Episode 206 “Plan B”

Episode 2.06 “Plan B”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Elena are keeping up the charade that they have broken up. At the site of the new park the entire town is involved in building, Stefan apologizes to UM for Damon, but UM doesn’t care. He rats them out as vampires to Sheriff Mom, and has a little girl poison Damon with vervainade to prove it. When the Salvatores go to seek revenge, Sheriff Mom and her Deputy Do-Rights shoot them full of wooden bullets, drag them into the dungeon on the Lockwood property and Vamp Caroline saves them, outing herself to her mom, who basically disowns her. Sad. Oh, and UM is in cahoots with Katherine?! WHAT?

It’s morning in Elena’s bedroom, and what’s this? Stefan is there?!

HELLOOO, Sexy Time! As Stefan’s trying to kiss her into another frenzy, Elena protests that they’re being bad. “What if Katherine finds out?”

Stefan’s all “Who’s Katherine.”

Hah. Typical boy.

Across town, at Mrs. Flowers’ B&B (book shout-out!), Katherine is being a floozy by having a man, UM, in her room. They are also having the sexy time.

Hey, buddy. This is (sort of, not really) a family show!

Only theirs is a little more naked. Perhaps to symbolize the difference in innocence levels. Deep, show.

Back in Elena’s room, she stops them again. Elena! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Ugh.

She mumbles and then says that she’s late, and for a second I have a TwilightWTF rage blackout until she explains that she’s supposed to be helping decorate Lockwood Manor for some charity thing. Oh, whew. What do you know? So is Stefan.

But is it really safe for him to be there? UM tried to kill him, Elena points out.

Back at the B&B, Kathi’s being all seductive and tries to get UM to tell her where the moonstone is,

but he says it’s somewhere safe. And no, he doesn’t trust her. He doesn’t trust anyone.

Ah, the major building block of any healthy relationship – the lack of trust. *rolls eyes*

Elena says fine Stefan can come do his civic duty too, but they can’t touch, “and no lingering stares.”

Hehe! Then she gets all serious and asks Stefan what she thinks will happen if Kathi finds out they were fake fighting. Before the scene changes back to the B&B, we hear Kathi’s voice in VO: “Scared I’m going to kill you?” Oooh, well played.

Oh, and now they’re both having a “feed the vampire” scene – Elena from the tip of her finger

(Really Elena, is a few teaspoons a day getting the job done? *shakes head*), and Katherine from the side of UM’s neck.

UM wants to know what will happen after he brings her the moonstone. “We’ll live happily ever after, I promise.” Oh noes. But Kathi wears him down & UM promises to bring her the moonstone tonight. At la Casa de Gilbert, Stefan also makes a promise for all of eternity to end up happily.

The two couples pledge their love, kiss, and now I’m really scared…

Secrets, Promises & LIES!!!


Over at the SBH, Jer has come to visit Damon.

He needs to talk to him. Damon tries to shove him out, but Jer reveals that he knows something, something about the Lockwoods. He explains that Tyler hasn’t activated his curse yet. Damon’s all monotone “Wow, fascinating. Not enough,”

so Jer explains that UM is a werewolf, and that he’s looking for a moonstone connected to the werewolf legend. Damon wants to know why Jer’s coming to him with this, but Jer says he just wants to help. Damon asks what Elena thinks of all this and we learn that Jer hasn’t told her because she wants him to stay out of this.

Damon: And you’re a Gilbert; you just can’t help yourself.

He teases Jer that his search for life’s meaning is obvious and tragic, but lets him in anyway.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Carol is thanking Jenna for her help in wrangling the volunteers.

Jenna oh psshaww’s it and explains that she’s always been a sucker for the masquerade ball. Apparently it was Mayor Lockwood’s favorite party too,

but Carol’s glassy-eyed remembrance is cut short when Tyler and Matt bang an 150-year-old table into a wall.

Carol goes off to patrol, and Jenna takes this moment to go talk to Stefan.

She invites him to dinner, but he explains that he and Elena “are taking a pause.” Jenna is skeptical. “Really? That’s not what it sounded like this morning.”

WHAT? Whoa.

“Light sleeper,” she explains. HAHAHA!

Stefan gives her a kind of kid-with-his-hand-in-a-cookie-jar look, and she changes her story. “You know what? I heard nothing,” and she walks away.

Outside, Elena and Bonnie are talking.

Car isn’t here, but Elena explains that sooner or later, Bonnie’s going to have to talk to her. Bonnie complains that Elena doesn’t have to be so far over on Caroline’s side. Since Car became a vamp, Bonnie hasn’t seen her, and she didn’t think she was going to lose Elena too and blah blah blah, just grow up already, Bon-Bon.

Elena tells her they need to talk, someplace quiet, and leads her off somewhere…

Down in the basement of the SBH,

Sheriff Mom is laying in bed, not eating the food that’s been left on a chair for her.

Caroline comes in and Sheriff Mom won’t even look her in the eye.

Caroline: Good news! Dr. Damon said the vervain is almost out of your system. So with any luck, you’ll be freshly compelled and back in your own bed by tonight.

Sheriff Mom still doesn’t look up and Car asks if she’s just going to pretend she doesn’t exist.

Sheriff Mom’s all “Yes, so please go.” Oh, heartbreak! 😦

Caroline: As usual, you don’t care. Got it. Just like before I was a vampire. It’s not like I died or anything.

