Reactions: Episode 2.05 “Kill Or Be Killed”

Okay, show. You’ve given us another solid episode. It was a little less manic than last week, but still some damn good stuff! Tyler almost kills a hooker girl in his class, Jeremy is the creepy kid who sits in the back of the classroom drawing all the time, Damon gets poisoned by Sheriff Mom, Caroline gets shunned, and UM is TOTES in cahoots with Katherine! Oh, god, my brain is spinning!! Awesome. More details to come in the full recap next week, but first, here’s the SBH’s afternoon table discussion on our initial reactions to last night’s ep.

Main Players: Cin and Christina

Christina: Let us rejoice that we had another Bonnie-less episode. And now let us mourn that we didn’t get an eyeful of Matty/Peeta. *sniff* I, for one, am outraged.
Cin: OUTRAGED!!! And no Alaric?!? What the F is up with that? This would have been prime Alaric episode action. I guess he was getting some action of his own with Aunt Jenna.
Christina: Lucky. *pouts*

Uncle Mason and the Moonstone of Doom
Christina: Okay, so when he finally got his grubby hands on it, he was such a creeper about it. That face he made. WTF? I’m thinking this moonstone is something extra, something other than just a talisman, or some sort of magical anti-werewolf antidote. Or else why would Katherine want it? She gave it to George Lockwood in 1864… it’s still in the Lockwood family. Isn’t that a good thing?
Cin: THIS is why Kathi’s in MF. She has been setting this up ever since she found UM over a year ago. She manipulated his turning – basically she did everything but kill his brother directly in order to get him back to MF to find this stone. The stone is it. She needs it for something & my guess is that it has something to do with a certain dopplegänger situation too.
Christina: Also, WTF is up with UM and Kathi? THAT fucking threw me for a loop! And he has vervain in his system, so it’s not like she could compelling him to be a douchetard. Unless her immunity building has also allowed her to override that little magical effect. But, if she were compelling him, she would have told him not to hurt Stefan and Damon — she’s a little irked at him. Though when he produces the moonstone, she’s a total whore, and they start making out.
Cin: I don’t think he’s compelled at all. Did you see how she acted in that flashback? She’s putting on a big act for him. My guess is that this act is somewhere between Kathi’s true nature & Elena. She obviously made the idiot fall in love with her & now has a whole “we can be together forever” bullshit line hanging over his head.
Christina: Oh, I didn’t think he was compelled either. I was just pointing out that he couldn’t be. And that’s the interesting thing. Oh, and btw, I WANT NINA DOBREV’S JOB!!!
Cin: I want Nina’s job for other reasons – this dude is the least of him. Yes, my dislike for the douchenozzle that is UM has made this actor Taylor Kinney (OMG! Get out of my fandom ships when picking a stage name!) the LEAST fuckable man on TVD for me. Yep – I said it. I’d rather screw Tyler & Jermy first! (my top list is, of course: Damon, Alaric, Stefan & Matty/Peeta. Not that I’ve THOUGHT about this at all…)
Christina: Wow. Your list is in pretty much the same order as mine. Though I rearrange the names occasionally depending on mood. Never Tyler, never Jeremy. Never UM. I mean… not that… not that I’ve thought this out either… My point is Nina is just a lucky girl!

