – they should NEVER kill Caroline. She is the most amazing girl vampire EVER. I was so proud for her in the Kat scene & when she intervenes between Matt & Tyler. I mean, in the whole damn party she is so tuned into Matt that she hears HIM. *sigh* SO awesome. And then fixing the problem? Man, I don’t know – it’s like she was born to become the best vampire ever!
Erica: YES! I went from utterly pissed at Caroline, to being in awe at how awesome she is when she tricked Kat in like 3.5 seconds!
Mel: Oh my god! I was about ready to jump through my TV screen and strangle Caroline when she was spilling the beans to Katherine! Then BAM! She tricked us all! And especially Katherine which was EPIC! She’s awesome! Seriously love this girl.
Christina: Also, I so love that she went to the Mystic Grill to “quasi-stalk” Matt. How adorable. She’s stalking because she cares — she’s totes in love with him.
Cin: Hehe. Can you blame her? He is so precious & hot & *sigh* I love him FOR REAL too.
Erica: Did anyone else notice that when Caroline and Matt are staring longingly and regretfully at each other during the masquerade, the song playing was “People Change.” The music on this show is so great, and always fits exactly with the scene.
Cin: Of course we noticed. It involves Car & Matty/Peeta. We notice EVERYTHING. LOL
Erica: Oh Matty/Peeta, the love we have for you and Car is never-ending.
Cat: Oh Caroline, you had me at hello. She’s an amazing vampire. Knocking out Matt and holding back Tyler in a short red dress and high heels? 🙂 I’m still pro DamCar. They’d have killer love scenes.
Cin: DamCar just need to have lusty sire/progeny sexy time. I mean, why the hell not? Hit the humanity switch, get the kinks out & then go about your business. In my mind, it’s soooooo already happening up in the SBH. No one can convince me otherwise.
Cat: Erica, I love the music too. Every ep I’m blown away by some weird instrumental in the background that I realize is an 80s tune with words that sum up the scene. I don’t know who their music director is, but I love them.
Erica: The Tears for Fears “Head Over Heels” cover was amazing too. When the lyrics say “‘I’m lost in adoration, do I need you this much?” I melt. MELT.
Cin: That is TOTES in my notes. Loved it.
Christina: Yes! I noticed that one too. This show had me musically when they used two Editors’ songs last season. *swoons* I love Editors *gets weepy at the sentimentality* I am nuts.

Stefan’s Breaking All the Rules!
Christina: Again with the BAD ASS vamps. I’m not sure if there’s a vamp left in MF who follows Stefan’s original rules of vampitude. The whole reveal at the beginning where he tells Damon not to kill Katherine — because HE was going to kill her — I got chills.
Erica: That’s the Stefan I like to see!
Mel: Badass KitKat is the BEST! I totes got chills too when he said he was going to kill her.
Cin: This is totally trivial, but this new thing awesome Stefan does with the hands when he’s mad or plotting or working things out is ALL KINDS OF HOT. I have no idea why? But I love it. Also, I just have to jump in here & say that I LOVE Stefan. I do. He’s awesome in general & Paul Wesley is really bringing his A game this year, even if he does need to eat a burger. BUT, what was with the Mr. Rogers plaid & hoodie set in the beginning of the episode? *shakes head*
Christina: And then at the end, when Elena said that they still needed to be broken up even though Kathi was “gone” — tugged at my heartstrings again. Again so impressed by Paul Wesley’s expressiveness.
Erica: The whole last scene with Elena and Stefan was so sad. It was like watching Zack and Kelly break up at the costume ball with “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” playing in the background on Saved by the Bell.
Christina: Hahaha. Cheese to the Max!!
Cin: You did NOT just invoke SBTB into my episode reaction post. GO TO YOUR ROOM!!! Jesus! After last week it felt a bit too dramatic. Haven’t we had this conversation before, like a season ago? And what’s even the point? They are gonna get back together in like 2 episodes I bet. Oh, I know! If they had made up Stefan might have walked her home (big ‘might’, he left her alone in “Founders Day” and that worked out just fantastic) and he couldn’t do that because she had to hobble off all alone & get kidnapped by mysterious evil.
Christina: That’s true. Everything for a reason, Cin. We need to read between the lines 😉
Mel: Once again my heart was broken during last nights episode. I hate to see Stefan upset. It hurts my heart.
Christina: Word. That’s it. I’m moving to Mystic Falls for real.

