Save Matty Donovan!!! ~ Day 3

We know, we know. We don’t think Matt is gonna be the other/next ‘Big Death’ but you know what, he’s in MORTAL DANGER! Kathi is screwing with our sweet precious boy and until he is out of her demoness clutches we should all be worried about not only death, but insanity & face punching. All of these things are of great importance to Christina, myself and many other lovers of Matty/Peeta across the stratosphere.

Also, the lack of Matt Donovan quotes on the internets is CRIMINAL. So for no other reason, this week is well worth it. 😉

Quote of the Day (s) ~ 10/27/10

1.12 ~ “Unpleasantville”

Caroline: Look, I said something stupid. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t even talking about you.
Matt: Yes you were, Caroline. Ben could easily be me. We’re just alike.
Caroline: That’s not true. Are you seriously mad about this? Look, Matt, you know me. Yeah, I say stupid things without thinking. Then I have to apologize and take it back… I’m a terrible, awful person, but I’m working on it.
Matt: Can we just not do this right now?
Caroline: Ok, what time do you get off?
Matt: Look, this thing we’ve got is nice, and it feels really good, and I know you want to take the next step..
Caroline: How do you know that? Have you even asked me?
Matt: I’m not over Elena. I mean, I don’t know if I am, but we go there and it could mess things up and we might lose this. And this is the only good thing I’ve got going for me right now. So if it doesn’t work, I’ll just disappoint you and hurt you and I don’t want to do that.
Caroline: Well, big problem, Matt, cause you took the next step, all by yourself. And you played the whole thing out in your head and you decided to bail without even giving it a shot. So this really great thing that we have, don’t worry about losing it. It’s already gone.


Matt: Caroline! Caroline get in the truck.
Caroline: What?!?

Matt: This will never work.


That’s right, cut yourself off a hunk of cheese & enjoy our fanmix REDUX!

Zip – Eyes So Blue — A Matty/Peeta Fanmix — REDUX – 39mb

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