Reactions: Episode 2.06 “Plan B”

Okay, so Cin and I are STILL reeling from that episode. So much was happening, I was having a hard time keeping up with #VDBingo! There was sex, murder, manipulation, torture, anguish. Oh, god just the thought of Matty in the grips of that ice cold demonness! I can’t even… let’s just get into it. Here’s our roundtable discussion of last night’s ep — delayed because it’s still effing with us.

Main Players: Cin and Christina

We’re In a Glass Case of Emotion!!!!!
Cin: Where to start… well, my mind is FUCKED. I’ll start there. At the very end, after an hour that rivaled the reading of Mockingjay ((READ THESE BOOKS!!!)) for the emotional pain equivalent of childbirth, I screamed like Regina George when she found out the truth about Caltene bars. That gash Kathi is manipulating/threatening my Matty/Peeta!!! I. WILL. KILL. HER. MYSELF!!!
Christina: I didn’t scream, but I was left with one overwhelming thought: MATTY NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *weeps* Why are you doing this, you cuntbasket? WHY?! This was so distressing, I don’t actually remember posting our #vdbingo wrap-up post, though I know I did. I couldn’t even start my reactions. I needed space. I mean, this coupled with the Elena/Stefan thing, the Jenna thing, the Caroline compelling her mom to forget everything, and to think that she made her soup but then went back to ignoring her! *sigh* Man.
Cin: Caroline SLAYED ME. I love her so much!!! *wibble*

Bye-bye, Uncle Douchenozzle
Christina: So, UM is dead. Does anyone care? Not I.
Cin: Not I either. Apparently some people do. *shrug* Apparently some people think that Damon is OMG!Bad for ending that useless tool’s life. Sorry. Damon is a vampire. Damon is PROTECTING everyone in his life. Damon did what somebody should have done weeks ago. Damon even tried to shield young Jer from the carnage. Some might try to say that he ripped his heart out because of Katherine & some warped jealousy, but I truly believe he is over her. He still feels the sting of the humiliation she served him emotionally sure. But that’s anger at himself. He is protecting Elena. He is protecting his town & his brother & his vamp sister Caroline. He is not only justified, but was RIGHT in saying that UM wanted him to kill him. To end the curse. I say BRAVO Damon Salvatore. You did everyone a service. Now calling Kathi to gloat might have been a bit much, but the fallback from that (which would have come either way, it was more a sooner-rather-that-later situation) was kinda severe. The fact that he felt responsible when he so wasn’t just proves how spun about Kat has everyone. She is winning. And it sucks.
Christina: I don’t know. I felt like the whole Katherine thing had a little to do with it. It was sort of jealousy, but not in the way you may think. I think he’s pretty much shut off the feeling to that part of his heart, the part where Katherine use to live, but it’s still a sort of jealousy in that, again, she’s picked someone who is NOT Damon Salvatore. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s not justified in killing UM, because he totes was. He was protecting everyone. But I wouldnt’ totally discount potential subconscious jealousy. Also, I think it’s funny. Twitter was all abuzz when Jenna tried eviscerating herself, but nary a peep when Damon ripped UM’s heart out. Which, you have to admit, is just further proof that Damon is AWESOME!
Cin: On my stream I saw mixed reviews to the UM heart removal. Most were cheering. A few were just kinda shocked. And then some (as stated above) were MAD at Damon for being bad. Ummm, hello, VAMPIRE. Plus, he did everyone a service. Bye- bye douchenozzle.

Christina: Stefan’s tears. They made me cry. One thing that struck me as odd, though. I wonder why he was already crying when Elena comes to the house. Obviously he already knew about Jenna, but unless they had something going on the side, why would he be this upset? I mean, concerned for Elena, sure, but upset over Jenna? Maybe Stefan is just the new King of Emoland. But it just seems weird for him to cry over her. Unless he knew what was going to happen, knew what Elena was going to say to him. Last time I checked, he was no telepath, though. Unless he was crying for some unknown reason… !!!
Cin: I totes didn’t notice him crying before she came in. I thought he was just kinda healing & upset about the entire Kat situation. I’m sure he did know about Jenna by then, seeing as how the entire Gilbert clan was at the hospital. Still, I can NOT say enough about Paul Wesley in this scene. First he killed me with his anguished scream in the well of despair, then the tears… I’m crushed. I must say, PW is a lovely crier. Not many actors are, but I’d be willing to put him next to Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester on Supernatural, a beautiful crier if ever there was one, as a master of TV crying. (I can actually SEE our friend Cat rolling her eyes at this ENTIRE section – hehe). And he broke me too. Of course, I was already crying because Candice Accola as Caroline BROKE MY HEART and made me love her even more – if that was possible. But yeah. A for REAL breakup for our core couple… Just tragic.
Christina: He wasn’t crying like he was after Elena broke it off, but his eyes were def glassy with emotion. And I agree. His crying was very… “easy” to watch. I mean, it broke me. It broke me hard. But, it wasn’t like

which just makes me uncomfortable. So, yes, DEFINITE kudos to Paul Wesley in this episode. Poor Stefan. I’ll comfort you.