Katherine: Say “hello” to your spine!!!
Christina: TOMB’D! I was NOT expecting that! I actually didn’t expect them to be able to incapacitate her at all. Even texting Cin during the episode, we were trying to figure out if she would die. The gist of my theory was that, no, they couldn’t get rid of her. It would be too easy a solution to the problem.
Cin: Eh. I wanted her dead, but yeah, tombed works too. Slow torture is always a plus in my book. Unfortunately she will only stay in there another 1 or 2 episodes before the gang busts her out for some reason.
Mel: I agree. I wanted her dead also. I was so surprised that they didn’t just kill her at the Lockwood’s house when she fell to the floor. But putting her in a tomb works too. But like you said, they’re so going to be taking her out of the tomb once they find out someone took Elena, since clearly she knows something that they don’t! DUN DUN DUN! Haha.
Christina: The interesting thing about Kathi is that she has an amazing ability to make herself seem sympathetic when in reality, she is straight up bananas. Seriously. And when Damon closed the door to the tomb, the look of fear in her eyes — like fear that she would never get out of there, a sort of wild desperation to think of a solution — just shows how much she’s NOT in control. I’ve made this point before, and I’m going to keep on making it — Katherine isn’t fully aware of anything or anyone outside of herself. But now locked in the tomb… she’s totes going to come out EVEN CRAZIER. She’s alone in there, so the only place she has to go is Crazytown! I mean… she’s going to come out ready to eat children or something. Now for the weather. Tiffany?
Cin: Oh man, she is totally apeshit crazy. That whole things where she mouthed “I love you” to Stefan was possibly the scariest moment of the night for me. It was like looney tunes time. I can’t even imagine her becoming even more unhinged. Actually I kinda can… I’m invisioning Belatrix Lestrange meets Baby Jane…
Christina: HOLY aaahahahaha! Baby Jane. If Kathi’s end is anything like Baby Jane’s, I’m going to LOL forever. But my lingering question: WHY IS SHE SO DAMN CRYPTIC?! What did she mean that Elena “needs to be protected”?? Hasn’t she been trying to injure/harm her all along? I don’t think we’ve actually ever seen evidence that she wants Elena dead, but she was the one who put Lucy up to the linking spell so Elena would be hurt. But then why now is she screaming about how she needs to be protected — the Doppelgänger needs to be protected?? And she STILL hasn’t explained why she needs a werewolf. How is Tyler supposed to protect her?
Cin: No, until this episode she has never harmed Elena physically in any way. I think the key to many things might just be in “The Doppleganger needs to be protected” not “my doppleganger” but “the doppleganger”. UGH! I need this mystery solved pronto!
Cat: Clearly the link to Elena was to keep herself alive – no other reason. She knew how this would play out because honestly, she’s usually smarter than all of them rolled up. But what is the doppleganger!?!?! Gah! It’s bigger than Kat, but what is it!?
Cin: Exactly!
Christina: As much as I hate her, she is so FRIGHTENING, you kind of have to admire her. When she paralyzed and then KILLED Amy?! So easily? So guilt-free? I mean, I have to admit, I’m really glad she’s dead. She did nothing really, and I groaned whenever I saw her and/or Skankface on screen.
Cin: Ripping out the girls spine seriously wins the most awesomely badass moment of the night. I mean, she RIPPED OUT HER SPINE! (kinda, whatever, just go with it! LOL)
Mel: Katherine ripping out Amy’s spine was SO AWESOME!
Erica: I’m not even sure where to begin with Katherine. I love and hate her all at the same time. I mean, she threatened to kill Damon, and seriously, if you kill Damon, we are so DONE. But I loved her when D said “That Damon died a long time ago”, and she said “Good. He was a bore.” I mean that is just hilarious. She’s very calculating, she always knows how to push both their buttons by bringing up Damon’s love for Elena. I had a feeling that they wouldn’t kill her, I think the tomb is a much worse punishment anyway.
Christina: I agree. Cunning, calculating, but I still think there’s something missing. There’s something not quite right with her — it’s the cray, for sure. Absolutely frightening.
Erica: And since we’re talking about Katherine, let’s say once again that Nina Dobrev is absolutely incredible. It takes a really phenomenal actress to play two completely different characters like Elena and Kat.
Cat: I know this is unpopular, but I LOVE KATHERINE. I want more more more. She’s smart, she’s evil, she gives Nina Dobrev a chance to play someone interesting. She ripped out a spine! But, I’m the person who wants vampires to be vampires and not emo bunny drinking shadows of vampires. What kind of fantasy is in that? None if you ask me.
Cin: I would hate her less if she didn’t threaten people like Matty/Peeta. I don’t want the emo – but as far as vamps go, I’ll still take Damon & Caroline over Katherine any day. But Kathi does bring the cray & the excitement. I’ll give her that.
Mel: I go back and forth between loving and hating Katherine. She’s just been such an amazing addition to this season. The way she gets to the brothers, Elena and the whole entire universe is just great. I remember reading the books and Katherine not really having this huge effect on me. Like I didn’t even really care who she was or what she was doing. But this Katherine is fantastic and so much fun to watch. Now that I think about it I’m kind of glad they didn’t kill her. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate her face! Haha.
Christina: This Katherine is so much more dangerous that BookKatherine too. Like, TOTES more dangerous. She also has a bigger role. I hate her, but I also love her b/c she is DRAMA! And that’s an absolute necessary evil. BTW, I’m totes starting a petition for them to make a TVD/True Blood Crossover/Spin-off. A Katherine Pierce, Russell Edgington, Franklin Mott show. DUDE! New “Three’s Company!” With special guest appearances by Talbot-in-a-Jar!
Cin: Guest appearances? Isn’t he like the family pet?!? ROFL!