Sheriff Mom: Are you? Are you really dead?
Caroline: Yes and no.
Sheriff Mom: How is it possible?

Upstairs, Alaric has come for a visit, immediately spotting Jer and wondering aloud why he’s here.

Jer explains that he knows about the moonstone. Alaric wants to know if his sister knows that he’s here. Heh. Why is Elena responsible for him? Why doesn’t anyone ever ask if, oh I don’t know, JENNA, HIS LEGAL GUARDIAN, knows where he is? Sheesh.

Damon changes the subject, asking what presents Alaric has brought them.

It’s Isobel’s research from Duke.

Ric explains the Aztec legend – the one that says a shaman put a curse on werewolves and vampires, forcing the werewolves to change at the full moon and the vampires to be weakened by the sun – also says that the moonstone enforces the curse.

Damon explains that in witchy-juju this usually means that the ability to heal the curse most likely also resides in the stone, and Alaric agrees. So now they need to find the stone.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Jeremy says Tyler has it, and he can probably get it from him.

Damon: See? Now your life has purpose.

Oh, Damon.

Jeremy asks if Damon really believes this Aztec book. Damon says that it’s the same book that says that werewolf bites are fatal to vampires, so not believing in it would make him a bigger idiot. Touché.

Over on the other side of the lake from the party, Elena just finished telling Bonnie the story of Katherine and Caroline and why she and Stefan have been fake-fighting.

Bonnie’s upset, not because Elena and Stefan were fighting, but because she didn’t even KNOW they were fighting. There you go, Bonnie. Make it about you you you again. Elena apologizes, but explains that Bonnie’s made it very clear how she feels about “the whole vampire thing.” Bonnie’s all “so that makes me the odd man out?” Yes, Bonnie. Yes it does.

Elena: No, no, Bonnie of course not.

Bonnie: I know where I stand, Elena. And I know where you stand. But where do we stand?

Ugh. Can this scene just be over, already?

Elena says that Caroline needs Bonnie too, but because she’s a vampire, Bonnie can’t. Not yet. Then she gets up and leaves. Bitch.

Outside Lockwood Manor, Stefan greets UM who’s carrying supplies for the ball into the house.

UM: Wasn’t expecting you here. Or anywhere.

Stefan: Yeah, I had this little accident. But I’m fine now.
UM: What did you do to Sheriff Forbes?

Stefan: Oh, she’s fine too, but from now on you’ll have to do your own dirty work.
UM: Not a problem.

Yeah, I’m sure Stefan is absolutely terrified, Wolfy.

As he stalks away, he bumps into Bonnie, whose witchy-juju is telling her something fishy about him.

She tells Stefan she saw a vision – UM making out with Elena. At first he’s confused, but realizes it’s Katherine.

Which… Bonnie has met her before. She knows that Katherine exists and looks EXACTLY LIKE Elena. Why doesn’t she realize this too?? I’m so… I’m just so tired…


Elena’s watching Stefan and Bonnie talk when Damon sneaks up on her. She asks him what he’s doing.

Damon: Looking for my baby bro. Speaking of, would you tell yours to stop following me around?

Elena: What’s going on?

Damon: Ask Eager Beaver.

Hee. I loves you Damon. He leaves, and Elena demands to know from Jer what Damon’s making him do. But Jer protests that Damon’s not making him DO anything.

Jer: Damon and I —

Elena: Uh, no. No way. No, no, no, no. There is no Damon and you. There’s Damon and whoever Damon’s using. And those people, they end up dead. Whatever’s going on, Jeremy, I want you staying out of it.

Jer: I don’t really care what you want Elena. You got me into this mess in the first place, so I’m sorry. DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO!

And then he wiggles his toe, and runs off to play with his knives in the jungle, and… wait… sorry, wrong show, wrong mindfuck.

Outside on the porch, Damon is not dealing with the news of Katherine and UM very well.

“Werewolf thing aside, the guy’s a surfer.” But he’s just a Florida surfer, so totes doesn’t count! Damon insists there’s got to be a reason; she’s got to be using him. Damon suggests maybe she wants the moonstone UM’s looking for too. Stefan wants to know how they’re going to get it, and Damon says Jeremy is going to.

But why would he involve Jeremy??

Damon: He’s playing Indiana Jones. He involved himself.

Upset, Stefan flicks his hand at him and stalks away, leaving Damon looking quite perplexed.

On the other side of the house,

Matt is telling Tyler what happened with Caroline, about how she seems so wishy-washy with him. Tyler tells Matt he knows his opinion on Caroline.

Tyler: She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit.
Matt: Hey!

Tyler: But the girl’s got heart! She means well. You just gotta take the good with the bad sometimes.

*sniff* Is that the bitter stench of foreshadowing I smell?…

Enough bonding; they need to do manly things now apparently so Matt excuses himself to go find an extension cord.

Jeremy takes this opportunity to ask Tyler for the moonstone.

He lies and tells Tyler that he’s been doing some research on the stone, but wants to make sure it’s the same kind of stone. But Tyler doesn’t have it anymore; he gave it to UM. Jer’s all “why would you do that?!”

Tyler explains he’s “done with legends and curses. I don’t want anything to do with it.” Jer shrugs it off all like “it’s cool. Nevermind.” Push-over.

Up on a hill or balcony or something – this property is crazy nice! – Damon and Stefan are listening to the conversation. They exchange looks

and run off. Hmm.