Cin: I can’t believe you are invoking Dawson. That’s worse that JEARS. I feel dirty.

Torture: Plans A, B, C…
Christina: But speaking of, the vervain well of despair was interesting. For the first time since the first few episodes of Season 1, there’s something that’s slightly reminiscent of the books — when Stefan gets vervained and thrown in a well. Granted, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s an interesting parallel considering that the show has pretty much left the story of the books behind — AND MADE IT AWESOMER!
Cin: And Mrs. Flowers. Don’t forget about her! Kathi is staying at Mrs. Flower’s B & B (good thing too – The Salvatore Boarding House is staffed quite sufficiently, thank you very much!)
Christina: Oh, right! How did I miss that? But the well. The other interesting thing about the well is the kind of torture that it was, and how it turned out. Obviously this was Katherine’s play. I think it’s very telling that she went first with physical torture. I may have said this before in a reactions post, but I think Katherine is very superficial. Not in the way that she likes pretty people (which she obvs does), but in that she’s cunning, but she’s not very smart. This ties in with the whole Katherine not being wholly aware of people outside of herself. Her first impulse is physical torture, which I suppose is everyone’s. But the interesting thing — and the scary thing — is that it fails. Stefan and Elena escape, and Kathi learns from it. She adapts. She moves right along from physical to emotional. And she does it fast. And it’s working. Katherine is winning. This is not good.
Cin: And there were snakes! LORDY! WILL THE TORTURE EVER STOP?!?

Always Have a Back-up Werewolf
Christina: Infuriating, but good for a cliffhanger, we never got the answer to why Kathi would want the moonstone so desperately — did she just want Tyler all along, or now that UM’s dead, he’s option #2?
Cin: I do think Tyler is option #2 but she had to know that UM was not going to be long for the world as soon as the Salvatore brothers got wind of him being her were-bitch. PLUS she had to know that she tried to have them killed. I mean, she’s like all up in everyone’s shit, does she really underestimate our heroes that much? I kinda think she does.
Christina: Yes, that goes to the whole her being superficial and, in a way, naive. But she’s DEF dangerous. She’s devised all these “plans”, which are finally starting to work for her. She’s already separated Stefan and Elena. I suppose that the bonus would now be to destroy Matt, which would thus destroy Elena, which would thus destroy Stefan. Is this her game with our Matty/Peeta?! WHAT DOES SHE WANT A WEREWOLF FOR?!
Cin: You know what I want? KATHERINE’S HEAD ON A PLATE! With a succulent pear stuffed in her mouth. *nods*

Miscellaneous (cause our brains still hurt)
Christina: Damon feeling feelings again. I’m really glad that he hasn’t reverted back to the evil being that he was when we first met him. He’s come so far. Of course… I have a feeling Something Wicked This Way Comes… Oh, Damon. Just keep your wits about you, please.
Cin: Seriously! We finally got that spark of old Damon back I am NOT prepared to lose it anytime soon. I have faith in him. He’s pretty much on a mission now. A Damon with a goal is a productive Salvatore.
Christina: Oh, and Alaric, you look good in a kitchen. Go make me a quiche or something so I can eat it off of you… I mean… I need to be on you.
Cin: *purrrsss* Not nearly enough Alaric in this episode, I would have liked for him to be there exchanging bromance glances with Damon during the UM torture/death sequence. I guess they thought it’d be more poignant if Jer was a witness & no way Alaric would have let him stay.
Christina: I agree. That scene worked better without Alaric. Though I still object to the lack of Alaric in this episode. *pouts*
Cin: So Bonnie… *sigh* I’d like to first point out a what @morgenHH said last night in the #VDBingo comments: “Oh and has Bonnie risen to a new all time hypocrisy level?!?!? So what she does is cause aneurysms, so actually she pretty much kills people, only it’s OK because they heal quickly??? How is that any better than killing someone with a Gilbert ring?” To this comment I say – WORD! She is no better just because she claims to only do harm to supernatural creatures. She is projecting her own guilt about her Grams death onto the Salvatores & all vampires. She earns points for helping & starting to come around with Caroline. All in all, she was MUCH better in this episode, but she’s still on probation with me.
Christina: Double WORD! I don’t particularly think she’s better. I mean, you heard what Caroline was saying to Sheriff Mom, right? About how Bonnie didn’t make her cry or something. Like she’s the school bully? Shame on you, Bonnie. Take your stupid Mind Bullets and go back to Oz.
Cin: One consistency/HUH? problem did occur to me that is now bugging me: Why did Damon need Bonnie’s help in chaining up, carpet moving, etc. when he put UM into the torture chair? Isn’t he super-vampy strong? I know they don’t show them BEING very strong normally except when punching or kicking, but they totes are. In reality shouldn’t Damon be able to have lifted that chair with one hand. I know, I know, CGI budget, but he surely doesn’t need Bonnie’s help or shouldn’t anyway.
Christina: Good point. Maybe he’s been sneakily NOT drinking the HB? Nah, that’s not Damon’s style. It’s probably just a consistency goof. Kind of like when that Stackhouse chick FOREGETS SHE’S A TELEPATH!!! /other show rant.