It’s All the (Wolf) Rage!
Christina: Speaking of cray — I can’t believe TYLER KILLED SKANKFACE!! YES! Am I the only one who finds it funny that she’s the one he killed (I totes had my money on Carol!) considering he almost killed her in “Kill or Be Killed” too? I LOL’d a little. She was bred only to die, haha.
Cin: Also, in a real town the Lockwood’s would be sued so hard by skankface’s parents that they would lose the mighty ancestral manor house. #fact
Erica: Can we take a moment to do a happy dance for both of the skanks being dead?! HALLELUJAH!
Mel: Ok, besides killing skankface, which of course was awesome, there’s no denying that – but was I the only one who was so heartbroken when Tyler realized what he did and what he was going to become? I felt so terrible.
Cin: I just tolerate Tyler & I felt bad for him. AND I admit was pretty impressed with him for not taking the bait with Matty/Peeta. He gets massive points from me for that. But yeah, I totes thought it would be Carol too.
Mel: Yeah, I agree. I kind of had a feeling that sending Matty/Peeta after Tyler was going to backfire because they’re best buds and he wasn’t going to give into that.
Erica: YES! I know exactly what you mean! He looked so scared like he had no idea what was about to happen, and really he didn’t and he has no one to guide him because his dad and Mason are both gone!
Mel: I know! That’s what kills me even more! He really has no one. As much as this sucks for him I’m super excited to see how it all turns out.
Cat: Am I the only person who just ignored those two? Did they have names?
Cin: Only because I take notes on the episode I know their names. LOL But mostly in my notes they are Floozie #1 & Floozie #2. Canon fodder.
Erica: According to my notes, one’s name was Sarah, and I only know that because Ms. Lockwood said it. Otherwise, they are just skank floozie nobodies.
Christina: We’ve seen both before. The one from the spinal-rip was Amy — the hoe who made out with Tyler when she was all into Matt. And Sarah is Skankface. The really old-looking high school student who was trying to rob Jeremy’s cradle in the ep 205 when Tyler FIRST almost killed her.
Cat: Spine loser I recognized. She’s the one Caroline thought was trying to steal Matt, right? But the girls at the house are just the drunk nobodies.
Christina: Pretty much. Glad they’re gone; they annoyed me.