Over at… wherever Elena is at, she’s worried, and hates being left out of the loops, so she texts Stefan to see what’s up. He tells her he’s having a powwow (without Alaric?! For shame!) with Damon and Bonnie. He’ll fill her in later.

Bonnie: What do you want?
Damon: A favor.

Bonnie: Like that’s going to happen.

Damon: Soo predictable. That’s why I brought him.

We see Elena texting Stefan back demanding to know what’s going on right now, but Stefan doesn’t answer.

Stefan: I know how you feel about helping us out, but since you’re the one that linked Mason and Katherine, we finally have an opportunity to get an upper hand on both of them, so please just hear us out.

Damon: Pretty please.

Hehe, I love when the brothers work together!

Elena, desperate now, tries calling. Stefan tells Damon and Bonnie he has to fill Elena in, so please just play nice for once.

When he answers the phone, Elena is freaking out over Damon and Jeremy and him and Bonnie, and stupid masquerade masks! God! She hates when she can’t be part of the action, doesn’t she? And yet she wonders, OFTEN, how she’s always in the danger…. Think it through, Elena.

While Stefan goes to deal with her, we’re left with Damon and Bonnie.

Damon just wants her to touch UM again so she can find out about Katherine,

but she explains that her visions don’t work like that – she doesn’t get to ask questions. Damon complains how inconvenient that is, but then decides to ask her about the witchy-juju she does that makes his brain feel like it’s aflame.

Bonnie explains that it’s her giving him an aneurysm, but since he heals quickly, she does it over and over again.

Okay, so let’s get this straight. In a point made to us by faithful reader @morgenHH, what you do, Bonnie, is cause something LIFE THREATENING over and over again, but because he heals, it’s okay. So essentially, you’re KILLING Damon, but it’s okay. You’re KILLING someone, but because YOU’RE doing it, it’s okay? DO YOU NOT SEE THE HYPOCRISY?! OMG RAGE BLACKOUT! I really hope you die soon. Preferably at the hands of one of the Salvatores. Sweet revenge, Bonnie. You better watch yourself.

Damon asks if it’s vampire-specific and Bonnie explains that her Mind Bullet trick will work on anyone with a supernatural healing ability, but then HAS THE FUCKING GALL to say that she won’t help him hurt anyone. OMG Really? Cin! Cin, where are you? I may need you to take over because I’m about to Mind Bullet Bonnie. I can’t see! I’m blind with rage! *breathes*

(In case you were wondering, Cin says “ROFL! No can do. I’ll be right there with ya”)

Damon: Mason Lockwood is a werewolf. Katherine is evil. They’re the bad guys. Really? You’re going to play Morality Police with me right now?

Let me put it to you another way. They’re a threat to Elena. You, witch, are going to get over yourself and help us.


Stefan reminds her that he means all that in the nicest way possible. Of course.

Bonnie must have agreed because next thing we see, she’s trying to get a table out of a moving truck by herself.

Wait a sec. Are we supposed to believe that Mystic Falls keeps all its 1864 relics at the local Public Storage? Anyway, so UM spots her, takes pity on her, and goes to help.

When he reaches her, she MIND BULLETS! him and Damon knees him in the nose. Ha! Then they load him into his own trunk, steal his Bronco and drive off.


Over at the SBH, Caroline is explaining the whole vampire thing to Sheriff Mom down in the basement.

Damon steals blood bags from the hospital, and Caroline’s been pilfering his supply. It’s a lot better than the animal blood that Stefan’s been trying to get her to drink.

Sheriff Mom asks if since she’s drinking the blood, she doesn’t have to kill, right? Caroline – who is such a quick learner! I’m so proud! – says that on a healthy diet, she can control the urge to kill. And she’s even better at it than Stefan, who is a “bit of a problem drinker. A bloodaholic.” Hehe, oh, Caroline.

Sheriff Mom seems a little disturbed by it. She doesn’t want this for Caroline, but chipper as she always is, Caroline’s all “when life gives you lemons!”

Then using her super vamp hearing, she announces that Damon is home.

Upstairs, Damon hauls UM into the study

and Bonnie helps him lay out a cloth (so he doesn’t get blood on the rug. Good thinking, Damon. You know our rules) under UM’s chair, which Damon chains him to. Damon gets her to work her witchy-juju to find out where UM and Kathi have hidden the moonstone,

so Bonnie lays her hands on UM’s head and starts getting visions. Well, I guess it DOES work that way, huh, Bonnie?

Bonnie says the stone is somewhere dark, small, and there’s water.

Damon guesses a sewer, but no. It’s a well. Damon wants to know why, and the trance broken,

Bonnie is all “that’s all I got. It gives me what it gives me, blah blah blah I’m a bitchy whoreface.” Still unconscious, UM manages to grab her wrist, and when she pulls free, she races out of there. As she’s leaving Damon’s all “Hey, judgy. Thank you.”

Heh. Turning his attention to UM, Damon tells him to wake up. And then punches him in the face! YEAH!

Out in the hallway, Bonnie looks quite distraught.

As she’s trying to make her escape, Caroline catches her.

She inquires after Sheriff Mom, and Caroline says she’s taking her home later. Bonnie is about to ask something else, but decides she’s not a good person, and turns to leave, but Car stops her and asks if they found the moonstone yet.

Bonnie: Not yet. Hey, do you remember that old well where we used to play when we were kids?