So, what did you think of the episode? Will Sheriff Mom hop back on the Vervain Train, and be none the wiser about Caroline? When will Jer get a special weapons training from Alaric? How will Stefan and Elena cope with it being For Realz Over? And most importantly WILL MATTY/PEETA BE OKAY?!?

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11 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.06 “Plan B”

  1. Fiona says:

    It’s hard to put it into words.
    Firstly, the break-up scene was totally heart-breaking and I had to watch it three times to fully appreciate everything; Elena actually breaking up with her soul mate, Paul’s unbelievable crying and Damon apologising. Everything was so atypical and that’s what makes TVD so compelling.
    Caroline’s memory-swipe scene wasn’t as tear-worthy as the break-up but it was still so sad to watch. The Sheriff couldn’t be trusted and it was cool of Caroline to notice that and act on it – being selfless wasn’t like her; she’s improving like she said (:
    If Plan B was a mind blowing, tear spilling, heart breaking and throat squealing then I can’t imagine Masquerade and the cliffhangers awaiting.

  2. DJ says:

    First off, I think Matt will be ok. KW has stated in several interviews that he thinks there is much potential there and he doesn’t want t kill him off soon. Of course, he might just be saying that to make the death more shocking (even to the “well-informed” viewers), but that would be the epitome of cruelty and I don’t think he’d do that to us. I think he will probably get his ass beat though, which in itself is bad enough. However, maybe Caroline can play nurse and make things better after. That would be a storyline I’d support 🙂
    About Damon torturing Mason, I don’t get the big woop. It’s not the first time he’s killed anyone, it’s not even the first time he ripped someone’s heart out (that witch in Georgia, anyone), plus Stefan tortured Katherine in pretty much the exact same way like two episodes ago. How is everyone all of a sudden in a frizzle about this? We know Damon is a friggin psycho. He obvs didn’t enjoy torturing Mason, he wanted info. As soon as he figured out that Mason was just b’tchslapped he ceased the pain-inflicting right away and just killed him. Which, btw, had to be done. I actually liked Mason, I’m sad he’s gone, I litterally clasped a hand over my mouth when Damon ripped his heart out (yeah, I was that shocked), but I had been wondering for weeks how they would attempt to keep him alive and not make it unbelievable. So I’m actually glad the writers of this show have the guts to do the inevitable. When a character poses too much of a threat to the brothers, they kill ’em. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.
    In the beginning of this episode, Elena annoyed the hell out of me. She was being uber klingy. Seriously, Stefan tells her he’s with Damon and Bonnie and will fill her in later and when he doesn’t respond to her text within like ten seconds she calls him, demanding to be kept in the loop. Geesh, girl, you need to chill yourself (I adore Jer by the way). But seriously. She’s the reason teenage girls think it’s ok to be obsessive in relationships. However, by the midle of the episode I thought she was pretty cool. Granted, she stalked Stefan to the well (gosh, let that boy take ten steps without your permission already), but then she was pretty badass on the rescue and search mission so that appeased me. The breakup was heart wrenching. I never really felt for them as a couple until that moment. Now that they’re apart I am actually pro their relationship. Funny how that works.
    Yeah, that Bonnie comment I made… I mean really though, she needs to get off her high horse. The way she wasn’t willing to talk to Caroline in the beginning and how she made Elena feel bad for not including her when she was the one last season who said that as long as Elena was with Stefan, she couldn’t stand to be her friend. Puhleeze. But yeah, she was pretty cool for helping them out and the way she and Caroline bonded again. Might pave the way for future awesomeness. We’ll see.
    The best lines of the night were of course Damon’s. And with all the fighting and distress I guess he didn’t have the time to sleek down his hair so it actually looked halfway decent for the most part of the episode, I was very pleased alround 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t know if they’re going to kill Matt… but I’m still super nervous about it. Plus, according to EW, Mason was the “big” death. I don’t know. I’m still nervous.