A True BROmance
Christina: It makes me so happy when I see the brothers working together. “We’ll do it together” — sort of heartwarming and scary at the same time, no? They gave me chills. And they sure do clean up nice in those suits… even if I spent the entire episode resisting calling them, like, Mr. Orange and Mr. White.
Erica: Okay, I know that Alaric and D have the whole bromance going on, but in this episode Damon and Stefan have a legitimate BROmance. I like when they work together, too. And yes, Salvatores in tuxedos….my favorite!
Mel: Damon and Stefan working together was great! I really hope we see more of this. Also, Salvatores in tuxedos is pure hotness! Its just like when Dean and Sam wear suits! What is it with brothers wearing suits/ tuxedos and looking super sexy? Not that I’m complaining.
Cin: There is nothing I don’t like about the brothers together in a scene. Fighting, working together, whatever. Plus, Stefan does the hand thing and Damon brings his A-game snark.
Cat: I actually like the brothers together too. Damon elevates everyone 😉

Is it just me or…
1. Erica: Is Mystic Falls a town full of alcoholics?
Cat:It’s definitely a town that cares more about vampires than teenagers drinking openly.
Christina: That used to be a #vdbingo square back in Season 1. *shakes head*

2. Erica: Was the word “dick” said way too many times?
Cin: Yeah, and but still not as much as Supernatural. LOL
Christina: I only recall it once — when Damon said Katherine was “not getting dick.” I LOL’d. But yeah, kind of jarring… possibly because it’s on the CW.

3. Erica: Were the masquerade masks the scariest part of this episode?
Cin: I’m kinda surprised they didn’t freak me out more
Mel: I actually really loved them!

4. Erica: Should Alaric the Vamp Slayer be a little more observant? Elena got away too easily.
Christina: TOTES! That annoyed me too.
Cin: Double TOTES! Somebody needs to teach that girl some stealth – I mean, BACK DOOR? And Alaric.. please quit being Jenna’s pussy-whipped lame ass houseboy. Please.
Christina: Alaric the Houseboy FTW! I want one!!!

5. Erica: Was Caroline’s dress AMAZING?!
Cin: Definitely my favorite too!
Mel: I LOVED her dress! But I wouldn’t expect less from Caroline.

6. Erica: Is drunk Matt still charming?
Cin: HELL. YES! Somebody needs to sex that boy up soon. He is too precious. I actually thought Kathi was gonna try to hit it before she sent him to his death “God you’re hot. Now go away.” And he said “Thank you” ROFL!

7. Erica: Was 1987 Stefan was awesome?! Front row Bon Jovi….SWEET!
Cin: psssttt – I was at a Bon Jovi concert in 1987. 30 feet from the stage. 2/17/87. The week Livin’ On A Prayer went #1. TOTES life changing
Christina: 1987?! Wasn’t it 1987 in “162 Candles” — but then Kat def said 1994, didn’t she??? I’m losing it, aren’t I?
Cin: NO. She said 1987, And I don’t remember what Lexi said, but that’s DEF what Kat said.
Christina: ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I could have SWORN she said 1994… that’s why I texted you all confused. My brain hates me…

8. Erica: Should people stop leaving Elena alone? She needs a bodyguard at all times.
Cin: I was shocked that she was left to limp off & drive herself home. At least Jeremy CALLED her to check. I mean, didn’t Car like almost die from internal injuries not too long ago? Hello, stabbed!