Shame on you, Sheriff Mom
Christina: This really bothers me. I knew that she would be upset when she found out, but her reaction really, really bothers me.
Cin: Me too. But Damon totes stepped up & shamed her. It’s pretty bad when Damon Fucking Salvatore has more humanity than a human character. The layers there were just fantasticly done.
Christina: She kind of reminds me of, like, a religious extremist, and vampirism is homosexuality. When she finds out that Damon is a vampire, she basically calls their friendship a sham. She is so upset. OH LAWDY and don’t get me started on her reaction to Caroline. “Keep Caroline away from me.” “My daughter is gone.” Ugh. She’s just so upset; she’s turned into such a cold-hearted bitch. She just comes across as very naive to me. Like she was brainwashed at some point by the town elders before her to have blind faith — that vampires are bad and must be killed. She learns this and her friends, her OWN BLOOD, now are no good, rotten, extinct to her. The allegory makes me uncomfortable. I wonder if it was intentional.
Cin: Yeah, it’s all in how she’s been raised to hate vamps. Much the way that UC was & tried to explain to Jeremy. It’s like they were told it was like in the BtVS mythos. When a person gets turned into a vamp – that person is dead. They are soulless. They are monsters. What she doesn’t realize, but I have a feeling is about to get educated on, is that THESE vamps – Stefan (gawd, especially Stefan), Damon & Caroline have chosen to still use the humanity. Their switches are in the on position (most of the time, but hey, we love it) They do feel & have feelings. In Caroline & Stefan’s case I think they feel things even MORE acutely than they did when they were human. Oh meta how I do love you! LOL
Christina: I agree. But I just feel like Sheriff Mom’s brainwashing was so much more severe than UC’s. She’s very vulnerable. And I really enjoy that Damon recognizes this. I was never in fear that he was going to kill her. And I love him for that. Also, I am so glad that Damon stood up for Caroline. “You have no idea how wrong you are about that.” Awww *heart melt*. Damon, I love you. You are so not a bad guy. And the whole refraining from killing Sheriff Mom — you did that not because Stefan and Elena and Caroline (okay, maybe a little Caroline) plead for you to stop. No, you don’t kill her because she’s your friend. As in, currently. You are so the better person. I love that Damon is getting more and more dynamic a character as the weeks go on.
Cin: Damon was WONDERFUL. If you’d have told me even 6 months ago that Damon could get more awesome than he was I would have said it was impossible. But he has & he is. Words can’t express my Damon love.

Tyler and the Curse
Christina: Oh, and Tyler not wanting to give the stone to UM because he’s a dick? Hahah told you! Douchery runs in the family!
Cin: I was kinda digging Tyler most of this episode. Actually, it was kinda of a turning point for me with him. Now that he knows, he is at least making an effort to TRY not to become that. But also, he’s not giving up that stone because he knows that UM is still lying about it. Until he DOES give him the stone for no good reason – but still, he was onto something. No good can come from that stone being out of Tyler’s warm pocket.
Christina: When Jeremy tried to get information about the moonstone and werewolves out of Tyler, and he slammed him up against the wall, all I could think of was “God, I kind of hope Tyler kills Jeremy.” If he had, LOL forever!
Cin: Word. I mean, Jermy would have come back to life & all would be well, except you know TRIGGERING the curse. Temper, temper boys.
Christina: But Tyler totes wanted to trip the curse. You KNOW he was a little disappointed when that chick fell down the stairs and turned out to be NOT dead. He’s intrigued. I don’t think he believes UM yet that it’s a horrible thing. And he’s going to get himself in trouble with it. Probably with Katherine. Which, I don’t care because I just don’t like Tyler.
Cin: I don’t know… I kinda got the impression at the end that he was gonna try to fly right & learn to control his temper so he doesn’t ever trip the curse. I don’t think he does believe Mason completely, but he also knows how scared he got when that girl almost died. Not just because of the big bad curse, but also because of – hey, he thought he killed a person. We’ll see how it plays out.

Fake up: Part II
Christina: Stefan and Elena… I don’t know if I totally believe your fake up. I mean, obvs, it’s not real, but what I mean is, I don’t know if I believe it’s completely fake. I mean, this is essentially the SAME ARGUMENT you had back in eps 1.10 and 1.11 (“The Turning Point” and “Bloodlines”) last season. Katherine looks exactly like Elena, and that’s weird! That’s why she drove off, crashed her car, and was rescued and subsequently kidnapped to Georgia with Damon. There’s truth under the surface of those arguments. They just seem too upset, too broken up about it. Maybe they’re just really good at it (and it’s very strange to try to talk about actors acting like they’re acting. It’s very… fun house mirrory.) I just don’t completely buy that it’s fake, is all.
Cin: First off, ditto to all of that. But also, how miserable of liars are they in the “fake” fight in the park. It was laughable in that it was kinda great & don’t even get me started on the Damon/Caroline super stealthy eavesdropping. I admit I was distracted from the “fake up” because when Damon & Caroline are framed in a shot together – they just steal the show. But, I see your point & it’s very much revisiting all of the old issues. I think this will be a big theme. Just like last week, I’m left wondering how Stefan feels about Katherine & the whole doppelgänger situation. He didn’t have answers for Kathi as to why he came back to MF in the first place & he doesn’t for Elena either. Complexity, thy name is Stefan Salvatore.