      I was shocked when Damon ripped UM’s heart out, but not really upset. You’re right. He’s been heartless before. Why are people shocked? We are well aware of the humanity switch, though, yeah I did see the hint of emotion after he killed him. I actually just finished writing the draft of the recap, and I made the same observation 🙂 I actually hated UM (could you tell? haha), so I’m not disappointed at all. I actually that that was a great torture scene. It was a great character scene for Damon.

      And Elena being clingy/stalking — yeah I thought that too when I watched. And it really bothered me. But I don’t think it’s really Elena being obsessive girlfriend — more like Elena being Elena the Protector. She has to be involved in things because if things go wrong, it’s like she’s got this urge to have to fix them. We’ve seen this before. So, yeah, it’s annoying, but I totes see why she does it.

      Oh god, don’t get me started on Bonnie. I had to stop myself a few times during the recap… 😛

      • DJ says:

        I hope they don’t kill Matt. That would piss me off. However, I don’t know who else they could kill that wouldn’t piss me off. I appreciate all of the characters. Even the ones I don’t like I appreciate for what they bring to the show. I wish they could just all live on forever 🙂 They should’ve kept John and killed him. Him I really didn’t like (though I love that actor, he’s way cool).
        Well, we’ll see what the next episode brings. The promo looks really exciting. I think I could already cross off about 8 VDBingo square from those 80 seconds alone 🙂 Gonna be epic!

  3. rehabber says:

    I want to know if Caroline compelling her mom but only telling her you will forget “I am a vampire” and not saying anything about Damon and Stefan, will that cause trouble? Also isn’t that cell Liz is in the same one that Kat was in? There were big vervain plants in there then, could Liz have some vervain in a pocket?
    Also this is the first time I remember Damon showing some emotion after killing someone. Right at the end after Mason’s head slumped forward you could see Damon frown. One of the things I have always liked about Damon was the lack of emotion when killing, even Bree his ex-girlfriend.
    Bonnie is still on probation with me also and I was upset with her over Caroline. She does not mind working with Stefan, BTW a VAMPIRE, but not Caroline. So she did help this week and I will just have to wait and see. She is NOT off my SHIT list yet.
    I don’t think Matt will get killed, but maybe Carol will be the one that causes Tyler to start barking. Next Thursday is way more that 7 days away, always seems like a month between

    • Ooh! You know what, that is the same dungeon Kathi was in — you can see the same chair — Sheriff Mom’s food is on it. I don’t really think they would have left that in there with her though. If my spatial reasoning is correct (haha) when they first put her down there, she was sitting next to the door, which is where the vervain was, right? I think they probably moved it. If not, they’re screwed! Haha

      Oh, I think it might be Carol too. I actually suggested that to Cin a couple weeks ago. It won’t be Matty. It can’t be! 😥

  4. Candig says:

    I agree with DJ about clingy Elena that shit was annoying! Love 10 steps comment DJ! My heart broke with Stefan’s during the break up scene(seriously who’s wouldnt?) But I’m pretty sure he was crying before she got there because Stefan knew what was coming as he himself stated “I know what you are gonna say” so ya I’m sure he felt pretty bad about Jenna but knowing what was to come is what made the prescene tears.

  5. rehabber says:

    Oh forgot to say, I do agree that Alaric is not being used enough. Love the looks that pass between him and Damon. That ep last year when they went to the apartment and found the tomb vamp was so good. “Let’s not kill anyone today” LOL And when he saved Damon’s life in Let the Right One In, that was the turning point for those two. In Isobel when they were in the park talking about pushing the button to get rid of your humanity, just so many good scenes with them.

  6. mak75231 says:

    This week’s Woobie Word of the Week–there were several in contention until he said it. Then it was all over but the postin:

    Need I say more?

