#VDBingo Episode 2.07

One word: INSANITY!!! I don’t even know where to begin! I have “WTF” written all over my notes. Katherine! Elena! Doppelgängers! Damon! Other Witch! Tyler! MAATTYYY!!! I need a minute to process. While I do that…

Here is the list of officially marked squares: (13 total)

  • Caroline loves Matty/Peeta. Real or Not Real? (TOTES real! She couldn’t help herself; had to get a little light stalking in!)
  • Holy frak! Who knew Dark Side Stefan could be this hot?! (YUM)
  • Damon is like a real live boy! (Damon, you just can’t stop feeling those feelings, can you?)
  • Awww, Jer’s like a mini-Alaric!
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Alaric Saltzman: History teacher. Vamp slayer. Step-dad?
  • Katherine and Elena are doppelgängers. What? WHY? HOW?!
  • Katherine threatens THE ENTIRE TOWN!
  • Tyler flips his furry lid!
  • The Founding Famililes are at it again!
  • Elena the Protector
  • Damon + Alaric = BROMANCE!

How did you do? I know we got at least 1 winner. If you got bingo, make sure you e-mail us (address is in the right hand column). Include your card #, and put “VDBingo Ep 2.07” in the subject line!

Special Announcement — so listen up! 🙂

So, you may have been wondering what you get if you win the 2nd Quarter VDBingo drawing. Well, wonder no more! The prizes are here! If you win the drawing (each bingo win is an entry into the drawing!), you’ll get: the super sweet 2011 Vampire Diaries Wall Calendar AND your very own copy of @tvdnews‘ “A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls: Your Favorite Authors on The Vampire Diaries.”

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16 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 2.07

  1. mak75231 says:

    Couldn’t Bonnie have blamed the SBros just once? And who was holdin out on the vervain darts? Oh, well, the ep was totes worth it! Great prizes, BTW! 🙂

  2. Allie says:

    I can’t believe i nearly had it in three spaces! No mind bullets, crazy vamp eyes OR shirtless damon?
    IF ANYTHING they couldve just given us a little shirtless damon… -sigh- atleast i get to stare at the lovely stefan/damon poster on my wall. 🙂 got it today, thanks again 🙂

  3. Chantal says:

    yeah wait ther werent any vervain darts? 😦 Thats lik the only thing I needed. lol Or Bonnie blames the Salvatores for everything. Well thers always next week. And seriously this ep was insane! That is the best way to describe it.

  4. mak75231 says:

    Check the comment Jer made to Bonnie about if she can do a hocus pocus to ace a test–think we missed one! School mention

  5. Kelsey says:

    soooo close! I needed vamp eyes or either salvatores shirtless. To be honest though, Maquerade is now my favourite VD episode! Loved it, and Matt is alive!!!!! Everyone’s alive! (Pretty much) Kat’s “You Need ME!!!!!!!!!” was soooo fantastic! That Kat/Damon scene at the end was THE best! Love you guys!

  6. Shenna says:

    I think I’m playing all wrong here, lol. Every episode are we supposed to be using a different card (same #)? Or is it cumulative of all the designated number of episodes (like ep. 1-5 for ex)? I’m using same card ( issued for these designated episodes) and marking off squares that haven’t been previously marked off as I go.

    In other words, are each episodes clues only for that episode and if I don’t get #vdbingo with that episode, I start anew for the next episode?

  7. DJ says:

    shucks. i would have needed either brother shirtless. Seriously. I’m not even picky. Either one would have done 🙂
    Also, Vampire-hunting abounds – but no vervain darts, pissed off vampires going rampant and also sexually teasing each other non stop – and not a single crazy vamp eye, and then Damon is at his snarky best – but we get not a single lewd remark? What’s going on here???

    • Bingo or not, I could use a little Shirtless Salvatores in my life!

      And, I know! With so much violence, there weren’t even any of our common violence tropes! What is going on here! And no lewd remarks? Again?! Something wicked this way comes, indeed… :\

      • DJ says:

        we should ask kevin and julie to write a special episode which feature five of our bingo squares. i nominate: Damon is shirtless, Stefan is shirtless, Time for the SEX, Who knew Dark Side Stefan could be so hot and Damon makes a lewd remark. I would have nominated Magically Delicious is, well, Delicious, but he always is. I think the writers’ trying for some reason to no incorporate that square would necessarily have to end in total and utter failure.
        now that would be one good episode 🙂

      • mak75231 says:

        I nominate our next crusade to be to get a XXX-rated, #vdbingo-square-bumnanza episode outa the writers! They are def not gettin enuf Vitamin Salvatore in the writers room! It is totes TIME FOR THE SHIRTLESS SEX (this means YOU, Stefan!). MD needs no coaching (lol)

      • DJ — GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Hahah That would be awesome. What would be even cooler — if Kevin and Julie came up with an episode that used all 24 squares. Not only would that be the best #vdbingo game ever, it would be the most insane, most intense episode in the history of everything! Haha. A girl can dream…

        Mak — I like the way you think. It would def have to be on a different channel for that kind of fun though 😉

      • DJ says:

        haha, mak, that sounds like my fav ep ever in the making 🙂 let’s make it happen! Now… how do we let kev and julie know about this genious plot idea???
        c, that would be an insane episode. but, to be quite fair, the last few eps already came quite close. the last one used over half the scares and, as is obvious from our comments, a few more were quite close calls. that one was already pretty epic 🙂 they just need to stay on that route and we’re good to go!

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