Caroline: Yeah!

WAIT! You played by a well as children? In the woods? By the ruins of an old house? Unsupervised? Okay, just making sure. (As judgy as I’m being, I actually would have really enjoyed that as a kid, haha – and Cin would have had her childhood minions building a ladder & a fort around it). Carry on.

Bonnie: It’s in the woods. Do you remember where?
Caroline: On the edge of the old Lockwood property? Why?

Bonnie whips out her phone to text to location to Stefan. She thinks that’s where they’re hiding the moonstone. She tries to rush off again, and Caroline offers to go with. At first Bonnie says no, but – my stars! Has her heart grown 2 sizes this day?! – reconsiders and says yeah, Caroline can come.

Aww, rekindling friendship!

Back at the party, Matt is wondering to Elena where Caroline is. Isn’t this party planning sort of her thing? Elena just says that she’s busy, and Matt wants to know if Car is seeing someone else.

Aww, Matty/Peeta. Caroline is all you can talk about, isn’t she? You’re going to wear out my Aww Button 😦 Elena assures him that she isn’t.

Just then Stefan shows up, followed by Tyler who wants to know where UM went to. Stefan, knowing the truth, lies that UM said he was leaving but didn’t say when he’d be back.

Tyler leaves, and Stefan gets the text from Bonnie. When he takes off, Matt’s all “I’m not even going to ask.” Aww, relatable relationship problems. Elena says she’ll be right back, and runs after Stefan.


Back in the Study at the SBH, UM is fighting his restraints, while Damon is heating a fireplace poker over the fire.

That’s right boys & girls – it’s time for the TORCHA!!! He knocks UM’s chair onto its back, and UM screams “What do you want?!” In response, Damon drives the hot poker through the flesh below UM’s right shoulder.

Ouch. Oh, and we can hear the searing noise and UM’s grunts of pain, and damn this is kind of graphic and awesome. Damon’s all “You can hurt. Good to know. I was afraid you were going to be some sort of beast with no affinity for pain.”

He leans over to inspect the wound, but sees he’s healing.

“I guess I’ll just have to apply more pain.” Damon tilts UM’s chair back up and goes back to the fire. “So, Katherine. How do you know her? What’s she up to?”

He slowly walks back to UM and explains that he has all day before sticking the hot poker into UM’s gut!

HOLY CRAP, DAMON! Man. I know we should be appalled, but is it wrong that Cin and I are excited and turned on? Yes? *shrug*

Over in the woods, Elena’s managed to follow Stefan all the way to the well without his knowing.

He tells her she shouldn’t be there, but doesn’t shoo her away. He pries the well open, and jumps down into the water,

but as soon as he’s in the water, he starts to burn! VERVAIN!

Elena’s all “Stefan?!”

Des:I’ve been vervained, brotha!”

Oh, sorry. Dammit! Wrong show, again!


Elena spots a large chain beside the well, but she can’t move it.

Caroline vampspeeds to the well to help. She attempts to go in, but Elena stops her because it’s filled with vervain.

Because she has the vamp strength too, Caroline is able to pick up the chain, and she and Elena get to work devising a plan.

Back at the SBH, Damon is heating the poker again, and trying to get more info from UM. Where did he and Katherine meet? He’s supernatural, so she can’t compel him, but doesn’t mean she didn’t use her other charms. While Damon is being psycho-torturer, Jer has found his way into the Study.

Damon: I thought I told you to leave.

Jeremy: I found something in Ric’s box of stuff.
Damon: Ooh! What is it?
Jeremy: I did a search on my phone (he must have used something similar to the gang tattoo identifying app Jessica used on True Blood.). It’s a plant. Aconitum volparia.

At the name, UM gets an extremely pained look on his face, and writhes around in his chair.

<strongJeremy: It grows in the mountainous areas of the northern hemisphere, commonly known as aconite, blue rocket, and wolfsbane.

Oooh, that’s why UM’s wiggling.

Jeremy explains that some sources say it causes lycanthropy, others say it protects people, and another says it’s toxic.

Judging by UM’s reaction, Damon is going to go with toxic. He takes Alaric’s stash, and goes back over to UM. “What’s Katherine doing in Mystic Falls?” he asks, and holds the wolfsbane to UM’s face. Just like Stefan held the vervain to Katherine’s face. I’m loving the parallels in this episode, writers!!

As predicted, UM’s face begins to smoke and burn.

Damon: Why is she here?
UM: She’s here with with me. Why you asking? Jealous?!

Damon: How rude of me. I just realized I didn’t offer you anything to eat.

And then he shoves the wolfsbane into UM’s mouth!

HARDCORE! UM coughs and sputters out blood.

Jeremy doesn’t seem to be handling this very well.

Out in the woods, Caroline and Elena have fashioned a sort of seat out of the chain that will lower Elena into the well so they can hoist Stefan up out of the vervainy water. Just then Bonnie runs up. Caroline had just run off in a blur. Car explains she heard Elena screaming, and orders her to help Elena over the side of the well.

Car lowers Elena to the bottom, and when she gets there, she discovers a very bloody and unconscious Stefan.

She puts the chain under his arms, and Caroline brings him up,

where Bonnie actually helps get him over the edge.

Caroline is about to lower the chain again to get Elena, but Elena stops them; she has to find the stone first.

As she’s searching the rock wall and in the water, we see some pretty large looking snakes slithering about. Ugh. Just that thought is enough to set me panicking, but Elena doesn’t notice at first.