Open Letter to a Vamp Named Caroline
Cin: I can not get over how awesome Caroline was in this episode. From the very human interactions & reactions with her mother, to the super-vamp hearing awesomeness, and then she went and made UM into her bitch. OMG – it was so glorious. I know this is like, gonna sound cheesy, but I totally love her. She is like the best mix of Stefan, Damon & Regina George & it’s kinda spectacular. She is kickass, but she still has issues with her mommy, guilt over deceiving Elena & fear of Katherine because of her threats to Matty/Peeta! ((Major credit/love goes out to Cindy McLennan at TWOP from saying the line I want to steal for infinity: “Katherine threatened to kill Matt. Give me a stake. I’ll put that bitch in the ground myself.” — I have never agreed with a statement more.))
Christina: Word. To everything. I love Stefan and Damon. Lord knows I love them. But, Caroline, you are just seven shades of awesome. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she is a baby vamp, and that she’s still learning the ropes of being a new member of the undead. I love that we see her trials and errors. And freakin’ KUDOS to Candice Accola for pulling it off! LOVE Caroline!
Cin: Candice Accola & Caroline were the total MVP’s of last nights episode. She was amazing in every single way. TPTB – NEVER LET HER DIE! NEVER. She, to me, could be just as pivotal and essential to all plots as the Salvatore brothers. But please, she needs to move into the SBH. *runs to prepare her a room*
Christina: I know, right?! I totes thought that’s what was happening last night when she came in with the suitcase. But no. It was for Sheriff Mom in the basement. *sigh*
Cin: And you heard it here first (unless you’ve been reading my twitter – in which case, not): There is a new ship in town folks – DamCar (pronounced Damn Car. As in “It’s hot as balls in this damn car!” WE’RE COINING THIS, PEOPLE!) On what basis you ask? 1 – the sexual attraction is very there. 2 – The whole love/hate history thing = compelling. 3 – Damon caring & sticking up for Caroline with Sheriff Mom as well as having a general soft spot for people with parental issues of his own. 4 – How adorable was the being super sneaky together during Stelena’s “fake up”? 5 – Caroline has more than proved that she is worthy of a Salvatore brother by saving their lives. Plus, she is fantastic & snarky & has more humanity now than she did when she was actually human. Just the IDEA of this pairing right now makes me very, very happy. I am on this train!
Christina: Mothereffin’ word. I am so taking a ride in the DamCar Express! My shipping has been all over the place. I’m not against Delena, but she needs to shape up. I even toyed with the idea of a Staroline ‘ship.
Cin: Face it. We just want to see the Salvatore brothers naked.
Christina: I am not opposed to that! Can Alaric also be thrown in that mix? Not necessarily together, but available for my brain?
Cin: DONE! (but I realllllllly like the idea of DamCar)