ERICA: In case anyone wants it, the songs in order from last night are
1. Cruel Black Dove “Love My Way”
2. Gorillaz “On Melancholy Hill”
3. Digital Daggers “Head over Heels” ((Amazing cover. ))
4. Morning Parade “Under the Stars”
5. Joel and Luke “People Change” ((The Matt/Caroline song. Very representative of their relationship))
6. Kaskade “Fire in Your New Shoes”
7. Tawgs Salter “Brave” ((Really like the lyrics to this one, during the S/E breakup scene. The lyrics went “I think I’ll be brave, starting with you but I’ll fall away if you tell me to.”))

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12 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.07 “Masquerade”

  1. Erica says:

    Thank god Matty is alive, Caroline is awesome,Jeremy isn’t still emo, Bonnie’s got a witchy relative, Katherine is still CRAY-CRAY, Alaric’s getting domesticated, Jenna’s still an idiot, and Damon and Stefan make an AWESOME team!!!

  2. Erica says:

    Oh, and poor Tyler.
    DING DONG, The skanks are dead!

  3. Colleen says:

    once again I LOVE this reactions post. I too, want an Alaric the houseboy. Do they sell them? eBay perhaps? Anywho, this ep was bam bam bam start to finish.

    Spine ripping of slutty Amy was AWESOME! Katherine is a cold, crazy bitch and I respect her for that.

    YAY! Matty lives! Not that we doubted, but good God I loved the vigil. lol

    I’m not sold on Jer/Bonnie (Jonnie? Beremy? Boremy?). Two bores do not make a right. (ex: Elena/Stefan)

    The Elena/Katherine connection via spell was totally out of left field. Loved it. I was not expecting that at all. WOAH.

    Caroline may be tied with Damon as my favorite Vamp on this show. She is amazing! The Kat fake out blew my mind. She is such a bad ass!

    Tyler, oh Tyler. Nobody is mad you killed skankface. Well maybe her parents might be, but none of us out here in tv viewership land are. That girl should have bit it the first time you “accidently” pushed her. Tyler as a werewolf might just work out nicely.

    Finally, I am not a fan of Stefan and Elena at all. I could really care less if they get back together. They bore me as a couple and now broken up more boring. Sad eyes and longing looks do not interest me. They whole I love you but it’s not safe thing is way overplayed. I’m also not on board the Damon/Elena train. She doesn’t deserve such a bad ass, passionate vamp. Maybe she can hook up with Tyler. *shrugs*

    Once again great job SBH!!!

  4. Colleen says:

    PS. “mini-Padalecki” OH NO YOU DIN’NT 😉 (yes I did the head swerve and finger point to go with it. )

  5. mak75231 says:

    Good Grief! GangPost seriously threw me for a loop! I feel violated! I can only listen to so many voices in my head at one time!

    INTERRUPTION: I would like to go on the record RIGHT NOW as a volunteer to be THE TSA Patdown screener at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta—PLEEEEZ!

    In deference to the writers (they were totes obsessed with it) this week’s Woobie Word of the Week is “DICK”. And per your comments in “Is it Just Me Or…”#2, it was actually said only 4 times (I coulda sworn it was more!) Damon (about Katherine–ROFL), Tyler, Carol, Matt. The score was tied 1-1-1-1.

    Matty/Peeta LIVES!!!!!!!
    We didn’t burn down the Parlor, and we saved Matty/Peeta–a hotter, drunker Matty (sans cast this week), but he’s sleepin it off in Car’s car…I’m still leanin toward he and Car getting back together. Tyoline, puleez! Sounds like a new biodiesel ethanol fuel…

    KILLING NOT OVER–remember “You’re Either With Me or Your Dead”? What’s our next mission? ROAD TRIP! Pack up The SBH limo! (trunk corpses optional)

    Alaric is totes workin the Jeremiah Johnson. He dirty’s up nice.