Finally she finds the box, and just as she hauls it out of the water, THERE’S A SNAKE ON HER OMG! She flings it off and screams, but they’re everywhere! Eww eww eww! She grabs the box again, and Caroline hoists her up as well.

At the top, Elena spots a bloody Stefan lying on the ground and runs to him.

She hastily cuts her hand on a rock, and Caroline turns away from the bloodlust.

Elena puts her hand to Stefan’s mouth, and he drinks, while she explains that she got the stone.

Back at the SBH, Damon is still all Sayid Jarrah on UM’s ass,

trying to get info out of him. Jeremy steps up and tries to stop the torturing, saying that if UM was going to say anything, he would have already. Damon ignores him, and finally gets UM to answer by threatening to touch his eyes with the wolfsbane next.

UM: The well! You can find it there.

Damon: I know where it is. I want to know what it does, and why you want it.

UM: I’m getting it for Katherine. She’s going to use it to lift the curse.

Damon: Of the moon? Now, why would a vampire help a werewolf break a curse that keeps them from turning whenever they want?
UM: So I wouldn’t have to turn anymore.
Damon: Why?
UM: Because she loves me.

Damon finds this very humorous. Now he gets it; UM is just stupid. “Katherine doesn’t love you, she’s just using you, you moron!” He decides that UM is done talking, and sends Jeremy away. Jeremy tries to stay; they’ve done enough. UM tries to appeal to Jer to help Tyler –

“Don’t let this happen to him.”

Damon rushes Jeremy and puts him in a choke-hold. How many is this for Jer? I’ve lost count. But Damon isn’t fooling around.

Damon: You wanted to be a part of this? Well here it is! Kill or be killed. The guy’s a werewolf. He’d kill me the first chance he got. So suck it up, or leave.

Damon lets him go, and says that UM wants him to kill him anyway, doesn’t he? “It really is a curse, isn’t it?”

Damon: You know, I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.
UM: I love her.

Damon: Oh, I know. I’ve been where you are. Katherine will only rip your heart out. Let me do it for her.

And at vampspeed, he reaches into UM’s CHEST AND DOES JUST THAT! HOLY OMG!!!

And UM dies. Right there! Damon makes an almost regretful face, but I can’t be sure.


Over at la Casa de Gilbert, Alaric is helping Jenna make dinner.

They’re all flirty and kissy, and it’s kind of cute. But they’re playing the suspenseful music, so I’m a little nervous. Elena comes in and Alaric mouths to her “Are you okay?”

She nods and motions that she’s going upstairs.

Wow, look at Alaric being all domestic and caretaker-like. My ovaries approve!

Back in the basement of the SBH, Caroline is telling Sheriff Mom all about how she rescued Stefan and Elena, and how crazy it was and how Bonnie wasn’t mean to her once!

That’s progress! Sheriff Mom is giving her a really weird face,

and Caroline tries to backpeddle;

she’s freaking her out, isn’t she? But that’s not it.

Sheriff Mom: It’s just that you’ve become this person…

Caroline: Don’t… we were just starting to get along…

Sheriff Mom: This strong, this confident person.

Aww! She’s so proud.

With tears in her eyes, she tells Caroline that she doesn’t have to take her memories; she’ll keep her secret. If she’s worried about the Salvatores, she can say she compelled her, but Sheriff Mom promises she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Caroline says she knows she can trust her, but Sheriff Mom’s never going to trust them. She begins to compel her.

Caroline: I’m going to take you home. You’re going to forget I’m a vampire. You’ll remember you got sick with the flu. You had a fever, and chills, and ickiness. That I made you soup. And it was really salty. And we bickered. You got better. And then your selfish little daughter – who loves you no matter what – went right back to ignoring you. And all is right in the world.

Oh, Caroline! After they’d had a conversation more candid than any they’d ever had, she went and did that. I know it was to protect her, but… And, now I’m crying…

Upstairs in the study, Stefan walks in and shows Damon, who is crouched down next to UM’s body all wrapped up the cloth he laid out earlier, that he got the moonstone.

Damon: All this for that?

Stefan: Yep. I see you’ve exercised your usual restraint.
Damon: Had to be done.

Oh, you brothers.

Damon picks up UM’s phone and starts writing a message to Carol Lockwood explaining that he got an opportunity and had to leave town. Stefan says they have to get rid of the body. Still a little high on the pain, rage and jealousy cocktail, Damon is distracted by UM’s cell phone.

“Ooh! Last number dialed. I wonder who that could possibly be…” Stefan rushes to stop him, warning him not to provoke her, but the phone is already ringing.

Katherine answers and tells UM that he should have been there an hour ago.

Damon: Wrong boy toy.
Katherine: Damon. For once you’ve surprised me. I assume Mason’s with you.
Damon: He’s right besides me! Though his heart’s across the room.

Katherine ominously says that he shouldn’t have. Damon continues to sarcastically explain about the hell of a day he’s had. Did she know that UM hid the moonstone at the bottom of a well filled with vervain?

“Guess he didn’t trust you very much. Though he did love you. Poor guy.” Oh, Damon. Please watch yourself. Damon also wants to know where she is, so he can bring him over.

Kathi tells him he has no idea what he’s done.

“Do you honestly believe that I don’t have a Plan B? And if that fails, a Plan C? And a Plan D? And a – you know how the alphabet works, don’t you?” OH, SNAP!

