Save Matty Donovan!!! ~ Day 4

Thank you all for joining us for our 4-day long Candlelight Vigil (that’s a lot of 24-hour candle burning!) to Save Matty Donovan. We at the SBH have been working hard all week to send our best, most loving vibes out to our favorite blue-eyed cuddlemuffin to keep him safe from Kathi’s wrath, and we appreciate all the love you all have rained upon him too.

And so, to close out our vigil (we won’t call it successful until we KNOW he’s safe), I give you one last prayer to TPTB, submitted by SBH reader Shenna (we’re SO proud!):

Matty, Oh, Matty

Matty, oh, Matty
With eyes so blue
You can’t leave now
Oh, Matty, boo hoo!

Matty, oh, Matty
This seems so wrong
Can’t you just plead with Katherine
“Can we all just get along?”

Matty, oh, Matty
Please don’t leave us
For if you do
I’ll surely start to fuss

Matty, oh, Matty
Please hear this cry
Julie and Kevin
Why? Oh, why?


1.15 ~ “A Few Good Men”

Caroline: *sighhhh*
Matt: What?
Caroline: This is boring. I’m bored.
Matt: Wow.

Caroline: But we have this entire house to ourselves. I mean, it’s practically a bachelor pad.
Matt: And?
Caroline: So, shouldn’t we do something a little bit more bachelor pad-y?

Matt: Like what? Something like this?

Caroline: Something like that…
Matt: I don’t know, this is a pretty good show.

Caroline: Seriously?

Kelly: Oh, God. Not on my couch.

Matt: Mom… Hey…



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One Response to Save Matty Donovan!!! ~ Day 4

  1. Romancia Love says:

    I know it’s a candle vigil BUT *dies laughing* Good thing I don’t ake up poetry. *claps claps*

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