    Damon: Underrated? Never!
    Totes not enuf MD adoration goin on. Never fear, I got it covered…Subtle woobie/badass didn’t touch it.
    Stop hurting Damon you 666 year-old bitch! Sorry, *exhale with emo* I threw things at the TV at that moment.
    He and Kat kept antagonizing each other, and he kept fighting the hesitating–cept that one time after the “Right way, Miss Katherine” good little Southern boy *oh, gawd, can I have one* line when he was THIS close to taking her out! They let Stefan play the Don’t Change The Subject card ignoring Kat’s fawning over and over while Damon kept getting tweeked. “Death would have been too kind.” SLAM *trembling sigh* OMG! WOOBIE!

    Bonnie/Jeremy: Stuck in the middle with you
    Well I don’t know why I came here tonight, [Elena]
    I got the feeling that something ain’t right, [Bonnie]
    I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair, [Cin]
    And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs, [in f#@k me pumps]
    Clowns to the left of me, [Jenna]
    Jokers to the right, here I am, [Kat]
    Stuck in the middle with you. [Bonnie & Jer]

    You asked for that!

    And the Oscar goes to…Caroline!
    New Move: It’s the Gawk & Stalk! Although my brain heard “Quasimodo” when she said quasi-stalk. Nina was certifiable as Katherine this week, too. Tomb resealing? AWESOME FREAKOUT!

    Stefan’s Breaking All the Rules!
    Sorry dudettes, a lot of Stef’s scenes were with Damon, and when MD’s in the room, I totes do NOT notice things like Stefan’s hands! SO, I’m gonna argue on the flipside (just for woobiesnark):
    Rule 1: He told Kat “No” (then danced with her anyway). Rule 2: Fashion Don’t Plaid Shirt and Hoodie (that was just WRONG). Rule 3: Buyin the craptacious line from Elena “First I need to wake up and know that the people I love are safe. I need to feel safe.” JEZUZHCHRIST! You got about 16 immortals tryin to protect you, what more do you want! Rule 4: Not telling Elena the WHOLE TRUTH (and nuttin but the truth) “Is she really gone?” “Yeah”

    Katherine: Say “hello” to your spine!!!
    OMGROFL I was thinking the same thing! “Now for the weather. Tiffany?” Oh, well, Amy was a spineless twit, anyways!
    They’ll have to get Kat out of the tomb because they sealed the moonstone up with her and they’re gonna need both to get Elena back from THE doppelgangernapper!

    It’s All the (Wolf) Rage!
    Okay, so I was down the road on Carol triggering the curse, too–win some lose some. At least the slutsisters are history! Car was epic in these scenes. Did she actually keep Ty calm enough to keep from the full turn, or was it because it wasn’t a full moon yet?

    A True BROmance
    I’m thinkin not the suits, unless it’s their birthday….
    *lost my train of thought* Oh yea, STRENGTH IN UNITY! There was a time when “I gotcher back” woulda provoked a “You’ll be in a better place to kiss my ass!” Song cue: “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…….”