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena comes downstairs into the kitchen.

Who’s Jenna on the phone with? Alaric doesn’t know.

He wants to know if everything went okay. She says there were a few hiccups, but over all, yeah, it was fine. Just then Jenna comes over, and gives the phone to Elena.

Who is it? IT’S KATHERINE!

Kathi: Did you enjoy your little rendezvous with Stefan this morning? I will always know, Elena. I will always be one step ahead of you. When are you going to figure that out?

Kathi explains that she snuck into her house, replaced Jenna’s vervain perfume, and compelled her to stop drinking her “special” tea. It was all so easy. Apparently Jenna’s been her spy for days now. And unlike Elena, Jenna actually listens to her.

Just as Katherine is explaining how she told Jenna that the world would be a better place without her, we see Jenna holding a very large kitchen knife — perhaps the same one Kathi used on UC. Again with the parallels! –


Kathi’s all “well, you get the idea,” but Elena isn’t even listening anymore.

She and Alaric rushed to Jenna’s side, and OMG THIS WORLD IS FALLING APART!

In the hospital, Jer is in the waiting room.

Elena says that the doctors told Alaric that Jenna was lucky. She’s going to be okay. Whew! As much as I rag on Jenna, her death wouldn’t be totally un-upsetting. Jer asks if she remembers what happened, but Elena says she doesn’t. It’s part of Kathi’s mind compulsion – to prove that she can get to anybody.

And Elena kind of breaks down, and oh our collective hearts! Jer hugs her and tries to comfort her.

Jer: It’s going to be okay.
Elena: No, it’s not.

Jer: She’s gonna pay, Elena. I don’t know how, but she’s gonna pay.

He’s not mouth breathing. He must be super-serious. Oh, don’t be stupid, Jeremy…

Over at Lockwood Manor, Carol comments how nice it was to see Matt around since she hasn’t seen him in a while (AAAHHHH! I can’t deal with the possible foreshadowing!!). Tyler says they’ve both been busy.

But he’s looking for UM. Carol has to break the news to him that UM headed back to Florida. She was hoping he’d stick around for a while now with Ty’s dad gone, but now it’s just the two of them. Aww, sad.

Over at the SBH, Stefan is standing in front of the fireplace in the Library when Elena comes in.

With glassy eyes, Stefan turns around, looking like he’s gonna cry, and tells Elena he’s sorry.

Elena: We were stupid. Sneaking around and thinking we weren’t going to get caught.

Stefan: I know.

Elena: We did this. Stefan, Jenna’s in the hospital, and Jeremy could be next. All because we didn’t listen to her. Because we’re together.

OMG, I swear to god, Stefan!

He looks like he’s going to cry. He’s swallowing back the tears. Oh god…

Elena gets closer to him.

Elena: Stefan…
Stefan: I know what you’re going to say to me.

Elena: Then let me say it. I’ve been so selfish because I love you so much. And I know how much you love me. But it’s over. Stefan, it has to be.

Shaking his head, his voice full of emotion, Stefan tries to whisper his protest, and his eyes, dear god, his eyes!! Goddammit, show!

Elena takes his face in her hands. “It has to be.” And she plants one last smooch on him. She looks like she wants to say something else, but she runs from the room, looking kind of ill.


Just as she reaches the front door, Damon comes out of the living room and stops her.

OMG the look of concern on his face when she turns around and he sees her tears! I KNEW YOU COULD FEEL FEELINGS, DAMON!

“I riled Katherine up. I wasn’t thinking. I DIDN’T THINK!” he tries to apologize. But Elena says it doesn’t matter; she won.

“Katherine won.”

Over at the B&B, Katherine is talking to someone.

She’s had to change plans, and mind control is a necessary evil.

OH GOD, IT’S MATTY!! Katherine explains that she needs a werewolf, and she lost the one she had.

So what is he going to do?

Matt: I’m going to go after Tyler Lockwood.
Katherine: And you’re not going to stop.
Matt: And I’m not going to stop.
Katherine: Until?
Matt: Until he kills me.

End Title Card

MAATTTTYYYY NOOOOOOOO! Where’s a stake?! I NEED A STAKE! IF YOU HARM HIM CIN AND I WILL TAKE YOU OUT OURSELVES!!! *weeps* Oh, god, Matty/Peeta. Real or not real? REAL OR NOT REAL?!?!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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11 Responses to Episode 206 “Plan B”

  1. Caitlin says:

    The greatest line I have read in months:
    Bonnie is about to ask something else, but decides she’s not a good person

    so true. I have solidly been riding the Bonnie hate train and wanted to punch her in the face for a majority of the episode.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      If you’re riding the Bonnie Hate Train, please feel free to come on down to our private compartment past the dining car. We’re having a party at her expense & will be serving Hypocracy Martinis (be careful, they’re very bitter) and Judgy Canapes.

      Seriously, we HATE Bonnie. We try not to, really we do & actually try to give the benefit of the doubt… Unfortunately even when she’s not being unbearable, she’s well, a bitch. *shrug* It is what it is.