Cin: Caroline’s one huge flaw is the fruit punch mouth. Jump inside the DamCar, Caroline; Damon will show you how it’s done. See how neat & clean he is after he drains a deputy or two? Nobody likes a bloody mouth.
Christina: Speaking of. JESUS. Are those not the DUMBEST deputies ever?!? I can’t even. There are no words. I mean… HOW MANY SHOTS DO YOU HAVE TO FIRE INTO YOUR FELLOW OFFICER, AT POINT-BLANK RANGE, BEFORE YOU REALIZE WHAT’S HAPPENING?! HUH? Plot devices, yes. Useful, not in the slightest. I mean, they were really only there for Damon to snack on, no? And make that wonderful remark to Stefan.
Cin: Those deputy dogs might as well have been the buffet. But anytime someone is used as a human shield I get tingly.
Christina: Haha, that was pretty awesome-slash-funny. And speaking of drinking human blood, why is Elena suddenly such a cuntbasket about Stefan potentially taking a sample? She knows he needs the strength. She saw what happened to him. Why does it take Damon telling her to make her realize that “Oh, maybe Stefan really should take some.” Not that I’m complaining that she fed him hers. I mean… it was kind of hot. That kiss after. It almost makes me want to take back everything I just said about their fake up. But no. The seed of doubt has still been planted…
Cin: I’m not really that thrilled about her offering herself as a snack. Reeks of TB fuckery if you ask me. And a mouthful? Is that really going to do the trick? Stefan, you back on the human stuff is a glorious occasion – but going at it in tiny doses is just lame. And the argument about Katherine’s immunity to iocaine powder vervain – apples & oranges Stef. You don’t need an IMMUNITY to human blood, you need to use it and control it. Duh.
Christina: Yeah, I really don’t think an immunity can be built up. It’s like building up an immunity to vitamin c in oranges. I don’t know. I’m not a nutritionist; maybe it’s possible. But for Stefan, and with human blood, sorry, brother. Ain’t gonna happen. Just go with it. You are so awesome when you are on it. I mean, look at Damon and Caroline. They drink it and they are spectacular. Do it. Elena, relax. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about TB-type blood connections here. Though, after that first taste I did almost tweet: “What are you?” “I’m a waitress.” Haha

**Christina & Cin: Oh, and as a special treat, check out who’s giving a tour of our house! It’s Candice Accola! In this video for, Candice takes everyone on a tour of OUR HOUSE! Or, well, the set made to look like our house 😉 Check it out. It’s the one called “Behind-the-scenes with Production Designer Garreth Stover.”

So, we’re dying to know what you thought. What the hell does Kathi want with that moonstone? Will Caroline and Sheriff Mom ever repair their relationship? Will Jeremy apply to art school? Comment below!

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9 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.05 “Kill Or Be Killed”

  1. rehabber says:

    I was cheering because it was the rock that Kat was after, and I had been saying that for a couple of weeks. So got one Did not see the UM and Kat happening, that was a surprise. I loved Elena telling Damon that what he did for Caroline’s mom was the Damon that was her friend and then understanding what he said about Stefan needing “people” blood. O, Damn I do love Damon, can any man be hotter or sexier and have more beautiful eyes. SIGH. Someone needs to tell Ian that not all his fans are teens, I am 72 and have friends in their 60s that love this show and Damon. Yea for Caroline taking on UM, now who is going to kill him and when?

  2. mak75231 says:

    Since nobody’s talkin to me, I guess I’ll talk to myself! I got questions:

    Uncle Mason and the Moonstone of Doom

    If Katherine wants that damn rock from the Lockwood’s so bad, why’d she give it to them in the first place? She had it once. Got your shit together but now you can’t find it?

    UDouchenozzle has only been wolf for a year? Virgin! We should call him Uncle Bidetnozzle instead.

    Unc totes knows about the doppelganger sitch, since he’s known Katherine for AT LEAST a year. He never even reacted when he talked to Elena. Why does he know? What’s he got on Katherine that she would tell him the secret (even if she is puttin out to get him to “do her bidding”)?


    “I wanna be @ninadobrev so frickin bad,
    Bite all of the hunks I never had.
    I wanna be covered in guys from TVD,
    Smilin next to Davis and MD.”

    (had to rearrange the names to [protect the innocent] make it rhyme…..)


    My “list” is very short–”O, DAM<N–ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES” I think about this “way” too much! Actually, DamCar is the only one that has sampled…….?

    Shame on You, Sheriff Mom

    Is Sheriff Mom the Tea Party candidate for president of MADD (Mother And her Dumbass Deputies)? Kill me now! Alrighty, then!