    We’re In a Glass Case of Emotion!!!!! (In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass)
    Is there some pharmaceutical we can take to avoid all the screaming, yelling, crying, and throwing things during these eps? My bedroom is totes TRASHED after watching every week! Maybe Doctor Damon can write a prescription. I even invoked the AVADA KEDAVRA on Katherine last nite–almost split my screen! It was an emo roller coaster.

    A Few of My Favorite Things
    Book throwbacks this ep were cool for me–I was deja vuing when our three heroines were at the well together to save Stefan–missed Meredith! Shoutout to Mrs. Flowers–she was a sharp old bwitch in the books–they could use some XX intelligence against Katherine!

    Also was blown away with Damon and Stefan cooperating (with assist from BonnieTiredOfBeingLeftOut) in the whole Mission: Impossible timing of the UM werenapping scene–mind bullet, knee in the face, pop the Bronco, scoop the carcass, throw the keys, smoke the tires–This Tape Will Self Destruct In Five Seconds…

    Indiana Jer mans up–whoda thunk it? And the whole “She’s gonna pay” nostril flare scene at the hospital–they’ll make a man outa him yet.

    Understatement of the Episode
    Carol Lockwood–“Boys, be careful with that, it’s from the 1800s“. Think about it. Just for a minute.

    Bye-bye, Uncle Douchenozzle
    Ding, dong, the were-bitch is dead! Damon nailed it–since “Happily Ever After” to Katherine means STAG, UM just wanted the curse to end–Damon could end it for him. MD did the guy (and us) a favor! He was very delicious in that whole set-up! Besides, We Wuv Wicked Woobie!

    Stefan was always the King of Emoland. Seriously. A “little bit every day” isn’t getting us Dark Side Stefan quick enough!

    More tears–Scene with Car and Sheriff Mom post-Stefan rescue was excellent. And Car was right to compel her (hope u r wrong about the vervain).

    Torture: Plans A, B, C…
    A is for asshole, B is for bitch, C is for cuntbasket, D is for DamnYouToHellWhereYouBelong…We know how the alphabet works, Katherine–sending our HATE to you! You get the idea?

    Always Have a Back-up Werewolf
    Okay, she needs a were, she needs the stone, what the frick for?! She sure didn’t want the stone to break UM’s curse. She needs the whole neat little package for some dastardly purpose–she probs also needs a witch, and a sacrifice (did somebody say doppelganger?). Some big master plan….which, at this point, unfortunately involves brain douching Matty/Peeta into provoking Ty into killin him–creating the back-up werewolf! NOT happening! Maybe Car can just turn him before he gets close to Ty…or borrow the GetOutOfDeathFree ring from Jer! After all, Mason’s last words to him were a plea to help Tyler…

    Katherine may underestimate our heroes yet, but they aren’t thinkin out of her (strikethrough) the box enough to outsmart her! Always two steps behind her stilettos. They need a WOMAN to outsmart her–say, Caroline? She already gets it–she’s better than Stefan at her “diet”, she knew she had to compel Sheriff Mom no matter how much she didn’t want to, she knows how to avoid temptation (turned away when Elena fed Stefan blood at the well, she’s come a long way baby! Maybe they should be askin for her input!

    Miscellaneous (cause our brains still hurt)
    So our story has turned Damon Dead for Decades into something with a heart that (almost) beats, something that almost feels, that very nearly resembles a human being–part of the time. Didn’t he just do it ALL this ep (not that I’m prejudiced or anything)? Sarcasm, sadness, cooperation, gloating, concern, egotism, remorse, cruelty, rage–awesomeness?

    Rewatched the part where Damon and Bonnie brought UM into the house. Damon was carrying the carcass, so he had his hands full–Bonnie carried in the bag. Damon slung him in the chair–he only got Bonnie to help lay out the tarp so he wouldn’t stain the rug–and so they could make snarky comments at each other.

    Final thought for the Reactions–Who knew sea salt was so sexy?

    • Hahaha Fuckyeah sea salt!

      You’re right about Damon and Bonnie. I just rewatched it. She does only help him lay out the tarp. This is what rewatching is for 😛

      LOL at your (strikethrough) box comment. Mak makes a lewd remark! Yeah, Katherine is super cunning, but can be very naive at times. It’s very interesting. She’s like a child — which also calls back the books! Katherine was/is very selfish and not completely aware of what other people are doing. I like it. It leaves open a door for our heroes!

    • DJ says:

      Haha, Mak, brilliant as always. About that sea salt: my thoughts exactly. At first I thought I had misheard. lol. Loved that whole scene though. Alaric getting all domesticated. They could be such a happy little family 🙂

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