      • rehabber says:

        I will have one of those Hypocracy Martinis with y’all, I have not liked Bonnie since she started blaming all the bad things she has caused on Damon and Stefan. I can almost stand her when she helps, but it is very hard.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Okay, epically awesome recap! 😀 Alrighty, I think Matt’s safe b/c the writers want us to think he’s at risk when he’s not gonna die…and at NYCC Kevin Williamson said there’s so much potential and story w/ Matt’s character. Plus it’d be a stupid-ass move to kill him. Oh, but Katherine…THAT BITCH IS DEAD. Someone hand me a stake! You put our Matt at risk YOU. GO DOOOWWWN! And Bonnie-Bitch NEEDS to get down from her high horse. Her attitude is SO. DAMN. ANNOYING. >.< Somebody kill her, or give her a 360 degree attitude adjustment. GAH! Paul Wesley KILLED the S/E break-up scene. MY GOSH. But I'm a very passionate Delena shipper [although i definitely don't think this break-up exactly paves the way for them quite yet as some people seem to think was the writer's goal w/ that move. Sigh.] so the S/E break-up wasn't disappointing, exactly. But it really was heartbreaking. Gosh, Paul freaking Wesley. Mason totally threw away the love I had for him when he turned in the Salvatore bros in Kill or Be Killed and they were almost KILLED. That is not how you keep my love, Mason. *shakes my head*. So his death scene was EPIC and AMAZING [I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, DAMON.] yet strangely tragic. :/ But whatevs. The scene where Damon kneed Mason in the forehead made me giggle. x) hee. And Caroline…oh how I love thee! She just keeps getting more AWESOME. The scene in the Salvatore [dungeon? basement?] was so heartbreaaaking. )': </3 …this episode was AH-MAZING. My FREAKING GOSH. I don't know how they do it! I don't know how they do it! !!!!!!!! SO excited for 'Masquerade' on Thurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [and then your guys' recap next week! :D]

    • I don’t really think they’ll be killing Matt anymore, but this show had DEF shown that it can throw viewers for a loop. So until we (yes, WE! haha) can get him out of Kathi’s clutches, I’m not uncrossing my fingers. Yeah, there’s TONS of potential with Matty, but there’s nothing worse — or sadder — than wasted potential, right? *worries* 😉

      Paul Wesley was amazing. Seriously, color me impressed! I feel like a little tween — vacillating in my crushes depending on who tugs at my heartstrings the hardest in a particular episode. PW did an EXCELLENT job of it last week!

  3. mak75231 says:

    Just a reminder. This week’s Woobie Word of the Week “BOYTOY” He said it, I didn’t!

    Before the TITLE CARD:

    Was glad to see they finally changed Elena’s sheets–they were gray/green striped for the entirety of Season 1. It’s about damn time! (Hope the maids at The SBH are more on the ball!) Although I would have leaned toward something a little more sexy than toile print! But what can u expect from pretend 17-year-olds that SPEND THE NIGHT WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON (suppose Stefan wears sox to bed?)! No wonder it was creepy-romantic!

    My head was totes whippin back and forth like a tennis match with the “double bed” (think about it) scene before the title card. Answering each other’s questions, in different beds was FREAKY! We FINALLY got a better look at that tat on UM’s back–before Damon put him outa his misery! It is a Harley emblem? A phoenix? Winged Victory (oh, yea, female, no head or arms)….

    I was “taken aback” by Elena’s “I’m late” comment, too–Damon TOLD us in Season 1 (Georgianapping) that vampires don’t “procreate” that way–but LOVE to practice. Practice makes perfect.

    Over at the Let’s Get Ready for Bloodshed Masquerade, Jenna heard nothing – SMIRK! We shoulda caught on right then that something was up–she’s been all “keep the door open” since last season–why would she notice now? Light sleeper? She’s NEVER home! (Unless Alaric’s there)

    Yes, Bonnie, in your tiny mind, it IS all about you! Just keep getting over yourself and you can play, too!

    Okay, first shot in the torture cell/vervain hothouse. Aerial shot. When I first saw this (later determined to be Sheriff Mom’s dinner on a white plate sitting in a wooden chair) I’m thinking–antique porta potty–I thought I tweeted for everybody to go pee before the episode starts! I am the product of a sick mind!

    My mind completely got snapped back when Caroline said “Dr. Damon said“…..I totes did NOT hear the rest of the sentence the first time…..WOOBIE!

    Upstairs–did I catch a hint of BROMANCE jealousy from Alaric when Damon included Jer into the club? You NEED more disciples! Besides, Jer has learned to use his nostrils (got the flare thing workin now) and stop askin Elena’s permission to do everything! Only a couple of more chokeholds and he might grow a set!

    Alaric brought presents from duh, duh, dun….Vanessa the hottie! Have you forgotten she cross bowed you in the back MD (and then wanted to see you nekkid). She has some SERIOUS S&M issues! But apparently memorable perfume.

    Bonnie and Elena–enuf already. Stefan and UM–MORE than enuf (Stefan Smirks–alert the media!) Stefan and Bonnie–why doesn’t Bonnie get all hostile with Stefan? And why couldn’t she figure out it was Katherine, not Elena, HER BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, that UM was slobberin on? She obviously needs Witch-Lasik.

    The writers gave us some good Damon lines this week–Baby Bro (in baby talk, no less *sign*), Eager Beaver (why was I hearin Justin Bieber? Had to listen 3 times), a*gasp* surfer!, Indiana Jer (okay, he said Jones, but, u know)? Witchy-woo/Witchyjuju? And the immortal WTF? look when Stefan got mad at him for involving Jeremy! Silent but effective! And we haven’t gotten to the good stuff yet!