    Tyler and the Curse

    He wants it, he just doesn’t have the cojones to go thru with it! Can you say, Alpo Envy? Why is Jer so hot to get into the middle of something? Anything? Why do all the sluts hang with Ty? What else has he got in his pocket? *bad joke*

    Fake Up: Part Deux (or doo, dependin on your point of view)

    Who’s buyin this Bronco full of BS? Are Elena and Stefan both having silent doubts about Katherine, in their own, angst-filled ways? Can Car and Damon hear each other listening? Have I lost my mind? (Don’t answer that one)

    Open Letter to a Vamp named Caroline

    Dear Caroline: Let your mother rot. She doesn’t deserve you. Let your real friends help you protect yourself (i.e., “Miss Forbes, your SBH suite is ready. Right this way.”) Bring Matty with you–he’s out there all alone. Kick more ass–don’t bother with names. Go with what you’re good at. Signed, Everybody but Bonnie


    Are the Keystone Kops in MF? Do they taste good? Does Stefan not drink “both ways”? Why does Elena listen to Damon about the HB when she didn’t listen to Stefan?

    Final Thought (not in the form of a question)


    Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of, My Stupid Recap Response, brought to you by The Woobie Word of the Week (I’ve only watched the ep three times–maybe I’ll get it firsthand!)

    • Haha! I LOVE the song!!

      You know, I had thought about UM knowing the doppelgänger secret, too. He definitely knows about it — I too noticed his lack of reaction — but the question is if he really knows the reason behind it. I’m guessing no. I don’t think he’s anything beyond a pawn for dear ol’ Kathi. Why would she divulge that kind of information to him?

      • mak75231 says:

        ‘Course you’re right–he only knows enough to be “helpful”–she’ll use him up and spit him out! He’s on a strictly “kneed to know” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Caroline) basis–and he needs to know nuttin!

  3. DJ says:

    I need to go to bed, so this will be brief, I just wanted to share one major concern I have about Stefan feeding on Elena. In season one, when Vicky was turned, didn’t he explain to Elena that for a vamp hunger and lust and anger and everything gets mixed together? So how smart is it exactly to blur that line between feeding and sex with a vamp by making out with him after he sucked on you? Isn’t that kind of the dumbest thing in the world, especially considering how out of it Stefan was the last time he was on that stuff?

    oh and also, sidenote to the whole “fight”: Elena says “how can you hate her and love me?” (totally justified question imo) and Stefan has the audacity to answer: “I’m not Damon” ??? Excuse me??? Who was the one stalking Elena because of her resemblance? Damon wasn’t even remotely interested in her at first. I was very upset at that remark…

    P.S.: I do loooooooooove Caroline and I also like the idea of DamCar. What an awesome couple. That way Stefan and Elena can stay boring together and go ride to the top of ferris wheels and Damon and Caroline can go off and own the world 🙂

    • I’d had those EXACT thoughts during the post-blood-suck makeout scene. Maybe we’re supposed to think that Stefan has more control because he loves her. I call his bluff. I think he was able to handle it that one time, but I almost kind of hope that your theory pans out. Just because, as much as I love Stelena, I know there is going to be a big obstacle in the future, and I love watching the characters have to work out the problems, haha.

      OMG, that confused me too! I had totally forgotten about that. I think that’s the question that ran through my head right before I realized that they’d had this exact argument — or if they hadn’t actually had the argument, it was along the same lines — in those early eps last season. This is the same thing Elena wondered then when she first found out about the doppelgänger-ness. Again, this plays to the whole demise of Stelena that I feel coming on 😛

      That is an EXCELLENT assessment of the two couples. I may need to borrow that line for the full recap, hehe

      • DJ says:

        I think Stefan snacking on Elena will create problems in the future. He might be the good brother, but he’s still a vampire. Bill almost draining Sookie in the back of that truck without even realizing, anyone? And Stefan is especially dangerous, ’cause he hasn’t learned to properly control it. I see awesome blood-sucking scenes ahead 🙂

        I may need to borrow that line for the full recap, hehe
        be my guest 🙂

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