Save Matty Donovan!!! ~ Day 1

Break out the tapered candles & shrines because the time is finally upon us. The Candlelight Vigil to Save Matty Donovan is here!

Even though some online recappers & spoiler peeps are reporting that UM was the “big death” promised to knock fans on their asses, we’re still nervous. Why? Maybe because to us here at SBH UM’s death was a forgone conclusion. He was expendable. He was a tool. NEXT! If that is the “BIG CHARACTER DEATH!!!” I say Hallelujah! He sure is worth more in death than he was in life.

BUT, it doesn’t change the fact that after “Plan B” our Matty/Peeta’s** dial on our family clock is positioned firmly in the “Mortal Danger” position. So for this week at least, we are praying hard. VERY HARD. We are calling upon every force we can call upon to beg, plead & grovel for our precious boy’s life.

This is serious business folks.

Every day from now until this Thursday’s episode 2.07 “Masquerade” airs we will be devoting our normal ‘Quote of the Day’ space to entire scenes from our time with Matt Donovan. *sigh* There will also be other features like fanmixes (today & Wed) and haiku’s. Group participation is VERY much encouraged. So bring your best pre-grief counselling skills, this is a time to help your fellow fan.

**We’ve explained this before, but it ALWAYS bears repeating. In the epic emotional journey that is The Hunger Games series, there is a very special boy named Peeta Mellark who damn near immediately captured our hearts with his sweetness, kindness, and willingness to sacrifice himself completely for the ones he loves — not to mention his blue blue blue eyes. Don’t you DARE roll your eyes at us. HE IS MAGNIFICENT!!! *ahem* Plus, boy can bake. That’s like 1000 bonus points in our book. Sound familiar?  Baking aside (Matty’s abilities in this department remain to be seen), Peeta IS Matty. Matty IS Peeta. They both touched our hearts in ways we didn’t expect. They blindsided the both of us. Few men hit us square in the emoticon, but Matty and Peeta both managed to imbed themselves in our hearts forever. As far as we’re concerned, they’re indistinguisable.


Caroline: What are you doing here?
Matt: I came to see if today’s basketcase period had expired.

Caroline: You know, you should just go because my mom is gonna be home soon…
Matt: No, no, no… You’ve been dodging me all day. I’m more insecure than you are now.

Caroline: What do you mean?
Matt: It means that you almost died and it really freaked me out. And, it got me thinking, you know, cause I’m not in a position where I can lose someone else right now. I realize that even though today I wanted to throttle you, I’m pretty sure that I’m in love with you. And now it seems like you don’t feel the same way.


This special week would not be complete without a soundtrack to help express our love and fear. Share in this time with us.

Note: I did NOT color correct this picture. Seriously, that’s straight from the screencap. Yeah.

Zip – Eyes So Blue — A Matty/Peeta Fanmix – 36mb

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12 Responses to Save Matty Donovan!!! ~ Day 1

  1. DJ says:

    aaaaaawwwwww, how great is this! you guys are amazing. I’m lighting a candle right now. I’m with you in spirit 🙂 Matt needs to stay alive!!!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      PREACH! We all have to sing it to the heavens & maybe someone will hear our desperate plea! LOL (plus, isn’t this just the cheesiest fun in like funville? hehe)

      • Haha in ALL of funville!

        I have candles lit all over my room right now… especially in front of my life-size print out… I mean… um… 🙂

      • DJ says:

        It totally is. And I love that you have “I will follow you into the dark” on your soundtrack. That’s such a great song 🙂

        however, I have heard a horrible horrible rumor, suggesting that maybe we should pray for someone else instead. If it turns out to be true, I will be very upset. I want EVERYONE to stay alive. Picked the wrong show to love I guess 🙂

  2. Romancia Love says:

    Whoa! I keep hearing about these eyes on TVD. They breed them on this show. Goodness, he’s good enough to swim in. Says prayer for Matt…that he gets some action before he goes. *eyes cast upward w/clasped hands*

  3. rehabber says:

    The TV Guide for this weeks ep has a 2 page article on TVD and in it they say there will be 2 deaths. Since it is for this week I don’t know if what happened last week counts or not. I don’t think Matt will be killed, I am guessing Carol. Don’t know how that will work into Tyler getting turned, he would have to kill her. But with Kevin and Julie the surprises just keep coming. BTW speaking of werewolves, has anyone seen Blood and Chocolate, that has the best human to wolf change I have ever seen, it is beautiful. Not at all like the cheesy CG in Twilight series.

    • Oh, the movie with Hugh Dancy? Yeah, that was a cool change. I remember being kind of impressed by that. Not exactly the best movie ever, but at special effect was cool, haha.

      I think Carol might be the one to die too. But I’m still way too nervous to function properly yet. Matty deserves a lot of things, but never, NEVER to die at the hands of one of the Douchewoods or anyone else for that matter! YOU HEAR ME, FICTIONAL WORLD?!

  4. Marye says:

    I got the Petta reference, b/c he totally trumps Gale every time!
    I love Matt’s character too and will be completely devastated if anything happens to him!
    love, love , LOVE that y’all are devoting quotes to Matt!

  5. mak75231 says:

    Yays! I didn’t miss Day 1 of The Vigil! Fellow “Hunger Games” devotee–totes get the parallel–no dyin, and no President Snow brainwashing, either! We need Matty/Peeta to just be “clued in” a little (which I’m sure he will be after we get him thru the Disaster that is Katherine)! We made need Mrs. Flowers (tiny ref in PlanB) to help him out–she was great with him in the books! At Romancialove–girlfriend, they totes breed EXcellent blue eyes on TVD–liquid blue like a jolt of electricity………I digress…..

    SAVE MATTY/PEETA–Don’t burn down your house in the process!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Yay! You made it! I agree – our Matty needs to be clued into something, cause you can tell he’s sick & tired of being out of the loop. That’ll only get worse.

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