    We musta missed all the setup between Ty and Matty/Peeta comin–they haven’t talked about the “relationship” with Caroline in weeks (months), so why are they draggin out the dirty laundry again now? Total Face Palm! We’ve been had! Overtones of What’s To Come!

    Totes lovin the Salvatore Swat Team working together for a common goal–like a well-oiled machine! And they even included PlayNiceBonnie–she could be a big help if she’d just get over herself (You kill people, too, they just don’t stay dead!). They can keep up the snarky banter (some good stuff there), and they’re gonna have to include Elena (she’ll sneak in anyway, she IS a Gilbert, after all, sort of).

    Foreign side thought: What would happen if Bonnie was standin in front of a mirror when she sent out the MIND BULLETS? Call in the Morality Police–Citizen’s Arrest! Punishment fit’s the crime!

    Ah, the red hot poker scene–my favorite. To quote the immortal: HOLY CRAP, DAMON! Man. I know we should be appalled, but is it wrong that Cin and I are excited and turned on? Yes? NO, DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS! It was hotternsnot!

    I “LOST” it entirely when you screen capped Desmond in the well–where the 7734 did u go to find that one?!?!?!? Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! GENIUS!

    Loved the 3 gals at the well to save Stefan–just like old times! I still miss Meredith….

    “I don’t like spiders and snakes…..” sorry, throwback to an old Jim Stafford song

    Fave line before the heart-wrenching end of UM: “You know, I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.”

    Damon likes that rip out the heart move–maybe it’s because somebody (ahem) ripped his out a century and a half ago…just sayin.

    Back at Casa de la Gilbert, it’s totes obvious that Alaric and Jenna have progressed WAY past the surprise make-out scene after the return from Duke. NOW we know for sure where they’ve been the last few eps! You don’t go from grieving over your dead vamp spouse to finger-feeding in one leap! Who knew sea salt was an aphrodisiac?

    Okay, needed the Kleenex when Caroline had to give up her real-life (real-death?) moment with Sheriff Mom to save everybody else. *sniff* A real mother-daughter moment, and she had to compel it away. Okay, I’m over it.

    Upstairs, will Damon think with the correct head one of these days, PULEEZ!? Just HAD to gloat on the phone. Cocky much? Very much–yea, we know. You let her do it to you AGAIN! Never learns, that one. Engage brain, then open mouth. Word. I forgive you…..

    BTW, is Nina Dobrev getting really scary at playing two roles? Honestly, the girl has chops!

    In the scary kitchen, OMGWTFINDOORBBQ!! Was another priceless one. Can’t top it!

    Ty and Carol moment–you mentioned foreshadowing. What if we manage to save Matty/Peeta with out vigil, and Ty kills his mom! To trigger the curse–accidentally, of course, but weirder things have happened? That leaves no over 21 Lockwood to run for Mayor–how about the new head of the Council–Mayor Salvatore! Pipe dreams…but wouldn’t that piss Katherine off!

    Totes tearjerker scene in front of the fireplace between Stefan and Elena–do any of us believe it’s really over? NOOOOO, we don’t! Emo City!

    Since the emo spilled over into the living room, Damon has to tear up when he sees what he’s done (again). At least Elena didn’t blame him, but she left him hangin *Woobie hug*

    WTF does Katherine need the werewolf for? She needs the stone, too, and maybe a doppelganger? What is this all for? *I’m givin myself MIND BULLETS*

    Final Thought for The Week

    Save Matty/Peeta!

    • Haha omg your comments are epic! Yes! Carol. Would it be heartless of me to say that I kind of want Tyler to kill Carol? FOR DRAMA PURPOSES OF COURSE!! Also, then he won’t have to kill Matty. Oh, Matty… *warm fuzzies*

      • mak75231 says:

        Yes, you are heartless, cold, ruthless, and we love you! It will be an “accident” of course, but MF could do without Carol–all she ever does is organize Mayoral-pro-tem playdates and drool over MD. Would give Ty some more reason to brood, too. I’m voting Carol as replacement corpse in place of Matty!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Mak quote of the week: “Besides, Jer has learned to use his nostrils (got the flare thing workin now) and stop askin Elena’s permission to do everything! Only a couple of more chokeholds and he might grow a set!”

      Seriously, that one is hard to top. ROFLMAO!

      Man, your replies are so hard to respond too because they are so epic. It’s really more like a supplement to our brains. You keep this up & we’re gonna rope you into contributing – hide & watch!

      • mak75231 says:

        I’m always kinda afraid I shut everything down after I post–nobuddy says nothin! Ah, but The Management is too kind! We are but minions to the Goddesses! Light up the candles (just in case), don’t burn down the boarding house, and WEAR YOUR MASKS this week! We’re all in drag!

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        This is the gods honest truth: Sometimes we don’t know HOW to even start responding to your comments. I mean, they are always brilliant. We love them (as we do you) but they are just so complete – seriously, it’s like the nightcap on our recaps. (hehe, I made a rhyme) Also, by the time our review gets up we are kinda burnt out. Not that we don’t love comments – we so do. It’s just like the episode has chewed us up & spit us out & we have to just breath for a minute. That’s why Christina & I not only take nights off from everything TVD, but sometimes even each other when we are done. LOL We spend so much time going over everything & looking at caps & rewatching… seriously, it’s mentally draining. I love this place, but sometimes I just miss being an inactive fan. Not nearly as energy sucking.

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