    We’ll have to see how this plays out in the LONG RUN…

    Is it just me or…
    1. Is Mystic Falls a town full of alcoholics?
    The Friends of Bill W Mystic Falls chapter meeting is the next Founding Families soiree
    2. Was the word “dick” said way too many times?
    See Woobie Word of the Week
    What was REALLY said way too many times was “You look good/dashing/hot in a suit.” Kat’s wore out her go-to line like a….well, a cheap suit!
    3. Were the masquerade masks the scariest part of this episode?
    Reminiscent of “Eyes Wide Shut” if you ask me. Without the G-strings.
    I thought the scariest [not scary BOO, scary CAR CAR CARAZY] was Katherine “YOU NEED ME! I’LL DO ANYTHING! YOU NEED ME!”
    4. Should Alaric the Vamp Slayer be a little more observant? Elena got away too easily.
    Ric: I’ll make sure she doesn’t leave my sight. We got Little Stevie Wonder on guard!
    5. Was Caroline’s dress AMAZING?!
    At least she wasn’t wearin Vampire’s Secret undies and a Snooki poof!
    6. Is drunk Matt still charming?
    Drunk Matt is WAY hottern football jock Matt. He should be corrupted more often.
    7. Was 1987 Stefan was awesome?! Front row Bon Jovi….SWEET!
    Yea, it was Lexie, Stefan, and Cin Front Row Center–Cin was Livin on a Prayer! Kat was in the corner, Wanted: Dead or Alive (same dif)
    8. Should people stop leaving Elena alone? She needs a bodyguard at all times.
    She shoulda took the ring, just sayin. Maybe she’s a dumb blonde after all.

    Marcos Siega does an epic job overseeing the music selections. Mostly I don’t realize the impact till the second or third runthrough–covers of songs you know are *dead* on, new music always compliments the sitch…vamptastic! Just like subliminal messaging!

    Final thought for the Reactions–When did you get so hot? Are you blind, bitch?

  6. Pingback: Twitted by romancialove

  7. Erica says:

    OMG. My notes say “When did Damon get hot? IN THE WOMB BITCH.”
    But not in a weirdo way like I fell in love with him as an infant *couchTwilightcough* but seriously, Damon has always been hot.

  8. rehabber says:

    Damon is my reason for living, the wind beneath my wings, well you get the idea. When he hurts or has one of his tiny sounds, it kills me. Tonight at the tomb when he turns away from closing the door and sighs….DAMN DAMON do you know what you do to The worse one was when Kat told him she had never loved him, it was always Stefan and she walks away and Damon had that little “uh”. I still can not watch that ep without crying. Of course I always cried over Spike’s hurts also.
    I also liked the Stefan hand use, that was eye catching. Am liking him much better this season.
    Alaric is not being used enough, need him back working with Damon. He should be going on the road trip with the boys to get Elena back.
    I am liking Caroline, she is one hot, kick-ass vampire. Did not like her at all last season, but she needs to stay around, she adds much to the story. A Tyler/Caroline thing would be fun around the first full moon. I felt so sorry for him when he knew what was going to happen.
    Maybe Bonnie will become someone I can like, did you notice the “maybe”. I would not mind at all seeing Bonnie and Jer hooking up, I liked the sparks there.
    I do think that Elena has Jer’s ring, when she was talking to Stefan she said she was healing. As far as getting Kat out of the tomb, Bonnie is the only one that can do that. Not sure she would be up to letting that killer out. A human could go in to get the stone, but the vamps could not, if the spell is the same as the old one. Damon tried to get out of the room and could not until the spell was taken away. I like Kat, she is just crazy enough to be interesting and Nina plays her perfectly.
    Years from now when this series is over, I do hope that Kevin and Julie keep writing together, any show that can surprise me as often as this one does is going to get my FAVORITE SHOW rating, and I would like to see what else they can do. Because of TVD I have started watching Dawson’s Creek and am loving it. Pacey is so well written and Joshua is the reason I like Fringe so much, also I have a friend that Jack/Kerr Smith reminds me of so have love for him as well.

  9. DJ says:

    When did you get so hot? Are you blind, bitch?


    • mak75231 says:

      I liked Erica’s IN THE WOMB BITCH, too. Seems like we all have EXTREMELY good taste! lol

      • DJ says:

        katherine’s probably so old, she needs glasses.

        then again… everyone’s going on about how elena is sooo boring and how katherine is so hot and awesome, so attitude really does change our perception of the exact same person. we haven’t see all that much of damon in the past, but he did seem kinda lame, so i see how katherine sees and improvement. the thing with ian though is that he could probably recite the phone book and he’d still be hot. it seems like that guy can do no wrong.

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